Grand Canyon University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back and tell myself about college and the experiences I will have, I would say stay in the school you chose first. I would have been graduating this year if I hadn't taken time off to see what I wanted to study. I would have been confused while I was there, but I would have had amazing experiences: I would wake up for class in my dorm and walk everywhere, I would eat whatever I wanted, I would not have to worry I was bothering anyone by staying up late, and I could have gone out with friends and not have to ask for permission to do anything. It probably would have been too much power for me at the time, but I would have learned from my mistakes instead of regreting not making mistakes to learn from. I am happy with how my life is now, but a college experience is hard to find. Leaving my family was hard at first, but I would have gotten used to seing them once a month in exchange for a better education and a better future.


Get involved in more community projects for rounding out your college application. Do not stress so much about what is happening right know because soon you will be moved out and only your future will matter. Dig in your studies and pay attention to extra information that would expand your learning. Just because you think people don't understand what you are going through, many times they do and they understand why you are the way you are. Don't worry about what you family sees you as just be yourself and keep doing what you believe in and all will be fine. Give college the second chance and don't put it off going back for so long, jump back in sooner. Smile and the world will smile with you.


For me, education means a balancing of the soul. Heading into a Univeristy where I am taken off my training wheels is probably the best thing to happen to me. In oder to become successful in life and be happy, we got to learn how to fall off our bikes, pick it up and ride once more. My first semester at Grand Canyon University has been a challenging one and an experience I did not expect. I was thrown off guard which is what most people feel when first thrown into a different environment. Once we learn how to adapt is when we can take full fruitition of our studies and truly learn how to gain that life you want. Attending a University in itself has value in itself. It is a sign that you are dedicated to improving your very soul. It is a dedication to becoming a better person. There is nothing more precious in this world than the human soul and taking care of it is a great responsibility. Whether you take the soul to be spiritual or just a metaphor of yourself is fine. But my soul is the reason why I attend college


Out of this experience I have become more responsible and make sure I use my time wisely. The professors and counselors are very encouraging and I feel like they have my best interest at heart. The counselors have even share experience about themselves being in and working at the university. This let me know that they have a good idea of what I am going through and experiencing.


So far I have learned some towards my degree and they have helped me learn how to live out side of home. I have meet a lot of new people and learned new things since coming to college.


I am now a certified teacher in NY state. Each day is special and I am able to make a difference in the life of children. I am currently employed as a substitute for a number of different districts, but it is still much better than any of the other jobs I have ever had. I would not have been able to complete this if there were not excellent programs like Grand Canyon University offers online. I have a family, and have to work, and completing this online has allowed me to be more organized and focused not just in school, but in my life.


I think I have gained knowledge along with organization skills, life skills and lessons that have shpaed me adn the person I will be when i go into society.


Academic knowledge as well as life skills that are vital to anyones future success. Life experiences are what make a person who they are and attending Grand Canyon Univeristy has been a valuable experience.


I have learned a tremendous amount through GCU. My teachers have been exceptional, understanding and willing to work with me. My classmates have many insights about the lessons taught and share their ideas with the class. I hope to use my degree in the mission field as a teacher, maybe in a foreign country or here in the US. It has been valuable to help me attain my goal of Nursing education. Many of my students have appreciated my teaching and I want to pass that on to as many people as I can. I have been told many times that I have a heart for missions. Getting my Masters is one way I can go to the missions field and help others.


Throughout my first-semester in college I experienced many things that made me finish to the end without quitting. I learned that in this economic calamity it is very hard and stressful to earn a career job or even hold a good job. I realized that the only solution to succeeding in this world is education because that is my ticket to reaching my dream. Also I had a teacher who spoke with me and gave me a word of advice when I was about to drop out of college. He said, "Life will knock us down, but we can choose to get back up." From then on I have been dedicated to my work and taken pride in everything that college throws at me. College is very valuable to me because when all the schooling is complete: it will be easier for me to find employment, earn more money than others, some careers require a degree and I have a more advance education than others who has a high school diploma. I have learned from my older realtives who did not continue their education and ended up homeless because without a degree it is hard to survive.


I have gotten so much out of my college expierence. I have been able to meet new people and expandmy social network so that my friends from college today can be my business partners in the years to come. Also it has taught me to be more disciplined and responsible which has allowed me to better prepare myself for the world outside of college. Lastly it has given me self confidence. I always knew i could do a lot and succeed but being in college I have seen myself go above and beyond and now I know the stars are truely the limits.


The experience I received was very valuable to me because I know I could pass it on to incoming college students in the future. I realized living off campus was a difficult sitiuation. Coming from a low-income family; I couldn't afford to buy myself a car. Therefore, I take the city bus to go to school. For me to attend to class was like a mission. I would wake up early, dress up, and catch the bus that comes scheduled for every half hour. But I still made it on time. For me it was important to be on time because I had valuable learning to do. If I were to miss atleast 10 minutes, its like missing a day of learning. As for my college experience, I learned alot in communication, confidence, and independence. Without those three, I don't know how I would have ended up.


My college experience has taught me a lot about myself. I was so unsure about what I wanted in my life, and attending college has really helped me set up the path that I need to take to be successful. It has given me confidence in my school work, my extra curricular activities, and mostly myself. I have made so many new friends and gained a family with my Dance team. I have also learned how much of a responsibility life is and how we can never take a day or a person for granted. Mostly I have discovered that life is tough and that I am going to have to work really hard to do what I want to do, friendships come and go but there are a few people who will always stick around, and your family is one of the most important things to have.


Out of my college experience, I have learned that financial needs are not the only factors that contribute to a student's lack of studies. For example, a student should give their attention, time, and efforts to study regardless of the financial crisis which will only keep the student from studying further and fail in future.


I have really enjoyed getting to know some of the other students in my courses. The discussion forums used that GCU are a great way of getting to know other people. In the courses I have taken, having to discuss varies ideas and topics has really helped me to be more open-minded because I have gotten to explore the view points of other people from different cultures and walks of life. I also find that the professors really know their professions and are always willing to go that extra mile with you to help you to understand the subject matter. I believe that all experiences can be good ones; it just depends on how you choose to view them. Going back to school at 30+ has helped me to grow as a person both mentally and spiritually, I have found that I am actually gaining more than I had originally intended; and I love it.


Although I may only be at a community college, I have recieved something that will better my life and make me an all-around better person, education. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to attend college. I have learned many life lessons as well as expanding my knowledge in many areas. Attending college is very important and vauble in today's world because it gives one a sense of direction and accomplishment. Taking the initiative to further my education has put me ahead in life, by staying focused and comitted to school in a world with a high dropout rate. I have the ambition, the drive, and the focus to make it through school and one day earn my Doctorate's degree in Archaeology so I can make an impact on the world I live in. What I lack are the resources and funds, but I will do whatever it takes to achieve my ultimate goal.


I have received so much from my college experience. I have learned better time-management. I have learned to multi-task, but mostly, I have learned that the lawn can be mowed by children. Being a full-time mother and a full-time staff nurse, I have to make sure that I can handle anything extra that I take on. I was very pessimistic when I first began this adventure, but as I advanced from class to class with A's in each one, my self-confidence built, as a person and as a nurse. The online program at Grand Canyon University has been very valuable to me because I am a tactile learner. I have always had a difficult time sitting for long periods of time listening to lectures. With this program, I am given my assignments, but for the most part, I choose how I accomplish them in a way that fits me best. This is so valuable because I walk away with the most knowledge that I can because I am learning the way that I need to, not what is best for most. I hope that many more students feel as rewarded as I do.


I have more confidence, self-discipline, organization, and persistance out of my college experience. It has been valuable for me to attend because it has helped me grow as a person as well as teach me the things I need to know to do the career I want to go into. It has taught me alot about myself and taught me that I can reach my full potential through getting the education I am getting. I feel that it has and will also help me make better decisions in my family life and in my career. College does not just educate you about your major, it also helps you grow as a person and be able to mature more.


When these four years have concluded, I will have my Bachelor's of Science in Nursing degree as well as a lisense to practice as a Registered Nurse. It is amazing to think that I will have all of the tools that I need in order to work as an RN right out of school. I have had such an incredible time learning more and more about how the human body works, as well as how I can work to improve someone else's health by using the knowledge I'm gaining in school. The friends that I've made during this program have both encouraged and inspired me and many, I believe, will be lifelong friends. It is so exciting to think that the education that I am receiving now is training me specifically for the career that I've got my sights set on, and I can't wait to get started.


"What have I gotten out of my college experience?" As a "newbie", some would say I haven't had the opportunity to get something out of college yet, but they would be incorrect. Just the process of searching for a college, filling out all the necessary forms, and talking to all the "right" people has humbled me in the realization of the amount of help I need. It has also opened my eyes to the people that don't even know me, but they have built their lives and careers around helping people like me reach our goals. I don't know, maybe to them it is just a job, but I don't think so. I believe they must have hearts for people just like me, or they wouldn't last long in their professions. I am humbled by the amount of help I realize I need in all areas, and I am very appreciative of those that have been willing to give that help.


My college experience has been a huge mile-stone in my life. I have learned so many new skills to apply to the "real world". One skill in particular is independence, not just from my parents, but as a student. I do not have someone there constantly reminding me what I need to be doing or what is due; it is all up to me to get it done. I have also learned that it is crucial to go the extra mile or that A will never be obtained. In college, having priorities is the key. Of course it is important to have fun while you're in college, but school work should always come first. These skills will not only prepare me and get me through college, but also after college. These are very valuable skills to have and I feel college is the best way to gain them.


If I had to chose one aspect of my college experience that I would deem most valuable it would have to be my very first class at Grand Canyon University. My first class was University Success, but they should have named it common sense made easy. This class took every problem that students encounter and provided a solution. I have been using the techniques explained in my everyday life to fight procrastination, manage my time and prioritize my life. The techniques seem so simple that we should all be able to implement them in our lives but we don't. Fighting procrastination is as simple as just doing it and planning ahead. Accomplish the small stuff now. Plan for the big things, break them down so that you don't feel overwhelmed and schedule each item starting with something you can do right now. Once I prioritized my life I created a basic schedule for tasks that I need to accomplish. Anything that I could finish in under 30 minutes I did right away and so on. After monitoring my time I realized how to squeeze in a few extra minutes for me!


The most important thing that I have gotten out of my college experience thus far is to be open minded. I have never been around so many different people with so many different ideas and opinions. It has taught me not to judge a person simply on appearances.


Eventhough I have only attended college for a few weeks up to this date, everything has been amazing. There really isnt words that can be used to describe how it was been and I can only imagine on how much better it will bet. This school has helped me not only build myself as a successful person but also have a spiritual reletionship with God.


Attending college has been valuable because it has given me a renewed sense of self and direction. It's exciting to be part of a group of people all working toward success. The atmosphere has inspired me to be a more positive person and I'm looking forward to giving back to my community and society with my newly acquired skills.


I have gotten a lot out of my experience so far. I have only been at Grand Canyon for about a month but before that I went to a community college. No matter what college it may be it will take you to a different level of thinking and being educated. College makes you think beyond the present and past but makes you think into the future and what you can do to make it better. I have learned more about myself at college than anywhere else and I am truly grateful for that experience. Some of the professors that you will come in contact with will make a memorable difference in your college life and well beyond. College cost me tons of money but it will always be valuable to me because no matter what the cost, in the end Iwill get a better more fulfilling job, and a chance to be sucssesful.


Two years ago I was laid off from a job I carried for six years. I searched for two years for a job and kept getting turned down because I had no college education. I was very interested in computer security. I realized with my history with the marines, as a now veteran , that I wanted to explore ithe computer security field due to the interest I had while serving. I am a father of four girls all under the age of six. I wanted to show to them the importance of college. I also wanted to be the first person in my family to get a college education. My college experience has shown me the importance of dedication and work ethic. I have maintained an "A" average since starting. College is so valuable to attend, because its an investment to a promising future. Its something I will encourage my four girls to do. Its hard being the leader of a household, the only person in family available to work, and attending full time college schedule. However, I have realized the importance of the sacrifices I am making to better my future and be a good example to my family.


What I have gotten out of my college experience so far is that we have to be responsible adults in life in order to succeed. I f we are not on time to complete our homework assignments, arrive on time to our class, or simply not completing with the requirements, one suffers the consequences dearly. This, of course, affects us in our future, for instance, in our jobs and in paying our bills. We must be responsibile and make sure that we complete those deadlines. If we do not then we might even loose our homes, cars, and even our spot in the class. The reason why it has been valuable to attend college is because it is one step closer to my goal, which is to become a doctor. I want to help others in their time of need and make sure that their health is in great care. This is why I want to attend college, it is the reason why I get up every morning and tell myself that all my hard work and dedication will take me to a wonderful place.


I recently started back to school and I am finishing up my three week orientation with the University of Phoenix. It has been a struggle to get back into school due to the loss of a family member. However, I am very passionate about furthering my education and find it a great comfort to know that I can complete my studies online. Not only is it convenient but it's an alternate way to learn! My first assignment for my orientation was to write a short biographical essay on my life. Including my goals for now and the future. It took about an hour to get everything I needed to start school. Only an hour and I have made a drastic change in my life. I look forward to learning more each day and growing professionally and emotionally with each assignment completed. It is hard to get started but once you do it makes the biggest difference. I am lucky to have this opportunity and can't wait to hear about others who've succeeded as well!


A degree is vital in the world today. Providing for you, much less a family, with only a high school diploma is almost impossible. College has given me the foundation of structure and the skills I need to become the best teacher I can be and help students with special needs be the best that they can be. In college you learn to manage your time because no one will do it for you. You learn to prioritize because Professors will not listen to your excuses. You learn management skills because if you do not you will sink and no one is there to reach down and pull you up. High school is a fun social party, college prepares you for real life.


Grand Canyon offers all the great experiences that any other State university does but without leaving student feeling asolated in a huge school packed with thousands and thousands of student. At GCU the RA's, and administration people have countless activities where student can meet and become friends.


I have gotten the chance to learn about other people and there ways of life while still holding true to my own beliefs. I feel that I am on my way to completing my goal of becoming a surgeon and I am glad that Grand Canyon University was here to assist me on my way. I feel that they are the best in the state and I value there smaller campus because I have a better opportunity to have one on one time with my professors which is something that I couldn't achieve at a larger university.


College is period of growth, academically and personally, and has been the most valuable experience of my lifetime. My younger sister just graduated from high school and I shared my experiences with her. I explained to her that college is tough - you may get a teacher who bombards you with homework and essays, or you haven’t seen the daylight who knows when because finals are coming up and you’re determined to get an A – but I reminded her that college is well worth it in the long haul and gives you a sense of satisfaction. The experiences in college create a wealth of knowledge within a person. It makes one wiser and grants them the ability to achieve their goals. Moreover, college is also about the fun events like the football games, or baseball games because you have to find a balance between academics and your social life to say you have experienced college. While I am in my final two years of my undergraduate degree, I have valued every experience in college thus far, and I am looking forward to the experiences I will be encountering before I receive the diploma I have worked so hard for!


I have learned alot in the few weeks that I have attended school at Grand Canyon University. I have learned that plagirism is a hot topic when doing research papers. It is very important that you cite your material correctly. I am learning to be the best teacher possible. With the help of the school I hope to achieve this goal of mine.


College is fun. You learn how to be responsible. No one is behind you telling you when to go to bed- or when it's time for class. It is something you must do on your own. You also mature alot. You meet good friends and bad friends. You get to decide which direction you want to go. You may make a mistake and fall but you have to learn how to get back up. No one is going to be there holding your hand. The path is laid out for you, but you choose which way. This is what I have learned by attending school- be INDEPENDENT.


College has tought me that theirs more to life than just earning a paycheck from some 9-5 job, but to experience life through as many eyes that a person can share their life with. Also college life has tought that a person needs to prepare for the future, and makes plans for it, because life is a long journey, that a person should enjoy, and the more people that you bring into your own life that are willing to try to achieve higher knowledge, the easier life is, and brcomes that more enjoyable to walk in.


As an older student I can assure anyone that the university experience is a neccessary part of personal growth and adaptation to our changing society. Becoming more competitive in the job market is actually secondary to the experience of learning, in my case. I have rediscovered how to study, and am more convicted in my faith and secular beliefs. Unless one is put in an environment where questions can be asked and answered and a rapport developed, then he has ceased to do something essentially human, to learn and grow. Apart from personal gains, the university/college environment allows one to touch the life of others in a positive upbuilding way, which one would be too shy or otherwise unable to do. As an online student, it requires decipline, etiquette and reticence which will benefit you far beyond the classroom. Overall, if one were to seriously consider their studies at university/college they will become a better person, develope opinions and willingness to change their society and environment and so better others in the process.


As stated by Elbert Hubbard ?A goal without a plan is just a dream? (Hubbard, 2010). I returned to college in January 2009 after a 23 year hiatus. My choice to study Information Technology is in large part due to the attacks on America on September 11, 2001. In the aftermath with the release of the 911 Commission report there was evidence that mistakes were made and information not shared amongst the monitoring agencies. After the attacks, President Bush created The Department of Homeland Security. It is my goal to secure a position within one of the Government agencies under the auspices of the DHS.; such as the Cyber-Crime Division. My degree in IT is the first step in the foundation of my educational pursuits. I?m currently on track to graduate from Bryant & Stratton in August, 2010 with an Information Technology Associate?s Degree. Having no prior experience with computers, I have done well in my education and maintained a 3.8 GPA the past 4 semesters. I begin my Bachelor?s Degree in Criminal Justice at SUNY IT, in New York State in September 2010. Thank you for this opportunity to apply for the Campus Discovery Scholarship.


My college experience has helped me determine who I am, what I want to do with my life, and given me the resources to effectively pursue those goals. College taught me that it was okay to change; just because I thought I wanted to be a lawyer at 18 didn't mean I had to stay locked into that decision. Learning that no one would look down on me if I changed career aspirations (nor even care if I did!) was a seminal revelation in my life. I will enter nursing school in August 2010, and am thrilled that I will have the opportunity to touch people each day and help them through life's more uncomfortable moments. I treasure the time I spent in class during college. It was a privilege to have years to study and be able to spend a considerable amount of time just THINKING. I wish I'd taken more time to recognize the beauty of that opportunity while I was in the thick of my undergraduate education. The value of college was that I learned a little about a lot, and learned a lot about who I wanted to be in the world.


The lessons that I learned during my college experience was to not give up your dreams and follow your heart. I had some sticking points in my college experience where my life outside the classroom changed, but I did not allow it to stop me from completing my degree. I kept right on moving to finish what I started.


My major is Sign Language Interpreting, it has been a passion of mine since I was five years old, and I am happy to be fulfilling it. My college experience has been mostly good, it is a bit frusterating, though with how much money it costs.


So far I have complete two years of community college and I am transferring to a four year during this coming fall of 2010. My college experience at first was kind of lonely i could not concentrate as well in school as I can now. During the next two years I say that the greatest experience that I have received, other than a good education, is growth. I have become a mature adult; even though I am only 19 I was always mature. This along with many invaluable classes has taught me much about the world.


my college experience has been a difficult one i was diagnosed schizophrenic this year so learning while on medicaiton has been hard but it has been an obstacle i have over come and i am relearning how to learn


I have gotten a great education that is going to help advance my career and the education I need to move forward to grad school. I was so happy I went to the school I did because it helped me in so many ways. They gave me the tools I needed to become physical therapist in the future. They gave me the tools I needed to apply and get accepted into graduate school. I gained many friends for life there and the campus people are very friendly there.


My college experience so far has been at a Community College, but I enjoyed the mix of people. The different backgrounds, beliefs, and even accents has shown me once again what a wonderful country I live in. The process of learning new things through the classes is food and exercise for the brain. A person doesn't only have to go to college for training in a certain job field, one can go for the joy of learning at the same time. When I see that in other students faces it reinforces my joy of learning. I wouldn't have traded that experience for anything and wish I was in the position to enjoy the full experience of a 4-year college on campus. I still will be able to read the joy (and sorrow for some) while continuing my education online and that will be a good thing. Going in a new direction for a career is an exciting, and somewhat scary, thing to do while married with children.


I have learned how to communicate with others and this was very hard for me before starting college classes. I also consider myself smart, but feel that everyone can better themselves, and college is helping me move forward in my life toward a business career, which has always been a dream of mine.


First and for most, my experience at Grand Canyon Univ. has been a great learning time for me. It has helped me understand how to write papers and the wright way to do research on paper, how to get into good work habits. It has also showin me how to reach out and try to help others do there work if they need help in understanding what needs to be done. It has given me the chance to learn more and also show others what i have learned. To help others that may need my help with something that i have learned.


Right now what I have gotten out of my college experience is that GCU has great advisors and I have had nothing but great help in getting started and I can not wait to start my classes on March 1st. Going back to school is really scary for me and they have made it easy so far with getting all set up.


I would first tell myeslf to HAVE FUN. Don't take everything so serious as if it's the end of the world. I would say that no matter how great of a plan you might have life is going to send you on a few detours. You might not graduate in exactly four years, it might take five or more. Just go with the flow. Everyone says that high school is the best four years of your life, but really, college is. You might not stay as close to the friends you have in high school but you will meet your lifelong friends in college. Make sure to study hard, because college is not nearly as easy as high school. Also, figure out different study techniques until you find the one that gives you a great grade on the exam. So, moral of the story; study hard, have fun, take things as they come, and stay close to your new college friends. College is the best time of your life, make the most of it!


I have bi-polar disorder. When I was in high school, I began experiencing my first symptoms. Back then, (I'm 41) nobody knew what Bi-olar disorder was. I was taken to this doctor and that. Often I was just percieved as a surly, disobediently who would rather sleep than be responsible. It was a hard tim in my life. College was even worse. I began to have psycotic breaks and hallucinations. The transition to living on campus with too much freedom was too much. I was never in class. I was asleep. I needed psyciatric treatment badly, but was overlooked. If I could go back and tell myself anything, I would say, "Go to a psychiatrist. Get help. You aren't lazy or stupid. you're sick and it can be fixed And don't worry, someday you'll be stable again. You'll have a more normal life. You'll be a writer and an artist. You'll be a good person and you'll be a success. "

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