Florida State University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I absolutely love Florida State University! The student body is well-rounded and truly embodies a diverse group of ambitious individuals that exemplify excellency in academics, athletics, and social relations!


I think it is amazing.


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Honestly, I'm not a ra-ra-school-spirit type of girl, but I really love going to school here. There is no one best thing, but it is a great community of people that almost always make me feel welcome. The classes here are amazing, and they have majors that suit the majority of people's needs. I do wish, however, that they would make it so people in other majors couldn't take required courses with limited seating so that students who need the classes can't take them due to other majors moonlighting other ideas. People complain about the fact that the food isn't always the best, but there are a ton of off-campus options which are better than buying the expensive meal plan for sub-par food. FSU is pretty large, but I feel that it's not so big that I don't run into people every day and not too small that I see the same people every week. I get a variety of answers when people hear where I attend university, but the majority are positive. We have a pretty good reputation, and the alumnus are vocal (just like the majority of the current students, there's a ton of school pride). The school administration is great, they throw us events and give away things constantly, while being supportive and understanding of events that arise. They handle most things smoothly, such as the recent FAMU death from the untimely traditions of their marching band. Tallahassee is a college town in some aspects, but it has the bustling events of the capital city that it is. We are an unusual school in the fact that we love our fountains and jump in them in every opportunity, but it's just the Seminole way.


I've visited other universities and one thing I'm proud to say as a Seminole is that I believe my school offers the best overall college experience. What you picture as a kid and see in the movies is pretty much what you get at Florida State. There are the old, brick buildings and the moss covered trees that line the sidewalks. There is the college town atmosphere where you go down the main street and find every kind of restaurant and bar imaginable. Landis Green would be the central point on campus where people will head to when hanging outside of their dorms. There you can find people engaging in activities ranging from frisbee, tanning, or even L.A.I.R. (Live-Action-Role-Playing, as made relevant from the movie Role Models). Florida State doesn't seem to lack in any aspect of the college experience. Though, if I had to implement one change to my school, I would suggest decreasing the size of the student body. While it is nice to be surrounded by so many different kinds of people, it can become a hassle with things such as class sizes, availability of parking, and waiting in line for food!


Florida State University really is a good school. It has a beautiful campus, a close knit town where everything is less that ten miles away, and wonderful libraries that are open twenty four hours a day.


Personally, I love FSU, the atmosphere is simply amazing, everyone you meet is friendly and helpful, and the campus is gorgeous. I applied and was accepted to 7 universities, FSU was not my first choice, and I had never visited the campus, I was scared that I was making a mistake but went with it anyway. Once I arrived for orientation I knew I would never regret the decision I made. For me, the size is just right, but it truly depends on the person, there are some small classes or some rather large classes. No matter which classes you take it's really up to you to get yourself known by the professor(s) and go to office hours (this really helps). As long as you go to the professor, most will do whatever they can to help you in any way possible. There are a few robberies here and there, but I have never felt unsafe anywhere on campus, there are blue lights everywhere and the campus police are just a call away. There are many bus routes to help get around such a large campus, including a separate one at night. My high school lacked severely in school spirit, when I started at FSU it was like night and day, there was such a huge contrast. Especially during game days, you can see practically everyone wearing something Garnet and/or Gold. My overall opinion of FSU is that it is an amazing school with good academics, professors, people, and atmosphere, it's hard to find a place to fit in, at FSU you can always be welcomed.


Overall I think that Florida State University is a generally good school. It has decent financing, allowing its campus to be well accommodating and beautiful as well as giving the students a large variety of career and non-career related events. Also, the fact that the school is well known allows a good selection of professors to be made, and I have yet to take a class that I haven't enjoyed in some form or another. However, due to the large amount of focus on the outside of class activities, I find that I have an issue attempting to focus on class at the school. Many of the majors are intended for a broad focus as well as made to accommodate the wills of a college age student, rather than give us an intensive learning that could greatly help us to be greater prepared for our future lives. Yet, though this is an issue of mine, I find it exists little in the other students around me. The size of the school, though I feared would be a problem, is actually quite comfortable. Most of the classes are fairly small, and if one does not will it they can easily avoid ever being trapped in classes over, say, fifty students. The campus itself is very compact, taking only fifteen or twenty minutes to walk across. The buildings are large, but for the most part easy to get around. There are two I know of that can be maze like, but once you find your class the first time it tends to be rather easy. The dining halls tend to be able to house most of the students that wish to go there, and the union as well as the restaurants stay generally busy without ever becoming overly hectic. There is a lack of parking spaces, however the school provides public transportation that fixes that issue. The library also has enough to be ready for everyone most of the time, even if near midterms or finals you may have to look. The college does command a good bit of the population of Tallahassee and, therefore, a lot of the city forms to the schedules of those inside of it. There is a night bus that, while often late, does run basically every day, and also the campus is surrounded by a large number of restaurants and bars cheap enough for the students to eat at and also generally relaxed and low key. However, while the students tend to form their own very separate groups, most tend to not enjoy the top administration. There are many students who are against the current tuition raises that may be going on, and also petitions constantly being passed around during our Market Wednesdays, the student and group run marketplace that happens from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm every Wednesday at the Student Union. All in all, though, I enjoy being at the school and I would recommend it as a place where one may like to go.


My School may be seen by high school students back home as a "party school". There are many rumors concerning my school, and I entered knowing this. However, giving my school the benefit of the doubt, my school has so much to offer. I am only a freshman and have received so many opportunities I could not have received elsewhere. Professors and staff are very helpful, the way information about events are distributed through out school is very effective, and the campus has an amazing learning environment.


When I was in high school, my teachers used to warn me about public colleges. They'd warn me about feeling anonymous in a huge sea of students, or about feeling no connection to my professors in giant lecture halls. When I settled in at FSU, I soon found neither of these things to be true. Though approximately 40,000 students attend the school, I run into at least ten of my friends on a daily basis, just walking from class to class. You can hardly believe that so many students go there. As for my classes and professors, I've never felt uncomfortable about e-mailing or going up to my professors when I have a problem. They make sure that each student feels heard. And now that I'm almost a junior, my biggest class holds only 50 people, so I know all of my professors know me by name.


When I was in high school, my teachers used to warn me about public colleges. They'd warn me about feeling anonymous in a huge sea of students, or about feeling no connection to my professors in giant lecture halls. When I settled in at FSU, I soon found neither of these things to be true. Though approximately 40,000 students attend the school, I run into at least ten of my friends on a daily basis, just walking from class to class. You can hardly believe that so many students go there. As for my classes and professors, I've never felt uncomfortable about e-mailing or going up to my professors when I have a problem. They make sure that each student feels heard. And now that I'm almost a junior, my biggest class holds only 50 people, so I know all of my professors know me by name.


I am extremely happy I decided to attend FSU. Mostly everyone is so friendly and it is very easy to make friends. It gives off the southern hospitality vibe which is a very great thing. I actually wanted to go up north for college but chose FSU because I got an amazing, happy feeling every time I was there. The school is not too big at all, I think it's size is one of its greatest qualities because there are so many options for the students. You can walk for 20 minutes and still be on campus. It does not make you feel suffocated and you can meet someone new every day. When I tell people I go to FSU, they say "good for you" and if they are Seminoles fans then they are overcome with joy. I spend most of my time at Strozier or Landis Green because both provide peaceful places to study. Tallahassee is definitely a college town meaning it is a great place for college students to learn, grow, and have fun but it is not a place I would want to live once I have completed college.


I love this school! Not only is the campus beautiful, but all the students are very friendly. It is just right in size for me, and I am respected in my community for attending FSU. Tallahassee is definitely a college town with the community's support behind it. The landscape is unlike most of Florida as it has hills.


Florida State is an extremely diverse yet unified school. The campus is a perfect size for all on- campus groups to work together for a common goal, like our annual Dance Marathon. Along with this unity is the pride that comes along with being a Seminole. Wearing nothing but Seminole gear to class, representing student organizations with car decals, and attending school- run events are a daily reminder that the students here are proud of this school. Outside of campus, Tallahassee has a lot to offer students and their family members, young and old, like various parades, home- town restaurants, and of course the state's Capital.


I really enjoy my school. I do not think it is too big, and you can easily get from one place to another by walking or taking the bus. I spend a lot of my time in the Student Union because there is always something going, from student activities to Market Wednesdays. Tallahassee is definitely a college town because there is not only Florida State University, but also Florida A&M. Our school has a lot of school pride, which can easily be seen on any game day or game weekend, whether it be football, basketball, soccer, or any other sport. I think the one thing I will always remember is just the overall good feelings I had from attending FSU. I am not only comfortable with the campus but I also feel relaxed here. Student complaints would probably be the academic advisors, which tend to not be very helpful when choosing classes or seeking advice.


Attending FSU will provide any student with the stereotypical college experience. The school and town revolve around the football team and the sense of unity experienced in Tallahassee is indescribable. The school has so much history behind it and Tallahassee is the perfect college town. Students from other universities frequently visit Tallahassee, especially in the fall semester to attend the football games. Size-wise, the school is just right. However, there are a tremendous number of students, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Any student and easily find a crowd that they relate to and there is a place for anyone and everyone. The campus is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. There are numerous places on campus where students simply sit and relax. When the weather is nice, you can find students playing Frisbee or sunbathing on Landis Green. Every Wednesday, numerous vendors and student entrepreneurs set up tables in the Union and sell their merchandise. Without a doubt, the greek community is a large part of the university. Sororities and fraternities become involved in plenty of community service and aid the university in raising funds. However, not all sororities and fraternities are equal. Certain greek organizations have been involved in drug and sex scandals and have been kicked off campus. The fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha was recently involved in a scandal where one of the brothers accidentally shot and killed another student. According to officials, the student was showing off his gun to his friends without knowing that it was loaded. The gun went off and it struck a 20 year old girl in the chest, killing her at the scene. The fraternity's charter was revoked from campus. Incidents like these do not happen very often, but this scandal made many FSU students be more careful with their actions. As usual, the students at FSU united and were able to help the family of the deceased by setting up numerous memorial services. Florida State students are united through their pride in the school. I have never stepped foot in a place where there is more unity than here, at Florida State University. The most memorable experience for any student is the first time they attend a football game. You can feel the spirit and the unity in Doak Campbell Stadium, and I believe it is an absolutely breath-taking experience that I will never forget.


The wide variety of majors FSU offers is a very big advantage of this school. The school is at just a good size, and transportation even if living off-campus isn't bad. Most people are fine and appreciate it when I tell them I attend FSU. Most of the time, I'm doing schoolwork or hanging out with friends at the Student Life Center. There is a lot of school pride here, particularly during the football games or sports events. The biggest recent controversy here involved a Chick-Fil-A location on campus. Due to some of Chick-Fil-A's stances on certain issues, a number of FSU students do not agree with having the franchise open a location on campus. The one experience I'll always remember is my orientation. I met a lot of nice people there who ended up still being friends with me, even up to today.


I love that FSU is a pretty big school, allowing you to find people with similar interests to you. Once you've dont that, it seems to then turn it into a small community. My biggest complaint about FSU is parking. Not only can you never find a place to park within a 20 minute walk of class, the busses are very frequently completely full (standing room included). That said, this problem is easily solved by living close and walking/biking. The school is a major research university. This means your professors are generally leaders in their fields and know what they are talking about. This also frequently means your professors are more interested in doing their research than teaching their classes. Solve this problem by speaking with them about their research and becoming a part of their labs - it's an opportunity not many undergrads have at other colleges.


The best things about FSU would be the nice campus, strong school spirit, sporting events, good library and study facilities, and good classmates. One thing I'd change would be hiring better professors. FSU is a large school, but it works well as a large school. It will never feel to big. People always react positively when told I go to FSU. It has a large reputation in Florida and many people have ties to the school. I spend most of my time in the College of Engineering studying. Tallahassee is absolutely a college town, without FSU it would not be the same. FSU administration is very good, the school is well organized and well structured. Largest recent controversy would be the addition of a chick-fila resteraunt on campus because of claims that this company is against gay's and same sex marriage. FSU has extremely strong school spirit, everyone loves their school. One experience I will not forget will be how crazy the football games can be. Most complaints would be about professors or the bus system.


I love Fsu. I think the size is great, there's a lot of students and it can be hard to find parking, but I'm one to love large crowds. Tallahassee is totally a college town. There's a million places to eat around here-cool places that you wouldn't find in another city. We also have a lot of school pride. On campus, I spend most of my time in the classrooms, but I also frequent the Strozier library. It's got a cool feel to it.


FSU is an amazing school. It brings together kids from all around the country and unites them in many ways. The school spirit here is fantastic, people can bond over FSU sports, classes, and many other thing. I think it is a well rounded school that can be benefical to any student that attends and can make a college and fun and exciting adventure. The school is very large and there are many students here, some times it can be overwhelming but most of the time you do not even notice becaus the campus is big as well. When I tell people that i attend FSU everyone gets very intrigue and loves the school. Almune is very prominet here and everyone that has attended FSU will tell you there is no better school in America. I love how it is in the ciity because there are always things to do around on and off campus. There are many job opportunties for students here in the capitol. FSU has the best school pride around and everyone loves to call themseleves a seminole. There is alot of tradtion here and you can see that this campus I unique and beautiful in its own way. The campus overall has the best greenery around and the building are amazing to look at and be in. I will always remeber my first time vsiting here and how I thought it was groos and dirty becaus Tallahassee is kind of dirty on the outskits, but I remember having the campus tour and absolutely fell in love with it! Its one of thoose cmapus's that you just can't help but to love every aspect of it. The Football games are amaizng that the overall feeling on campus is GREAT!


This is school is amazing. It has one of the friendliest and most involved student bodies with a wide range of activities and clubs available. The administration and staff are top notch, well-respected professors that are knowledgeable, helpful, and understanding with their students. The advisers are always willing to help you and push you in the right direction and are easily accessible. A lot of my visiting friends say the campus is large but i think it's a comfortable medium size as you can walk from one end to the other in about 15 minutes. Also, we have a fantastic sports team with awesome fans-- football and basketball season always keep the school spirit alive.


This is school is amazing. It has one of the friendliest and most involved student bodies with a wide range of activities and clubs available. The administration and staff are top notch, well-respected professors that are knowledgeable, helpful, and understanding with their students. The advisers are always willing to help you and push you in the right direction and are easily accessible. A lot of my visiting friends say the campus is large but i think it's a comfortable medium size as you can walk from one end to the other in about 15 minutes. Also, we have a fantastic sports team with awesome fans-- football and basketball season always keep the school spirit alive.


The best thing about Florida State is the endless opportunities that are available. There is something for everyone, and being unable to find a place to belong is virtually impossible. The only thing I would change about Florida State is the parking situation, because parking on campus during school hours is difficult. At first glance, FSU seems like a large school, but once you get oriented and familiar with the campus, the school shrinks. I am so proud to call myself a Seminole, and when I tell people that I attend Florida State, they are almost always impressed. On campus, I spend most of my time in the Student Union or the Strozier Library, because people are always milling around, and you are hard-pressed to find someone you don't know! Tallahassee is definitely a college town, and the best kind! It's the state capital, and the school pride is bursting at the seams. The administration keeps the school running smoothly, and the teachers are always excellent. Controversy is rare on this campus, but school pride is plentiful, especially during football season! The only unusual thing about this school is the students, and not in a bad way - in a unique and wonderful way! The one experience I will always remember is my very first football game as a true student. And the only time I ever hear anyone complain is when they can't find a parking spot!


I think FSU is a great school. The campus is large, but it isn't hard to find your way around and become familiarized with it. The main library is my favorite building on campus, it's a great place where many students spend a lot of their time. FSU has tons of resources available for students who need help with their work or just need help finding their next class. School pride is very strong at FSU, students here are proud that they go here and I see Nole gear all the time around town. Tallahassee is definitely a college town. The campus feel of FSU spreads out past the actual campus, you can tell college students are abundant here.


THE COLLEGE SPIRIT! There is nothing like living in the state capitol, where everyone loves the Seminoles. People wear garnet and gold so proudly on the streets and you can do the "tomahawk" chant anywhere and people will go along with it. The small feel of the college town makes it easier to find a place and the astonishing stadium sits right in the middle of campus; making it accessible for everyone to utilize just one of Florida State's many beautiful buildings.


The Florida State University is placed in Tallahassee, Tallahassee is a college town that is growing as more students come in. The campus is beautiful inspired by Gothic architecture. The football games paralyzes the town and brings students together. We have many things to proud of. We have a great football team, academic programs, and awesome professors.


What makes Florida State so special is the tradition. The traditions of honoring the history of the school, of celebrating the spirit of the Seminole, the tradition of success and excellence in academics and just life in general. It's a huge community in a manageable campus that is so incredibly beautiful. People aren't always impressed when I tell them that I go to FSU, but I know that's because it's known as a party school and not taken very seriously. That's ok by me, because I know that there's so much that they obviously haven't discovered and this is where I feel at home. Once you get here, you'll know that everyone you meets truly bleed garnet and gold. If you haven't seen the sunset reflected in the stained glass windows of Dodd Hall or sat in the grass on Landis Green the first warm day of spring, then you don't know the true beauty of FSU. The west side of campus is my favorite place because of the history of the buildings there. As of this year, I fell in love with the newly renovated William Johnston Building next to Landis Green. It's a gorgeous, old brick building on the outside, but breathtakingly modern and beautiful on the inside. It's got the best unknown study spot and I always look forward to going there. I'll be honest with you, Tallahassee isn't the most cosmopolitan town. It's the perfect place for a college campus, and that's not an entirely positive thing in my book. But there is always an adventure to be had, and you'll stumble across a bustling art district at railroad square, beautiful parks, and if you take the time to venture north of the interstate, you can even watch the sunset over some gorgeous wetlands. I was floored when I accidentally found that, and no one seems to believe the potential that Tallahassee offers you if you give it a chance.


I've personally loved my time at Florida State. As a senior, looking back on all the people I've met and opportunities I've had because I became a Seminole, it reassures me that this is where I was meant to be. I think the best thing about FSU, other than its academic opportunities, is its immense school spirit and traditions. There is nothing like game day at FSU. There have been many times that I’ve hugged total strangers because of touchdowns, or high fived passersby after a game because everyone is in such a good mood. School spirit extends to more than just athletic events though, there are traditions that bind us together as Seminoles. At FSU, each fountain is legally zoned as a public swimming pool, so it’s not illegal when students carry out the tradition of throwing their friends into the Westcott Fountain on their birthday. Being thrown into the fountain on my eighteenth birthday is something I’ll never forget – it’s something that makes me a Seminole. Florida State is a big school, but there are so many ways to make it feel smaller. Whether you join an honors society, rush a fraternity, or get involved in a campus ministry, there are so many activities and organizations on campus that it’s impossible to not find the place you belong. I mean, we have a Quiddich team. Enough said. Off campus there’s a lot going on too. Every Friday before a home game, there is a “Downtown Get Down,” which is kind of like a pep rally, except the whole city is invited. There’s food, drinks, music and, most importantly, the feeling of coming together as a community to prepare for tomorrow’s game. There’s more to Tallahassee than football though. There are countless restaurants, several museums, dozens of music venues, great shopping, unique parks, and of course, an active nightlife. I consider myself lucky to be a Seminole, and most others do too. The only negative reactions I ever receive are from Gators, but that’s alright, they generally can’t help themselves. I’ve made friendships here that I know will last a lifetime, and I’ve received guidance and advice from the faculty in my department that I know will help me enter the next stage in my life. I’m incredibly glad I chose to spend the past three and a half years here in Tallahassee, and I look forward to my last semester here and the memories I’ll be sure to make.


No school on Earth could make me as happy as I am at Florida State. From the moment I first stepped onto the campus, I knew I was home. Everything from the charming brick buildings to the serenity of the third floor of Strozier library comforts and cajoles my choice in scholarship here. It takes no more than fifteen minutes to walk anywhere on the perfectly sized campus. In early fall, the warm temperatures and cool breezes stir the foliage just enough so that the air is perfumed with the most invigorating scents. Florida State has not only a gorgeous campus but also an incredible amount of school spirit. Game days are intense. The stadium is a sea of garnet and gold during the game, and the parking lot is abuzz before and after with tailgating and celebrations, respectively. Coupled with spirit is a sense of dignity and honor. We are Noles, and we recognize what an honor it is to be able to represent a proud Native American tribe when many teams, albeit mostly professional ones, were chastised for and asked to change offensive representations of American Indians. Most of all, I am proud to be a Nole because of the astounding variety found here. There are clubs and organizations for every interest from rugby to gaming to politics. Opportunities to pursue old hobbies and newly discovered passions arise and abound constantly. Florida State is an extraordinary institution with an extraordinary dedication to its students.


The greatest benefit I've received while attending Florida State was learning to be open-minded and accepting. I was so moved by President Barron's recent email addressing equal opportunity and our non-discrimination policy, wherein he stated "The university's policies are clear: We have zero tolerance for sexual violence, sexual harassment, or discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability, veteran's or marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or any other protected group status." Students should know that not all universities are so outspoken about equality for all people in every capacity, and that is part of why I'm so proud to be a Seminole. Florida State is not too large or too small, from my experience as a Writing Major. The class sizes have always been between 12-30 people, with the exception of one 60+ basic philosophy class. Perhaps those not in Arts and Sciences would disagree, but almost all of my professors have known me by name, been available to meet after class, and I've even had coffee with several of them casually to discuss my work. I have great relations with all my professors, and I know that several have offered to write me letters for graduate school when I depart. I feel that's not something all universities can say, but in our department, professors truly are oriented to the success of their students. I always get wonderful reactions when I tell people I attend Florida State. Even my uncle, who is a hard-core Gator fan, is incredibly proud of me, and has admitted to being impressed by our academia. My parents and siblings are incredibly proud, and this summer when my family vacationed in Spain, we met some fellow Florida Staters (My parents age, not students) and ended up going out for a drink with them. Again, I think this only points out the wonderful diversity and strong networking opportunities that Florida State provides to all students. I spend time on Campus at several places. Our library is a fascinating wealth of resources, from computers and programs to private study rooms to beautiful hard copies of any classic piece of literature or great work you could need. I also spend time at the Pride Student Union, the LGBTQ organization on campus, which is a safe space for people of all gender identification and type, as well as all sexual orientations. The PSU is one of the most active campus unions, and hosts several events, both educational and recreational, every year. I also spend time at The Women's Center and the Center For Participant Education, both of which seek to educate students. The Women's Center speaks to issues of abuse, rape, feminism, and gender equality, and the CPE is an organization that teaches free master classes each semester on anything from Basket Weaving to bringing Dr. Norman Finkelstein to campus last semester. This organization puts education into the hands of the students, and Florida State is very fortunate to have one. There is a college atmosphere present in the city, to be sure. You can feel it slow down when winter break approaches, but that personally has never bothered me. Tallahassee is also a very political place, which offers so many opportunities for students to be involved. I have an internship with Tallahassee Magazine right now, and I've written articles about art galleries, charity organizations, even Tallahassee's Rugby team. If you're willing to branch out of the Florida State network, there is an incredible local scene in Tallahassee. Biking, hiking, art shows, political debates and rallies, coffee shops; Tallahassee is small in ways, but there's always something new going on. Our school's administration has blossomed since Eric Barron became president. I had the privilege of having dinner with him and two other students during the first month of his presidency (After seeing Rigoberta Menchu, the Nobel Peace Prize winner). He took my friends and I out to the Dinner (where Denny's on campus used to be). We had offered to pay for him, because we were so grateful that he would give us an hour of his day without knowing us. We discussed some policies we were concerned with in the University, and he seemed understanding and agreeable about them. He then paid for our meals against our insistence, and within a few months, the policies we discussed were remedied and changed. I believe this shows just how student oriented our university is. One of the biggest controversies on campus recently was between the College Republican group on campus and several more liberal organizations. College Republicans brought an organization called GAP, which is an anti abortion group that came for 3 days and brought posters of aborted fetuses and hung them all around the center of campus. Many students were outraged, either by the anti-abortion stance being marketed, or the grotesque nature of the photos. There was a protest to the display which lasted exactly as long as the actual displays, and the controversy made front page of the FSView. However, even though students became passionately engaged in discussion and debate, there was very little said that was out of line. It was encouraging to see the student body in a completely unmoderated forum, still maintaining control over themselves and respect for their opposition whiles stating their opinion. Florida State has incredible pride for it's academia, as well as it's sports. Tailgating on game day is a wonderful experience. Walking through crowds, alumni and students bond and share food, friendly shouted conversations, and a team pride. Every student has something at FSU to be proud of, whether it's their specific organization, an event they anually partake in (like Dance Marathon or Market Wednesday), or their area of study.


I love FSU! I've certainly never regretted my decision to come here in the slightest. For me, the best thing about this school is how much it, and the surrounding Tallahassee area, feels like home. The campus is beautiful; when I lived on campus I would often just wander around looking for interesting spots, like the amphitheater by the music building and the "secret garden" between the medical school and the psychology building. There's a lot of school spirit here, which is especially evident at sporting events. Even if you're not into football (and this is coming from someone who before college had no idea what a "down" is), I would suggest going to at least one game; it's an amazing experience in the student section, and a great excuse to scream your head off for no reason in particular. As for administration, well...from my experience trying to get anything done here (especially if something goes wrong with your financial aid) is needlessly complicated. Talk about red tape! But overall, I don't think this detracts from FSU as a whole. There are disgruntled office workers everywhere, after all. Most importantly though, I've met a lot of interesting people in my time here, and I'm getting a great education in subjects that I love...which are the most important things any school should offer.


tMy overall opinion of Florida State is that it is intimidating at first, but in the end works to the student’s advantage. Florida State is the perfect place for anyone to develop and hone their social skills at any point in their life. Whether the student was a social butterfly in high school or an introvert, there is always opportunity enhance or develop these important skills that will aid you after college. The school as a whole is very large and very diverse allowing many opportunities for students to find what they are looking for in their college experience. One way to make the school smaller and less intimidating is to join an organization, club, or sport. With this, students put themselves in situations where they are forced to meet new people and expand their social limits. This allows students to network better allowing them to make more friends and meet new people in the long run. One of the more popular networking opportunities new students take advantage of is Greek Life. Greek life allows students the opportunity to meet new people in many different settings whether social, academic, philanthropic, or athletic. Greek life also allows you to network with people in different academic years, which allow them the chance to ask questions concerning their majors, professors, and classes. Knowing experienced students the first day of class, since rush is in August, also allows for incoming freshmen a chance to better understand the campus and have a place of refuge after a stressful day of school. I personally spend most of my time either at my sorority house (Delta Delta Delta) or at the English Department. When people first hear that I am a Tridelta at Florida State, they are taken back since I do not fit the blonde stereotype of Tridelta and since I am a level headed person. When people hear the name FSU, they immediately think of a “drinking school with a football problem,” which now thanks to Jimbo Fisher will not be the whole idea for long. People are often envious since they attribute FSU with partying and not necessarily academics. After being here for almost four years, I can argue that this is not the case. FSU gives their students the opportunity to grow and find themselves. Students must learn to adapt socially and academically, which will only benefit them in the real world, since time management is often a student’s biggest problem. A competitive environment in my eyes is the best since the world only becomes more competitive outside of college. By competing and socializing, students are building their network not only for personal reasons, but for those that revolve around business since it is often not what you know but who you know. Many people also often over look FSU since it is a college town, but down the street is the state capital which allows students the opportunity to meet many influential people who can often offer advice, an internship, or even a job. The people who live around FSU and are native to Tallahassee love FSU and everything it has to offer. School pride is a huge at FSU, with students dressed head to toe in garnet and gold ready to cheer on their Noles to victory. Whether playing Miami, UF, Clemson, Oklahoma, or Duke, every game is filled to the brim with students looking to let loose after a long week of classes and hoping to get their “Jenn Sterger moment” on TV. I love FSU for everything it has to offer and could not be more proud to be a Seminole.


Florida State University is an absolutely awesome school to attend. It is a unique community sitting in the center of Tallahassee. yes, we are a large campus of 40,000 students but that does not take away from the personal atmosphere that consumes every corner. Whether it is game day, when we are all painted in garnet and gold and singing our war chants in a brotherly fashion, Or if it is market Wednesday, when we all gather in the central union of campus to spend our hard earned cash on classic college memorabilia, we are a family and we take pride in giving our fellow classmates the feeling of camaraderie. One great thing about my school is the many outlets that are at our fingertips. We are filled with various clubs and organizations that are by the students and for the students, so it is easy to find an extracurricular activity where you fit in. Just this last semester I studied abroad in England at Florida State University's London campus. Even half way around the world the clubs and organizations were still accessible. I was still up to date with my writing club and I even had the opportunity to join new clubs that express a different culture. Wherever you look there is a place for you at Florida State University. When I tell people about the school I attend I get mixed responses, but the one that is always expressed is how lucky I am to attend such an interactive and beautiful University. I hear about how well the school is doing in national rank and other sorts of statistics, but that is not what matters to me. It is about the comfort I feel when I am at my campus in Tallahassee. Even as I sit here in central London I am eager about returning to my campus. We truly have it all at Florida State University.


I hold Florida State in very high regards. I think that the best aspects of going to school at FSU is a mix between the diversity of students and campus involvement with the beautiful architecture and lay out of the entire campus. Walking through campus there is always an event taking place, whether it be Market Wednesday in the Union or an art display on Landis Green. Our school is large enough to meet new people every day through campus activities and classes but still has a sense of closeness because you're more thank likely going to run into a friend or two walking to class or studying at the library. The largest problem I've found myself having here is a lack of parking during the busy middle of the day class hours, but with a new parking garage on the way and valet services popping up for students who need to get to class in a hurry, hopefully the parking issue wil start to be relieved. FSU has a strong, united school spirit that isn't just felt on campus during a game day but throughout the whole town year round.


I'd have to say, the best thing about FSU is the campus itself. Florida State has a huge, beautifully designed campus, with red brick buildings and huge oak trees. The only thing I'd change about FSU is their parking situation, however, they are currently building another parking garage. When I tell others that I go to FSU, I usually get a pleased response. FSU, home of the Seminoles, has a huge fan base, and it's easy to come across a fellow Nole. The place I spend most of my time is in the library. They have a built-in Starbucks and it's a nice atmosphere to get some work done. Tallahassee, Florida is definitely a college town. It's the capital of Florida, but the entire town revolves around FSU. The school's administration is very helpful. They tend to get busy around class registration, but when you are able to get in contact with them, they give you as much information as possible to answer any of your questions. The only recent controversy I can recall is probably the hours of finals. Some students, including myself, have had early finals this week. Florida State is unbelievably school spirited. If you are a student here, you will see that everyone is proud to wear the school colors. One experience I'll never forget was rushing FSU's Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity. It's a community service fraternity, and it's where I found my best friends. The only complaint I am aware of is the limited parking space, but you could always take the bus!


Florida State University is my home away from home. With my permanent residence being a seven and a half hour drive south to Miami, I would normally get homesick. But since FSU has such a strong community of student activity and great academics, Tallahassee has become another home for me. One thing I love about FSU is the family oriented feeling that all of us students have. Everyone on campus is 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} approachable, which includes staff and students a like. Walking around campus, you can tell everyone has a very positive energy that welcomes new students and students from other schools into a very tolerant learning environment. The student activity around campus is abundtly phenomenal. There are so many clubs to join and so many opportunities to meet new friends and follow a path to the future of your choice. I feel that FSU is a stepping stone to my future, helping me not only academically, but also socially because of the well rounded atmosphere of college life.


I am honored to be a Florida State Seminole! Every time I hear the warchant during games, or even when your out during the night life of Tallahassee, it gives me chills. All of the student's become so exultant, and the pride that we all have in our school makes you feel like your in a family, because we all have so much pride in our school. In the fall when we have our football games, the colors garnet and gold are the only colors worn that whole weekend, and of course even after the weekend of game days. I would have to say that FSU is definitely a "college town", because most of the night life and housing areas around the campus area, are generally college students. I like to think of it as a huge Florida State neighborhood. I'm always never hesitant to say that I attend FSU whenever someone from back home asks me. Being able to say that I am a Seminole is rewarding, and most people will answer back with such positive feedback and want to hear all about what is going on. Due to the fact that our football team has been ranked, we are very well-known around the country, and are envied by the state (since we are #1 ranked team in Florida). The campus of FSU seems to always put everyone in awe, no doubt about it. The brick buildings structures will make you want to stand outside the building and observe every inch of the building. Then there is Landis Green, the beautiful grassy area in the heart of FSU, where students always lay out, do homework, have a picnic... you name it. Yet, to all these positive aspects of FSU, there is just one thing that students wish could change...the parking. There are many off campus commuters, as well as on campus students, but not enough parking for all students. From many students that I have spoke to, all of them have preached about having more parking on campus so that students will be able to get to their classes on time. I myself am an off-campus commuter, and I make sure to leave my apartment at least an hour before my class so that I am able to find parking. Being apart of Seminole Dance Force (one of Florida State's dance teams) I have been able to perform in the Homecoming Parades, Basketball games, Pow Wow, and other events around campus. I would have to say that my best memory at Florida State was dancing in Pow Wow at the Civic Center. The feeling I had performing in front of thousands of other FSU students was simply astonishing. Being able to be apart of such a huge FSU tradition and doing what I love, is just something that you cannot even describe.


FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY IS THE BEST UNIVERSITY IN THE WORLD! I know that's what you want to hear, the truth is that Florida State University is a great school however, it does come with its ups and downs as does every other university or college. The best thing about Florida State is its undying pride, no matter how many times the football team lhas ost to the Haters, I mean the Gators or any negative conotations were associated with the school, the Seminoles always come out on top. One thing I'd change about FSU is the grading system. I was never a fan of the plus and minus grades, If Florida State changed the grading scale to A,B,C,D,F, the students would have higher grade point averages. On the other hand, most professors are the greatest teachers you will ever have as a student because they care about their student's success.and for all you students who qualify for financial aid,look forward to getting your net check on time. Another plus is that Florida State University is known worldwide for its academic success and cultural diversity. What can I say, its good to be a Nole!


I absolutely love Florida State; there is no other college I would want to attend. Even in high school, FSU was my first choice. At first, FSU can seem intimidatingly large, but once you find your niche, you'll have the best time of your life. You can choose to go Greek or stay independent; either way, there are tons of things to get involved in on campus. THe Student Union is a great place to go if you aren't in to the partying scene. They have a bowling alley, an art studio, a Chili's, and tons of other small restaurants like Pollo Tropical. If you are looking to have a lot of fun and party, The Strip is the place for you. It is a group of 5 or 6 bars all clustered within one building. The Strip is always so much fun, and you're guaranteed to run into many people you know. The alumni of FSU are very involved, and a lot of the activities current students participate in are funded by FSU alum. FSU gamedays are an experience you don't want to miss out on. Tailgating begins hours before the game, and the entire campus is decked out in garnet and gold. We even have the "Garnet and Gold Guys," two male students who paint themselves completely in glitter for every home football game. Their identities are unknown which makes them seem very mysterious, and it is very exciting to get a picture with them. The only complaint I have about FSU is the complete lack of parking space. Sometimes, I search for a good 20 minutes until I find a parking space that is a mile from where I want to be. However, the horrible parking at FSU gives everyone something to bond over, no matter how different you may be. It is definitely a rite of passage to survive the horrendous parking.


My first thought upon visiting Florida State University for the first time was that it looked like universities should look, like in the movies of course. Coming from South Florida, the lovely old brick buildings and shady oaks with Spanish moss trailing everywhere were very new to me. My research into things like academics and internship opportunities officially convinced me I wanted to come here, but before I knew any of that it was love at first sight. And three years later, as I walk down the campus, I am still pleasantly surprised sometimes by just how beautiful it is--especially as the seasons change. That is not to say that everything is perfect. Most students will tell you that parking is rather hectic and the cost is always rising. However, these are issues that I would face at almost any school I can think of. If I have to deal with them, I rather deal with them at the beautiful Florida State University.


I don't have many bad things to say about FSU. The campus is one of the prettiest in the nation. Tallahassee is an interesting city. It has it's beautiful parts, though as is with most college towns if you stray a block or two in the wrong direction you'll find yourself in a shady neighborhood. There is a good number of people in the school. Gyms and restaurants get crowded at times but it's nothing too bad. The people can be jerks, and the people can be nice. It depends on who you're surrounding yourself with and where you are. The teachers are great and helpful, and football reigns supreme. If I could change one thing it would be parking. Parking is miserable and I myself have racked a considerable amount in parking tickets.


There are a lot of great things about Florida State University. I love the pride that the students have in their school, especially during football games. One of the best experiences I had as a freshman here at FSU was my first football game. Everyone had the school colors on (garnet and gold). There were parties before and after the game. There were just tons and tons of students around the stadium getting ready to cheer their school on, and this is the way it is for every football game here at FSU. Once I entered the stadium, I saw that most of the seats were covered with FSU students, and when we did the war chant, I felt like all of Florida could hear us. The marching chief's are also a big part of our football games. The first time I heard them play, I was blown away by how loud they were. Florida State University is also a beautiful campus. I love walking to class in a November afternoon with a light breeze. Stepping on a brick path, looking up to see trees and hills; it's very pleasant. Another thing I love about this school is the people. You can walk around and ask anybody directions or whatnot, and will always get an honest answer. The administration is also very nice as well, even if you have an intention of transferring to another university, you will not be treated any differently. FSU is filled with all kinds of people, but there is a great sense of unity. I really do feel like I am a part of a huge family. One thing that I really want to emphasize is that this area is very rural. I come from Pembroke Pines, Florida so i can drive to South Beach or Miami very easily. I am used to palm trees, buildings and plenty of things to do. I decided to come to FSU for many reasons, among which was this rural feeling. There are plenty of hills (which is surprising for me because I have lived in south Florida all of my life and I did not expect to find hills here). I wanted to experience something different, and so I was very excited about moving up here to Tallahassee. After two years of being here, I can easily tell you that I HATE Tallahassee. Outside of the Florida State campus, there is almost literally nothing. There is no real city. There is no airport. There are a couple of clubs that get old very quickly...and a couple of parks. These things are great to experience with friends for a year, but after a while I began to realize how much I missed home (Miami). This place began to feel more and more grey and dead with each passing month. Most people just go to parties, or just walk around and hang out. On campus there is Club Down Under, were there are many different kinds of performances from a Chinese ensemble to a hypnotist. There is also a movie theater, bowling ally and several performance halls in which students from the School of music have performances. I can give more information to anyone who is interested in becoming a part of the Florida State University School of Music, which is pretty hard to get into. I am a Music Minor. In a nutshell, FSU is a great school with great education, great staff and awesome students, but is located in a very dead city.


I love Florida State University. I find there to be a good balance of people here, my classes are challenging and interesting at the same time, the campus is beautiful and it's close to home there's not much more I could ask for in my school.


FSU is located in a cool, historic city, so there's always new things to learn about and explore. It's a big school, but not gigantic. It has a pretty positive reputation for both academics and athletics, so people are usually impressed and interested to hear that you go there. I spend a lot of time at the gym, its probably my favorite place on campus. Its a great facility and its open until midnight most nights, and they offer great group fitness classes. Tallahassee is definitely a college town, but its still the state capital, so there is more going on. FSU has a great administration, in my opinion. They seem genuinely concerned for the students and our success here. The biggest recent controversy here was an off-campus shooting last year. There is a huge amount of school pride, most people here are proud to be Seminoles.


Overall, I really enjoy my school. The things I really enjoy about this school include the curriculum, the professors, the campus, and the heritage. The major I am in is pretty unique to this university and has given me an edge on the career search after college. The professors I have has are very engaging and interesting; they push their students to think farther and really excel. The campus is composed of picturesque brick buildings and large trees. The school was originally an all-women's college, and the traditions of that institution have adapted into the traditions we currently hold today; this creates a multi-faceted school identity which students can grab hold of and apply to their own lives. The one thing I would change would be some of the strict rules of the dormitories. The school is just the right size for me; I can see myself as a part of it while also meeting so many new people. Because I am an in-state student, when I tell people I attend FSU, their reactions are usually charged with the rivalry between the several Florida schools; if they support FSU, they congratulate me. I spend most of time at the Marching Chiefs field and my dorm room.


I absolutely LOVE Florida State University. I have learned so much, gained real world experience, and made a network of friends. One of the best things about FSU is the beautiful and state of the art campus. 24 hour access to the main library, on campus gymnasium, multiple computer labs, and lounges are all amenities that work to enhance a student’s overall experience. It is hard for me to think of something to change at FSU but if I had to name one I would improve the parking situation. There is a limited amount of parking garages. It often times it gets hectic and is a frequent student complaint. Administration, however, is working on alleviating some of the traffic by building new garages. When I tell people I go to Florida State University the response is usually positive, however, it is difficult to bring up the university without bringing up our football team. I live on campus and spend most of my time either at work, going to class, or participating in extracurricular activities. FSU is definitely a college town and I much prefer this atmosphere as compared to a big city where the university tends to get lost. The school’s administration is a strong one and is always pushing toward excellence. There an enormous amount of school pride and it is most apparent during fall when students and alumni come together and enjoy football games. One experience I will always remember about my time here at Florida State University would be moving into the dorms freshman year. Finally moving away from home and living on my own was the best decision I could have ever made. I would not be the person I am today if I had not attended FSU and for that I am forever grateful.


FSU was my first choice school, and as it usually goes, I had a harder time getting in. Overall though, I love my school, but it's certainly not some kind of college Utopia. When it comes to your financial aid or many of the administrative services, there's a pretty big bureaucracy and you can get the runaround. Just recently I was almost kicked out of my classes because halfway through the semester they realized that I forgot one piece of paperwork. The school itself is large but not ridiculously so. You can walk from one side of campus to the other in about 30 minutes, even with the hills. The hills are really my only complaint about the setup of the school: all my classes are way uphill, and I usually arrive red-faced and panting like I'd run a mile. Most of my time on campus is spent either in one of the Student Unions, in Oglesby Union or just on the Union or Landis Green. In the fall and spring, the normally oppressing weather really lightens up, and you'll see just about everybody outside enjoying before either the temperature drops into the 30s or it rises into the high 90s. Tallahassee is most definitely a college town, with more places that deliver than don't (though be careful, some of the fees they want to charge are nothing short of ridiculous). With many great diners and some pretty cheap drinks right across the street and along the strip, even staying on campus without a car means you won't have to be too far from where the action is. Our biggest controversy in recent history was about three years ago, when many of the football players were caught buying their grades from a TA for an online class. We ended up having many of our wins and some awards taken away because of it. There is most definitely a lot of school pride, and while I'm proud of my school, I think that gets confused with "football" pride. I'm not a big football fan, although I'm happy when we win, but even when you put that aside, FSU is a great school that has some of the top programs in the country for certain majors, including both of mine. Probably the most unusual thing about this school is how, even though Tallahassee is in a very conservative part of the country, there's not a lot of bad feelings if you're not a conservative Christian or a good ol' boy, and in fact the school is pretty liberal. I myself am not conservative or Christian and I've never been made to feel inferior or bad about my choices. Even the most conservative students are usually open-minded enough to talk and have some really good discussions about life in general. I've never seen people fight about it or have anyone make a big deal of it, which in this part of the country, makes FSU a nice university with a pretty chill atmosphere for it's students. The one experience I'll always remember is the first time I saw the Evangelical preachers who travel to universities come to campus. It was really disconcerting that, like I said before, everyone I met was pretty chill, and then suddenly there are loud, screaming preachers yelling at me that I'm a slut for wearing jeans. Nowadays I can look at them and shake my head in amusement, but at the time, I was really upset. If you're sensitive and can hear them in the Union, I would advise you walk pretty far around them. Definitely the biggest complaints in the school have to do with administration. While tuition costs go up, our financial aid goes down, and when there's a problem with money or registration, it becomes a huge issue since no one likes to email other departments to get conflicts resolved. Just three weeks ago I was sent from the first floor to the third floor 3 times in 20 minutes because the two departments were being stubborn and wouldn't just talk to each other. Try to get everything in early so if there is a problem, it can be resolved fast.


The best thing about Florida State University is its friendly atmosphere. There's an air of southern hospitality in Tallahassee that you just don't get in SoFla. We have the smallest acreage-wise public university campus in the State of Florida, so we have a very pedestrian-friendly campus. There are a ton of people here, 40,000+, but I wouldn't let that daunt you. FSU offers over 500 clubs and organizations that you can join to find your niche and make campus a lot smaller. Plus, our stadium holds 80,000+ and boy, is it amazing to see that many garnet and gold arms doing the chop during the fight song on game day! The only thing I'd change about FSU is the parking situation. Parking pretty much sucks at every college campus and its no different at FSU, but we do have a pretty reliable campus bus system if you want to avoid the whole car situation.


Florida State University is a great school that has many flaws through no fault of their own. Most professors (or should I say teacher assistants) do care for the prosperity of their students but depending on your department there is no telling who will be standing at the front of the classroom when it’s time to begin. For me (editing, writing and media major) it’s rare to have a professor who is the one teaching the class. I mean there is a professor in a faraway land who dictates what we learn and when but as for the presentation of the material, the duty usually falls on the teachers assistants due to an overload of classes to administer. Now that might sound terrible, but its actually not that bad; the TA's are more recently undergrads themselves so they can relate to many obstacles students face and have more innovative methods of relaying the information. But let’s say you’re in a major that requires a lot of math or sciences, you’d be lucky to even get someone who can properly speak English for you to understand! All of this is a direct consequence of education budget cuts which obviously also directly affect Florida State students.