Idaho State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could to back to me in the beginning of senior year, you bet I'd have some choice words to advise. First off, I'd compliment myself on my hair. It was purple, in case you were wondering. Secondly, I'd encourage high school me to get out more and start actually enjoying life. I spent most of my high school years being pent up in my room or my house. Go to your Senior Prom, or at least hang out with your friends since they didn't go. I'd also tell me to do things I could put on a resume. Do some volunteer work or join a club. It sounds exhausting, I know, but trust me it will be worth it when you have to write up your resume. I know being productive is the last thing you feel like doing, but apply for as many scholarships as you can. Graduating early was one of the best decisions you'll make. College is great, and for the first time outside of your friends, you feel like you belong. So for now, give it your all, and enjoy the ride.


Just breathe and learn how to take all the opportunities you can. Leave no stone unturned and believe in yourself more. You are capable and as full of potential as you let yourself be. Don't sweat the small stuff and realize everyone realizes things at different times but it doesn't make you any better or worse than others. Organize your life better and leave time for fun and studying: weirdly enough you don't have to do EVERYTHING to succeed in life. Also, don't ever take Calculus because that class will suck out your soul, try physics, surprisingly not as scary.


Don't stress about what you are going to do, everything is going to work out I promise. Also, don't worry to hard about your homework, it is not going to matter in a few months. And work hard in college, that part is going to be the hardest thing for you.


If I could go back and give my high school senior self a talk about college, I would say it's not like the movies. It takes hard work and determination every day. Not just to get work done but to get up and actually go to class when it's very easy to skip. Don't take it lightly because it's the most important time to be hard working and determined.


If I could go back in time I would tell my self to take advatage of every opportunity that comes your way, to enjoy the now and to stay focused. I would infor myself that there is a world outside of the dorms. Joining clubs means more friends and more friends means you will be more active.


Dear High School Self, The time you have been waiting for has come! You are finally on your way to being independent and making your own decisions. Although you try to hide your apprehension, I know you are a little nervous about meeting new people and deciding on a career. First I want to tell you not to try so hard to get people to like you. You don't need to pretend to like things just to find friends. But be open to new experiences and go to all of the awkward on campus events. Eventually you'll find "your people" and it will come easily. Next, you need to relax and figure out who you are before you can choose a major. This isn't something that happens overnight. Get your generals out of the way and take some classes that interest you. Go to your professors' office hours and ask them what they love and hate about their field. When you find something you like, find someone to job shadow. Don't worry if there are multiple fields that interest you, take your time in the selection and remember that salary isn't everything.


1. Dress for comfort. You look just fine without makeup and those heels will hurt your feet with all the walking! 2. Do your homework. Your social life is important but so is your homework. Yes you were always on top of your homework in highschool but trust me, it's a little more difficult in college. 3. Those "friends" who let you build the study guides alone aren't your friends. 4. Energy drinks and cramming are not good study habits. Ditch them. 5. It isn't the end of the world, as awful as whatever you're worried about is, trust me it will pass. 6. To prevent burn out stop trying to work 40 hours a week and taking 20 credits. If you keep it up in 2010 you'll withdraw. I promise. 7. Yes your mother doesn't want to accept you're leaving the nest. She loves you, don't get irritated by it. 8. Exercise. Seriously, it helps with your stress! 9. Be confident. You are great and you'll end up exactly where you are supposed to be! While the future is important, taking some time for yourself each day is also.


If I were to go back and give myself advice about college I would tell myself to have a little more fun and not work so hard. I would tell myself to get out and experience all the fun activities there are to do and be more social. I would express my feelings about staying active and eating right. I would also inform myself that stressing over the little things is not going to get me anywhere and to just keep chugging along and things will fall into place. I would tell myself to make many friends and build a better network for the future. I would also inform myself that I should make more time for family and friends and not only think about school.


To what would I tell my younger self? Probably not to be so quick to dive into a world I barely understand. I first attended Utah State University, with high hopes of becoming a veterinarian. I have little to no math or science abilities to my name, so sadly it ended up with me failing out, and taking a large blow to my pride. To my younger high school self, taking a year off and going to an in-state school is a much better decision. Everything about this school is better than the last one, from the internet to the area, the nature to the people. Go out, have fun before you traipse off to university; you'll be glad that you did.


If I were able to go back into time I would tell myself "APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS!!!". Now that I am in school I see how beneficial an early financial start would have been. There's never a guarantee of winning, but getting that 5 year head start would have given me good chances to even win one or two. The other advice I would give myself would be to meet with a counsilor and get an action plan. I thought I understood general ed requirements, but instead I wasted a lot of time taking classes I thought would count. Getting those tough classes like Biology and Math would have given me a great head start.


Take the summer before you start college to become familiar with the student account that is assigned to you. It has all your class info, book requirements, and more. You will use it multiple times a day. It will add to your stress if you wait until you get to college to start using your account. You will be glad that you took the time to learn your way around it when you had time to really look it over. Also take a minute to make sure that none of your classes are in conflict with each other. I realized during the middle of the first week that I had two classes at the same time. I was lucky to get it corrected before I missed one of the classes. I will definitely tell anyone I know that is starting their first year of college to make sure they do these two things. The stress I went through with the conflicting classes was something I could have avoided if I had taken the time to check it all out before I started my first week.


Dear High School Senior Kaitlyn, I know you are worried about going to Idaho State University where you know no one and you are leaving your best friends, but it is so worth it. You will love it here and meet some great people. One thing you need to go though is scholarships. You may not realize how important they are right now, but do them. Research and apply for as many as you can. College is expensive, which you have been told your whole life, but it's true... they aren't lying. So still enjoy high school and the friends you have there, but know that in college you will meet some amazing friends and to apply for scholarships. If you don't have the money it gets harder to go back to the place you will soon call home. Love, College Sophomore Kaitlyn


I would say cherish every minute and do not slack off in school. I use to slack and this caused me to get further behind in school. In high school I never took upper advanced math classes. Thse upper advanced math classes in statistics, calculus. Taking these classes in high school would have helped me know better what to expect in college. The other advise I have is that books are a great learing tool in understanding the material. Not just to be put on a shelf and gather dust.


I would tell myself that grades matter. Work hard and the relationships that you think matter don't, but school does.


Administrative laws, these deal with decisions by ministers, public bodies and civil servents and how they can be challenged. Obligation, is the duty one is bound to perform or suffer for not performing. Be objective, independent of anyone's individual point of view. Test and prove often to show the long-term ownership of yourself.


Prepare, prepare, prepare!!! I wish more than anything I would've taken the time to sit down and really map out my time at Idaho state. Although the staff here helped immensely when deciding how I should go about things.


The advice I would share with myself would be to work harder and push myself in High School to get a good education and good GPA. I would also tell myself to focus and get things done on time and to the best of my ability. Being social was fun but when it comes to getting a good education then focus and do your school work and get it all done and then continue having fun with friends.


When I began attending College I had taken a year off due to some difficulties in high school. At this point, I had reservations about school altogether and had hoped the break would help me find my passion for learning again. If I could go back and do it over, I believe that I would tell myself not to take a year off but immediately enroll in college. I found it very difficult to sit in a classroom after so much down time. College also gives people socialization and a sense of accomplishment, which is its own motivator. I now find myself a year behind where I could have been, which is frustrating when compared to the year of free time I barely got anything out of.


I would tell myself to save my money. Any money I make needs to go into a savings account and be saved for school. I would tell myself to get a credit card and build credit so I could get a loan for college. I would say that the time spent to find cheaper books is always worth it in the end. My high school self also needs to know that the transition to new teachers who are foreign is difficult and you need to work that much harder to get a good grade in that class. Time needs to be spent every night studying and preparing for class the next day or being successful will be a very difficult task.


The advice i would give myself as a high school student, is, focus on my studies and do my best in all of my classes, and put forth the effort instead of playing around and not trying. I have three kids with a G.E.D. I i had known then waht i know now I would have a high school diploma, and be working towards my RN degree. I regret not working hard and slacking in high school, because it does not only affect me, it affects my chidren also.


Go with the flow, not everything in life is so stressful. Take advantage of the counseling options that your university offers, and most of all get into a designated study pattern so that the fun times don't take over the schooling. Study everyday, at least for an hour for your subjects. Don't give up when it seems like all options are expanded upon, because there are always more options that you might not see yet. Oh, and one last thing. Apply for every scholarship available, and make time to do it. Money is a huge stress, and scholarships help alleviate that.


I have really enjoyed college life and the transition from a high school student to a college student. I feel like it has allowed me to grow and strengthen myself not only as a student but as a person. However, if I were to give myself advice, I feel like it would be helpful to know how important it is to work harder for scholarship recognition. The money value is helpful, but I find it even more beneficial to know how to expose myself, work hard, and go out of my way to find information and help that I need to continue my education at the college level. Another piece of advice I would give myself would be to work extra hard my first year of college. I had expectations for myself, but I never knew that I could exceed my own expectations. As years went by I realized more and more my potential and what I was capable of doing. I wish I could have set the bar a little higher for my first year of college. I had a lot of beneficial advice going into college. I hope my advice can be just as beneficial to others.


Do not try to go party every day, or every weekend. Yes, it is fun but you will get plenty of time for parties. The first year is the most important. It is what sets the bar and the rest of your college career up. If you fall behind first year, it is very hard to play catch up.


If I could go back to my highschool self and give any advise it would be to always enjoy the little things in life and not to focus so much on fame and popularity because in the end all that truely matters is the daily choices we make; and if they were the right ones to better my life.


There’s one thing you need to have for college. Dedication. That’s what it’s all about. You’ll do just fine as long as you stay dedicated. This one trait and skill must be learned and applied. Hard work will push you through even the classes that you don’t understand. If professors see you making a valiant attempt to understand, they will do their best to help you comprehend the subject they are passionate about. You will be happy with the results you see when you dedicate yourself to anything whether it is classes or personal projects. Dedication to personal goals and hobbies is just as important as dedication to classes when it comes to making it through college. Your happiness is a huge motivation. But this isn’t just a skill for college. It’s a life lesson, your most valuable lesson. Dedication to your dreams and works will be the best way to leave behind a better world, and then your life will have been some good.


To be able to go back in time and tell myself some advice I would tell myself to keep your head up. The road is going to be bumpy but nobody ever said it would be easy. Study hard and don't be afraid to ask questions. What you do know will set you up for your success in college. Be strong, be determined, and know that when it is all said and done, you will reach your greatness.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to make a choice about attending a college, and then to stick with that one college until I graduated. I moved to a different high school my junior year and was undecided about where I wanted to attend college. I did not feel like I belonged anywhere, so I just picked a college I did not know much about and went there, hoping that I would like it, then moved to two other colleges after that within three years. I would tell my high school senior self to really do research on colleges and try harder to get scholarships to help pay for my education. If I would have done research and made an informed decision about attending college, I probably would have stayed at one college and would have had a much more positive college experience.


Now that I have been living the college life for a whole year I realize there are some very important things I missed in preparation for the real world. Hard work and good grades got me into college, but I am finding that it takes much more than that to survive college. I wish the teachers and counselors had mentioned that in college a social life and social skills are a must. Now that I am in college, I am finding it difficult to learn many of the social skills or overcome the social insecurities that others shed in their high school years. I would have joined more clubs, ate lunch instead of studied and maybe skipped a few weekend dance classes to hang out with the friends I did manage to make. If I could have told my High School self something I would tell her to make more friends, get to know more people and to do more activities that invlolved different kinds of people.


What it didn't give me was what I expected to get from college - a job in my field. So if my education did not lead to a job, then it was a waste, right? I don't think so. Looking back, my undergraduate years were some of the happiest years of my life. For me college was a big relief after the stress of high school. I can still remember my first semester and how peaceful the campus was, how accepting all of my classmates were. Gone was the stress of not "fitting in". Aside from good memories, my college experience was valuable for several other reasons. 1) The information gleaned in classes is never a waste. Learning is always valuable in and of itself. 2) Earning my degree gave me a sense of accomplishment. I worked hard and acheived something I could be proud of. 3) Now, years later, my bachelors degree has made it possible for me to attend graduate school and continue learning and studying a field that I love. My college experience gave me more than a pretty piece of paper. It built my character and my brain.


It was a very rewarding experience to graduate from Weber State University with a BS in Elementary Education. I chose to have children and be a stay at home mom, so I never worked as a school teacher. My college experience taught me discipline and hard work. I believe my education at the university has helped me be a better mother. I believe that education is vital to improving one's life. I have a great desire to go back to school and get my second bachelors degree in Radiology. My children are getting older and I would like to work out of the home.


I have gotten an increased desire to study hard for what I really want to excell in. I have learned that studying and doing your homework in all aspects of life pay off in the end. It has a very rewarding and invaluable experience to gain a higher education. I realize that after working in several different professions that I don't care about. Being able to get a degree in a field that interests me is what is so valuable about attending. I have been attending higher education classes off and on for most of my twenty's, the desire to finish a degree has never been more important to me than right now.


In my college experience I have learned that hard work and dedication are what it takes to get through your time. It takes dedication because once you are released from class you still have work to do, you can't just go home and crawl back into bed.You have to work at it year around, making sure everything is ready for the next semester you will be attending. Hard work because you have a major goal you are working towards and striving to achieve, even though you know you have another four, five, or maybe even more years before you are finished here. You work hard so you know you will have a future once you have graduated and found a job.


I have grown as a person, and discovered my ability to reach for my goals and dreams. As a non-traditional student, I have attained my dream of being a college graduate, and now I am attending graduate school. I have learned alot about myself and my capabilities, and hope to use what I have learned to help others in my career.


I started college as a very naive student not knowing what I wanted to do in my life. I got out of my very small community and attended school and actually was able to see issue's that were going on in the world and how different opinions really were. Attending college has been a great opportunity to find out who I really am. I feel like I started out with no identity and, though I have definitely made mistakes, have finally figured out who I am and what I want to be. I believe college has helped me believe this. I also have realized how important an education is. I grew up in a home where my parents had very little education past high school. There were times where things were tight and I could see the stress on my parents faces. I knew I wanted to do something more with my life and have a better life for me and my future family. It took me a little while to figure out what I want to do, but I am now motivated and ready to exceed in my career.


I found myself. I graduated from high school with no intentions on going to college, and one of the professors at ISU talked to me and for some reason I admired this woman so I submitted my app and got accepted. Throughout the time I have been in college this professor has been with me from the beginning helping me along the way, and encouraging me more than my own family has. She is the reason I am bettering my life, and my education. She has helped me see that I am better than I was before, and no matter what as long as I have the drive to do something I can get it done. She is an inspiration to me, and I just hope one day I can accomplish what she has.


Returning back to college to finish what I had started after high school. This will also teach my 3 kids that its never to late to reach your dreams. Plus teach them that it is important to get a education and futher your goals.


As I stare at the blank page before me my mind feels just as desolate. The stress begins to set in as I realize time is slipping by all too quickly. Yet I pick up my pen, telling myself I cannot procrastinate, and start on my homework once again. Although college is a huge workload, it is all worth it. The classes are a struggle and the homework just bearable. However, every time I go to class I feel as if I am bettering my life. With the bleak economy lurking all around me, my future seems uncertain. Then I think about all of the work I have been doing for college and I feel a sense of pride and hope. My college experience has given me a sense of well-being. It has gave me hope for the future and assurance for my present decisions. I have gained friends and knowledge and a greater appreciation for hard work and the value of money. My advisors at school have made me feel like I am not just another number. And so, with the help of my professors I will continue to work hard to learn more and achieve my dreams.


I have gained so much self-confidence in just applying, meeting with counselors, filling out applications and testing. I alwaus wanted to go to college, but never thought that I was college material and yet, here I am, I'm making my dream come true! It feels so good to take control of my life and be actively involved in trying to make it better for me and my family! I feel like I could conquer the world! Watch out, here I come!


If there was one major thing that I have learned so far from my college experience, it is that you have to take the good with the bad. I say this because I have a 4.0 GPA while being extremely involved in extracurricular activites on and off campus and still work a part time job. Even though all this seems good, I am still struggling financially to fulfill my aspirations. At times I just sit down and feel like I can't get a break but even when I think I can't do it anymore, I force myself to still push on because I know that the roughest roads often lead to the top. In my college classes there are people who are twice, even three times my age. So I tell myself, that if after all these years they are still doing it, I can to. College has been so valuable to attend because without a college education I know I am nothing. College has taught me that nothing will ever be handed to me and that no one said it would be easy, they only promised that it's be worth it.


Every year that I attend college, I realize how much more important it is that I am there. Education is so valuable. When I see my friends and relatives that haven't attended or completed college and their struggles, it motivates me to do better. I get such a high from learning new things and gaining that knowledge that will contribute to my career later down the road. I feel more well rounded than I was before I started, and have gained confidence in myself that wasn't there before. I was a stay at home mom before I decided to go back to school, and although I was terrified of what it would be like, I dove right into my studies anyway and haven't wanted to stop. I am determined to finish my degree and know that holding a degree will be the key to my future success later in life. If you don't go college, there will not be any good jobs out there for you. I am hoping that my success in college will motivate my younger sister to want to go, since our parents never believed college was important.


In my college experience I have gained knowledge . My field of study is Paralegal Studies and I have learned a great deal about the legal aspects of my state. I have learned that you're never to old to go back to school. I found out that it's best to look for scholarships a year before you decide to transfer. It is valuable to attend college because of the knowledge you will gain. No matter what you know or what you think you know you will always gain more. It is also valuable because you will find out that there are many advisors that want to help you succeed in school and in life. College has also been valuable because it has help me to gain more knowledge in my career.




That your friends are always there for you and that you have to study your ass off to get good grades.


Through college and the work experience I've gained in order to be able to attend college I have realized many passions in my life and how I want to apply them to help others, especially children. It has been valuable to have the opportunity to learn how to apply myself to pursuits of knowledge and questioning that has pulled me through health and financial difficulties. Through studying psychology I learned about the connection between my mind and body and was able to overcome an excruciating back injury and move myself to pursue dance as well. Through this discovery of my love for dance and body movement I came to realize that I can help children discover passions that will get them through emotional and physical hardships. School is leading me toward a career in dance and wilderness therapy as it has allowed me to aquire the skills needed to help myself and through this be a great role model for children.


I have gotten a lot of experience so far. I have learned how to be indepent in everything I do. Its has been good because it has taught be how to responsible for my owns actions like school work, working for a living, and all the steps it takes to live on your own. I've also learned that people change in college, myself included. My attitudes towards people has changed tremendously and I grow to appreciate what people do more and more every day. College experience has been changing my life for the better.


There are so many things that I have learned as a student here on campus at Idaho State University. I have learned that all it takes is attitude. No matter what comes my way or what trials I go through while I'm away from home and making my own decisions, my attitude is what makes all the difference. I have learned that there are so many understanding, caring, and passionate people here at ISU-faculty, students, and staff. I consider my experience here at Idaho State University extremely valuable. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I came here as an 18 year old girl who was nervous to make her own way in the world, and already, 6 months later, I have found who I am. I know where I'm going in life, I know who I want to surround my self with, I know what my goals are, and I owe it all to the people I have met here at ISU.


College has been a great experience to me becuase I've meet the great people. The help thier is great. I think i have improved my since my high school year. While in high school year you are this little child that doesn't really know any thing. But then when you enter college its diffrent experience. I am more active and i actually put a lot of effort in school.


I would tell myself that college is going to be both easier and harder than I expected. I would remind myself that I need to keep studying hard all throughout college (and I would tell myself do not take Chemistry at all costs!). But I would tell myself that college can be a lot of fun if I let it, and that I should allow myself to be more social and make more friends. College isn't just about academics; there are a lot of social activities, too, and while I would never tell myself that I should let my social life overwhelm my academic life, there is a balance to be obtained there that I think I let myself slack off on. I would tell myself that I don't have to worry, I really can do it.


"Be a bum!" is what I would tell myself in high school. I would let myself know that that job wasn't worth missing school for, the traveling was fun, educational in a way-quite the learning experience, but nothing can make up for that time I lost, that I could be so much farther than I am now. The reason I say "be a bum" (using that as a slang term I suppose) is that my parents were willing to support me to get me through college. But in an effort to have more, make more, and make it fast all on my own, I compromised my own schooling. So, to myself, take time, be more attentive, let the parents help. I never thought that I'd be stuck, but that is what I feel like. Note to self, you're still going to make it, just know that if you take this advice you'll like the outcome better.


Everyone has a moment in time they would enjoy going back and revisiting, whether it be to change the past or just to relive it. If I had a chance to go back and tell myself as a high school senior what I know about college and the transition I was about to make, I would be sure to include some great advice. I would let myself know that to succeed I need to stay focused and that the transition really isn?t that bad, so quit worrying about it. I would tell myself that to be who I want to become, I need to stay who I am, work hard, and with a little bit of talent and luck I can be anything I want! I would also tell myself to enjoy and take advantage of every opportunity to lean and discover something new that I come across. Finally I would say that college life is going to be some of the best days in your life, so be sure to not let anything get you down, make friends, and save time for some fun, because it is the best way to succeed!