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What are the academics like at your school?


My favorite class would be one of my economic classes because the teacher is great and my worst class was philosophy, the teacher was hard to follow and the text was a lot to take in and read critically.


My freshman year here at CSU has been much different than I expected. When I came to college I was expecting to write 20 page papers, and have ridiculously hard tests, and all of the other stereotypes about how difficult college is. I will agree that to do well here one must put in the work, but it is definitely not as impossible as some people made it seem. The professors here are great, always willing to get to know students and help them out whenever possible, it's just a matter of whether the students choose to seek out this help. The education at CSU is geared toward getting a job and producing well-rounded students.


I think some classes are somewhat hard and its a little stressful when you are taking 18 credits and have a test in every class and papers due all in the same week but its managable for sure. The teachers are very helpful if you use their office hours and ask questions during recitations or labs.


We have awesome teachers here at CSU.


The classes at CSU are awesome. I really enjoying what I am learning about because CSU makes my major fun. I am studying Apparel and Merchandising and every professor I have had knows what they are taking about. They are educated and are there to help you in everyway possible


Most professors know my name regardless of the size of the class. Professors are approachable and I feel comfortable asking them any questions. I am much more right brained so I like my management classes more than my technical classes such as accounting and finance. I personally have studied more since I have gotten into my major but I don't know if that would be true for everyone. People are also much more willing to learn which make the process much more enjoyable. Students are competitve but not any more that at any other college. In all I think that the requirements are well suited for the curriculum. In every class i've taken my outcome has been directly related to my effort.


The Finance department needs more classes that are more intellectually stimulating. The Financial Planning Track is a joke.


I do not know all of my professors' names; however, I do know a lot of them. My least favorite class is macroeconomics because it is a tough topic to grasp. My CSU friends and I have a lot of intellectual conversations outside of class. The education at CSU at the freshman level, is geared toward education but I expect my other classes when I am further in my college career with be more toward getting a job.


The professors in the COB know my name, and usually like to be on a first-name basis. My favorite class at CSU was a diversity leadership and training course taught by business advisors. I do spend time with faculty outside of class with the various clubs that I am in with the College of Business. The education curriculum for the College of Business teaches you a lot of foundational principles, but does not prepare you enough for today's job economy. We are too busy studying cases that are 20 years old and reading even older textbooks that the professors wrote. There is also no consistency to classes that have different instructors. If two students come out of the same class, but with different professors, they are going to be at two totally different levels. In the Marketing world web and graphic design experience is increasing exponentially for employers. The COB does not offer a single class to gain design experience, or even try to build some sort of portfolio to bring to their interviews. This is discounting COB marketing seniors because firms are looking for some sort of tech experience, and the only class that is offered is in the CIS department. This class only focuses on back end HTML coding, and has multiple pre-requisites that only CIS majors take. We're missing out on a very big part of marketing, which is imagination and design.


In some of the freshman level classes there are over 100 students so it's harder for professors to know everyone. But in my experiece there has always been an opportunity to go meet the professor if you want to. Also the TAs are usually very accessable and helpful. Once you start geting into more major focused classes you will have much smaller class sizes and many teachers will know you by name.


The processors here can make or break a grade. it doesnt matter what class it is, it matters on who the teacher is. whether they are interesting, know their material, are too harsh on grading, or more is very questionable at Colorardo state which makes registering for class difficult. Last semester, i took a class called insects, science and society. The teacher was Dr. Cranshaw. He was an expert in his field and make learning fun and interesting. before the class, i had no interest in bugs, but i got an A in the class because of him. Some professors are less approachable than others which makes learning difficult. i believe if you cant have a connection with the teacher, it is much harder to learn the material


In small classes professors know my name, but nt in lecture halls. My favorite class was BSPM 102. That was an insect class taught by Professor Cranshaw. He was my favorite professor and I loved the class. My least favorites are CO150 and SPCM200. Both those classes require a lot of work, and have required attendance. When we talk about classes and assignments, the conversation is intellectual. I feel there is some competitiveness, I am competitive to get good grades in my class. I dont spend any time with professors out of class, unless I go to office hours. I feel the academic requirements are fine. This is my first year, so I dont have any strong opinions yet.


Some of the academic requirements I find unnecessary. Apparel Merchandising students are required to get above a B in Math 117, 118 and 124 which i find time consuming and ridiculous. Having higher requirements in math is believed to make the students a more rounded person, but really it puts a hold on students continuation of achievements. Some students have to retake these math classes (or mods) several times setting back their grad date and spending thousands of dollars! If a C is considered passing for a non math based major then it sould be considered "good enough" for ALL non-based majors not just a few of them.


I think that it is easier to focus in a big class where the professor generally doesnt know your name.


Acidemics are very important at CSU, all of my friend take their grades and school seriously but still make time for having fun. i think there is a good balance between challenging courses and easy ones. I have taken classes where I have learned about things i didn't expect to like, and really loved!


So far I've only had 1 really bad professor, but aside from that the professors at CSU are very good and very nice people. Many of them knew my name by the first week and established a great student-teacher bond which greatly helped in my academics. A lot of the students are very motivated learners and do everything they can to get the most out of their time at CSU, which is good if one were interested in finding a study group for a test or just for a difficult class.


Some classes may be a bit too big but if we start hiring more professors then the tuition goes up. Within relativity i think that professors and the school admin do a decent job of handling students and learning about them and teaching them. I think the education is pratical towards getting a job; this may be more prevelant in some certain majors...something I never understood though was the excessive math classes that most likely will never be used in the [real world] CSU dies a good job throughout.


CSU is home to some of the brightest students and faculty in Colorado. In the finance department, especially during senior year, students become very close, sharing many of the smae classes and getting to know professors. Because of the rigor of the program, it is almost essential for students to begin to support and rely on one another- whether through group projects and case studies, or through generally understanding concepts and studying together. The environment I have experienced at CSU this semester has been a far more close-knit community of students and professors than has been over the past 4 years.


Being such a large school it is obviously a given that classes are going to be large and the school is going to be impersonal, but it would be nice at times to have a better relationship with the professors. However, I do know that once I begin more of my major oriented classes, the class size will shrink and I will feel less invisible. I think this is a great school and I feel that I am getting alot out of my college education.


Some of the perfessors know my name, but only if I constantly ask questions after class, or meet with them in their office. I think a lot of students study for class, I guess that is if they want to do good. In most of my classes class participation is very uncommon especially in my 8 am classes. No one seem to want to talk.


Student's almost have to study a lot in order to pass their classes. I believe that high school didn't prepare me and hardly any new student coming into college. You have to read the required material, and have to know most the material like the back of your hand in order to pass tests, quizzes, short responses, etc.


When I first thought about attending college I thought I was only going to study what I wanted to, which would be Marketing. When I got to college I realized this wasn't the case. I realized that the best way to be educated it to be educated about lots of things. The more you know, the more you can do. Here at CSU I have been becoming educated about many things. It feels great because I can talk to many different peolple about many different topics. I think this is what college is really be about.


College is so much better for me than high school. I really like college and being able to succeed. I have enjoyed all my classes thus far; pyschology, art, oceanography, etc. I don't participate much in class but if I ever have questions or concerns I always talk to my professor after class. I think learning here is both preparing you for getting a job, but you also have the liberty to take some classes that you just find interesting and want to take.


My academics at CSU have been mediocur and I seem to get poor grades on my tests. I can always get A's oon my papers, but when it comes to test taking I seem to struggle.


Some professor really try to get to know students, some don't. I think that is what it is like everywhere. I love the journalism department professors. They try to get to know students and are always willing to be a reference. Many bright students in my major. Feel lots of competition. Journalism doesn't do a good job helping you find a job. Hard to get help in this area w/in the department.


Classes are great; a lot of professors like to get out of the classroom and do practical learning, but if you're looking for a good all-around experience, CSU classes are great.


The academic programs at CSU are very good. I have been presented with the oppertunity to learn as much as I can at CSU. Although we all have bad professors and bad classes, the majority of my experience has been positive. It seems each college is very seperated in terms of academic standards, meaning not that the University as a whole requires different things from different students, but meaning that some programs are more demanding then others. I can only speak for the Business and Japanese departments. The only thing I seemed to consistently dislike about the business department is adjunct professors. It seems that every class I did not benifit from or wonder why I had to take it was taught by an adjunct professor.


The nice thing about CSU academics is that not every class you take has 3 or 4 hundred people in it, there are always opportunities to take smaller classes and get a bit more individualized attention.


Academics at CSU are great, CSU offers a lot of majors that a lot of other universities don't have, the only thing that is difficult is class schedualing sometimes it's very hard to get into classes that you may need for your major.


I loved my sociology class with Zurhan, he was so animated and personable. Class participation is commonly expected by teachers but many students don't. Most unique class so far that I have taken would be my RA class.


My favorite class is probably Calculus. Some of my teachers know my name.


I know all of my professors names. My favorite elective class is Moral and Social Problems. My least favorite class was The history and philosophy of scientific thought. Many students are competitive; especially while trying to get into their specific colleges. The College of Business at CSU is the most competitive college to get into. I feel comfortable asking my professors and instructors outside of class, but I do not do it on a regular basis.


Academics at CSU is no joke. You have to study to get by in your classes. Class sizes are usually, 200-300 students, which is ok. If you want to get to know the professor then going to their office hours is a good idea. They can get to know you personally and not just look at you as one of the 300 students in their class.


I like the teachers here. they are willing to help every student with anything they need. there is a lot of class participation also.


Most of my professors know my name, but some really could care less. Leadership Communication was a class that challeneged my comfort zone and helped me grow as a public speaker.


I'm a Business student and I think that our College of Business is one of the best schools in the country.


Some professors know my name. If I choose to speak in class, overtime the professor will know my name which can sometimes cause problems, especially if I don't show up for class. Some students have intellectual conversations outside of class...others, are like, so not down with that.


Academics are okay. Even though this is a "top-notch" university, I could find many more professors off the street that would do a better job. Also, we're here to learn, not here for the teacher to see if they can stump us with bad grades.


I have some great professors, such as Professor Coats who knows everyone's names. But i do feel like there is a separation between faculty and students. I believe that CSU students do have intellectual conversations outside of class. I have alot of respect for students and faculty.


i like my classes and most of my teachers. they are all really willing to help if you need it


I have witnessed a large amount of professors trying hard to remember the names of my fellow students. I rarely see competition within classrooms as students hold back to keep themselves in the quiet. They would rather sit back and watch than participate for fear of looking or appearing "dumb" to other students in the classroom. This creates a real problem in large classes where the professor requires a lot of participation. At that point I have seen a lack of REAL response or participation. Students will rephrase other students' responses, ask horribly, easily asked questions, or just respond with their own thought that will contradict something absolutely true in order to gain credit.


There are some teachers who really should not be teaching. They make the class and material more confusing then it has to be and it harms me to go to class and even try to pay attention. But there also are some who make things interesting.


My favorite class is philosophy. We get to be involved in a lot of discussions in that class. My least favorite class is macro economics. Students study a fair amount during the week. Class participation varies with each day during the week.


Well because I'm an international student it's hard for proffesors and other students to know my name, but it's not a big deal. I find most classes interesting and i really like participating in extra credit where i have a chance to higher my grade which is very nice .


Only one of my professors knows my name and I don't like that.


the teachers/professors only know my name in my small classes, which is understandable. i enjoy my spanish classes because the teachers a quirky and fun. i dislike my nrcc class because it's quite large and very boring. i think the academic requirements and pretty legit, pretty basic and understandable. i don't spend time with professors outside of class. i feel like in the business field the education is definitely geared toward getting a job as well as learning for its own sake.


My classes have varied. Some classes have 20 people and others have 200, but each one has been challenging and intriguing. Just in my first semester I feel really comfortable with talking to my teachers, asking for help, and finding out what I need to do to be successful. I look forward to getting into some upper-division classes that pertain more to my declared major.


I would say the professors here are extermaly carring about thier jobs and try to get to know thestudents the come in for help or also ways site in the front.


I really loved my BSPM100 or Bugs class. Professor Whitney is so good! I also love proffessor Chamberlain in NRCC150. The business department is very good and pretty hard to get into and stay into which creates compition among students.


My favorite class so far was my AM 130 class which is Design Appreciation of Apparel & Merchandising. My professor was AWESOME! She set up the class in a nice way so that we could only succeed. She was straight forward and didn't waste our time. If her presentaion was done early, she would let us out rather than holding us there until the last minute of class, like an English professor I had last semester. That class was a pain. The teahcer was a graduate student which did not work too well for me. Another great class is psychology. It is very interesting and I believe very beneficial for everyone to know. Students here range from every type; you have the competitive ones, the lazy ones, and everyone in between. The education here at CSU totally prepares you for getting a job and has amazing resources to help you find that perfect one!