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What are the academics like at your school?


One thing that I love about the college of business is that it always feel like home, for the most part, all professors talk to us by our names and they are very friendly and they are always willing ot help us. As an Accounting major, I think the Accounting department is great, professors are very knowledgeable and friendly. The knowledge and experience that I have gained at CSU has been unvaluable, I recently got an internship with one of the big four accounting firms in the world.


A professor knowing your name does not hold accountability on the professor, it is your responsibility as a student to make yourself noticed. While we do have the 300 student lecture halls, there are very personal classes with as few as 10 students at a time. These classes dont reflect on how much studying is involved either. Engineering has much more studying involved than say, construction management [CM]. CM is a great program with knowledgeable and first hand experienced professors. The program has 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} job placement and you leave CSU ready to work in any aspect of the title.


Professors know our names, but they don't give us the grades that we deserve. CSU also have a high expectation for the open option students which frustrade them.


I know all of my professors name's because I am alwasy going in to make up material. My favorite class right now would be speech because the teacher has built a sense of community and I have meet some amazing people that I will continue to be friends with throughout my life. I believe students are competitive but yet want to help others during their spare time. The most unique class I have taken has to be oceanography. I am majoring in Business and the business school here is amzing. People from across the globe are coming to go to the business school. It is very hard to get into and excepts it's students to carry a high GPA in order to graduate. I believe CSU's academic requirements are very fair and acceptable. The number of business graduate's who graduate and then get a job within the next couple months is extremely large. CSU is creating students who want a careeer not just a job.


My professors do not know my name, my favorite class is anything in my major, no math though. Students are competitive and my major is business so you see that more and more in that area of study.


Academia is pretty good. It is very competitive in my major but I like that. Once the classess get smaller the focus on students is great.


Especially in upper-level classes, professors do know your name. Students probably study 9-12 hours per week. There's a fairly even balance between the education being geared toward getting a job and just learning. There are always extra career related activities outside of the classroom to aide you in the career-search.


I think that getting the perfect professor/ class is a hit or miss. The worst part of the academics is that CSU still uses the minus scale which I think is rediculous.


The only professors that know my name are my classes of twenty-five or less, unless you make the extra effort o go and visit your profesor after school. My favorite class is my Design class and my least favorite is Western Civilization. My major is in Apparel and Merchandising, I am more on the merchandising end. I don't spend any time with my teachers outside of class unless I go in to their offcie hours.


For some reason there is this ongoing feud with the Business Department and the Engineering Deptartment, like engineers think business is a joke and ridiculously easy.


As far as professors, i have had some good ones and some i cannot stand but i think thats how it is with just about anything. i have experienced both huge classes and really small ones. i prefer the larger ones. i don't think i have had a favorite class so far because they are all still pretty basic but i did really like my psychology professor. he made the class worth it. right now i am in appreciation of philosophy, i do not reccomend it at all. hate the class, the subject, and especially the professor. the most unique class i have taken is textiles, it was on everything about fabric thread and even the animals they come from. it was different but i enjoyed it. i would feel pretty uncomfortbale hanging out with a professor but i see other people do it. not for me though. i think the academics main objective is to set you up with a job after this. i feel like the advisors and professors are geared to help us succeed for a career later on.


The professors are extremely friendly, they will talk to you if you run into them outside of class and are always willing to help you. My favorite class was International Marketing, we had an amazing semester project. Some of the entry level classes are extremely boring, if you can get past those, the upper division classes are well worth your time. CSU isn't a real competitive school, most people are happy with their B's, but they care enough to participate in class. The Business school is fantastic, I have confidence that I will leave college with a good job. The Political Science department is good, they have a great internship program if you are willing to drive down to Denver twice a week.


Great classes, challenging, learned a lot


The academics are for the most part challenging. Many stiudents spend most of the classroom time reading the newspaper, watching tv on their laptops and textmessaging. I would imagine the GPA is directly realted to those activities. The faculty that I have encountered so far have been average to above average.


I have enjoyed my academic experience thus far. I'm apart of Rockwell Hall College of Business, and too my surprise our business school is ranked fairly well nationally. And the classes I have had through Rockwell have proved its place among the rankings, I believe it could be placed higher. At the school many of the mentors and older students stress meeting with the professors, and really get to know your professors. And the professors! have also done just that...opening their doors to all the students to come meet with them for just about anything.


College is all about learning right? I am here to get my degree first and formost. I make the effort to introduce myself to my teachers and get to know them a little so some of them do know my name and the rest at least recognize my face. Professors are very friendly and genuinley interested in the student body. I feel if anyone makes an effort to get to know the faculty, the faculty will do the same thing. CSU provides a rigorous ciriculum for all students reguardless of major. For that reason I think that the learning that takes place on a day to day basis is geared towards helping students get a job upon graduation. Overall, I am very pleased with the academics at CSU.


For the most part i am pretty pleased! the one thing I DO NOT like AT ALL are the online courses because many times something happens with the programs we use, and it stops working. there is also A LOT of confusion. It seems like the professors just want to hand us our work and get on to living the rest of their lives. They don't really spend any time teaching us. They just give us the assignment and send us on our way.


Most of the professors in my area of study know me by name. The Journalism faculty is very in touch with students.


My favorite class is sports marketing and is the professor is Todd Donovan. My least favorit class is International Finance. Students are very competitive and active in and out of class. I think CSU is more geared toward getting a job. They have classes and teacher that prepare you for life after college and what to expect when you graduate.


The academics here are one of a kind. I think the students here are very competitive. Just last night I was at work and me and another kid were talking about a project of his for engineering design 2 and trying to figure out a way to make his design work right.


I love the classes here, I feel like all of the professors are really friendly and proffesional and know what they are talking about. If you're going to class then there is not reason why you should not be getting a good grade.


About half of my professors have known me by name, which I really like. My favorite class so far has been a Survey of Human Nutrition. It would have been straight forward memorization if it hadn't been for my teacher's enthusiasm for the class. His name was Gary Auld by the way...and you should take his class because it's pretty much the shit. And it relates to your own eating habits, not like most classes that you are learning just to learn facts. My new roomate is pretty crazy about studying...that's pretty much all she does when she's not in class or at church. But most people aren't like her and have some sort of social life. Actually, no one is like her because she's insane.


Academics at CSU, Overall I like the academics here. I really enjoyed several of my classes including HES 479- Physchology and Sport. I had a great Professor, who actually took the time to learn all of our names. (147 students in the class) we would have random quizzes for attendance purpouses, but class was so enjoyable that I actually looked forward to going. I have had several other classes like this one, Chem for example. On the other hand since classes are so big (some with 100-200 people) it is a challenge to be known by your professor, usually you need to be an A student who goes in regularly and speaks with the professor. But Typically If you want to talk to your professor, they are usually always willing to talk to you, and help you if you need help, and point you in the direction of where to go for help. One thing I do not like about CSU is our counselers... I feel like they give you the run around and advise you in ways that you will be stuck in school for 5 or 6 years.,.. (which can cost a lot of money) I for one took the inititive to find out what classes i need to tlak and when on my own, and from other students who are in my major. Since I had no help, or bad advice from counselors the first 2 years of college.


Do professors know my name: Few science professors (from pre-dental courses) knew my name, although those were lecture halls and the respective labs/recitation. Business professors and Honors professors make a point of learning my name. Theatre professors learn my name because I work with them outside of the classroom as much as I do in the classroom. Class particpation: is not common. Many students are stuck in the "too cool" attitude of high school and have forgotten that they are paying to learn. CSU students as a general whole do not have intellectual conversations outside of class; certain circles of friends, however, do. Certain students are competitive depending on the department. Pre Vet and Honors students are competitve. Business students somewhat competitive. Theatre students are competitive. Most unique class I've taken: none of the above? Maybe MoveIt! Honors Seminar with Francie Glycenfer. Business Majors/Department: I'm new, this semester, to the dept but so far am extremely impressed with the facilities, classroom equipment and student benefits, and attentiveness of the teachers. Theatre Major/Department: The teachers are extremely dedicated to the students and the department. They put in extra hours and unusual care for their classes AND the shows that they work on. Also, theatre teachers are directing us, designing for us, acting as design consultants, and overseeing the construction and mounting of shows during the year and in the summer. Students often invite teachers to their holiday, celebration, and even birthday parties. CSU's academic requirements are not overly challenging; they are certainly manageable and acceptable for a school with its entrance requirements. Education at CSU is geared toward getting a job.


Professors depend on who you get I guess they are either really sweet or nazis. They are almost always willing to help you out of class thought. Some students are competetive, some are not you usually get a good mix in your classes.


don't know


Classes at CSU are pretty typical with what i imagined college being. There are large classes that are in huge rooms, tiny classes in small rooms, and middle sized classes. I feel like the professors are very knowledgable and are giving the students a firm grasp of the concepts. I have had good class participation because the profs encourage disscussions. The library is used a lot and students do a lot of studying there. I feel that the students are very focused here and take school very seriously.


Some of the professors know my name, depending on the classroom size. I think that the professors do a really good job at trying to memorize their students name because I can only imagine how hard it would be to memorize so many students names and in so many different class periods. My favorite class would have to be psychology because of my professor. He always keeps things interesting and funny, making it a lot easier to pay attention and learn. I would have to say that first aid and emergency care would be a close second because it is very interactive and I have a very fun class and instructor.


I study quite often because the result is good grades. Right now my favorite class Geography 100. Reason being the professor makes the class interesting. My least favorite class is Stats 204, because the instructor does not know how to teach.


My favorite class was the psychology course i took last semester. The professor made it really interesting by talking about real life situations that applied to the topics. He also had a good sense of humor which created a good atmosphere for learning.


The academics at CSU make me feel like I am simply just regurgitating information. I do not feel like the academics expand my mind and make me think outside of the box. The one reason I love learning with other people is because you get to have your perspective heard as well as theirs. I feel like this doesn't happen a lot at CSU.


Many of the lower level classes are so big that unless you make an effort to really get to know the professors you will never have any idea who they are. As you continue on in your course of study, I feel that if you make that effort to get to know your prefessors, they will make the effort to get to know you as well. I feel that the campus has made it very easy and accessible to get involved with other students in your class for study sessions or to discuss class. My only road block I have met with the academics is that I did not register for math courses into my second semester sophmore year and now I have hit a crossroad where unless I finish math, I cannot continue on in my course of study. My best piece of advice would be to MEET WITH ADVISORS EVERY SEMESTER, begining FRESHMAN year to plan out your schedule in order to graduate on time.


Most of my professors know my name. I'm a sophomore so my class sizes are a little smaller. I don't really have a favorite class right now because I'm just taking my core classes. Once I get into my major, I'm sure I'll like going to class a lot more.


Most of them do not know my name. I have found most of my classes to be very interesting and i enjoy them, however, my geology class is quite boaring and is the hardest one for me to go to due to the way my professor teaches the class. class participation is common depends on the class. I would say that there are many intellectual converations outside of calss. i think that the academic requirements are great, it gives people a chance to explore other majors they might be interested in.


4/5 of my professors know my name this semester, but only 1/4 knew it last semester. It depends on the classes you take. In lectures they probably won't unless you talk to them in office hours. My favorite classes are my honors seminars-a really good option, because they are so interesting and discussion based. My least favorite class so far has been biology (second semester), cause it was a lot of memorization and my grade was solely based on 4 tests. CSU is about pushing yourself, no one’s going to do it for you.


I do not think that if I didn't make it such a huge deal that I would not know any of my teachers names. But because I want to become familiar with them, I make it a point.


like i said above, there are a lot of students that attend csu. most classes are lecture style and class sizes range from 100 -250. you truly are 1 in a million. the professors teach in a lecture style, the higher level the course, the more hands on experience you recieve. most professors offer office hours outside of class and have graduate TA's to help if they are not available. some students even form study groups outside of class. the students are very competative. everybody is striving to be the best, we all want to be successful. the academic requirments are achievable. for my particular major, the credits per semester are heavy, but taking more will let us graduate on time. i would like to see more classes geared towards our degree offered as freshman and sophmores. i understand that they want us to be well rounded people and therefore have us take humanities, but if we already declared a major, we should be taking classes for that and being that much closer to graduating on time.


My professors in my smaller classes know my name, but in my larger classes they don't. I still feel like they are very accessible and are very wiling to help me if I approach them. I think that overall, the academics here are challenging but appropriate. I have liked 99{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of my classes.


I am in a lot of lecture classes, so a lot of my teachers don't know my name. My favorite class is probably my computer class. I don't know about other students but I don't study as much as I should because there are so many distractions.


Academics vary. some people take things studies very seriously while others are just there for the partying. I havent had any classes that the instructor was horrible. My favorite class was equine disease management.


I find that most classes are really enjoyable. If I am lucky enough to have a class with a prophesor I find their knowledge helpful and you can tell they put a great deal of effort into their lectures


I have liked all my classes so far. I always enjoy going to class because the teachers are good and I always learn something interesting. That doesn't seem to rub off on everyone though... Some people I talk to I wonder if they have ever been to a class in their life and I wonder how they even got in to college.


The education at CSU is definitely geared toward getting a job, you are always hearing about ways to earn internships and get real life experience. I know that for my major (Nutrition and Food Science) I am always receiving emails about volunteer opportunities and ways to get familiar with what I can do with my major


No professors no your name!


Provide many different courses for all the different personalities we have in our school


Students study a good amount i think. class participation isnt very common. The most unique class i have taken is CIS 150. CSU education is geared towards both learning adn getting a job.


I think professors should be more willing to sit down with students one on one instead of having them meet with TA's all the time.


Some know my name people usually study all the time on weekdays participation is somewhat common yes many intellectual convo's outside of class students are somewhat competitive CSU requirments to get into the specific colleges is kinda hard Getting a job


if you put the time in to get to know the teachers the class well be alot better for you in the long run.


As a freshman and having an open option major, the professors most definitely don't know your name unless you have a reason for them to. The entry level classes hear exceed 100 students per class. My favorite classes are Astronomy and Drawing with DaVinci. My astronomy proffessor really gives you a sense of he cares and wants you to learn as much as possible no matter what your abilities are. My Drawing class really opens my eyes to different ways of thinking suprisingly. Also there are only ten students in that class, so the personal level with the professor is high. Students can most definitely get competitive, whether it being the best procrastinator or the highest ranking in class. I do not believe CSU is geared toward either getting a job or learning. I believe CSU is a place where children go because their parents told them to and are paying for their education.