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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


My advise for any parent or student that is looking for the right college is to "do your homework" . Choosing a College is one of the biggest choices you will make in your life time. Go to open houses and look at the campus culture. This should give you a good idea how the campus life is like. Deciding on the right college will enhance your educational expierence, If you chose the wrong one you will not like nor do well. Your GPA will suffer and you will waste money and precious time. Attending the right college you will enjoy your college life and your GPA will reflect that you enjoy what you are learning everything you need to graduate and land that perfect job. Finally, from my past experience the sooner you go to college after graduating from High school the more time you will have to apply and achieve the promotions you deserve. Education is important for you to gain the knowlege that you will need in the future.


Give your child time to visit each campus. It is important to allow them to experience everything before hand so a feeling is instilled in the child. With many schools to choose from, keeping the options open are essential in order to find the perfect fit. As the child come closer to a decision, it will become harder and harder to for them to make it. Remind them of the past experiences that you have had and the important memories that been etched in your mind. Sometimes it is the little things that can turn into the biggest interests that related to your college years. The educational aspect of your choice will be the easiest decision of all, as facts are facts. If you will be residing on campus or off-campus for the next 4-5 years of your life, it is essential to research the area and opportunity that is available. Job growth, opportunity, and economic conditions will effect your schooling just be being in a particular area. The choice should match your goals, aspirations, personality, and passion.


When choosing a college, you must consider which college(s) fulfill your individual needs. For example, I chose Davenport University because of its reputation as well as for the accelerated learning and small class sizes. I will be able to complete by Bachelor's in Business in a year and a half. Other needs to consider are campus and off-campus housing, campus activities, and learning environment. Each and every person has their own individual needs and situations. Considering these is the most important factor when choosing a college.


"What do you want to do when you are older;" one of the hardest questions to answer. My advice would be to answer the following questions first: "What atmosphere is the best atmosphere for your learning style," "How big do you like your classrooms," "What field are you most interested in," "Within five years what do you see yourself doing," and last but not least "How flexible does your school schedule have to be?" Once all of these questions are answered the next step should involve campus tour. Get to know who would be your advisor and your classmates. It is very important to feel comfortable in the environment of a campus. So, in conclusion my advice for parents and/or students about finding the right college and making the most of the college experience would be...Do your research and enjoy.


College is an amazing growing and learning experience. Before choosing a school figure out what you expect from the college experience. If you are unsure , don't be afraid to take tours of the different campuses, read their histories, talk to current students, research their locations, etc... It is during the college years when most make the transition into adulthood. Find a school that is a good fit for you as an individual but also find a school that benefits from what you can contribute to it. If the decision of choosing a college includes your parents, each make a list of the top five things you are looking for and the top five schools you would like. Then sit down and compare. Finding the right fit is key and can contribute to your personal health and happiness for the next couple years. It is so important to find a college where you can excel and grow. Once at college surround yourself with people that you enjoy, join groups, or teams, with your interests. "Be the difference you want to see in the world."


Identify what you want out of your college education. This could include building your social life, getting a respected degree, or just. The most important thing to remind parents and/or students about college is that it is not at all like highschool. Your not their just to get a good grades to get a degree, because a college educcation is worth nothing if you don't retain any of the knowledge you learned. Instead, you should choose a collage that will best benefit the career field you will be devoting your working life to. That is why it is important to focus on the long-term benefits of a college education. So the best way to find the college that will fit you best, you must identify the career you wish to go in and the best college for that career.


Parents and/or students, I would recommend researching at least 10 colleges of interest. By getting to know the facts about a school as well as visiting the campus, it is possible to make a rational decision. The student should feel comfortable at their school of choice and be able to excel as a person and academically. If a career choice is known, a more career focused school may be appropriate. If a career choice is not known, it may be a good idea to find a school that offers career counceling and/or job shadowing experiences. Another important aspect in choosing a school is the transferability of credits earned. As much as one may love a school, further education may require transfering credits to another institution. Social stimulation and extra curricular activities should not be ignored when looking for a school. College life would become stressful without involvement within the community and fellow students. I would advise not to get involved with "party" schools that may become a distraction to the best of students. Ultimately, choosing a school should reflect the students goals in life and the experience they would like to gain from their college jouney. Good Luck!


Do a lot of research before picking one school, it never hurts to look into different schools. Even just so that you can get a feel for the different types that are out there.


Go to a college based on acedemics, not where your friends are going. Choose a school with programs specifically directed toward your career.


For parents and students alike, the first and foremost advice is to start early. Freshman year of high school is not to early to begin conversations and investigations into college goals and to begin to formulate ideas about the types of college that best suit the student. If possible actually take organized and impromtu tours of campuses to really get a feel of the student life. Parents and students should also take advantage of financial aid seminars where scholarships and loan opportunities are explained and gone over in intimate sessions as to get a good idea of the tools available for financing college. After making an informed choice, take advantage of early orientation sessions, where students are invited to campus during the summer before school actually starts, to make the transition into the fall sessions less hectic and intimidating because the student is familiar with the new school already. Encouraging the student to take advantage of tutoring and study groups is also beneficial because it not only help students strengthen their skills, but will build lasting relationships that will last a lifetime. Lastly, encourage your student to make his or her own decisions now, because you've given your best!


Parents as well as students need to look for a college that they are comfortable with. The staff as well as the others students should make you feel at home. Make sure you have had the opportunity to speak with other students as well as professors to make sure that all of your needs can be met. Another imiportant factor for myself was the location. This location is close to my home which allows me more time with my family. I have four children and a husband and family time means the world to me. As a first time student make sure the school you choose offers a variety of programs that you may be interested in. Also make sure that the school is affordable. College is expensive no matter where you go and not everyone qualifies for financial aid. I would not be able to attend college if it wasn't for the aid but there are many students who don't receive it, so I would compare prices of the different schools and make a list of pros and cons of each and decide which is better for you. Everyone is different so your chioce is yours alone.


Research your options. Arrange visits to more than one college. Enjoy all of the extracurricular activities and such that the college offers. You only get to do this once - make the most of it!


Dont be fooled by what recruiters say! Do your own research!


Finding out who you are and what you want in life isn't just a matter of academics, it's also a matter of experience. In order to truly develop into a well-rounded person; a student should know that college is just the beginning of life's experience. Who they are today is not who they will be when they're done with school. Look for a college that has both a wide range of classes and extra-curircular activities. Hopefully, the student will realize that their college years will soon become just a memory. Take time to enjoy these precious years. Try new things to broaden your horizons. Meet new people and learn about different cultures. The world is a big place and businesses need employees who know how to not just survive but thrive in our global environment. The right college will help make this dream come true!!!!


The advice that I would give a parent about finding the right college and making the most of the college experience is for them to really pay attention to what their child is interested in and not what you want them to be. If they are homebodies, keep them close. If they are very adventerous and outgoing let them go away from home. Lastly, stay involved, and truly keep on top of how they are doing and offer any help that you can before they fall too far in their grades. For students, find the best college for the passions you posess in life and not just going to a school, because one of your friends are going. Take your required classes first, until you are truly sure of your major. Be very careful with the amount of money, that you borrow keeping it to a minimum. Lastly, enjoy, network, learn and do not leave without a degree!!!


I would have to say that the advice I would give to parents and or students would be that sometimes the best possible College or University's are directly in your own back yard. I also would tell them that they should enjoy all the advantages that can be had during their college years because life is too short that they should take their education to the utmost and strive for high acheivement acedemically, but should also stop and smell the roses along the way and have some adventures and make some great lifelong friends and acquantances that last a lifetime past the college years and into adulthood. I would also say to take advantage of the help that is available on campus to assist with jobs as well as socially. My last advice would be to find the college that feels right to both the student and the parents and have some give on both parts to enjoy the four years they will spend there.


Going awy or being college life is an exciting yet scary experience. I would advise parents to begin to familiarize the students early with the college of their choice. Take advantage of any early orientation processes that ususally occur the summer before the fall session. I also would advise students and parents to start their searches early, as early as freshman in high school, parents and students should conversations geared toward chosing the colleges that they prefer, and to take advantage of all financial aid prep sessions availible in their areas. After choices have been made, I think that especially for large campuses, that the student finds out about all programs and pre-admission activities available so that the student is comfortable with the demographics before fall session starts. Most of all relax and have fun. It's a once in a lifetime experience that should be considered serious academically, but should also be allowed room for the fun of campus life activities.


Make sure you choose a college that best works with you and your schedule. Don't choose a college because it's where your parents or grand parents went, and don't choose one because that's where your friends are going. If you're a person who likes where they live and work in life, go local, if not find something that's as far away as you're comfortable with.


The right college is one where the student feels comfortable to be there and knows that its a good learning environment to there own type of learning. I suggest living on campus if the students wants to be more involved with activities. because it is a lot harder to be involved with things when you live at home. I wish I had lived on campus!


Do what is best for the kid's future.


The advice I would give to parents and/or students about finding the right college and making the most of the college experience is to be picky; choose a college that you absolutely know you will enjoy. This is your future you're talking about, so think hard and don't just settle for something you're unsure about. Choose a major that consists of doing things that really interest you, and get involved as much as you possibly can with school activities. Even if you are not playing a sport, volunteer, participate in other school events such as; sporting events, picnics and other recreational activities. This gives everyone the opportunity to go out and meet the people that they are attending college with. I've found by being involved in these types of activities, especially my freshman year, has given me the chance to meet a lot of great people, and make a lot of great friends. By choosing a college with a major you know will make you happy, and by participating in events held throughout campus, college is sure to be enjoyable.


Whether living on campus is a choice or not I highly recommend it. I live only 8 minutes away from my house but still live on campus. If it?s a big hassle communicating or scheduling with a college seriously debate going there, the hassle won?t go away once you attend there.


As a parent and a student, I would suggest that you visit the college campus. Research the success rate of each campus and the support that is offered to succeed. It's extremely important that you also encourage your student to get involved with campus activities to experience all that the college has to offer, thus, allowing them to meet new people and create long-lasting relationships. Learn to manage your time and take a mixture of classes. Taking a mixture of classes (major required and easy) allows for more faculty-student interaction. Also taking advantage of study groups could prove to help in the long run. It promotes healthy learning and students who study in groups understand the material and are more engaged in their classes. Don't hide your academic problems, if you're struggling, take the concern to the professor, and also your academic advisor. It's always a great idea to get to know at least one faculty member each semester. You'll feel more connected to your school (and those letters of recommendation will be helpful later on).


When you are looking for a college to attend you must first decide what kind of environment you would enjoy living the next four years of your life with. Decide if you believe a big school with a low teacher to student ratio will not give you problems by learning a lot on your own or a small school with a high teacher to student ratio giving you all the tools that you need to succeed. After you have figured the size of the school you should look at what you want your degree in and locate schools that strive on that degree to be there best. The next area of discussion is the drive time to your new campus from your parents house, are you going to be able to go far away and see your parents only a couple of times a year or would you prefer to be in state and close and have your parents be there when you need help with anything? These are the top three researched questions that you should ask yourself when attending college, if you follow these questions it will make your next four years of college a great experience.


I would tell parents to allow their child to choose the school that best fits them. I attended another school before this one and I didn't feel the same sense of community. Colleges help us to be creative and explore who we are. I would tell syudents to get involved in the decision making process about colleges early and find a school that meets your need on a broad basis.


College is the most important time of your life. It is a time for independance, and self discovery about one's self. When you walk in a college you will know if its the right fit for you. You will feel connected to the students, staff, and everything that goes on here. You never want to regret your college experience. The time and patience and dedication will be worth the financial responsibility. So just take your time and look around, its out there somewhere. Your second home.


Since I am a college student, parent and have a son who enter college this semester, I found it very important to make your college selection like you would a husband or wife. When you make your selection, you make a commitment that's going to affect your life. You want to make sure it meets most of your needs and that compromise is part of the package. There will be things you'll love and there will be things you don't like and things you will endure but making the best of it is the goal. With that said, everything might not be perfect and patience becomes your best friend but know that commitment, sacrifice will take you to levels of wisdom only gain by those who are willing to strive for success so with that in mind remember this word "SYATT" (See You At The Top) because education is the only way.


The most important parts of choosing the right school are patience and research. Take the time to look at all aspects of a college before making your decision. This will be the place you spend the majority of your time for a few years of your life. You will want to make sure that the climate is one that you can deal with. You will want to make sure that the classes offered are what you are looking for. Make sure that there are more than one major offered by the school that interest you because chances are you WILL change your mind at some point. Take the time to check out the living situation, whether it be on or off campus. Make sure that the comforts of home that you require are present at the school you want to attend. Most importantly, once you have chosen your school, make the best out of your time there, GET INVOLVED! Spend some time finding a group or multiple groups that you are interested in and sign up. The best way to make your college experience wonderful and exciting is to make themost out of it.


I would say to the parents of potential college students that it is ok to push your child to go to college. Of course this is in moderation, but with financial aid and scholarships anyone can achieve higher education. Remember that encouragement, persistance, and believing in your child goes along way, no matter what age they are. Sit down and talk with your child, find out what their interests are and base those findings on what college you send them to. To the student I say, do not put off what you can do today because tomorrow is not promised. I am an adult student, although I had the chance to go to college right out of high school. It was one of the biggest mistakes that I have ever made. I say this, not to try and preach to you, but because I have wasted so much time at dead end jobs. I also lost my little brother, who was extremely bright. Don't make the same mistakes that we made, go to college to learn all you can. Don't forget that you can party for the rest of your life, once you get your degree that is.


My advice to parents, is to let your children go to college. College has a good life experience a person can have. making sure the college your child attend is safe and clean. Some time paying a little more for the best college seem like a hard thing to do, but in the long run it will be a good investment in your child future. college also them more independence. If you have tought your child good moral and value you will not have nothing to worry about when they leave home.


The advice I would give to take your time and dont pick a collge because your friends are attending that colloge or its the best collge that you think can afford. Pick the collge that makes you feel good about yourself. Dont forget you will must likely be in this college for a least 4 years. Why go to a college you are not proud to say you attended. Lets say you want to go to Michigan state university but cant afford it. If thier is a will thier is a way find everything in your power to attend MSU. Do a little networking call friends and family for funds expalin to them this is your dream college. Work while you attend college thier is no reason not to follow your dream. I am a Manager I work aroud 60 hours a week I havmanage e five kids but I still


The best advice I can give is to communicate throughout the entire process. It is all too often that students go into college following the dreams only their parents want them to have. Inevitably causing the students college experience to be a poor one. If it is out in the open from the beginning what the student wants to get out of college then it is much easier to have a successful experience. More advice for the student themselves would be to get involved with activities on and around campus. College can be a great experience, but experiencing the diversity and social aspect is also very important to success in life after you have obtained your degree. Get involved! Yes college is a place for persons who are serious about life, but everyone has a need for friends, and it is a great place to make life long friends that will help you be motivated throughout life. To have the oppertunity of going to college is a blessing, get out there and make the most of it.


My advice would be to choose a college that makes you happy; not your parents, or your best friend, but you yourself. Go into each college tour with an open mind because the greatest discovery might just come at the least expected time. Think of yourself as a student -- right then and there -- will you like walking the halls, living in the dorms, and each class size? The college experience is about living and learning. Walk up to a fellow student and introduce yourself, enjoy the class assignments with interaction among your peers because a lot of the time, those people will become your study buddy, proofreader, and friend. Don?t be afraid to try something new. Not only is college about getting an education, it?s about being independent, making choices, living life, and loving the experience. Once you?re out in the ?real world? the knowledge obtained from the countless hours of class time, exam prep, and late night homework will turn into a degree you?re proud of from a college you soon won?t forget.


Go with what feels right. If the campus, instructors, and classes seem right, it is most likely the right school.


My advice to students and parents about finding the right college is find the best college for your major. It is very important to find a school that has a strong focus in the career field that you are entering. I would also suggest researching the campus prior to attending via web searches, newspaper articles, statistics, etc. You should also make several on-campus visits to experience the campus life hands on.


Make sure you feel comfortable in the environment. If you need a smaller lecture class, choose a smaller school.


Scholarships are important in determining a school, but they should not be the basis for making a decision. College is a time to find yourself, to examine the world around you, and step outside of your comfort zone. Move out of the home - go to the school that you want to go to. Write down what is most important for you in determining a school and base your decision on that. Make your decision based on what YOU (the student) wants, not what anyone around says you want. Be an individual, get involved, and don't be afraid of diversity. Take a look at the campus, look in the classrooms - do you want to be like the other students there?


Follow your dreams of your future. Dont go to a school that all of your friends are going to just because they are going there. Live your life with great expectations and never look back at your decisions. Everything happens in life for a reason and that is why you need to live life to the fullest.


I think students need to be honest with themselves as to what environment they learn best in. Take a look at as many schools as you can and visit the campus. Don't go to a school just because you've heard a lot of great things, a large university isn't right for everyone. I would suggest comparing the differences between private and public schools. Finacial aid is a hard thing to understand so be sure to ask for help and do it early to ensure you are getting the most money you can. Apply for a ton of scholarships. There is no greater feeling than knowing it's possible to attend college and not be in debt!


It takes a lot of research to locate the best college for you. Just online research is not good enough. Look up ways of getting a tour and information about the different degrees. As well as checking out the student life, classroom size, tution costs, the library, and the technology part of the school. It may sway your decision. No one wants a bad college experience.


Go spend a couple of days at the college you are looking at. If you know someone who is there already, see if you can stay with them. Attend a couple of classes, if okay with their instructors. Attend some social events and meet different professors, students, and staff. To make the most of your experience, get involved. Join a group that interests you or play an intramural sport. Be active on campus.


I would tell them that anything you want is possible. That there is a school out there for everyone, if you are not satisfied with where you're going or where your at keep looking. There is a university that will attend to all your needs and completely satisfy you. Don't worry about paying to much for your education or being in debt, if you try hard and work at accomplishing your goals, it will all be worth it in the end. I like to stick to the saying " Dont tell us the sky's the limit, because there's footprints on the moon. Do what it is you most desire and find the place that fits you best; where people accept you for who you are and you feel comfortable being who you are around them.


don't necessarily go with the one that will give you the most money in scholarships.


Finding the right college is one of the most important decisions you have to make. College is the time that you find out who you are, who your friends are, what you're going to do with your life, and much more. My advice about finding the right college is to make sure it's YOUR decision. Not your parents, friends, counselors, or coach. You are the one that will be attending, and it's the place that you will be creating memories that will last a lifetime. If it's a place you can not afford, something will work itself out. My advice for making the most of the college experience is to try everything and don't judge. When you open your eyes to new experiences, you learn so much about life. Go into things with a smile, because you'll never get that opportunity back again. My two years at college have gone by so fast already, and sometimes I wish that I could have some of those moments back. Live with no regrets.