Florida State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best know for pride and tradition. Walking around campus it is clear that the students are proud to be attending this university and professors are proud to be teaching here. It is almost like an unspoken bond shared between students and faculty and the pride in the university is unmistakable. Sporting events create an unforgettable experience. Hearing the war chant echoing through the stadium brings me goosebumps just thinking about. My school is rich with tradition and pride in everything that we do.


Florida State University is well-known for our traditions and loyalty to our school and team, as well as our diverse student body. We have some of the most widely known traditions and connection with the Seminole Indian Tribe makes them that much more meaningful. The last few years, our student body has faced many tragedies and obstacles, but has remained united through it all.


Their academic achievements and the standard to which they hold themselves. Football, and the partying. Music department and their design as well as film and theatre programs. FSU is very strong in the arts, as well as varsity sports. Brick buildings, and an outrageous school spirit.


My school is best known for their sports. Specifically, our football team. Our Seminoles are nationally recognized because we play so well! For 2 straight years, from 2012 until the Semifinal championship in January of 2015, we were undefeated. We won 29 straight games, including the National Championship! In the 2014-2015 season we saught after another National title, but we fell short to Oregon in the Rose Bowl. I feel like football connects the entire community together as one. The feeling of everyone in one huge arena, all wearing garnet and gold, cheering on the Seminoles is simply indescribable.


Well, FSU is known for its variety of majors and educational programs. It consists of a large amount of different organizations catering to all groups. Great educational oppurtunities and an all around great college experience.


FSU is well-known for its athletics and its emphasis on research, in that order as of now. Undergraduate research opportunities are easily found; one just has to ask.


FSU is known for its thriving business and psychology programs, and world-renowned faculty that does wonderful research as well as our athletics; we bolster top student-athletes in various sports.


The commrodary and small campus feel


The tomahawk chop. At FSU we do this thing with are arms that make us look like we are scalping our opponents and it is accompanied by the War Chant. FSU is highly known for this gesture.


Florida State University is known for it's immense pride in itself and it's community. Students here love being an FSU Seminole and a part of the community at large.


Their Sports teams are highly ranked, especially in Football they are national champs. The alumni funding is the best in the state. FSU is home to the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory that has the strongest magnets in the world.


My school is best known for holding the 2013 NCAA National Championship Trophy. It's academics are also outstanding!


Florida State is recently best known for its championship-winning football team, and even those like myself who are not big sports fans can still get a thrill from all of the energy, excitement, and spirit at the games. FSU is also well-known for its incredible liberal arts programs, like its English department and amazing school of music. These are more applicable to myself, as I am a Creative Writing and Music major.


Florida State is best known for being a huge party school. Every time I would tell someone, "I go to Florida State," his or her response would typically be, "No way! I bet it's crazy there!" And yes, it is. I honestly do not know how student's pass their classes because every day the number one question is, "Are you going out tonight?" I suppose for some students that lifestyle is appealing, but for me there is more to work towards, and far too much to lose.


Its spirit !!! FSU has an amazing support group behind not only its athletes and their sports, but also behind the school itself. Alumni and faculty continue to give support and love to their school alongside its current students. You can ask almost anyone who knows about the school and they will tell you that the Seminoles sure know how to show their spirit, whether it be the Garnett and Gold guys or the traditional Chief Osceola with his spear at all the football games. We exude spirit and I am proud to call myself a Florida State Seminole.


As of right now my school is best known for winning the 2014 National Championship, with a freshman quaterback leading the team through an undefeated, 13-0 season.


The Florida State University is ranked as the 40th best public univeristy nationally, it's ranked #1 in the nation for football, and their international learning facilities and programs are continuously bragged about.


My school is best known for the research that is involved in mostly every field possible. There are so many opportunitites for research here and abroad for undergraduate students! Students are highly encouraged to do research in order to take our knowledge to the highest level.


Football. But for actually studies, the fine arts and social sciences.


I think my school is known for many things. Sports being one of them. I choice to attend my school because I was interested in a Social Work major. While researching Social Work programs I found my school was number 3 in the U.S. This really compelled my to apply. I have been in the program since 2011 and it is a good program.


The school is mostly known for it's rivalry with the University of Florida, but in actuality that doesn't actually come up much in day to day life. What really comes up more often than not is the layout of the campus. Everything seems to be uphill and it gets extremely hot so going from place to place on foot is kind of a pain. I'd say that's what the school is really known for that separates it from other Florida schools.


The Seminole Spirit. It is something that embodies every single student at this University. From an incoming freshman to departing senior, to be a Florida State Seminole means to represent the ideals and values of the University in every aspect of student life. From getting involved on campus, to excelling beyond the classroom and engaging in research, students who come to FSU leave with a richer knowledge of who they are and who they want to become when they walk across that stage at graduation.


Our campus is gorgoeus. it is very very pretty all year long. The campus is the perfect size and it is so relaxing and peaceful.


I am not really sure what FSU is best known for


My school is best known for the immense amount of school spirit that my fellow classmates and alumni have. Everybody gets so hyped up before all sports games and soulfully cheer their hearts out during every sporting event. It's a magnificent thing to experience!


To most people my school is known as a "party school", but to me my school is a place where hardworking people can do well, and dedicated students can excell.


Florida State University is best known for its sense of pride in academic pursuits as well as a big emphasis on comradery.


I believe my school is best known for a lot of things, but definitely my school is best known for its loved seminoles. College football is a big thing in most if not all american colleges, coming to a school with a huge stadium where every Fall their stadium is packed with students for every football game, leads me to say that Florida State University is best known for football.


The Florida State University is well known for its professionalism and the great opportunities it brings to the students.


FSU is best known for Mag Lab, developing Taxol, their football team, and being a bit of a party school.


School spirit!


Florida State University is well-known for the quality (and diversity) of research that goes on as well as the quality of distiniguished alumni and faculty that work with students and the global community. Of course, football is a huge draw for many--our prestigious program generates a lot of excitement and solidifies the Seminole family I have grown to know and love.


FSU is probably known for its athletics. However, it also has an exceptional chemistry department with professors who have discovered multiple drugs, including one used for cancer patients.


When you think of Florida State, football is probably what comes to mind first. We have a great football program and going to games is extremely fun. The Colleges of Business and Education are well-respected as well.


My school is known for our football team/mascot. We are the Seminoles and are one of the most popular teams in the country. We are also home to Osceola and Renegade, the greatest tradition in college football.


My school is best known for football!


As President Dr. Barron so greatly states, "This is a university with unmatched opportunities for our students." The Florida State University is best known for cultivating exceptional scholars and well rounded individuals in the areas of the arts and sciences by providing countless opportunities in academics, sports programs and extra-curriculars. We hacve placed ourselves on the map for our dedication to excellence and our committment to uphold that tradition through the Garnet and Gold.


Florida State is best know for its large and active student body, for both the good and bad. It obviously has the reputation of being a party school but there is so much more to the campus than that. FSU can be whatever you want it to be, if you want it to be a party school than it will be. If you want a place to research and get a first class education than you can find that here too.


Before the start of every football game the band goes on the field as well as the cheerleaders and dancers. The difference is that Chief Osceola rides in on his horse Renegade and throws a spear onto center field. I absolutely love watching it every game it's a lot of fun and amazing to watch and be apart of.


FSU is best known for their sports teams and research labs. Our teams consistantly place in the Top spots for Football and Basketball. The research teams for each program also bring in considerable private money to the school.


It would have to be the FSU Tomahawk chop at the notorious football games!! I get chills every time I hear the band playing the FSU Fight song!


On your 21st birthday, it is tradition to jump in the fountain in front of the Westcott building. Fully clothed. Take pictures!!


Florida State University is one of the top universities in the United States and it shows. FSU is definitely known for its ongoing research in many different fields.


On your 21st birthday your friends are supposed to throw you into the schools biggest fountain. I can't wait for my turn!


Our school is best known for it's fine arts department. The school of dance is one of the best undergraduate dance programs in the nation and the art majors' work is proudly displayed throughout the campus. Another thing FSU is known for is the fact that all of its students are so school spirited. The war chant can be heard all around the campus throughout the school year.




I believe that Florida State University is known for its students and faculty. The amount of dedication and seriousiness in working hard is overwhelming. The faculty is also willing to take an extra step to help a student in their success. Therefore, students are more encouraged and filled with more perserverence to accomplish what they came to do. Each student has their own acedemic advisor in their specific major, allowing them to have smooth and productive semesters, and a guiding hand in making wise decisions for their career path.


I have two favorite traditions here on campus. The first one is when the Chief rides out onto the field and spears the middle with a lighted spear. Not only is everyone completely silent while he rides, but, when he's done the entire stadium goes crazy! It is definitely one of the most exciting moment you'll ever experience. You won't ever forget your first game. My second favorite is one only unique to FSU. Did you know that every fountain in Florida State is legal to swim in? If your answer is no then you'll be surprised the first hot summer day you decide to lay out on Landis Green. Everyone has their feet in the fountains and aren't afraid to take a lap. But that isn't the tradition. The tradition is, that every year on your birthday, you will be thrown in the main fountain, Westcott fountain. It is a long standing tradition that the birthday boy or girl be carried to the fountain then thrown in by his or her friends or family or both. FSU is filled with many traditions that connect every student like a family.


Our school is notably known for their theatre program, their medical program, and their music program.