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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Congratulations! You just passed through one of the toughest years of high school: junior year. Even though your SAT and ACT scores were not what you desired, you did really well in your classes. Now, you may think that just because you finished one of the most crucial years of your high school career, you can just slack off and let loose. Well, think again. As a senior, maintain your GPA, strive to be your best, and do not, by no means, procrastinate. Yeah, procrastination is a tempting demon. He will reel you in, promise you relaxation and peace, and before you know it, you have two papers due, a project, and an exam all on the same day. Just do not do it! Senior year is important because, even if it seems cliche, just the beginning. In order to get to that university of your dreams, you have to get through senior year. Challenge yourself. You have a lot of potential and can achieve everything you set your mind to. Stop doubting yourself! You do it too much, and all you are doing is hurting yourself. I wish you the best and that God blesses you in everything.


Stop playing around and get serious about what you want to be when you grow up. Study hard and the doors will fly open for you. Quit taking life for granted and treat it as a gift. There is a whole lot of freedom when you get to college but buckle down and youll do great.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would begin by telling myself to settle down and not be afraid to go to college. As a high school senior, the thought of attending a University scared me to death. As a high school student I was under the impression that college was a whole lot tougher than high school and only the most intelligent individuals would succeed. Another issue that made afraid was the financial burden I knew that college brings. I remember hearing stories of individuals who racked up tens of thousandths of dollars in student debt and would spend decades paying back their student loans. After being removed from high school for three years, I decided to continue my education. After attending college for a little over two years I have personally found that college is not as hard as I once thought and in fact the studies are very manageable. The costs are manageable as well, with financial aid and an abundance of scholarships available out there. If I could go back in time and speak with my younger self, I would have already been a college graduate.


I would tell myself to look for scholarships ahead of time. Getting loans are good, but they add up and you will have to pay them back some time in the future. I would also tell myself to go to summer school, so I can get classes that are not in my major out of the way.


Going back to myself as a high school senior, there is one piece of advice I would have given myself to experience a better college life. Instead of commuting back and forth to the university, I should have stayed on campus. Granted it was very expensive, but I would have a better college experience. It would have given me a chance to perform better in my classes and meet more people. Instead of fighting traffic and stressing myself out while going to and from school, I could save time relaxing, resting, and accomplishing more school work.


First and formost, high school senior self... enjoy your time with your frieinds. Not because you want to chill with them, but because a couple mpths after school started you wish you still had thier phone numbers. Its going to be hard. Physically, emotional, and mentally. It will hurt you many days when you choose to read that 50 page assignment. Never underestamate the power of an absence, missing one class can feel like you missed two weeks. Advice I may have for you are things you already know. Never procrastinate and ignore assignment thinking you will do them last minute, unfortunately its not thats easy. Enjoy the little moments of rest you have now because it just get busier for here on out. Have a good talk with your counseler in preperation for what your about to step into. College is not as hard as you think, and it is not as easy as you think either. But most of all, have faith in yourself. Never let enayone tear you away from your dream, and believe in that dream. Because there will come come a point you will be all you have. And Pay attention to everything.


Dear past self, You have done a great job in preparing for college. You had plenty of oppurtunities to become independant, and you took hold of those chances. If you had lacked that independence, college would have been extremely hard, and everything else would have fallen apart. The other great thing you made sure to do was learn how to study. So often now in college I hear the words "you can get through high school being knowledgeable and not have to study, but when you get to college, that does not work any more." I find it odd how I never heard this advice in high school, yet I still managed to develope good study habits. Finally, during finals week, I did a lot of studying, but I was not nearly as stressed as everybody else, and I even watched a few movies at night. Nonetheless, I did very well on my finals! How? I learned how to study consistantly throughout the semester, instead of cramming it all in the week before. Though it seems like a little more work on the front side, from experience I can say that it is definitely worth it! Sincerely, Your college self


If I could have talked to myself when I was in high school, I would have told myself to better manage my time. When I was in high school I worked, but it wasn't a real job. Now I am employed at Wal-Mart and trying to manage taking classes and it is extremely a challenge, only because I never managed my time wisely. Another thing I would tell myself is to push myself. You never actually know what your abilities are until you have pushed yourself to your maximum capability. I am a kinesiology/pre-physical therapy major. I am so anxious to study kinesiology and that is why I chose it. In order to be eligible to take your DPT a test that qualifies you for physical therapy school you must atleast have a 3.7 gpa. My gpa is currently a 3.5, so this pushes me to stay on top of my game. I will not settle for mediocre. I know that I am better than that, and I know that I can be the very best as long as I push myself and as long as I learn to better manage my precious time.


I would tell myself to apply apply apply, for scholarships that is. I did receive many great scholarships and everything is paid for, for the most part, but there was so much more that I could have done, and so many more opportunities I could have looked into. I would make sure I spoke with a financial consultant and made sure that I knew everything there was to know about receiving grants and scholarships to make that transititon to college to much simpler.


I would tell myself to study hard and earn as much college credit as possible. College is expensive and a lot of the fundamental courses that are required at every Univeristy can be taken during high school. I would encourage myself to develop good study habits; reading and writing is inevitable in college and most high school gradutes do not know how to do either of those effectively. I would also tell myself to focus my attention on scholarships once I have been accepted to the University I want to attend. Instead of spending so much attention on my class ranking and gpa, I should make applying for scholarships a priority.


Given the opportunity to speak to my college age self, I would give myself the confidence needed to be emotionally successful at a much earlier age. I would tell myself that everyone is challenged with something in their life, but choose to express their struggle differently. Do not aspire to be like someone you perceive to be successful. Aspire to find your own success and follow your dreams and your passions. Take time in making your decisions, but not so much time that you miss an opportunity. Do something that makes you fulfilled and do not worry about money and personal success. When you are in a career you love those things will come. And if by some change it does not, you at least love what you are doing, and that is fulfilling in itself. Take the time to love your family, friends and significant other. You will realize that these are the people that matter most in life and should receive your undivided attention. Too many life choices that override these relationships become detrimental to your being. Finally, find ways to be happy, to be loved and to love.


Give everything you have to studying and doing well in class, and it will transfer to everything else you do. Serve God with all your heart, because he is the master of everything. With God all things are possible. Don't get caught up in the abyss of the high school life. Focus on your future and not on the fun of today. Ask questions, and never be satisfied with being average. Shoot for the top and never give up.


If I could go back in time, I would tell my high school self not to put off my college search until my senior year. I worked at a local restaurant but I had no idea how much my education would cost me, so saving my money was not my biggest concern. Now, my estimated cost of living to attend my university is approximately $44,000. I wish I would have started saving money much sooner so that I would not have to take out loans to pay for school. I would also tell myself to work harder to find scholarships. There are so many out there but I did not want to put in more effort to write essays and fill out applications. Money isn't everything, but not having to worry about my future debt, and how I am going to pay for my apartment would be a really good feeling. A lot of this could have been avoided had I started saving long ago and not spending my money as soon as I made it.


Never settle for anything less than excellence. Study hard and pay attention in class. When you are struggling, ask for help because that is the only way you will learn. When you feel like giving up, search for the people around you to be your support system. Feeling like giving up is a natural feeling; it does not mean that you are quitter. You are not a quitter until you chose to quit. Believe in yourself in high school because if you don’t you it will be harder to do so in college. Utilize your time and your resources. College will be the best time of your life; however it can quickly turn to the worst time if you do not put forth the effort to excel in all that you do. Stay positive and work hard, and when and if you feel like giving up, look towards the sky and ask for the strength you need to keep moving forward.


If I would be able to go back to talk to my high school self I would tell them about all the preparation needed to do well. In order to do well you need to stay organized and stay focused on making your dreams come true. There is time for fun but responsible fun that doesn’t take you away from your classes. The number one thing a college student needs to do to succeed is go to class. If you miss too many classes this could endanger your grades and your dreams from coming true. College is a very important part of anyone’s life and to get to the next level of your life you need to properly complete all the previous levels to succeed. Life is all about having fun and working hard but the biggest issue for many people is balancing the two. College will be an eye opening experience that everyone should experience. Just remember in order to have fun you must work hard.


I would tell myself to have as much fun and experience as many things as possible. I would encourage myself not to limit myself to one activity (volleyball) but to try to work with the scholarship if I still accepted it so as to experience a wider range of social events. I would tell myself to learn how to study - and fast! College does not wait for you to learn how to be a student and the higher level courses are not easy to fly through the way high school and basic level courses are. I would convince myself that I have a lot of room to grow and to prepare for many changes. I would tell myself to listen to my parents a little more because they do still know what is best for me, but to make sure they understand that I am becoming independent. I would ultimately try to ready myself for the changes I would soon be facing, while not limiting myself to the person I became in high school.


College has been a completely new experience. The teaching is completely different than high school. It prepares you to be able to withstand the 8 hours of work that you will do in the future. It's helps you build a good social network for the future.


Since being in college I have learned how to make sacrafices. Being a mother and wife there are many activities I wish I could part take in., but because of my first priorities I can't live the college life. College has also made me more responsible, there is no one telling me to go to class and there is no one checking in with me about my grades. I really regret not taking full advantage of high school, if I would have taken high school seriously I would not be struggling as much in college. But, college has also shown me that I can do anything. I am the first in my family to attend a four year college, and I plan to be the first to graduate.


From my college experience so far, I made friends that will be in my life, probably until the day I die. Besides making new life-long friends, I became a better writer. I believed that even though I worked hard in my English classes in high school, I will never be able to write really well. That all changed when I took one of the English professors' course at HBU. The first day of class, I was already ready to drop the course, however; I decided to stay and work hard, and see if I can pass with at least a C. When I received a B, I was overjoyed and I realized I can write really well as long as I keep working at my writing. For my essay assignments, I would get it revised by my professor before the due date so I can make my writing stronger. It has been valuable to attend because without college, I would not have the knowledge I have now. By attending, I am pursuing a higher education, and with that, I will better myself.


I attended Trinity University. An all girl school, and at first people always say, "how can you go to an all girl school?" I simply reply why not? I love my school, there has been a lot of inspirational women who have attended my school, and have exceeded in there goals. I have learned a great deal of things at my school, even though I attended one year. My school has the best teachers, and tons of cultured women. I never thtought I would meet people who have come from all over the world and diffrent ages. When my school was built the nuns believed that women should have the same experience and empowerment every other school was offering that was only excepting men at the time. They have great activities for togetherness, and empowering women can do ANYTHING. My school is very valuable to me, it has showed me that I can achieve more than what society tell me I can not do. All my life Ive been told that I was a minority but as soon as I entered Trinity Univeristy in Washington,DC I felt as if I was the majority, and everybody was striving for something.


I have not only learned during my college experience, but I have experienced personal, professional, and spiritual growth. I have learned things that no one can teach you but can only facilitate an environment to help you learn things like patience and compassion. I have been given autonomy to participate in extracurricular activites, start a new club, and to invest my extra time to others through community service. My college experience has a monetary value but there is no monetary value to the long-time friendships, struggles, and successes I have experienced. Through this experience I am becoming an asset to our community and our county. I am forever indebt for the opportunity I have been granted and will continue to strive for excellence in everything I do.


Became a dislocated worker in Febuary of 2009, with no degree from high school or GED. I worked on my GED and passed, being on unemployment they suggested I go to college and earn a degree and they would help me with this choice, so with both of my children graduated from college, I thought maybe it was my time and enrolled at Hill College in Hillsboro Texas, as a Medical Offfice Assistant, a two year program. This opened a whole new world to me, with classes and homework, it was difficult at first and being the oldest in class, took a little getting use to. I did met students that were my own age, but it's a small college and most were right out of high school. I learned alot my first semester, with keyboarding, English, Word, and Excel. Still have a lot to learn, since I have'nt been in school for 20+ yeasr and would really like to finish what I started this time around, with my head held high, and make my children proud. College and a new career would be a great accomplishment for me.


I'm going into my 3rd year of college and honestly without college experience or even trade school,I'm finding out that it will only be harder to succeed. You can do anything you put mind but without proper training and education, life will most definitely be more complex for you. My parents didn't attend college but still managed to get decent jobs and I would never look down on either of them. I know what its like to push and strive for the greater good for others and myself. College is hard work and because students don't take it too seriously the first couple of semesters they fail out. Anything you do in college can be considered as a learning process. I know I've learned so many life lessons from my study habits to my social life. College can be one of the best experience of a life time and it should be affordable for all. houston Baptist has taught me that education at a private instutition will run the risk of putting you in debt but making it to graduation and kick starting your official adult life is well worth the wait.


The most important thing I have gotten out of my college experience is faith. In my first month of college I have changed from an ignorant girl to a religious young woman. The turn to religion has changed my life in so many ways. Most importantly it has given me better morals and a sense of direction and hope in my life. My faith based practices have extended to all areas of my life and given me much better study habits. I have begun the year with high A's in all my courses and I believe that is based on my new, structured lifestyle. Most students will not have such a life changing event happen in college but the faith based university I attend has allowed me to have one. This is the most valuable thing I believe I will take from college because the lessons it has taught will flow into my life after I graduate.


Coming from a small state, garduating in a class of 9 I needed to be in an enivornment that I would not have culture shock. Going to Houston Baptist is what was best for me. The small class sizes allowed me to get more of an individualized classroom and learning experience but also allowed me to shine as a leader. All of the faculty, staff and students were extremely friendly which allowed me to get more comfortable and start to open up more. The University enivorment helped to deleop me as a leader but also grow in spiritually ways and at the same time give me the best education. Had I not attended college, I would have ended up just working in fast food or retail my entire lief and I am roughly a couple of credit hours away from getting my bachelors degree. Once I finish I would like to become a teacher and educate the future leaders of the world.


Don't be afraid of failure. Take advantage of these opportunities so you can decide what you like to do and meet people who also like to do that. If you don't try anything, that is the worst failure of all. The easiest way to meet people ata new school is to join student organizations and get involved in on-campus activities. And it is good to come to class early to get a good seat and have time to talk and get to know people. If you leave as soon as class is over, how will anyone get to know you. It is hard transitioning to a new school and becoming the "little freshman" all over again, especially after your reign as High School Senior, but you have to look at this as yet another opportunity to learn and grow. If you keep yourself open, friends will come to you.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to change my study habits to get used to what it is like in college. As a freshman in college, I have learned that there is a lot of reading and studying involved. There is no busy work , like in high school. The information that I will need to know on tests all come from reading the text book. I would also tell myself to try and not get stressed out too much. In college, all of the responsibility is on one's own plate and I cannot slack off. To balance with studying, I would tell myself to get involved in organizations to relieve stress. It is fun and a great way to get to know more people.


I would have gone straight to a university. Transferring tends to be a bit difficult and the rules change very often, so I would have kept up with that. Also, I would have applied for more scholarships to fulfill my aspirations.


I would say, "Self, work harder. Academics are the one thing that you are gifted in. Your friends can get by on athletics and some have the luxury of having a wealthy family. You do not. You need to work hard because your future literally depends on it. Ask Dad and Mom questions regading your education. Save your money because your parents cannot assist you with paying for your education. So save your money, don't spend your graduation money, and ask college people college questions. This may sound silly, but plan out your future. Think about what you want to take and then consider what you should take. Wants and needs are two totally different things, so think hard. This may be a lot to take in, but its all worth it. Self, I love you."


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to practice good study habits and time management. Also, I would recommend searching for colleges as early as possible that way you can have a wide verity of choices of colleges wanting you. Also, apply for as many scholarships as you can, because paying for college is becoming harder to do without. After gaining financial assistance you must manage your money. Once in college stay focus, and use your first year to see how you handle the classes and work load, because you do not want to put unnecessary weight on yourself. However, you should enjoy college because it is a wonderful experience, go to the campus games and interact with fellow classmates. This will help you to form and join study groups which will help you to study harder and more effectively. The only way to pass is to study hard, listen and participate in class. Lastly, you should make it your effort to talk and to get to know your professors because the more they speak with you the more you can learn and achieve.


Going to college will be the biggest change of your life. You are going to have to step it up and be more responsible with every action you choose. Classes are so different and you have to make sure to prioritize and organize your day to stop procrastinating until the last minute. You are getting scholarships therefore you need to stay on top of your grades because you will have many distractions and you are on your own. Mom and Dad are not going to be there holding your hand through everything you experience, and believe me, you would not want them to. However, this does not mean you are free to do whatever you feel like. This newfound independence is not as easy as it looks so be careful, be safe, and be smart.


I would have kept my head in the game more. I was too busy having senioritis I didn't care about finding the perfect school for me. I love Houston Baptist University but sometimes I wonder if it was the right decision for me. I feel that God has placed me at the school that he wanted me at to do the work he wanted me to. I've been to Nicaragua twice to serve children in villages without clean water. I've visited Mexico to further my major. I've fallen in love. Gotten my heart broken. Lost a family member. Made friends. I couldn't imagine living some where else or learning somewhere else because if I did, I wouldn't be who I am today. In conclusion, I don't know if I would tell my high school senior self anything, if I had the chance. I've been learning just fine.


I would tell myself to really stay true to myself and not let other's expectations be my motivation for choosing a school or in determining a major. The more you let other's influence your decisions the harder things become for transitioning to college life. Also, I would tell myself that I shouldn't allow other's expectations of me be my motivation for doing well, but that I should be motivated by my own will of wanting to do well. Don't be afraid to be who you are and stand up for what you believe in. A huge part of college is embracing who you are as an individual, learning how to channell your gifts and talents, and then learning how your own person will affect and lead those in your field and those around you when you graduate. College is some-what of a training ground for adult life so don't be afraid to make mistakes, they will only help you better understand the right way to do things.


She's laughing, joy clearly etched on her face. She is oblivious to the identical girl staring at her from across the cafeteria. That girl is me--or her. I am Sarah of the future. Lame, I know. I have traveled a year into the past to give myself a verbal rebuke. Not to warn her of the end of the world or that she is going to fall down the stairs in front of a huge crowd two days later. Just a few words of advice that can, in their own way, save her. I see myself pale as she finds me. She stands, unaware of the apple that rolled onto the floor. I beckon and she follows me into an empty hallway. I can see the fear and confusion marring her face. I can imagine the thoughts racing through her mind because she is me. Words are popping out of her mouth at lightspeed. "Who are you?" "This can't be real." I shrug, "It is what it is. And what I have to say is muy importante." "End of the world important?" "No. College important." "Huh?" "Funding for college is a pain. One word sister: scholarships."


If I could travel back in time I would tell myself to stay focus and not to become so stressed. Stay organized and involved. Because its such a fast pace place and college has its ups and downs. In high school the teachers remind you when things are due and you kind of dont have a choice but to go to class , but in college everything is up to you. You now make your own decisions. No longer do you have some one to look over you and make sure your doing everything right , its all up to you . So the main keys to succeed in college is to have a plan and follow through with it, have a schedule for everyday, and keep your eyes on the prize.


Always study twice as hard. Always talk to professors and get advised. Be involved on campus. Choose the right major the first time. Take advantage of free time. Stay on the Dean's list for further awards. Search for scholarships in advance, even make it a part time job to help pay college. Don't date because it is very destracting from studies. Take advantage of my weekends for some study time and time for myself. Don't go out too much. Always ask someone when I have a question. Get a car and a job so that I wont have to pay housing/meal plan, it is expensive.


I would tell myself that it's important to over acheive in high school. SAT and ACT are important tests that determine what classes they put you in for college. If you do poorly on theese tests you will end up having to take extra courses that you don't need to and have to pay for. Learn it the first time and do well so you wont have to go back and pay to do it all over again. Also to take as many duel credit classes as possible because they are the to help you better yourself and will prepare you for college classes so that your transition will be smoother. I would then conclude by saying practice your study habits now.


Lilly, Before you go to college, I want you to know something. It may sound clich?, but those four years are going to be over before you know it. Be wise with your time and make the most of it. Get involved and step outside of your comfort zone. Get to know your professors. I know you love to procrastinate, but save yourself some stress and try not to do it often. Your grades will benefit as well. I encourage you to maintain a healthy sleep schedule. Yes, I know you?re a night owl, but 8am classes are harsh. And when the alarm goes off in the morning, do not turn it off and go back to sleep. It will most likely result in you missing class. I also recommend learning how to cook. A diet of cafeteria food, sandwiches, and cereal leaves one a bit dissatisfied. College is expensive, so be wise with your money. Finally, college will change you. Embrace it and be grateful. You?re going to learn so much beyond your textbooks. You have no idea of what?s to come, but be patient and you will find Him. God has good plans for you.


I would tell myself to pay more attention in class and to always take time to do all of the work because it's worth all of the time and effort you put into paying attention and completing assignments, it would make me eligible for many more scholarships and grants. Also I would tell myself to apply for as many scholarships as i can so that I would be able to attend college sooner and get my life started on the right track.


The advice I would give myself as a high school senior would be to never underestimate myself. I would strongly suggest not stressing over how many classes I have to take while upholding a full time job. The education obtained while in school is extremely important along with maintaining a high G.P.A. because other Universities consider G.P.A.?s as a valuable resource on your personal character on how serious school is for you. I would also explain that College is at your own pace. Do not compare your College journey with anyone else. There is no time or age limit that says one must complete a College degree by a certain time. Not all people have the opportunity to receive a College education and its best if you just try your hardest and never give up on yourself. No one ever said college would be easy but it?s not something that you cannot handle. Maintain your head high and keep yourself focused. No distractions what so ever! Enjoy your youth, the College experience, and do not let anyone hold you back.


High school seniors stress a lot about college choices, my first advice would be narrowing what schools you're interested in. To choose between in state, or out, and whether or not you want to attend a big or small university. I'd list out the pros and cons of what big and small universities offer, as well as including financial aid. If you know what you want to major in, I'd suggest finding a school that offers programs or has a good reputation for that field of study. Schools that offer various clubs that you're interested in are great ways for making the transition easier. Choosing colleges can be difficult, and overwhelming but be confident when you do chose a university.


If I could go back to my senior year I would have taken Biology AP in order to better prepare myself for my science courses. I would have also applied for more scholarships and participated in the medical internships for seniors and upcoming freshman. I would have also taken Physics. I am content with the extracurricular activites I took during my senior year that allowed me to develop into the person I am now.


The adivise I would give myself would be to apply to the colleges I wanted to go to a lot sooner. I also would apply for as many scholarships as I could; including the scholarships available at the schools of my choice.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to join more extracirricular activities. These not only look good on a college admissions essay, but they also allow one to be very well rounded. I would tell myself to type notes instead of keeping up with dozens of hard copies. This would also allow a backup to be made and kept for many more centuries. My previous self would be informed of the benefits of taking more advanced classes. Not only do they count toward extra credits, but they also can be highly preparatory.


If I could advise myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to focus more on the college's availability of social activities and the helpfulness of the professors and counselors. The academics and type of classes are pretty much all the same at each college. When I was a high school senior, I focused on the academic aspect of each college campus. As a result, I choose a campus that has a very limited amount of social activities available and can be boring at times. In order to have fun on campus, you have to be involved in a sorority or fraternity, which cost a substantial amount of money. I would also tell myself to take the SAT and ACT more seriously, because you are provided with more scholarships the higher you score on these tests.


study hard. concentrate and do full research about colleges and try to get as many scholarships as can


Look for more scholarships, and don't worry about choosing a major or even a specific school. Life is strange, and you are stranger, so trying to fit that perfect image in that perfect school is going to be hard, or even near impossible. Just have fun, STUDY MORE, and try your hardest to do what you can. And remember, Jesus does love you. And he's there for you regardless. Just like your Dad.


Going back to my high school self I would tell my self to relax. I would tell myself not to be so anxious to leave home. Although I was ready to spread my wings and fly from the coup, I can't do that until I graduate from college. I may feel that I am ready to live college life as it is potrayed on the television, but like in h.igh school my parent's strict rules an expectations keep me from living such a life. I might as well have enjoyed my last high school year, but I was to busy worrying about how I was going to leave home most of the time.


The best advise that I have for prospective students and their parents, is to make sure that the student is confident about his choice of major. To find the right college, the student and his parents should know the financial cost of the school and how adaptable the student is in that environment. The parents should acknowledge, notify and warn their prospective student the danger of partying and drinking too much and how that could lead to the student's failure.


Focus on the career you want and make it relevant to your major. Speaking to your advisor is very very helpful when choosing courses. Be aware of private schools! EXPENSIVE!