Colorado State University-Fort Collins Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Before this school I was extremely pessimistic about society. I viewed humanity as a negative biological entity, a creature on this planet that has quite literally taken over. However, after my classes and incredible on campus internship, I have learned a new meaning to conservation. Community based conservation is the only future for our planet. Bringing together research, community values, policy, economics and more is prudent for the future of conservation. Colorado State has opened my mind to a new light that has caused an overwhelming amount of ambition and optimism to swell within me. I've learned the true meaning to sustainability, and have come to realize that humanity is not a negative entity; we are simply a system that has gone out of balance. In the end it comes down to the ability to sustain both our natural and human world in one system, and in the end it comes down to places like Colorado State who inspire us all to look for new faces of change.


I believe that the key to a good college education is making mistakes and going the wrong way. What I mean by that is not literally making mistakes in the fact that you fail classes, but taking a broad range of classes - even some that you may not like or some that dont apply to your major directly. Many times, students overlook classes out of thier program because they want to get done as soon as possible and move on with thier lives. Most of the time, classes (ie. humanities classes) that sound interesting to students but are overlooked are some of the most beneficial! Humanities classes and classes outside of your major allow for you to make connections between your major and another while stretching your imagination and challening your mind outside of its normal realm. These college experiences are what set you apart from other students and graduates. Getting a broad education even if it takes slightly longer is the key to a good education and successful future in the workforce.


I have recieved valuable real world experiences by attending Colorado State University. I am now able to live and succeeed on my own, I live by myself and I am thriving. Attending college has helped with my decsion making skills as well as academic. I am better at test taking and speaking in public. Since attending college I have become more confident in who I am and my goals in life. College has helped me discover who I am and who I want to be. After living in such a welcoming, helpful community I have aspired to help others as well. I have learned that I am passionate about helping people, especially children. I am attending college so that one day I can help children with autsim. College has brought me many new friends and life changing experiences that have shaped me into a greater more determined human being.


I care more about my personal interactions with poeple. I find I have become a more tolerant person. One who is willing to listen and learn and not be focused on my own opinions/beliefs. I am more open to what is happening around me, not just academically, but world-wise. Intellectually, I have found this lifelong learner within myself. Challenging myself and delving into issues I never thought I would be interested in. My friends are as diverse as the world around me. I am learning, not just textbook facts, but how to live my life in a way that will benefit the people around me, the environment around me, and my own personal growth as a human being. All my experiences are changing me for the better and preparing me for my life as a contributor to society around me. College has made me a more well rounded person and a better person.


I've learned how to manipulate where a person looks on a composition, how to use negative space well, how to look for shades and highlights to successfully capture an image and put it on paper, and how to become more free and open with my written words. I have become more used to driving, how to keep a schedule, and how to socialize more easily with others. Learning how to express myself more thoroughly has been valuable, and although all the skills I have acquired so far still need honing... everything contributes to my dream of becoming an animator.


I have always known that I will go to college; I just haven't always been so sure what I would want to study. When I finally got to college I knew that I was where I needed to be before I started my own life. Along with learning a lot about my chosen field of study, I have also learned a lot about myself and the world around me. Just thinking about being on my own for the first time made me reconsider going to another state for college. Once I arrived there, however, I realized that I would be able to take care of myself. My first semester I was taken to the emergency room for appendicitis, where I realized that I am capable of making major decisions on my own. The whole college experience has been very valuable to me, because in my opinion it has prepared me for the real world far more that high school. One major thing that attending college has taught me is that you can't expect more that you ask for. In college there are so many ways to get help with almost anything, you just have to ask someone.


I have gotten out of my college experience so far that it is not all about the academics. Sure, classes are important, and they are very important for me since my ultimate goal is to get into physical therapy school which is academiccally challenging. But college is about more than the classes, it's about making lifelong friends and learning how to make good decisions. It's about learning to juggle more things at once. It's about learning responsibility, discipline and integrity, in and out of the classroom. Mostly, it's about discovering who you are, who you want to be, and how you can get there.


i just recently started summer schoool at Tarrant County College, and my experience in this school is pretty great. I learned that without studying you won't succeed in school, but this school doesn't really make me feel like I'm in college, because it seems like I'm still in highschool, being undocumented is the only reason I am in this school, because going to a four-year school isn't in our budget, and our status is currently getting fixed, so with a little help I think I can get further rather than getting stuck in this two-year college.


I recently returned to school after getting married and having three wonderful children. Attending classes again has given me the confidence to continue with my passion in the Political Sciences. Receiving my BA will give me the boost I need when I decide to retun to the workforce. My previous college experience when I was much younger was nothing more than a social outlet. I made some really great friends that I am still in touch with but the actual real learning didn't start until the last year when I decided to go back to college for myself and not because it was what I suppose to do.


Being a good college student is not about how much money you spend to go to school. It is about the determination to do well and succeed. I believe that I am a great college student because I have been out of school for about three years, and realized how important a quality education is. Organized and driven, going back to school would be a life changing even for my future family and I. In January of 2008, my family suffered a financial hardship and I was unable to attend school. I spent my nights crying over this and now that I have the opportunity to go back to school, I feel truly blessed. I never really had the chance to have a college experience because my family was always worried about how we were going to pay for it.


So far I have gotten education. That is the most valueable. I am a pre-vet student and must maintain a GPA above 3.75. I love science, and the education is what will get me to where I need to be. Classes and tests are simple, you cheat, sure you will pass, but when the final comes, you will fail. When it really matter, and you cheat through life, you will fail when it matters most. If you wish to accomplish your dreams, you have to work towards them and find them on your own, because they don't look for dreamers by themselves. Education to fallow a dream, a dream to fallow education.


College to me has helped me value life. I have learned that things in life can change fast but you need to be able to adapted to that. College is a fast pace place and so is life. Attending college is very valuable to me becaue it helps me in daily life. College has different effects on everyone but it is always good. It teaches you to get some where on time, if you dont push for something that you want it is harder to succeed.


This summer, I enrolled to take college classes. I was excited for the college life and what laid in store for me. I had heard from others that the college life involves responsibility, freedom, and excitement. In no suprise, all of them had been right, but I wanted to experience it myself. From this experience, I have learned that being a college student teaches the value and importance of adulthood. I no longer am under the care of my parents or teachers, but ultimately it is up to me to do what is necessary for my future success. There is no longer anyone there to hold my hand and guide me, but now the decisions and choices I make are nothing but my own and it is my duty to make the best judgment. It is true that college is fun, but the bigger picture for me is learning how to become a mature and responsible adult and that now childish and immature ideals should be put behind. Instead, it is a time for me to prioritize, find myself, and ultimately create success and independence. My college experiene has been valuable because it has showed me the reality of life.


Well from what I have viewed it is everything I need in a school and will allow me to express myself as an individual.


My college experience taught me who I want to be, who I am, and what I can be. High school in a small town came easy for me, life was easy, and left me searching for answers. College cured my hunger for knowledge and opened doors towards opportunities I never imagined had existed. What I thought I was going to with my future at 17 years old, and what I am doing as a graduate student working on a masters degree in German at 22 years old, could not be any more divergent. I have a few amazing professors at Colorado State and a few bad grades in science classes to thank for my discovery. Now, I have a direction in life, I have a whole new world of friends and confidants that started at CSU. The world is my doorstep. CSU's diversity and pressure to succeed pushed me beyond the boundaries that my small hometown tends create. Because of college I have broken the mold, and am doing something with my life. College is not only an education; it is a life changing experience.


I believe I have recieved more out of college than the average student. I just graduated from Nassau Community College with my Associates Degree. I had the ultimate college experience at Nassau Community College. I left there with a degree, life changing experiences, growth, a 3.8 GPA, an extensive activities resume, and an internship. It was an amazing experience, I became an Activist, a Public Speaker, a Lobbyist, a " Go Getter", a focused and cultured young woman. I created long lasting friendships with people from Nigeria, Pakistan, Denmark, Peru, Jamaca, Haiti, Dominican Republic, all over. I have learned a lot about these different cultures. One of my most memorable experiences was when we spent 3 hours in a Student Government meeting because the Muslim and Christian Fellowship club were arguing on what food to order for an event they were doing together. The Muslims wouldn't want to eat what the Christians eat and vice-versa. It was interesting to see how again religion was divinding people. Eventually, we came to the agreement to order less food of each type. I cherish every minute I spent at Nassau Community College. It was a true learning beyond the books experience.


My college experience has been a blast i have met a ton of new people and they have taught me a lot. The schooling that i have recieved up there is by far the best and the proffesors have been great, all of this has just made my college experience great and i will remember for the rest of my life


I learned at college that having a college degree doesn't create intelligence. I learned very quickly that college is like a game , and if that person is good at the game they can win. This has been valuable to me because it makes me question everything anyone says, no matter their level of education. I feel like we forget about common sense, and our own knoledge when we confronted with someone with a high level of degree. To truly be intellgent really means trying and not just cramming last minute or just passing with the lowest grade possibe., it is learning everything they can so that they can use their knoledge beyond their degrees. I feel like that is forgetton and sometimes these professors who have all the answers only look in the book.


Through my college experience, I feel I have learned the value of determination. There are many times during a person's education that a task may feel too difficult, or unreachable. I have continually learned how to commit to a project even if it feels over my head. I now know that if I commit myself and my efforts, the hard work always pays off. Determination is one of the most useful tools I feel I have attained through my college experience.


Out of my college experence at both Otero Junior College and now Colorado State University I have learned how to budget my time, money, priorities, and school work, while still keeping my same active life style. This has been valuable to me because it is better preparing me for my future, while at the same time I feel I am not giving up the young adult in me. College has tought me to spend my monet where I need it and not on just things I want. along with that, I can't continue to put things off until the last minute, I had to learn to budget time and start some things early. I have also gained the experience in putting my priorties first, which means school, and waiting to do things that are fun and recreational. College has also tought me to budget my school work right. Not to put if off until the last minute and instead star working on it early so when the due date rolls around I'm not as stressed. Finally, college has shown me that along with everything else, I still need to manage time for myself which is very valuable.


My college experience has allowed me to realize the amount of self dedication that is necessary to achieve a good education. By embracing my education despite the negative circumstances I've been able to learn much more than was provided by my institution, and as a result I am excited to return to school as a graduate student to further my education and engage in the community where I will be attending. I would like to participate in the community to develop connections between people, and solidify a like minded group of people so that we can evolve as a unit over time, somthing that was extremely lacking at my previous university. One person on their own can only accomplish so much, but with the help of others much more can be achieved than the sum of their parts.


I really feel that I have learned a lot from going to college at Colorado State. I feel like the classes they have for my major are appropriate and interactive. Since I am studying in the area of biology with an emphasis in genetics, the classes offered give me what I need to pursue that ambition. I really like the variety of people and cultures on campus as well, it helps to make a lot of different new friends and also to get involved in a lot of different activities to give me a break from studying once in a while. CSU is a great school for anyone who really wants to pursue a higher education.


I'm sure that the majority of the answers for this question submitted by applicants deal with an improved work ethic, a greater appreciation for the world of academia, and a newfound devotion to performing well-as college can very easily determine the majority of one's life. I, however, have developed a new sense of responsibility. Not responsibility in the sense of completing coursework, but responsibility in the sense of dealing with grown-up issues. I've dealt with numerous issues since being away from home, ranging from doing laundry on my own for the first time, to interviewing for undergraduate research positions and negotiating a lease with a net value of $22,000. I've consulted legal services to discuss housing, checked into medical facilities to receive treatment for an ailment, and participated in a $50,000 research experiment involving ideas for a new tuberculosis vaccine. I've also grown closer to my family, close to 1000 miles away from CSU. We talk much more often now and they have certainly helped me come into my own and begin living as an adult. I believe this bears more significance than all other experiences I've had.


I have made great friends and also have relized I am getting the best education anyone could get. The professors are great and have come to respect them more because they are here to help you .


I have learned numerous items toward my background in business and it has helped me become more out going and socialble.


I am in the Ace Plus program at my high school. When I found out about this program-taking classes while in high school-I was amazed. I was so excited to experience the real thing. I always want to be ahead and on track with everything. So this was a great opportunity for me to do that. I have taken two classes since I?ve started. I will be finish with about 24 credits at the end of my senior year. (Which is great!) I try so hard to get all A's and until now I have succeeded. I hope all this will pay in the end. I am hoping to be very successful in life.


As a freshmen, I was shy and introverted. While at Colorado State University I have expanded my social network, challenged myself academically, and allowed myself to be who I want to be. I joined Kappa Delta Sorority second semester of my freshmen year and it has been the greatest decision I have made since coming to college. My sorority has allowed me to speak out and become more social in my community. Kappa Delta challenges me to strive to be all that I can be and pushes me to go farther in life. College has been valuable to me because I am now prepared for the obstacles that are going to be thrown at me in the future and I now have the confidence that I will have a succeesful future.


Providing money for students who could not otherwise attend college is important for our economy to grow by creating new innovation, business, and jobs, and therefore encouraging the government?s interest in providing financial aid. Universities and colleges have an interest in providing student financial aid as well; attracting and attaining high performing students, regardless of their socioeconomic status, is a part of every education institutions fundamental mission. Top corporations provide financial aid assistance as part of their commitment to social responsibility, since the education of the top executives and principles behind the companies can be the primary driver of any firm?s success. I?m a direct recipient of financial aid and I?m very grateful for the contributions society has made to support me in my educational endeavors. I believe education to be the most effective counter to the unremitting poverty that destroys local communities all over the country. Providing widely available financial assistance to students is an investment in a countries future ? and I?ll be proud to make that prosperous future a reality in the years to come following my graduation.


My college experience has not been that of a typical fresheman. I do not drink or do drugs, and I have not attended a college party this year. My experiences in college have all been educational and CSU affiliated. I am a member of Collegiate Cattlewomen, and we work with other cattle enthuasiests across the state and country to spread agricultural knowledge to urban societies. I have made many friends doing this and the experience has opened many doors to me. I was also on the Wool Judging Team, and we travled to Texas to compete with other colleges in November 2009. Tuition rallys and consercation phone calls to senators have been part of my college experience as well. I am also excited to say that I am planning to study abroad through the oppertunities at CSU, which I believe is going to be the most influential experience of my college career.


What have I gotten out of my college experience so far would be the fact that I have learned a lot about myself. I am 42 years old and got my GED in 2004, never really expecting to even go to college. Although I have always been interested in web design ever since I worked at a internet company back in 2000. The experience I have gotten has been exciting and I can't wait until I can develop my 1st website. I already have a couple of company around town waiting until I finish so that I can improve on their websites, but that will not be my own. The work I have done you can't even imagine from the time that I had started until now. The improvements and learning more and more about the programs. This has been valuable to me attending because I was diagnosied with fibromyalgia a few months ago and I will not have to much physical work, more mental work making this even more valuble to me incase I am not able to drive to work, this work can be done from home. Making is very valuable to me and my family.


After having a break between high school and college for about three years (to be a mommy), it has helped me come back to the real world. I have re-learned many valuable skills and been introduced to useful technology. I have been enlightened by new people, new information, and new experiences. I have exceeded my proir knowledge by ten fold. I have been introduced to my passion in life in a school that focuses and excells in that particular field. I am encouraged now more then ever to take care of my enviornment. I am fully excepting of who I am and understand my purpose in life as such. My brother once told me "College is a once in a lifetime adventure. The perspective you leave with will be priceless." Those are words to live by. I am only my second year in and there is no doubt in my mind that he is absolutely correct.


well, I doubt I can summarize all that I have learned in 200 words. But if I could pick the best that I've learned, I would say that I learned how to be more competitive when studying ot even in extracurricular activities. I've learned to follow my dreams and career goals, even if others, such as my parents, do not like them. I've learned how to interact and cooperate with people, and to have some pride in my work, and my membership to my College. I have discovered that opportunities are open to all who can sieze it, and that when it appears, one must not hesitate to take advantage of it. But best of all, I've learned that there is a more beautiful, more interesting, and vaster world than that of Ohio or the Arab world-or even Texas- as big and interesting as it is. And that world was opened to me by what I have learned-and seen-In my time enrolled in College.


I have learned a lot about myself both on an academic front and on a personal level. Coming from out of state has been the hardest experience of my life by far, and although I have not made a ton of friends, those I do have are amazing. The clases I have taken for my major have been interesting and challenging and will help me in my field. Even though I am transferring to University of Nevada, Reno next semester, I cherish the two years I spent at Colorado State because they pushed me to grow up in more ways than one.


College years are the most important part of my life because i make firends here and prepare myself for my future career and life. I made many best and usual friend from all over the places. One of them is Hanna from Austrilia . Hanna teaches me the Austrilian culture , and how it diffres from the American culture and language. Both of us are majring in Business and exchange our country's business ideas and strategies. Also, coming to the university is a nenormous responsibilty and an opportunity. Since i came to this university, i am discovering myself. i was the person who does not understand and know what i want to do in the future. However, attending to this university's activities and joining to these wonderful teams make me to think on etime. Then, i asked myself Why i came here and what i want in the future, and i came up with the answer. Finally i realized i should be the one of the best Accountant and profesionalist inmy field. College years helped me a lot to identify and tp move forward for my goals.


Since coming to college my life has changed drastically for the better. During high school I did alright in school. I received good enough grades and received a good enough ACT score to get into college. I wasn't the greatest student but I was happy with my test scores. Since coming to college I have learned so much more than in high school and have realized how to truly study and take everything in. Also during high school I was most definitely not the popular kid in school. I did not really have any true friends but once I came here I was overwhelmed with kindness and acceptance. I met some really great friends within the first couple days. I met three guys on the first day I arrived on campus. One of them is my roommate, and not only are they really fun and accepting of me and my life, they truly are my best friends. Within the third month the four of us decided to get a house together for next year. I am truly grateful to them because they have helped me through many hard times already and I could not ask for greater friends.


Out of the college experience I have gotten the courage to think for myself and be able to make educated decisions about topics relative to my life. Before college any time I made a decision for my self I spent a large amount of energy second-guessing and not having faith in myself. Even though I know I make mistakes I have the confidence to "get back on the horse" as some would say. I have enjoyed my time at a community college and I am really excited to go on and further my education at a university. I always hear generations before me say that this will be the best time of my life and I am beginning to truly believe them. I value my education more than anything because at the end of it all no one can take that from me.


I can definately say I have learned in the classroom but that's only a fraction of college. I've definately learned valuable skills such a time management, how to take on a great deal of responsibility and have really polished my people skills. In the sense of time management, as a student, I am personally responsible for spending either my time studying to get the good grades, or slacking off; and balancing a social life while balancing school at the same time. I've learned to be more responsibe by having to learn to categorize my priorities and know which are more important than others. As far as being able to talk to people more, it just comes with the whole college experience. It's impossible to be in college and not talk to anyone else. Being here forces you to learn to effectively talk to people.


As a high school student I was studious and introverted, and still am. However, if I could tell myself some advice about being a college student, I would tell myself to enjoy the freedom I'd have, away from parents and living rules, but make sure I was still responsible enough to take care of myself and get my work done, because college is first and foremost about school. I would tell my younger self to open up to others more, to let down my guard and allow myself to become friends with people I met randomly. I'd want myself to use organized group time like hang-out opportunites with neighbors in the dorms and group work for classes to make friends with others. And to be active in the fairs at school: the study abroad fairs, career fairs and ethnic fairs, to learn more about the future and its possibilities.


I would tell myself to not get cocky and be flexible. I struggled my freshman year because I was unwilling to go with the flow so I felt alone. Now I've created a life that I will never give up. At first I was cocky and struggled with the work load. I would tell myself that I need to work hard no matter what. It really pays off in the end.


If I had the opportunity to travel back in time, college preparation advice would occupy the majority of my to-do list. I would tell myself several things. First, don't get the lip piercing, you'll regret it and take it out in five months. Second, your boss at the GLBT Resource Center will suggest you go to Campus Step-Up, the social justice retreat. GO. You think you know everything, especially as it relates to social justice, but you?ve barely scratched the surface. What?s more, you?ll find social justice to be a major passion of yours--don?t be afraid to explore it and find where it leads you. Third, don't be such a push over; tell your roommate it's not okay for him to smoke pot in the dorm room, because if you don't feel safe and comfortable there, your studying will suffer and so will your GPA. For those same reasons, do not create a World of Warcraft account. It's academic suicide. Looking back on it, there are numerous small details I would set straight, but mostly I'm just glad things turned out as well as they did.


That its everything I ever wanted and i'd tell myself that I should continue to work hard and to not give up until I graduate.


If I could go back to high school I would say hang in there the hard work will pay off. Take as many prep courses or college classes the senior year to give yourself a leg up on your major courses. To transition to college life know that thousand of other students have been in your shoes and survived. Don't worry every incoming new student is also lost on campus. It only takes a few days to find your way around. Get to know your professors. When you first move into dorm take as little as possible to start with. To carry in everything with thousands of other students is hard. Have fun but be smart. The Rec center is alot of fun and really is not scary. Don't be afraid to use Safe Walk they are really nice and it is their job. Use the tutors if you feel lost or behind in a class. Get invovled in other activities on campus but put your classes first. This time goes fast and before you know it the next stage of your life begins and I have to start thinking about the transition into Vet school.


Do not be impulsive when making decisions. Take your time and research all the available options. This applies to scholarships and financial aid, potential career options following graduation and ways to get involved in the community. Taking the time to research every possible avenue will yield the best results for your future. Make the time to do the research, as it will pay off big in the end. Do not be afraid to ask questions or to ask for help, too. You deserve to invest this time and energy into your future, because it is your life and you deserve all the good things that life has to offer! It might take a little more time and effort to find the good things, but believe me, it is worth it!


Independence and freedom from constricted ideas are the two greatest gifts that you can receive from continuing your education. As a high school senior it is easy to become trapped by the fear of failure. That sense of being at the border of adulthood and facing decisions that will determine your future, and one wrong move will end everything! The truth is that the only person that can allow failure is you! As long as you never stop straggling to achieve failure becomes imposable to reach. That is the one message I would send through time, given the opportunity. Maybe it would have allowed me to relax a little more or stress a little less, but the greatest thing it could do is solidify my dreams against the mind killer that is doubt. College has made me feel like I have been isolated from a limitless diversity of thoughts and people, but it that is not entirely true, college nurtures free expression like few other place can. It is okay that I cannot send a message back in time because I have the confidence to know that only the end is failure and that failure is not the end.


I would tell myself not to stress too much, stop caring so much about other people's opinions about me, and to try and participate in more clubs and things of that nature. It's impossible to be perfect, so just do your best and don't worry about it not being enough. Also surround yourself with possitive people who accept you the way you are. That seems obvious, but it's easy to forget. So, remember to surround yourself with possitivity and pay no attention to negativity. Everything will work itself out eventually.


The one thing I would want tell myself if I could go back to my senior year would be to take tours of many different schools. I only toured two schools, both of which were in state and relatively close to home. I was afraid that I would be too attached to my home and my parents to go to a school more than a few hours from home, so I limited my options, a lot. Although I am happy at Colorado State University I think I just got lucky and I could have easily picked a school that wasn?t a good choice for me. I think that if I toured more schools I may have fallen in love with a school a little farther from home and found out earlier than my sophomore year that I can live on my own and not be homesick all the time. While I was on a spring break trip in Tennessee last year I toured three schools and found out that I could easily see myself in another place than CSU and given the chance I would apply to a variety of Universities.


I know that it sounds clich?, but I would advise incoming college students to get involved. You do not necessarily have to join a club but be active on campus, go to the recreation center. It is a great way to meet new people and help pass the time. My first semester at college was very lonely; I think I went home almost every weekend. Enjoy your time at school, meet new people and experience new things!


Do not worry so much! Going to college may seem scary, but it is such a great experience. Do not stress yourself out over applications, they are meant to help you, not to hurt you. However, take advantage of the time you have left with your friends and family. Parents have such a great impact in a childs life and a simple thank you can go along way. Spend time with them, talk to them, show how much you really appreicate them for everything they have done for you. They take a lot of time out of their busy scheduals to help you. Your friends also have a great impact in your life. So cherish the time you have left with them. It may seem hard to do after awhile, but keep in touch with them. Even though we have all moved on to bigger things it still feels nice to have those connections with highschool friends. Above all enjoy your time in college. It seems to go by fast, but remember to keep up with studies as well. It can be easy to fall behind. Have fun, make new friends, and enjoy your experience!


The first important advice I would give myself would be to not stress about the course content and grades. When your high school teachers tell you that there is no homework, no extra credit and only three tests that make up your entire grade they are lying. College is not designed to make students fail, but it is designed to make you work hard in order to achieve greatness. Another word of advice would be to engage with your professors. Most students are nervous to introduce themselves because they have heard stories that all college professors are mean, but this is far from the truth. Professors are there to guide and assist their students. If they didn't want to help you out they wouldn't be teaching. The most important piece of advice that I can give is to connect with your peers. Living on campus is a huge part of being a freshman and it can be the most exciting part if you make the effort to connect with the students and faculty. Not only will you have the opportunity to engage in student organizations but you will also find a home away from home.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, now that I have experienced college life I would have lots of advice about making the transition. I would tell myself not to stress out. The way movies portray college isn't correct at all. You do not have bullies picking on you left and right. You do not have people pressuring you to drink or do drugs constantly. Also, the work load is not that bad. For the most part you do not have assignments that you turn in every day. As long as you do the assigned reading and go to class, the pressure is off, you'll do fine. Also, high school had a lot of drama. If you made one mistake or told someone something, the next day, everyone knows about it. People become snobby. In college, no one cares. If you make a mistake, no one finds it worth talking about. College is a drama free environment. Plus, when you get to college, you?re "free." You can do what you want, when you want. As long as you choose to attend class you'll be perfectly fine.