Florida State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students at FSU are one of many great things about the university. We are all open to many different ideas and opinions and are open to criticism as well. The students are always working hard and you can visit any library on campus at any time of the day and see a big number of students studying, its what we do best. I don't really think any student would feel out of place because there are a variety of different groups of kids here and I think anyone that came would find their niche. Furthermore, I see so many different types of clothing that kids wear to class. Some like to dress up, some wear work out clothes, in the winter however everyone is pretty much in jeans and a jacket because it gets a bit nippy out.


The students at Florida State University are very laid-back and easy to get along with. Classes are extremely diverse in every aspect, from nationality to wardrobes. In my time spent at FSU so far, I have not seen a single student discriminated against or bullied for something about them that stuck out. Everyone is struggling to get out of bed for an 8 AM so even students wearing pajamas to class that early are not judged, in fact they're applauded for having the audacity to wear such clothing to an early class. Financially, FSU is diverse in the fact that we have students that come from all sort of backgrounds. No matter what background you come from, you're not judged in any sense. Every single person at FSU is different in their own way and there are clubs to pertain to every person in one way or another. At Florida State, no matter what you are interested in you will have somewhere to go to find other people that share your interest.


My classmates range from all ethnicities and have many different interests.


Students at FSU come from a myriad of cultural backgrounds and upbringings, yet all unite to promote academic excellency, friendship, and leadership. The student body is unconquered!


Florida State University holds some of the Unites States most intelligent, genuine, happy-hearted people I have ever met; not once have I walked around campus and have not seen someone like me, someone I can relate too, and someone I aspire to be like. There is beauty in that situation because in classes, true disscusion and learning can take place that streches your scope of knowledge. My classmates are my peers, friends, motivation and last but not least my inspriation.


Florida State University is a college filled with academically aggressive students that are very respectable. Whether in or out of the classroom, FSU makes you feel like you have a family all around you. The school comes together in any time of situation and makes it possible to acheive great things.


My classmates are all intelligent and driven students that work very hard to be high achieving scholars. Our student body is comprised of many individuals that are all different in their own way, creating a varied student body. The beauty of the student body is how each individual has something new to offer to Florida State and the world.


My classmates are high-spirited, funny, and willing to do what it takes to get the job do and do well in class.


My classmates are from a wide array of diverse backgrounds,I have met people of all religious affiliations, socio-economic statuses, and ethnic origins. I have been exposed to so much culture and have truly enjoyed how friendly the student body is as a whole.


I only met three of my class mates. The ones I met are nice but most of them just go to class and leave without a glance. If you want friends, they certainly will not come to you, especially if it is in the morning.


I was nervous coming in as a freshman and having to share a classroom with 800 other students. It is more like a family. The classmates are very helpful and it is quite easy to form study groups. I have only had positive experiences with classmates.


Some classmates take assignments seriously while others shouldn't even be there.


My classmates are generally enthusiastic, nice people who enjoy relating to one another in a positive manner that creates a great environment to prosper both academically and socially.


My classmates were diverse - all ages, races, and backrounds.


My classmates here at Florida State University are some of the best friends I have ever had.


My classmates are very energetic and involved, they a lot of passion and love for the school and what what they are involved in and what they believe in; this school is like a giant family because no matter your affiliation with the school, we are all seminoles and that is something to be proud of.


My classmates are respective of each other and helpful when needed.


The students at my school are very diverse. When I say diverse I mean personality traits, not culture. They are so many types of people here so it is very easy to make friends here. No matter what your interests are, somebody at this school can relate to you.


Classmates at FSU are friendly, always willing to help, and scholarly.


My classmates are diverse; each student coming from a different background with his/her own individual belief is what makes this community so special.


Once you get into your individual major classes, classmates form a bond and are very supportive of each other.


a little bit of everything, because the shool is so big.


My classmates are academically-focused, ready to compete for the top spot in each career.


Classmates here are usually very nice and friendly. People will usually not talk very much to each other during classes unless the effort is put forth to communicate. Outside of the classroom, morst people are very helpful and like to have fun and want you to have fun too.


My classmates are friendly and willing to help.


Diverse in everyway.


friendly, and willing to help.


My classmates at Florida State University are hipsters, rappers, partyers and tricksters; they're agnostics, atheists, Christians and gothics; students at FSU are White, Black, Asian, and Hispanic, they're athletes, writers, poets and cynics. What can I say? FSU has its days.


My classmates are friendly, helpful, and I feel like I am among a great group of people.


I would generally describe my class as a mirthful group of hardworking intellectual students all with a common goal.


From my experience, there are two main categories of students at FSU : the ones who come to class and the ones who don't. Within these two categories are smaller scale divisions, mainly from the "ones who come to class" section. Here it splits off into those who love the class and subject matter, and those who are only taking the course to fulfill a requirement for their major.


my classmates are diverse and inquisitive


They are very intelligent, nice people and they strive towards excellence in what they do. At some points I ask myself how some of them got into this school but then I just shrug it off. The people are nice and that's all that really matters in the end I suppose.


They are pretty serious about wanting to learn what the teacher is trying to teach. Depending on what level your class is, you're faced with a lot of really serious students.


They are all very unique and individual.


My classmates at Florida State University were very intriguing characters. My major was Information technology so my peers were extremely tech savvy and oddly inventive when it came to computers. Because our college was one of the smaller ones, the students got to know each other very well. The entire class of 2012 was eager to get involved on campus since the day we stepped foot on FSU back in 2008. We set high goals for our class and accomplished them. The class of 2012 was like no other.


My classmates are diverse, opinionated, and hardworking friendly people with a kelidesope of interests and personalitites that anyone can find someone to befriend and get along with.


There are a broad mix of greek life students and multicultural students. There is no one main type of student on campus.


They were mainly drunk or high or feeling the aftereffects of either or both.


FSU is a party school, so if you stay in on campus housing be prepared for some undesired behaviors and consequences. However, in the day to day life the students are usually very respectfull and a joy to be around.


Friendly and helpful


My classmates are helpsul and very nice, also good-looking.


My classmates are educated, friendly and helpful individuals.


There are kids who care and also some that don't, it shows.


My classmates are the best people you will ever meet.


My classmates are awesome, making it hard not to want to stay in contact after class!


Helpful, caring, unique, enthusiastic and talented individuals who are more like family members than random classmates.


Students that go to class actually want to learn something, they are not there to waste their time or yours.


The students in my school are very diverse, even though the majority are from in-state. I've never seen a group of people that I think would feel out of place on campus, as the dining hall is full of mixed tables in regards to race, religion, gender, politics, and overall interests. We have a fairly aware and accepting group of people, and organizations are very awareness-minded into making sure it stays that way. We have LGBT and racial organizations on campus who are constantly organizing events to raise attention to causes and to just let people have fun. George Takei from Star Trek was on campus a few months ago, as well as Maya Angelou to speak about their experiences.


Everyone here is unique; you'll run into every single type of person- it is a very diverse campus.