College of Charleston Top Questions

Describe the students at College of Charleston.


The divides that people express about CofC and it's diversity are dead wrong. Yes, the {4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of minorities may not be ideal, but there is no invisible barrier that prevents African American students and Asian students from talking, or Caucasian and Hispanic students. It just doesn't exist. Racism is something that still exists in our society, but in our generation, racism is rare and frowned upon. Those who speak like there is segregation are not opening their eyes to see the people, but rather looking at the surface - their skin. People with similar social experiences hang out together - sometimes they are the same race, other times they are not. That is the extent of it.


They are culturally diverse, well rounded unique indivuals that are driven to succeed.


Many of the CofC students are locals but there are quie a few students from other states as well. I think the student body is well balanced. Most students are quiet laid back as far as attire. You do have quite an extreme variance in this category though. Either students are wearing PJs and "comfy clothes" or really nice clothes and suits.


CofC is pretty homogenous, it seems its mostly southern white people that go here. There also seems to be a large percentage of really rich people here. But having said all that, its pretty hard to feel out of place here. All my friends that dont fit into that demographic have never felt out of place or any bollocks like that. The only divide I can really think of is that is a pretty big gap between people involved in greek life and people not involved greek life. Its not bad or good, its just the way its. If you're in fraternity/sorority you'll have a lot of friends who aren't, but its safe to say that most of your friends will be connected to you by greek life, and the same thing is true vice-versa (if youre not involved in greek life, most of your friends will also not be involved with greek life) so just keep that in mind.


We are not a diverse campus by any means as far a race goes. Each person is an individual here though. We are not clicky. Greek life is only about 14{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of our student population. Students identify themselves by what they are doing and what their achievements are in bettering the community. We have over 150 different student organizations on campus and a very out spoken student body.


COFC is not racially diverse which is really tragic, but it has a diversity of students in other ways. There really isn't an "in" or "out" as far as apparrel and such, you can be preppy, sporty, fancy, casual, and it doesn't matter, you will always fit in. There are students that dress up for class, students that are in beach gear ready to head to the beach after class, students in pjs, and eve n students who choose not to wear shoes around charleston and on campus!!


Minority students at C of C are just that, there may be more LGBT at C of C than minority students. The average student is a white, middle class female. Greeks are annoying if you aren't into Greek life, but if seperated from their groups they are more often than not very nice even if they can be predictable. You have your Ohio kids and your natives--plenty from the upstate. Most students are not politically aware at all though most outside of greek life are always vaguely liberal.


I have found no evidence at C of C that would directly imply that there is an accepted intolerance of any racial, religious, or socio-economic segment of the population; however with that stated, I have on some instances heard unnecessarily cruel statements toward LGBT people. I will not attribute this behavior to the entire student body, but I will not go as far to say that it is a one person issue among thousands. Given the climate of Charleston, SC, many students wear t-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops to class; however some wear more business-acceptable attire to class if they have a job or internship during the day that requires such dress. Though many students are from South Carolina, a large quantity are from the Northeast US. Some students are employed with part-time jobs, however many don't work given their respective socio-economic class status. Their is an invisible fault-line, if you will, amongst students in context to political affiliation; however this should be expected given their geographical originations. Many students from South Carolina and the South in a larger context, are conservative Republicans. Many students from the Northeastern US are liberal Democrats. This "fault" is generally overlooked given the college environment, however I have seen where politics have either broken or ignited friendships. As with society as a larger whole, its difficult to associate yourself with people who are not in line with your political views--given the polarized climate of this country. This should not be a fact that precludes students from attempting to engage politically different students.


There is not a dominant group on the campus. You can easily find people who share interests with you, but at the same time be open to meeting people because there are a lot of different types of people.


Very diverse, mostly people from the northeast coast and georgia / south carolina.