College of Charleston Top Questions

Describe the students at College of Charleston.


My classmates here often appear superficial, but many have truly ended up being some of the nicest and often most understanding people I've met due to the mutual desire for a broadened sense of other people and different environments that everyone hasn't been exposed to.


There is a large divide in at the College of Charleston between very artsy, liberal, radical students and over priveliged kids just having a good time; of course, there are some students in between who are just there to learn.


Most of my classmates are very quiet and just good students, but you always have a few people who make class interesting, the ones who start class discussions and who are aren't afraid to ask questions.


Everyone here is friendly and always willing to help when you have difficulty understanding in class.


College of Charleston is a prodominately caucasian college, but there is diversity and the sense of comradery is very strong i those communities. Male students are also outnumbered about 5 to 1 by female students, so there are plenty of classes where the classes are predominately female.


My classmates are extremely goal-oriented and driven. We all push each other to do the best to leave the College of Charleston in our four years.


My classmates are anything, and everything; full of diversity, and never lacking in kindness.


My classmates are pretty intelligent, mostly upper class, and from many different locations.


My classmates are fairly closed-minded.


Very friendly, honest, and very heplful.