Houston Baptist University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I think the most important thing to look for are all the available distractions outside of school. Anyone can get a good education at any school, it just depends on how hard you work. The information taught at every school is about the same, it is just a matter of how well a student can balance school work with all the aspects of a new social life. Houston Baptist University is a very religious campus, so it is very hard to stray away from the main reason you go to school. It does not have to social life equivalent to a major state university (LSU, UT, Flordia, Tennessee).


I wold tell them to find a college that suits you. If your a person that likes the company of others, then you should pick a university. If your a person that likes to stay to yourself, then a smaller college is best. Remember, that you wont have a good college experience if you are unhappy. They should try to join some clubs while in college because you could make lots of new people who have the same ideas as you. Make the most of college, it could greatly affect your life. I made the mistake of going to a college that did not reflect me as a person and I greatly regretted it. Don't make the same mistake. I didnt join any activities and I greatly wished that I could change time and do everything over again. Have fun and at the same time, study to attain your career.


Make sure you have some money saved for school because it is very expensive. If you don't have any money for school, go to a community college, then transfer all your credits to a 4-year college/university. Another option would be to get a full-time job for a little while and use that money to help pay for college.


Choose the best school that you think you can have a very nice learning environment. It also helps to visit around different schools of your choice and choose the best one that you feel comfortable with.


Don't be below trying a community college before going to a school, if you are unsure about your major


Research as much as you can about the college/university. Pick the best one for you. The one that you will fit into best.


Please research your students particular field of study and plan early than their senior year of high school. Look for as many financial opportunities as possible. Look for colleges that have a wide range of strong programs to make the most of your education. Never sell yourself short of what college you think you can and can't attend. Make the most of the time you have in college studying and getting to know yourself. You may never get the same opportunity again. Don't try to please everyone. Find people you can trust. Care about others and they will care about you. Keep close contact with your professors and respect them because they write the recommendation letters and get you scholarships and jobs. Get as much sleep as possible. Never give up.


Do it now.


whereever you go, you can make it your own.


Most importantly, do not make your decision based upon the prestige of the university. Small, rigorous universities will give your children the opportunity to shine and involve themselves. Small universities enable students to build there own names. Prestigious, name-recognized universities quite often just charge you for a name. Always build a name, never buy one.


dont give up, try hard, remember that professors are people too


Talk to actual students. Not the students hired by the school to promote its best aspects. Not the ones that voluntarily give guided tours. Talk to the guys on the soccer team, or the senior who has a few years of experience. Talk to as many different REAL students as you can find. Ask questions, regardless of how dumb or redundant you think they are. Try to figure out what you want in a college and don't be afraid to say "no" to the ones that don't fit. These are the best four years of your life. You will make lifelong friends and memories. You'll experience things that will shape who you are and who you will become. Don't be afraid of making mistakes. And don't be afraid of your professors. Most of them chose to leave their respective fields and teach. They are there to help you become the best version of yourself. So speak up. Make your voice heard and opinions known. Trust who you are and don't give up.


To start your search for the right college will take time. You should make a list of qualities of what you are looking for in a college. You should list what your interests are, what activities you enjoy, what you hope to accomplish academically, and more. This list will serve as a guide to compare your top college choices. Next comes the research. Attend the college night at your school?s facility, read over the appealing brochure, and visit the college website. Learning as much as you can about the school will help you when you visit the school. Visiting the school should give you a good feel of the people and faculty. All that lies next is your decision. However, now that you are in the perfect school does not mean you will have your amazing college experience. To accomplish this means to come out of your dorm, hang out in the local spots, get involved in different organizations, and attend the lectures. Don?t be afraid when asking others about their different cultures; you are at college to learn. Always be excited about what you are doing. Excitement will ensue a happy college experience.


College is an exciting time for every student, but every student has different needs that must be met. My school is about an hour away from home, far enough that I can justify living on campus and feel like part of the community, but close enough that I can go home and be with family whenever I desire. My school is academically comptetitive and constantly provides me with new challenges. It has a great campus life and has become a second home. It is also a small campus, ensuring small class size and quite a bit one-on-one attention from teachers and advisors. I have a close relationship with professors, which I feel very appreciative of as the time for preparing graduate school applications draws closer. I enjoy my school, its perfect for me. However, that does not mean it is perfect for everyone. Make sure to visit the colleges you consider and research them thoroughly. Find an environment you believe you can thrive in and do not base your decision on where your friends are going and whats the popular choice of your classmates.


Make sure it has the major that you are looking for, make sure it is cost effective, and that you will fit in socially. Also make sure that there are things to do on campus that will keep you interested


if you are looking for small classes, small student base, and involved faculty and excellent student-teacher interaction then hbu is a good choice


In order for parents and students to find the right college, my first suggestion would be to look as early as possible. Don?t wait until the last minute to find that special place where the student will grow and learn how to be a productive citizen because this is also a time for parents to realize that their babies are growing up into adults. The family would want to look for a college that will suit the taste and style of the student. Going into a classroom everyday in a school that the student hates is like going to a job everyday that an employee hates; neither will be successful. Parents should also allow the student to do as much for themselves as possible in the beginning stages so that when the parents are gone, the student is not left in the dark and totally dependant on their parents. For the student to make the most of their college experience, I would say to get involved as much as possible and stay on top of your academic game. Embrace good friends, especially smart ones, as they will be your lifeline, some point in time, and be nice to everyone.


First I would think about what you would like to do in college. Find out what career path you want to take. Once you've figured that out, do research on colleges. Find out which collages and universities have programs that fit your needs, and would be beneficial in your career field. An important thing to consider is whether or not you want to stay in state or go to college out of state. Once you have narrowed down the list to a few. Send in applications to those schools. Once you are accepted to a school, call the office of admissions and arrange a tour. This will allow you to get a feel for the campus, and know where everything is and what building is what. If you are satisfied make final preparations to attend. If not, then investigate the other schools that were on your list and you recieved acceptance letters from. In order to make the most of college experience, it is not necessary to go all out in your studies. You need to maintain a healthy balance of serious studying, and casual recreation. A proper balance must be maintained in order to reduce stress.


I would advice: parents and/or students to visit several different colleges. ask all questions that they may have at each school. plan early. process financial aid early. with the results from each college compare and contrast each school. ask about how much financial aid the school offers find out about the safety of the school. I would narrow down the results and select the school that best meet the student's needs and pick the college that the student feels the most comfortable during the visits.


I believe that the most important aspect in finding the right college is to find a place where there will be many opportunities to grow and develop you so that you will be prepared for life after college. Do not just look for a college that has good parties or a fun atmosphere but try to find a college that is committed to developing you into a better, more equiped person than when you first enrolled. In order to get the most out of your college experience, I believe there are two main aspects. The first one is to work your hardest at everything you do. Never settle for less than the best that you can do at anything. This is an important principle to live by regardless of your stage in life. The second is to build as many relationships as you can. Those relationships will benefit you in more ways that you may realize at the time and could be important connections for you as you graduate. Do not be afraid to try to build relationships with your teachers as well. Most are willing and want to help you in whatever way they can.


Visting a college prior to enrolling is key. The culture can really make or break your college experience, so go where the environment is most comfortable for your personality. Don't worry about whether people you know from highschool will be going to the same school because you will make tons of new friends that will last a lifetime. If you want to have the ultimate college experience, live on campus and get involved in whatever you can. Start a new organization if they don't have what you're looking for yet. Try new things and apply for leadership positions even if you never held one in highschool. This is the place to break out of highschool stereotypes and become whoever you want to be. It's a chance to start fresh! Last of all keep up with your studies, it may be tough at first but it will pay off in the end when you graduate and move on to the rest of your life.


I would say that you have to visit the school real know about it.


Finding a college that makes you feel at home is important. Never settle for something that looks good on paper if you haven't visited the school. Each school has it's own unique atmosphere and the trick is finding the school where the minute you step out of the car and see the campus you're like, "This is it." Sure, there's always pressure to go to well known school with great reputations, but the truth of it all is no matter where you go to school if you do well you will succeed when you graduate. It may be harder to compete against those who have graduated from schools with better reputations but you could be a stepping stone for giving your school that great reputation. Don't think college is supposed to be so hard you can't have a life. It's hard but at the right school you'll be able to find a balance between school and the rest of your life.


I strongly suggest for parents and/or students to consult with students from the prospective college they want to attend. The students are the ones that can really talk about the college. Visiting the school more than once is a must to know which college best fits your child. First, because you might not always catch anything the first time you visit. Second, it is nice to see how the school is when everything is normal, one cannot see that when there are events such as "Welcome Days", where everything is endlessly fun. Visiting the college or university more than once can help a person see the "real" college and university. I would also suggest people to get involved as much as possible in school events or organizations to make the most of the college experience. Although, it is best to consider your work load first before engaging in commitments; however, engaging in school would not only open doors for new friendships but it will bring a new perspective of the world.


Find a college that looks as though it would interest you. You can tell by noticing campus life, the people, etc. Don't go to a college just because of parental pressure or whatever. Join a university that helps you grow, learn, and develop into a successful individual.


choosing the right colloge is not just about the academics but the people and the proffessors and the atmosphere is very important also.


Choosing the right college is one of the hardest things to do. It all depends on your child, the environment he/she likes. What they are used to in terms of class size, school size etc. If a student comes from a big school and they feel comfortable with the big classes, they might want to go to a big school where there are a lot of student. But my advice to you parents, talk to your children and find out what they want. College is a time in which students get to find out who they really are and what they really want to do with their lives. They might make mistakes but they sure will learn from them. Freshman year is the most difficult year of anyones college years. A student just got his/her freedom and is now an "adult" so they can do what they wish. It will be very hard for them to focuse but l promise you they will get there.


Visit the campus! I work in the admissions department at my school, and we really encourage people to visit the campus, even stay overnight for an event. It really helps with making the decision. Talk to professors, interact with students while you are there, eat in the cafeteria. Get to know a school, before you apply. It will really help you make a good decision. You are choosing the school that will educate you for life. Also, get involved once you are at school. Make friends, get in an organization or two, make those connections and friendships, it will really help you through school if you have friends to rely on and hang out with. Don't overcommit!!! Freshmen always get involved in more than they can handle, and then feel stressed when finals come, ad their grades are not what they hoped they would be. Just be sure you balance things out. Have fun! You will be here for 4 years, so make the most of it! Live life!


In choosing which school to go to, it is important to consider values, beliefs, and what you want to learn. A liberal arts university is fine for people who want a broad education, but it is not a good choice for a person who wants technical knowledge of skills. If one wants to be a mechanic, for example, then he should chose a good technical school; however, if one wants to be a biologist then he should attend a liberal arts university. It is also important to consider values. If you are of a particular religious persuasion, then it might be best to attend a school of similar persuasion, which emphasises spirtuality as opposed to secular colleges which don't focus on a person's spirtual well-being. Student-teacher ratio is also an important thing to consider. The smaller the ratio the better. Cost should be of little concern, but since it is, try to attend a school that you won't have to pay off for the next several years. These are some of the things that should be considered when deciding what school to attend.


I feel that the most important part of finding the right college and making the most of your college experience is finding out who you are, and being true to yourself. When looking for the right school, I feel that it is very important to not just pick a school based on how popular it is among your friends and people you know. I believe it is wise to remember to visit the schools that may not be as popular, but may be a right fit for you, as well as the more popular ones as well. It's important to realize what environment you need to be in to make the most of your college experience. For me, I needed to be in an environment where I was academically stimulated, and had the opportunity to use my talents outside of the classroom as well. I believe the most important thing is to find out where you belong and where you can grow to be the person that you want to be.


I would tell students to get involved. This is a small school made currently of a lot of commuters so it's easy to fade away in the background. I went to Oklahoma Baptist University for two years before this school and I wasn't involved hardly at all, except on the golf team. At this school, I have become involved in the American Marketing Association, of which I am the VP, I am on the golf team, I teach a class as a peer leader, and I am a member of SIFE. Despite my involvement, I have still had time to make a 4.0. I think being involved actually helps grades. It has made all the difference for me, of this I am sure. It is a good school, but it is important to be on top of things and know what you want to do at least by your junior year and figure out yourself how to go about getting it. It is important to be responsible and self reliant, but I think that is true anywhere.


In order to find the right college, the students need to examine themselves and know their beliefs and values, and research what colleges meet that criteria. Many people worry about the cost, but all I say have to say about that is that my parents do not have a lot of money, but I have managed to go to college with financial aids and a few loans. Money should not be excuse for not going to the college you want, becuase there is money out there; you just have to find it. In regards to making the most out of the college experience, I would say get as involved as you would like with the activities on campus and do not be afraid to meet new people and make new friends.


Life is what you make it, and so is college. Whether it's a diet of Ramon noodle soup for a week, or going to your first college party where there will be alcohol served, it all comes down to the choices you make and why you make them. Choose a college for yourself, not becuase your friends or parents want you to go there. Go there and visit the school before you enroll, becuase there's nothing worse then going to the school of your dreams, only to find out it's your biggest nigtmare. Don't be afraid to transfer schools either; just becuase you've committed to a school, doesn't mean you have to stay there. College can be a time of real self improvment and learning, don't short yourself by going somewhere that doesn't make you happy.


I would advise parents to let their children make their own decision on where to go to college. Personally, my girlfriend's parents tried to force her to go to University of Texas when they knew she wanted to go to Houston Baptist University. It is heartbreaking how hard it is to watch her struggle almost daily to pay her own way. I would plead with parents to respect their children's decision. It is four years of their life that they can't take back. Please respect that.


Go to a college where you will be able to pursue what you love best; not for the popularity of the school or its name. Ask around and get other students' advice/feedback. Make sure you tour the college to get a "feel" for the campus and staff/faculty that work there. Pick a college that not only offers the major{s} you desire to pursue, but offers it with the quality training you need to learn the most about it.


It is very important to do your research when it comes to an important decision such as where to go to college. At the same time, as cheesy as it may sound, you need to follow your heart as well.


Universities that are too small or conservative will definitely thwart the typical college experience; instead, it will be more like an extension of high school, especially if the student resides at home during their undergraduate years. It is understandable that some parents are protective of their children and prefer that they remain in town or even at home for these college years. However, if the student prefers to go elsewhere for college, I suggest they oblige. Unfortunately, I was forced to attend a college in my hometown and this propelled me to pull away from my parents. Noone likes to be coerced into a decision, especially if it is one that will last for four years or longer. Finding the right college does not necessarily mean Ivy League, prestigious, or even expensive. It is all about the right fit. At this crucial time, parents and students should definitely hold many discussions about potential schools, allowing everyone to have their say. Communication is invaluable to compromise and if a midway can be achieved, both parents and students will be more grateful in the end.


Really look into what you are looking for in a college. The college that is right for one student may not be right for another. Look at whether you want small or a big campus and then further look into whether you want more emphasis on social life or school work. Over all just do alot of reading about the colleges you are considering and take tours to know more about them and make a informed decision.


hbu is awesome.


Stay focused!


The number one piece of advice I would give to a parent or a student trying to find the right college is to make sure that the student feels right at the school. Safety is a very important factor when leaving home, most importantly for the parents piece of mind. It is not only important to feel the atmosphere of the campus, but to understand all of the safety precausions the school has in place for their students. Are there campus police? Is there an escort service? How about emergency call stations placed throughout the campus? This shouldnt be taken lightly because the student is there to further their education in a safe and fun environment. It is important to check out those features because it is a new place that studnets need to work into their routine. After a short time the student will become comfortable, just like at home, feeling safe. The important thing is that they will know about campus safety if and when they ever need to put it into practice.


I believe that the two most important aspects of a college or university are the spiritual environment and the academic influence. It is important to attend a school in which you know you can find other students that agree with your religous preferences. During your college years, there will be many different influences that push you to agree with them. This is apart of the process and it is something to be embraced because as a student you are the only person who can decided what you believe. Also, if there is strong academic influence at your school, you will be very likely to succeed. It is important to surround yourself with people who are academically minded but who also know how to have fun at times. I believe so strongly in this because the primary purpose of college is to get an education and be prepared for a successful career. Remember that if you put what you most value first, you will have an enjoyable higher education experience and be ready to conquer the world ahead.


Make sure that the goal for both the parent and student is to find a school that has great academic attributes, and a great department in the area you want to major in. Find a school that is growing and has alot of extra-curricular activities and high school spirit. These are supposedly the "best four years of your life" as the saying goes, so take the time to find and be serious about getting in to your dream college atleast a year or two before you go. Find out what you can about the faculty and how accomidating the school is personally. Make friends with current students, ask questions, apply to back up colleges, but always aim for your dream school.


My parents have taught me something life-changing. Finding the right college and making the most of the college experience depends on this. They taught me to trust in the Lord with all my heart and to not lean on my own understanding. Trusting in God involves intimitely speaking to God in prayer, asking for His wisdom and guidance, waiting for His answer, and aknowledging Him in everything. Suddenly the question of what life's purpose is comes to mind. Why do people go to a university after all? What experience do students want in college? Is the root of all this selfishness and greed or just an exiting interest? Class sizes, academic standing, fraternities, social groups, and career opportunities resonate in students' minds. There is something bigger and better to life than just worrying about those things. Place every plan and decision in God's hands, and He will use your life far above your expectations as a blessing to others and as a testimony of trust for His glory. He, not you, will find the right college for you. Also, your college experience of study, learning, and friendship will have a whole new meaning to life with Him.