Davenport University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


College life is a time to discover many new things about yourself. Upon entering college you are going to meet countless new individuals from places all over the world and experience numerous interesting things. College will be both exciting and difficult with all the added stress and new opportunities. It?s important to handle the stress, even though there are going to be times when it becomes overwhelming. The workload will be heavy at times, especially between school, dance, and work. Find ways to handle the stress during demanding times; periods when it feels like there?s not enough time to complete everything. You have to relax and have fun, even though it?s hard when you think of everything you should be doing. Let yourself cry when needed to release that frustration. There will be group papers that are a huge pain, but they are a great experience to learn how to cooperate with members on group projects. Take every opportunity that you are given, but not all at once. Spare yourself some added stress and take advantage of these opportunities when appropriate. College is going to be the best time of your life, enjoy it while you can.


Make the right choices and get your degree sooner rather than later. It is easier to get your degree right out of high school when you are still have the good habits and routines in place.


After going through freshman year, I would love to be able to go back and talk to my high school self. Something I would tell me is to get out and involved. People in college are just like you in the beginning, all of them scared and unsure of where or who they really are. That friends in college can help you with classes, love, and difficulties. A second thing I would want high school me to know is that it is okay to be strong and stand up for yourself even if it means that someone's feelings might get hurt. You can not make everyone happy, especially your roommates, so do not sacrafice your own happiness or opinions for someone else. If you feel passionate about something, let it be known, don't just sit by on the sideline when an issue comes up. Get in there and do what you feel is best. There is no right answer in life, so just live the way you want to and be the person you grew up wanting to be. No one else can make decisions for you, you have to be the one to say yes or no.


I would have went to school right after high school or applied to colleges during my senior to start in January. There are a lot more scholarship opportunities for incoming freshman that transfer students. I would say pick out a degree that has a higher profit margrin compared to the cost. I should have started saving for college during my senior year instead of buying luxeries; I didn't really need a nother pair of shoes, another shirt or so many nearly $5 lattes. I should have did job shadowing so it would be easier to pick a career and know what does the job really entail. I had the opportunity to take college classes while in high school I should had taken online class to make the transition more fluid and it would have saved me money or helpes me make money. Last but not least I would tell myslef that I believe in you inspite of all the people who want to see you fail. Failure only exist when you fail yourself and in every aspect of life you have to work hard and there is no such thing as easy or a break.


It is very hard to talk to teens. They think that they know it all. I was no acception. As a senior in high school, I was suborn. I had to learn things on my own. Now that I?m older, and wiser, I?ve learned the value of investing in myself. I?ve also learned that I will be valued as a major resource in the organizational business environment. Many times, I have wished to go back to my past self and smack some sense into her!!! First I?d tell her that she needs to listen to her mother and gain her degrees and career before starting a family. I would tell her to prioritize! I would advise her to go on college tours and spend the summer at a college camp that would prepare her for freshman year. She would need to know about the many different college structures and how they do things. She needs to schedule early and lock in classes. I would tell her to study general classes before career classes. Changing majors three times is quite expensive. Last but not least I?d tell her to convince her mother to invest in Microsoft!!!


As a high school senior I had no clue what to do next. But for some reason, I knew it wasn't college. College seemed like a place for people who knew what they wanted and it seemed wasteful to spend money on something that I wasn't sold on. If I could have sent myself a message through time it would have been to explore the health care field more while I was younger. To volunteer with a clinic or within the community, to try to spark the interest much earlier than it actually did. But now that the fuse is lit, there is no turning back. There is an end goal with graduation but it's not a final destination. With Nursing I can do so much; offer so much. And someday if I find that I can give more; I can by continueing my education further and building on the foundation in progress now. Nursing is a passion that I wish I had discovered ten years ago, as it is, I didn't. But that is no excuse for not doing everything I can now to complete that goal.


My high school year was filled with many obstacles that were destined to discourage me. Moving three times during the school year & problems in my social life distracted me from focusing on my ultimate goal of graduating with excellent grades. Knowing what I know now, I would tell high school senior Kiera it's really not the end of the world. Yes it is hard to go to school & feel comfortable around those that want to harm you, and even harder to go home to a family that is holding on by a thread. But pray & ask for direction & peace. Facebook is a huge distraction & brings out the procrastinator in you. So take some time to step back, look at the big picture (maintaining good grades, obtaining free money for college); you're really not missing out on much on the Internet. Find a quiet place to spend a few moments to study & plan. I would tell myself as a senior that what you do now will determine how you fair in the next few years. So focus and do not let this thing called life get you down. It's onlt the beginning of a new start.


Okay lady, listen up. Start your stuff early. You didn't go down the financial aid road for community college because it was important for you to pay for it yourself. That is great and all but you're going to go to a university next, it's time to get in gear. Apply for your associate's early, the deadline is in November and you graduate in December. After that, get yourself an appointment with admissions and get your FAFSA filled out. Financial Aid and scholarships is a long process but you'll be happy when you've finished it knowing that you won't be doing it all by yourself. You've been to community college, that's like a half step between high school and a university, so you've had a taste of what you're moving to. You know you're going to need a bit of extra help in accounting, so find a workshop for it. We both know you can do a grade A project over the weekend, but let's try something different this time around, space it out, don't do it all at once. You know the deal, later!


Go right to Davenport, because I transford schools and lost a lot of credits. Dont be lazy with school work do more then just what is required. Study more and don't waste so much time doing nothing. Work a little less at your job and make school your job. Actually stay in to dorm and get involved with the school and students. I lived on campus but I had a boyfriend who was not in school just working at the time and I would go and spend all the time I could with him. I thought I was going to marry him so I didnt really care about meeting people or getting involved in school. All my time was with him, we were together for 2 years but towards the end he became abusive and I relised after councling he was verbally abusive for the last year and physically for last 6 months. I am no longer with him and there is a protection order after he plead guilty to domestic violance. I took this past semester off during it. I have been going to councling and getting my life back on track and back in classes.


As a high school student one should know that college is not the best part of ones life, unless you plan to sit in classrooms for the rest of you life. College is more about discovering yourself and what you want in the future, not who you are going to be or what career you going to have for the rest of your life. Besides you can always go back to school and change you career. To discover yourself never say no to having fun and meeting new people. This new friends can be the start of life long relationships to make you happy when times are hard and you are stuck in a runt like hard classes, or having troble finding a job. So go out there and try as many new things as possible remembering to be safe and causious.


Moving away from home is not the most important criteria for choosing a college. Staying closer to the existing support of family and friends can provide a far easier transition. You don't have to live at home, but being able to spend time with people you already know can provide relief from trying to integrate both a new learning structure and a new social network. There will be plenty of time to move after graduation, if you still want to.


Dear Kathy, Well, you're not a cheerleader anymore, so what else could you give yourself for a future? Some pointers I would like to give you are: do homework as soon as possible, go above and beyond just what the teacher (now a Proffessor) teaches, prepare for multi-tasking, and set those goals now. I want you to know that even though you have had some hard times with communication, the best way to overcome fear is to experience the pain. You may lose some sleep on exam nights because you want that A. You could spend more time on brainstorming to help with concentration. Always remember that we are treated more as adults, so thinking that you can delve into an "easy life" is not recommended. Classes are harder, but it is so much more rewarding to know I accomplished an obstacle to overcome a problem. It's time to live and believe your life, so get excited!


The best advice I could give myself comes from the immortal Winston Churchill. "Never give in. Never, never, never. Never give in. In nothing great or small, large or petty. Never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense." The reason I choose these words as advice to myself are plenty. I tried college when I got out of high school. It was a duanting task, and I didn't keep up with the work. I ended up dropping out and went from one meaningless job to another. Nearly 20 years later at the urging of my new bride, I enrolled back into school at the local community college. It was difficult at first to make time to study, do the work yet still do my job and keep food on our table. However, I knew that if my wife and kids were to ever have the life that they deserved then I needed to buckle down and get the job done. So here I am; 35 credit hours in and newly transferred to Davenport University. I am bringing a 3.6 GPA while maintaining a full time job. I finally see a future in my future.


To focus on the studies and to not overwhelm oneself with the pressures to out do everyone. If you have to work during college, try to work in the field you are going to, if you don't have to volunteer. Don't have the blinders on towards the school, they are more than just classes and can assist in areas that most assume they know (such as; but not limited to,) financial aid, job placement or job research, advising and more. Take advantage and ask many questions. If you are not a morning person then don't schedule for a 8:00 am class.


Knowing what I know today about college life and making transitions. The advice I would give myself would be to learn all that is possible early on and put forward my best effort to succeed. Be open to constant change and challenges college life may bring. College offers a variety of opportunities for advancement as well as distractions. Staying focused on your ultimate life goal of graduating from college, but at the same time have a fun filled college experience. Never doubt your capability to handle what?s ahead of you whether good or bad. Explore new interests, places and meeting a diverse set of people. Getting a college education right after high school is one best thing a person can accomplish. Getting together with friends and family is fun, but prioritize important tasks with unimportant tasks. Assessing how and what expectations meet reality. Some disappointments or surprises may arise and may require adjusting of reducing your course load, changing majors or rethinking involvements in certain activities. Never overlook problems, academic or personal, for they are better handled early on. Never be too proud to ask for help, communicating is very important in every aspect of our lives.


I would tell myself to stay focus and concentrate on school. Give a moment to myself and if i need help,, I would go talk to a advisor or a couselor. I would visit my advisor often to make sure i was on the correct goal or path with my classes. I would be involved in more school activities and organizations


I would have pushed myself to go to college immediately after high school. It would have been more beneficial for my future to go to school while living at home with my parents, before I had the worries of bills and living on my own. I started working full time after high school graduation, moved into an apartment, and thought everything was great. Little did I know that not having a degree would hinder future employment opportunities. Being a female in an Information Technology field, on the job training wasn't enough. In addition to people treating me different for not having a degree, I always felt like I was lacking knowlege that my college educated co-workers had. Now that I'm a full time working adult, with a family and a home to support, it's more difficult to find the time and money to earn a degree. I would definitely encourage myself to earn my degree before adding the responsibilities that come with adulthood.


If I could go back in time I would probably tell myself to focus better in high school. I was capable of putting up better grades, but a lack of direction in life caused me to not focus. Now that I know what I want to do, I am confident that I would have performed better in high school if I knew what I know now.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice about college I tell myself to save every penny. College costs a lot of money, but I do not have any to pay for school. I have had to borrow money from my parents, my grandparents, and the bank. Save every penny is the advice I would give myself given the chance.


Dear Lisa, I just wanted to take a moment and talk to you about your exciting new adventure that is about to take place. Something you should always remember is to hold your head up high and be ready for new challenges. You are going to experience a whole new world of freedom that you are not used to. You will no longer have teachers telling you to turn in your work, or get to school on time. This is now your responsibility and it will be very easy to lose focus if you?re not self disciplined. You are going to meet many new friends that may influence you in both good and bad ways. Remember why you are going to college and what your goals are. There will be times when you feel that nothing is going right, and there?s no way you can finish your courses. Don?t give up, no matter how bad it seems. You have a huge support system both at home and school you can count on. The last thing I want you to remember is to have fun and enjoy yourself; this is going to be a journey to remember.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senoir the advice I would give myself would be to have a great support group of family and friends. Having the support of family and freinds would have made a huge difference for me. Twenty years later I have that and it has been a tremendous help for me. Having their support helps to keep me motivated and focused on the big picture, improving myself and my life. When I feel like giving up they ae there providing me with support and encouragement that I can do this, and that I can succeed. It does not matter if you are 18 or 38 years old, making that transition requires the support of friends, family, and even the school staff. Having people around that can aid in keeping you motivated, and focused will only help with your success.


I would tell myself that I need to determine what I want to do when I get into the world. I would save up as much as possible and be more college ready by taking classes that prepare me for school beyond high school.


Save up money for college application fees. Set up days where you do nothing but fill out college applications. Apply to as many free college applications as you can. Enjoy high school, because it is nice, but college is filled with responsibility. You are responsible for yourself. Get out all neccesary information when you're filing out college applications and be prepared. Visit the college, I believe that's the MOST important thing. Breathe, relax and enjoy yourself.


I f I were back in High School knowing what I know now I would have alot of advice to give myself. First and foremost, I would really focus on my grades and the classes I was taking. I would add more math classes and computer classes to better prepare me for college. I also would thoroughly research my fiields of interest as well as the current need for jobs in highest demant and assure that jobs are available in my area. I would encourage myself to go to college right away while I am young and have no family obligations because it will become more difficult to transition into school again as time passes by. I would exude more confidence so I would know that in college you are choosing your own destiny and it makes it much more easier to study and focus on your work if its something that you are interested in. I would say, Make an attainable goal that you can work towards because you can do it! The feeling of completing your degree is so rewarding because you choose your path and can make your dreams come true!


Stay away from boys until you finish school.


Though I am 21 years old, I've had many obstacles to overcome, many of which have kept me from obtaining this dream. I suffered physical and emotional abuse during my adolescent years, and the effects of this carried over into my post-highschool years. I made a goal of obtaining my Associate of Arts degree (a two-year degree) in one year. I completed that goal, and did so with a 4.00 GPA and honors. However, in 2007, when I began to study at a 4-year university, I had to withdraw due to unexpected illness, unexplained seizures that were discovered to be effects of traumatic experiences I hadn't dealt with. I had to move back home. I also wasn't cleared to re-enroll for another two years. Overcoming this illness was a long road for me, but I kept the goal of going back to college in the front of my mind at all times. If I could give advice to myself as a highschool senior, it would be to enter college healthy and with a clear mind so that nothing can get in the way of achieving your goals for success.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would give myself quite a bit of advice. First of all, I would tell myself to keep going in school, straight from high school. I would tell myself not to drop out of college because the longer you wait, the more things happen in life and it gets a lot more difficult to get back in the swing of things and keep going on. I would tell myself to carefully examine what I wanted to go to college for. I ended up changing my major after I had earned my associate degree. I would tell myself to keep focused on the goal. Do not let other things sidetrack you or make you lose your focus. I would also tell myself that college is a lot different than high school. You have certain times that you are supposed to be in class and certain days that things are due. However, it is up to you to keep yourself on your schedule. The instructors are not like high school teachers that constantly remind you that you have assignments due. Your future is up to you.


1. Don't choose your college based on your high school sweetheart. If you guys are meant to be together, you will be together no matter what colleges you attend. 2. Just because the cafeteria is buffet style does not mean you have to eat all you can eat. 3. The gym is free for students at most schools. Use it. Don't be ntimidated - the employees are there to help you learn how use the equipment, and the other people who go there can be friendly and helpful. Start taking care of yourself now! 4. Become friends with your classmates. Even in large classes, befriend the people who sit near you. You will be great resources for each other when it comes time for a big test or project, and it's nice when you bump into somebody on campus and you know their name. 5. Have fun - AFTER the work is done. You are paying way too much money for your education to not have it be your priority. Keep up on your studies because it's hard to catch up once you're behind. 6. Your professors will not be impressed with your pajama pants.


Cheirce, stop wasting time waiting on someone else to give you direction. Get out there and ask questions. Go To Math Class! Stop skipping school. Make better choices, hold your ground, and stick with what you know is right. Get in school, go non-stop. You enjoy math, you enjoy science, do what you enjoy and stop being a follower. Make your future a priority. You have your youth now but sooner than you can imagine, you'll suffer many regrets. When Daddy says "pay your self first", he didn't mean go shopping. Deposit the little money you get here and there into a retirement savings, I know I know, but trust me on this, you won't even miss it. Your future, your comfort, your lifestyle, everything is dependant upon the decisions you make today. Hang out later,, sleep in later. When you see that black Alfa Romero at the red light on Linwood & 94, don't say a word. keep driving. YOU CAN'T REVERSE THE CLOCK, YOUR TIME IS NOW, NOT THEN, NOW!


As a high school senior and a mother I would select a school that offers classes in which I could maintain employment but still complete my degree within a reasonable amount of time. Location would also be a plus. I would select a school that had not long of a distance commute wise and if there were any chance I couldn't transport by car, were there other means of transportation. Going to a school in which the courses recommended for my major don't require a strenuous application process in which my chances for getting into the program are increased. I would also look for a school that aids in a smart yet resourceful way to finance my education. I would also look at oppurtunities for advancement. If I decided not to get my bachelor's degree and wanted to start off with a diploma or associates would that be a possibility. I would also research the rate in which employers higher students from that particular university.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to learn how to study because once you get to college, you have to put the time and effort in to learn things on your own. I would also tell myself to keep my grades up because good grades in high school lead to money in college. Thirdly, I would tell myself not to procrastinate because otherwise things pile up and become overwhelming. Transitioning from high school to college is a big step, classes only meet once or twice a week, and you cover a lot more material in a shorter time period. The first few weeks of a new semester can be a struggle with several new teachers with different styles, new and unfamiliar classmates in every class, and a new and unfamiliar campus. So I need to keep an open mind and stay calm as new things become familiar, new friends are made, and new material is digested.


I would tell myself that the A/P and CLEP tests would be very helpful to take. Also, I would inform myself of the importance to work on my social interaction, as many of my classes even online require a high level of communication.


Oh you silly, silly girl. Slow down! Stop trying to rush life! What?s wrong with leaving the comforts of home and living on campus? Do it! If you don?t you will look back and regret it later. Take time to enjoy your college years. Study hard, join as many clubs as you can and be a social butterfly! And that internship you saw on the admissions board... apply for it!! Don?t tie yourself down to one thing. What you want now is not what you are going to want 4 years from now. And remember, college is an adventure, it the stepping stone to the rest of your life and career, take it seriously and everything else will fall in to place.


Don't listen to what others are telling you about what you want to do. You are a creative person, and you can be that writer and photographer. If you give up now, you will lose all that creavity, and once its gone it hard to start up the creative juices up again. Do not let others tell you what you can be or what you can not be. You have enough fear and doubt of your own, you don't need fear and doubt from others. This is not your destiny, just part of your jouney.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice during the time I was starting high school, I would persuade myself to remain focused and proactive during high school. I would give the advice that every class in high school needs to be taken seriously, and not taken for granted. The better you do in high school, the more chance you have at getting scholarships in which will save you quite a substantial amount of money without having to take out as many loans. Also, the more you study in high school, the more prepared you will be for the college level classes.


I would believe in myself that I am capable of a college education and that I am not stupid! Yes, college life is difficult and sometimes stressful but I would tell myself "it will be all worth it when I graduate and get a job I really love and want to do". I would tell myself to work very hard and to persevere no matter how hard or even discouraging if for instance, I were to fail a class. I just have to keep telling myself to persevere and believe I can do this, I will do this and I will not let myself fail or quit. I would tell myself that failure of a class is not the end of the world, especially if one tried hard in it, but that it is not the end of the world and life goes on. I would tell myself that the transition from hight school to college is not hard or scarry but it is an adventure and one to be enjoyed. I would tell myself to believe I can do this no matter what anyone else says or believes, especially if this is what I want to do. Take Charge!!


I would first emphasize how important college is and to make sure that I go to college right after I graduate. I would then tell myself to really evaluate all of the things that I am good at, what I enjoy doing, and what is on the rise as far as jobs available. Finally, I would tell myself to look at college a full experience, not just more school work.


Do not take college too lightly. Even if you did well in high school, college work is totally different. You are expect to do work outside of class, and there is no way to succeed unless you dedicate time to do it. Certainly enjoy time with new friends, but remember the reason you are going to college: to pursue an education. Your GPA will reflect the type of job and salaray you can earn in your first job; do not forget it! Good luck!


My advice to myself would be to take challenging classes and challenge myself more in college. Since I didn't really know what I wanted to do with my life, I've had to change my major in school more than five times until coming up with business. I wish I would have been thinking about it more while I was still in high school instead of going out with friends. I would have also told myself to not sweat the small stuff in college. I need to not stress about homework or projects and ask for help when I need it, instead of taking on more then I can handle.


I would have worked on school work instead of my social life. I would tell myself to stay at one school and work hard to get all your classes done on time.


Continue your education after high school instead of dropping out to work. You will miss the opportunity to stay in the dorms and have a real college experience instead of going back to school at the age of 40. Don't get me wrong I'm glad I went back to school but if I would have stayed in college when I was younger I might be working in my dream job for a while now instead of working towards it at the age of 42. Now a days younger kids should go to college, that way when they get to be my age now they would have a retirement to fall back on later in life. Education is very important rather or not you understand what you want to do for a living, stick with college and you will find out.


The advice that I would give myself would be hard, because I would be surprized to see myself from the future. I would tell myself that each time that you complete a class your self esteem will be increased. Please no matter how much you want to take Spanish don't because that will haunt you all threw college. Learning spanish on your own will be a lot more affective for you, plus most of your books will have the words in the back. Work on the major points and then focus on what you want to learn. Study harder and apply yourself more that will prevent you from having to re-take certain classes and it will save you money. Some class will be easier for you than others, keep your head up it won't last forever.


Make sure to check all possible options. Don't stick with whats close because it is not always the best. I got lucky in my case. Make sure to go and check out the campus especially if your planning on living there for 4 years. Also, parents it's a good idea to get involved my parents helped me out when it came to searching. I did not like it at first because I wanted to be indepentdant but in the end there aid was very beneifical and I realize that now. Also, when looking for a college make sure they have great things to do outside of class unless you are only planning on studying 24/7.


Keep in mind that is about you're future as well as what it takes to get to a positive one.


Make sure you choose the best college that will best your major and your personality. Although reputation is important do not just go to a school because everyone says it is a good school. Do your research and choose a school is good academically as well as fits who you are.


small class sizes.


I would advise students to give themselves time to adjust to all of the changes that happen when sarting college. Also, focus on one thing at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed. New students should also try to become involved in things that matter to them, that's a great way to make new friends. Students should set goals for themselves and dream big.


Visit as many colleges/universities as time will permit. Choose colleges that suit your needs. So many parents and students look for the largest amount of awards per college that they forget about their student enjoying the college experience. The student should be able to get a degree, but he or she should be able to enjoy the atomsphere while learning.


I would say to look around, compare colleges and make sure that they have what you want. Don't spend the money if you know that you won't be satisfied. College is difficult, but study hard and make the absolute most of your experiences. In the end, it should most certainly pay off for you if you do. Just don't stress about it. Stressing out over school doesn't help your grades, ask for help if you need it. Most instructors are very willing to help or you can get a tutor. Most of all, ENJOY.


I have made many mistakes in my college career so far. Although they are mistakes, I look at them as tools that have helped me figure out what exactly I want from school. I completely failed my freshmen year at WMU, and it has truly been a positive experience in my life. When I entered college for the first year, I really had no idea what I was doing. I would even go as far to say 99{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of HS grads really don't know what they want even if they think they do. They are simply not prepared for the changes that lie ahead. I say this with plenty of experience. I had even debated whether college was even right for me with my parents. The most important thing I cansay to someone is to keep your ambitions fora degree alive, even if something unexpected has influenced your life. Not everyone is blessed with the ability to know what they want, and the luck of finding their nitch right off the bat. Never give up on your schooling, make it your number one priority and you will always eventually get it right even if it takes a little time.