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What are the academics like at your school?


Many students at CSU take school very competitively and make it seem as if they are in school to be number one rather than to be in school to recieve an education.




I really liked most of the professors in my busines classes. I have not really taken advantage of most of the career and other services they offer, so I cant really comment on them (but I hear they're great). The upper division classes I have taken strongly encourage participation and it makes the classes a whole lot better. Im sure that 100 levels are overcrowded at most schools but damn it is easy to go unoticed in the early years.


My professors definatly do not know my name, and that can be a downfall but i suppose if i wanted them to know my name, i could take the time out to see them and stand out. It's a bittersweet situation because i love the large classroom feeling, but i sometimes become frustrated when i need individual help and need to make appointments to get it! My favorite classes are the classes focused on my major, like my fashion appreciation class! Every class period inspires me to focus on my future and reminds me how much i love the fashion industry and the job i'm striving for! My least favorite class is Chemistry, enough said :)


I have not studied for shit at CSU and I'm still going to graduate. Big lecture classes blow...but once you start getiing into your upper level courses professors are pretty cool and will help you out.


Some professors know my name but only in the small classes. My favorite class is the athletic ones like techniques of teaching aerobics. I study about 10 hours a week.


No i dont have one professor who knoes my name. I had a really good class about literature, but i cant remember the exact name of it. I really didnt like speech. I ddont really know anyone who really "studies" No i dont really think anyone participates at least not in any of my classes. Ive never seen one of my professors outside of class. I dont think that the academic requirements are unreasonable at CSU at all. I think you learn what you need to learn and it is geared equaly towards learning, and toward real life experience.


My professors don't know my name but the curriculum hear is just right which makes me want to learn.


most professors dont know my name due to class size.least favorite class is Comp 150 with deborah somebody... i study every night, it consumes my life and i am VERY stressed out. class participation not common. i like anthropology. my major is fashion merchandising but im changing to business. no i dont see professo outside of class...isnt that a little weird? geared toward learning for its own sake i would say but that varies from course to course.




two of my 4 profs know my name. My favorite is health and wellness... my prof Ryan donnovan is the bomb... 20 points for him! my least fav is my CIS 150 class... its SO MUCH BUSY WORK! its gross. students vary in their study habbits, some don't study at all, others all the time.calss participation is common in some classes, others not so much. Intellectual conversations outside of class is rare for most... not for me though ;) Students can be competitive...


Some professors know my name, depends on how big the class is. My favorite class is probably my art class. My least favorite class is my chem. class. I personally dont study that often, maybe the night before or the morning of an exam. Class participation is common. There are always at least a couple of students that participate in class conversations everyday. I am sure students have intellectual conversations outside of class all the time, me personally, not usually. Students are very competitive wether it is between, individuals or just in general a large group of students. The most unique class I have taken would have to be my sociology class. It's not that the subject is unique it was the teacher and the assignments and the conversations in class that made is unique, it was great mostly because of the teacher though. The major that I am in is fashion merchandising. The fashion program at this school rocks, it is very challenging which isnt what I had expected at all but it is a good thing. The only thing I do not like about this department is my advisor. I do not see my professors outside of class. I find CSU academic requirments very reasonable. I think that CSU's education is geared more towards learning for a job but they also have a lot of opportunities concerning gaining a job after college and getting interns as well.


Most of my teachers know my name, or at least recognize my face outside of the classroom. I like all my classes in my major. All of the teachers I have had are intelligent and knowledgable about their specific subject. I especially liked the class, Interpersonal Communications because it was relevant to everyday life. I think that everyone should be required to take this class to further understand why people communicate the way they do. I do not spend time with teachers outside of class unless I need to talk with them about an assignment specifically.


yes, fitness and wellness best class, least CHEM 111. depends on the student, depends on the class, not really, some are competitive, yeah i spend time with professors.


I do enjoy most of my classes at CSU. Some classes are larger then I would like. However their are those classes I would rather not be noticed in.


Basically the few amazing teachers at CSU make up for the hundreds of not so smart ones.


No. My favorite is Cultural Anthro. Least fav is Biological anthro. Class participation is normally found between 3 to five students. I am still uncertain about my major. No i do not spend time with professors out of class.


In my case professors do know my name because I make a point to get to know them as well. However, I have been in a lot of classes where I don't even think they would recognize me if they saw me on campus. Certain classes/departments participation in class is common, however I think that really just depends on the size of the class. In smaller classes it's easier to have deep discussions, but in big classes I think people are intimidated to speak. I think the education at CSU is alright. There are some really phenomenal professors out there who genuinely care about students and want them to actually learn, not just memorize and regurgitate. I think overall though, the education at CSU is geared toward getting a job, not necessarily learning for the sake of learning.


Before I came to college I was scared that the classes were going to be ridiculously hard and the classrooms were going to be huge and terrible. This is definitely not the case. Although the first year classes are large, they are just right to transition you from high school academia to college academia.


I study quite a bit I feel compaired to other people I hang out with. I feel quite a bit of student at this school actually do take their academics somewhat serious.


When you get to upper division classes many professors know your name because classes are smaller. My favorite classes were my marketing classes. Least favorite, Managerial Accounting. I study a lot. Depending on the size of the class, class participation is common. I like my major and the deparment the only thing I would change is the variety of teachers. The only thing I would change about the academic curriculm would be having a common grading system throughout the college.


A lot of professors know my name, but that's because I make smart-remarks or asinine comments that are valid and reasonable but catch the professors a little off guard. My most favorite class are any that has to deal with the public and how to broadcast yourself to many or to one individual. How to become personable, likable and memorable. My least favorite class is math, can barely do a simple math problem. I think students don't participate enough because the rewards are not seen to them and there is no direct and severe punishment if decided not to participate.


no. My favorite class is my business computers class because i love business and computers. My least favorite class is geology because i hate science. Every time they have a test students study. There isnt really any class participation. I have intellectual conversations with my peers outside of class. Some students are competitive with their grades. The most unique class that i have taken is JTC 100. I am an open option major seeking business. No i do not spend any time with professors outside of class. CSU's academic requirements are fair. i think that the education is geared towards getting a job.


Academics at CSU, at least in my major, tends to be pretty easy. Upper division is more of a challenge for me but I am sad to say high school was harder than college. This was not something I was expecting when coming to college but the professors are amazing and they really challenge you if you speak to them on office hours. I ecourage anyone to talk to their professors and get to know them because sometimes they open up doors you didnt know where available to you.


I am a Human Development & Family Studies major (which you guys do not have on your list of majors!) and I am also getting my teaching license in Early Childhood Education. I love my classes and most of my professors. There are several problems with the education department, but overall it has been a good experience.


Some professors know my name, not many though. Im in a Phisiological Psychology lab that is the coolest shit ive done it college. We examine human brains everyday... I mean who can hate on that? Hmmmm, my least favorite class would have to be Psychology of Personalities. I didnt know if i was gonna be tested on the material that didnt exsist, our decripid profs life story, or his obsession with black holes... Seriously someone fire this guy. Students study a shit load depending on their classes. Some just take way more work that others, and thats one of the things you learn along the way. Class participation is common in upperdivision level classes, but when you have 350 peeps in a class, participation consists of filling out the Sudoku in the newspaper. Do our students have intellectual conversations out of class? If i have to hear kids debate politics or religion after a couple beers one more time im gonna drop out. Students are competitive whether they want to admit it or not. THATS why DAVE won't come to terms with the fact that I just KNOW more than him when it comes to the Limbic system. The most unique class ive taken is the one with brains i already talked about. Brains keep it real.


professors knew my name, which was both a blessing and a curse. i'd say i liked 95{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of my professors at csu. during the ski season it got a little tough to focus on important fads like going to class and studying, but in the end everythign turned out all right. the economics department was full of the most intelligent, knowledgable, and helpful men and women employed at that school. though often times my grades didn't reflect it, my professors taught me a lot about not only the subjects they were teaching but about life itself as well.


While most college students dread class, I love it. I have had a job since I was 11, and to me, classes are where I can prove myself. The faculty does a great job at challenging students, but they do it in a successful and respectful way. Most professors know my name (I am kind of a bid deal, Ron Burgandy style). The greatest class I have ever took at CSU was SP447: TV and Radio Broadcast Management. The professor was Denny Phillips, a professor who shot from the hip, told it like it was, and was extremely excited about teaching. He brought in a writer for the Showtime series Dexter (which is one of my favorite shows), and had a "Fantasy TV League" where the class "drafted" programs and set up a strength schedule against other classmates. I learned about the business of media and gained insight that only Prof. Phillips could have taught. Being a journalism major as well as communications major, it is not a stretch to figure that my least favorite class would pertain to math. Statistics was my bane for an entire semester. I cried myself to sleep every night before a test. Overall CSU is a smart campus. People are aware of current events and enjoy competitive banter. The weird thing about CSU life is that if you have the money and decide to go to a "top shelf" drinking pub, there is a good chance that you will see one of your professors there. The majority of faculty at CSU are just like students; hungry for knowledge but ready to party. I actually had a Communications Professor tell the entire class about the faculty Halloween party in which he got so "shitfaced" he "pissed in his colleagues closet." Very informal, very comfortable, very hilarious. Academic as a whole at CSU entirely depends on the student. If you want to have your education geared to getting a job, all you have to do is research.


Yes. Many classes I do like at CSU. ECON 704, ECON 504


Study time is normal but it obviously depends on teachers and class level.


Academics, There are some great teachers and some bad ones. Talk to peers who have taken those classes to get the scoop. Take at least one out of the norm classes like scuba diving! thats right you can learn to scuba with out an ocean. I was shocked my self. There are all kinds of resources to help you in school and I highly recommend using them.


Colorado State is a large school, so for the first two years you will experience the huge lecture halls filled to the brim with students that you may have never seen before. However, when all the gen eds have been filled, it becomes a place where your teachers are your mentors whom you will run into at restaurants around town. For the most part students are there to learn. Like all state schools, there is no attendance taken so the students who make an effort will do very well and those who don't will not be allowed back in. However, most make it and want to be there so it is nice to be in classes with people who want to learn. The school as a whole is geared towards learning and mastering a major so that you can be the best in your field upon graduation.


Many of the professors in the Business School know my name. My favorite class is probably Entrepreneurship in the Contemporary World and Psychology of Human Sexuality. My least favorite was probably Geosystems just because that type of material doesn't interest me at all. Personally I don't study as much as I should, but when I occasionally go to the library its amazing how many students actually do take advantage of it. Some students have intellectual conversations but a lot are so burned out from school they would rather relax and have a beer. Students are very competitive, especially when it comes to CU. My department is the college of business. I love it. We have amazing resources and professors, but I do know there is a lot of criticism that we get a lot of amenities that other colleges don't. I have never spent time with a professor out of class. I think that the education at CSU is geared toward getting a job and learning. There is a lot of focus on learning, but it is very encouraged to be proactive and also every semester a huge career fair is available for all students as well as a lot of preparation courses for that.


All of my professors know my name, but I am in upper division classes now so it's much easier then when it was all lower division classes. Though if you make an effort to even go office hours once, your professor will know who you are. -I spend time with my professors outside of class, they know me, and when they see me in the student center for lunch they'll stop and chat for a minute. The academic requirements are rigorous but not so daunting that you spend every second in the library. If you work hard you'll do well, but CSU's philosophy is that going to class is only part of it. College is about many things. I think CSU has a great balance between studying and living.