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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back and talk to my high school self I would tell myself to focus on school more and not my social life. I would tell myself to have more confidence in my ability to do well in school. I would tell myself that it is much easier to get what I need to do for school done in high school, like taking dual credit courses and getting good grades then it will be to have to go back and do it once I am in college. I would also tell myself that my views whether social, political or other views will change in college and that I will realize how little I really know and how much I want and have to learn.


I would tell myself don't stress yourself out, college life is so much better than high school. Live the summer to its fullest, college doesn't start until fall. Just remember apply for all the scholorships you can, and still be prepared. Life happens and not everything works out like we planned. The most important thing I want you to remember over everything else is thank your parents for all the support they give to you. You're really going to miss them so tell them everyday how much they mean to you and soak up as much of their advice as you can. Finally don't lose site of your dreams. Something may look better on paper, but its not what you want and it won't make you happy. Keep the dream you started with and put everything into become who you want to be. The only way you won't make it is if you tell yourself you can't. You have the best support in the world, so use it. Life is hard learning to love it is easy.


If i could go back and tell myself what i know now i would tell myself to talk to an advisor right away about majors as an undergraduate. I would explain that pre-physical therapy is not a major, just requirements to get into the physical therapy program here. I would also tell myself to get decorations for my room because that's where i would spend most of my time and so it's better to make it feel more like home then leave the room bare of my personality. The most important thing i would tell myself is that no matter what i should be independent and be myself. In college you can't rely on other people for help as much because not everyone has to take the same classes. Also by being independent it would have given me more freedom my first semester to have fun while i went to class and i would have made more friends rather than avoiding other people. Otherwise i would simply tell myself to take the new experiences as they come because that's the best you can do and that;s the best way to learn for the future.


If I could go back in time and help myself as a high school senior, I would make sure that I told myself to sign up for all the ACT's possible and to get an earlier jump on scholarships because there are a lot out there and a lot of them have early deadlines. I would also tell myself that the grades that I get in High school really carry on into my college career.


If I was back in high school my options would be learning and understanding English classes. Another would be attend some college courses in high school and recieves credit in college when you attend. And most of all, getting good grades in all courses that are required in high school. Probably mt next advice would to stay away from boys that might lead to marriage.


If I could go back there are two important things I would say to myself. Actually, I wouldn't just say it I would yell it at myself Anatalia Carrillo go to class and hand in your homework. Stop being such a baby and expecting teachers to keep track of you and telling you to hand in your homework. I would continue my ranting by saying when you get into college if you don't go to every class you will fail so get used to it now. As for the homework part teachers will tell you one time and one time only when you need to hand something in and it needs to be handed in when they say. They will not take your homework late they have too many things to do to be after you reminding you that you have an assignment and that it needs to be handed in. Stop your procrastination and get it done you're a big girl now and you don't need your teachers to be your mother as well.


If I were to go back in time and see myself as a senior in High School, I would have quite a bit to say. I would tell myself that I need to focus more on certain aspects of learning, to develop better studying habits so it wouldn't get in the way later. I'd also tell myself that I should be prepared for a big change but a pleasent one. I'd tell me to make sure that when I go, that I'm prepared financially and mentally. Along with all the academic advice I'd also tell myself that I need to be a little more open and have a lot of fun in college. Although it's a really important and serious time in life, it's also one of the most fun times in life as a youth. So study hard and do your best, yet still have lots of fun and enjoy yourself!


When I was a senior in high school I thought my life was so easy. I had a job that I only worked at for 3 hours a week and great friends. Now if I could go back and tell myself what not to do I would tell myself this: "Get a real job. For the rest of your life you are going to be working and there's no better time to get experience. Also college is extremely expensive and you need to start saving some money to help your parents out with paying for tuition, housing, food, and books. You need to practice better study habits. In college there's no one telling you to do your homework. You have a great gpa and in order to get good grades in college you need to study. Start creating those habits now. You also need to step out of your comfort zone and meet new people. You will not know anyone when you get to school and will need to make new friends. Also know that your family is always there for you and even though it's easy to get homesick look at the bright side of things!"


hey, dude! look, work and save up! this world is filled with opportunity, however their not given to everyone.


If I could go back in time to when I was a high school senior, I would tell myself to never give up no matter what. I'd tell myself to try my best and even though times get rough, you can pull through. There are people who are willing to help and not to be too shy to look for help. I would also tell myself to stay focused in school and not procrastinate. I would also tell myself to always listen to the instructors, take good notes and learn how to study for each class, because every class is so different.


I would tell myself three things. First, I would tell myself to apply for more scholarships while still in high school. College costs a LOT! And there are many costs besides just tuition: books, housing, class fees, groceries, and more. Also, scholarships aren't limited to incoming freshmen. I would tell myself to continue to search for and apply for scholarships throughout my college education. Second, I'd tell myself not to take any early morning classes freshman year! Coming into school I took 8 o'clock classes, thinking I'd be just fine since that's what I did in high school. I was WRONG! Freshman year is way too fun to be waking up at 6:30 in the morning. Finally, I'd tell myself to work at making lifelong friends. College is one of those times that everyone says you'll look back on with fond memories, so I want to make sure I'm making good ones. School is important, but someday I will get my degree and leave school for the "real world," and I can only hope I'll be able to look back and say that I really and truly loved college.


The year is 1983 and I am sitting next to myself in an english class. I lean over to myself and say, "Dan, you have so much potential. Don't let anything distract you from going to college right away. You are a natural teacher who others look to for help. You have good intelligence and college is just more hard work. Decide now and go to college! You'll be better off to focus now and not have to struggle later in life without a college degree. I have been to your future and know how you served faithfully in a career that seemed thankless for so long. After many years of dealing with bad things, you will finally realize how much you love to help youth learn and think. You can skip all the visions of pain and death and going straight to what you want to do inside. Believe me and pursue your desire to become a teacher. Its what you want to be and where you can make a difference in a child's life. Believe in yourself." "One last thing; save your money for school Dan, the student loans will harness you for years."


Dear past senior me, College is almost exactly the same as everybody says it is. High school may have been painless to get through, but that's because you have helping hands at every road block in your eduacational way. College is all about how strong your mentality is and how willing you are to do extra work. The professors certainly won't push you through class like in high school. However, the student s are much more open-minded and easier to converse with without actually having to know them. Everyone seems as willing as you to create bonds to people that would not be typical in that high school clique. Activities and clubs are everywhere! Try them out! Don't be afraid to make those possible life long friends and find yourself. It's about the experience and fun as well as the education. Don't give up when the homework gets tough and learn to ask for help when you need it. But most of all, don't take classes that are before 8 or 9 AM because those are the hardest to attend to, and attendance it half the battle in college. Sincerely, your future self


Go to college, live on campus and take chances. This is the best time of your life and you need to try as much as possible while the opportunity is still there. Never regret what you do, only grow from what you've done. Meet as many people as you can and keep because they will be your friends for life.


If I could go back in time and tell myself how to adjust to college life I would tell myself to never put anything before school. Once you put anything before schooling it is hard to put school first in life. I would say ?Steven, when you want to be home or have a good time with your friends, instead of going to school and listening to a lecture, then think of the future because once you make a choice you can never take it back. The choice that you make will affect you for the rest of your life. Steven, when you go to college focus on your homework and ignore all of the distractions along the path to a higher education. Especially if the distraction is beautiful and asks to you to go to lunch with her.? I would emphasis that an important thing to education is to get involved with politics, clubs, and activates. I would also tell me to make friends so that college will not be a lonely experience. Most of all I would remind myself to remember all of those that love me.


The transtition from high school senior to be a freshman in college is sometimes hard to cope with at first and then after a few days you get used to it. Moving from one state to another was a big set for me and then going to a sc hool were i didnt know anybody was hard too. If i could go back i would tell myself that the transition was hard but going to ISU was the best decision i have ever made on my own. The advice i would give myself is to work hard and study a lot for the classes i am taking. From experience you need to study hars to achieve good grades in some of the classes. I know that making friends and having a social life are important but dont get caught up in life and forget to study and work hard to achieve the grades that you want in school.


You should take as many prep classes in High scool as you can. You should be serious about college or if not don't even go. Don't wait to long to go to college. You will have a better time of getting a good job with a college degree.


A person needs to be completely committed to college before entering college. College is not like high school at all, expectation of personal study and growth are essential.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior in high school, I would tell myself not to stress so much on the difference between college and high school. I would tell myself not to listen to what everyone else told me and not to psych myself out. The change was not as significant as people had tried to tell me it was. By taking AP and honors classes I had some preperation for the amount of work, and the need to talk to my teachers when I have a problem. I was in a similar situation with my social life as well. I would tell myself that because of the programs set in place with my church, there were plenty of opportunities for me to meet new people and make new friends. Even though it was a little different coming to college, if I could go back and talk to myself as a senior in high school I would make sure I knew that some change is good and college life is not nearly as different and difficult as I could imagine it to be.


I would make sure that I saved all of my money I earned. Make sure to make quality friends and know who to trust, and learn how to manage my time and be organized at a young age.


Take AP classes starting as a freshman. Get my generals for college finished by the time i graduate highschool. apply for many more scholarships than i actually applied for. Do not slack off in class or skip because i will pay for it in college. Take my ACTs with a little bit more determination, and possibly study more than i had before.


Do not waste your time in High School. You should be taking college prep classes because it will make college classes a bit easier to handle. I would also suggest that they do not wait long after high school to go to college. I am a non-traditional much older student and I wish I would have gone to college way before this. You can not get a good paying job without an education. And most I would tell them that they are the captain of their own ship so they should always try to sail the good waters. Dont do drugs and alcohol is a drug also. You must concentrate in college and this should keep you out of the trouble you could get into because of being young.


If I could travel back in time to 1985 and share with myself the wisdom I have gained about college, I would say, "Excuse me, you with the big hair, I really think you should do something for yourself, right here, right now. Go to college! You are on the precipice of the rest of your life. This is a defining moment for you. College may seem elusive or intimidating right now, but it is a mere matter of taking one step at a time. At a minimum, complete an application, when you get your acceptance letter, take the next step, talk to the financial aid office. It will snowball from there, and before you know it, you'll be sitting in your first lecture. My first day of class was so exhilarating. I could not wipe the smile off my face. I have developed friendships with the most fun and interesting people. People from all walks of life who are really doing something with their life. Oh, by the way, if you don't , something tells me you'll always wonder what you might have been able to accomplish if only you had gone to college."


If I could go back in time and give myself some advice about college, I would strongly suggest saving up money sooner. It can be expensive, and jobs arn't always as readily available as one may hope. I would also tell myself to get a nice comfortable matress pad for the uncomfortable old, spring mattres beds in the dorm rooms. It's one of the most prized possesions i own. I would tell myself to get out there and make as many friends as possible, because it can't hurt, and you never know when you'll need a good friend. But some of the best advice would be not to procrastinate on your homework, because you never know when one of your professors will unexpectedly throw out a nice, fun, essay involving a lot of reading and research. It happens, but it can be prevented and made barable by just doing assignments as you get them.


Finish high school! Even though ISU has a wonderful staff that will help you learn the stuff you missed by dropping out, your college years are going to be much better if you get the academic experience of note taking, citing works, and referencing your work before you get to the college level.


I would tell myself to not get sucked into thinking that the medical field is the only job market that is avaliable, to find what you really want to do instead of something that you think will have good job and financial security. Finding something you love to do will really benefit you, you'll never have to work a day in your life if you have a job that you love to do.


Abby, although you are an amazing honors student here at Blackfoot High, studying in college is going to be a little different. There will be day-to-day events, people, and situations that will challenge your abilitly to focus and these things will challenge your academic determination. However, do not give up because overcoming these challenges will only prove that you are an intelligent individual that can suceed at anything when you put your mind to it. Academically, you will come up against professors that may not be as easy-going as some of your teachers now and some of the work load will be overwhelming; nevertheless, all of the hard work you do now in high school will help you be prepared to keep marching on in the university world. Academically, college life will be mentally stimulating. The other aspects of life are just as important, however. You will grow as a person throughout college and really learn who you are inside and what you want out of life. Some social challenges will come and go but they will help you realize the important things in life. No matter what, remember to keep fighting for diginity, success, and achievement.


There is no price to pay for the experience of college itself. Being able to attend college, meet the people you will meet and have the experiences will be something that will stay with you the rest of your life. Friends and fun are conditional knowledge is permenate, knowing who you are comes not from the people around you, but from the challenges you place on yourself to become a better person.


Get good grades. Save all the money you can during high school so that the burden of college tuition won't be so tough on you and your family. Go to college as soon as you can after you graduate. This is so it will be much easier on you. If you don't use the knowlege you have aquired during high school you will lose it.


If I could go back in time and meet myself as a high school senior there would be many things I would tell myself to change and give advice to myself. The biggest advice I would give to myself would be do not procrastinate and fill out scholarships applications. Scholarships are really good and they will help you out and will avoid you from getting into debt with student loans. When I was in high school I would also say whatever I don?t feel like filling them out. Now that I am in college I wish I could go back into time and tell myself do them. It is very amazing how the college life makes you think back when you were in high school and makes you feel like; wow I was so dumb back then. That is my piece of advice I would give myself if I could go back in time.


I would have gone right into college instead of waiting a year, because college is a great experience as long as you find the right college for you. At the time I wasn't able to find the right college for me so I waited, if I could go back I would have visited a lot of colleges to try and find the right one.


I never made it to my senior year, I ended up working for my GED eighteen years later. I actaually graduated the same year my son did, but I would remind myself that school is verty important. I was too buisy focussing on things that should not have been more important at the time. My life has been rather hard and I am still working at a job that is a minimum wage job. I would remind myself how hard it is for me in college since I was out of school for eighteen years. Math is harder because I never took any algebra in High School. I have to push myself almost to eshaustion now just to make it through a semester, it is easier when you are young. I am almost forty years old and I always wish I would have done everything right the first time and consintrated on school.


I would say that even though college seems like a piece of cake, it really is not and I would encourage myself to look for financial assistance before I go to college because it would ease my mind a little more instead of having to go through what I am doing now. I struggle a lot trying to support my 2 children and the only thing I wish is that I could be financially set for school.


The advice I would give myself would be two fold. The goal for college is to get in and get out fast with what you need. College is expensive and many people find themselves changing their minds on careers while their school loans sore. So, the two pieces of advice I would give are to accomplish this goal. First, figure out what you want to do. Figure out what your talents and strengths are and find a career that you would be good at and makes the amount of money you would like to make. Second, get after it. The earlier you start working toward your chosen profession the quicker you're bound to get through college and get started in your career. This will help you spend less money on school and start making money faster. Third, chart your course. Know exactly what you classes you need to take to graduate and when. This will help save you time and money and also help motivate you. This is the advice I would give myself and I give it to you so you won't make the same mistakes that I have. Good Luck!


Take every moment of college seriously. There is a time and a place to have fun and a time and a place to be serious and focused. Always go to class. College is fun, but don't get so caught up in all of the activites to blow off schoolwork. Remember college is a lot harder than high school and Mom and Dad aren't able to bail you out of things anymore.


I chose a college quite close to home and at first I wondered if I should have broadened my horizons and discovered myself and my future elsewhere; I have, however, embraced my university and have tried to be as active and involved as possible. I have found that I have truly enjoyed it and looking back, I feel I can say I made the right decision. So my advice to prospective students and their parents would have to be this: it is wonderful to experience new places and live a life of your own, and if you feel moving miles and miles away to spread your wings is what you must do -- go for it, but don't forget to also look at what is in your own backyard. Where a univeristy is located and what it is called doesn't automatically make it a good school. Make whatever you choose the best experience possible: a college experience is only as good as you yourself make it.


Study the university's requirements and make sure it's what you want before enroling.


Have a clearly defined goal and plan for your education. If you already have something you are passionate about pursuing, select the best school you can find. If your goal is to find what your passion is, find a school that offers lots of diversity. The most important thing is to have a goal and a plan. Without them, you will be wasting a lot of time and money, and will likely regret it later in life. It is also important to be flexible. You may find out that your not all that interested in a field after taking some classes. But it is also important to realize that most good things require a lot of hard work and some of it isn't very interesting. All successful people enjoy what they do. They do it because they like, not because they think they have to or it is what people expect then to do.


I would say look for a school that meets your needs that you have as an indivdual. If you are not a big partier and you do not want to be around that crowd; listen to what the college crowd has to say about the colleges when you visit, or also listen to information through word of mouth. If you hear that its a big party school it probably is, people are pretty honest about their schools faults and qualities. A small school enables you to really get to know the community and meet a lot of people. It is also good for classroom size because it enables an easier learning environment where you have more one on one time with the professor which i have learnt is really important. Make sure to get really involved, join a club (they are fun), take fun classes like salsa dancing, and go to the games and activities. Basically if you have a good group of friends you will have fun wherever you attend.


The best advice I can give about choosing the right school is to definitely go on a campus tour and stay overnight if possible. That is how you can best get a feel for the campus, the social life, the students, the resources available, and your classes. Talk to students from your area who already attend, and also students in your chosen field. This will give you a much better idea of what you personally can expect. Someone from biology may have a very different experience than one from business. Set up an appointment with an academic advisor and an advisor from your chosen field. They may have information for you that you had never considered. Now, once you have chosen your school, take it easy to begin with. Try not to work your first semester so you can spend time making friends and utilizing your campus resources that YOU paid for. Be open minded and attend events that may be a little out of you comfort zone. That's the point of college. You will learn so much more than what you'll be taught in class. Most of all, though, join a few groups. JUST GET INVOLVED!


Let your child choose which college and what they want to do. Don't expect them to be perfect when they go. It is supposed to be fun and a learning opportunity. That means academically and personally.


Look at the best options that fit what you want to learn and a place you will think you will be happy


When you are looking for a College or University, you are looking for a life style. Chose one that has your best interest at heart. Rememeber, you will change your major a lot, everyone does. There is no harm of not knowing right away what you want to do for the rest of your life. Coming from a person who decided not to attend College just out of High School, and was trying to make a living on my own, I can tell you, this is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I would not change this for anything in the world. You will come across hard times where you think you cannot do it, or nothing interests you, and you feel like a failure. We all go through it, but the reward is far more greater in the end if you stick with it, and give it the best you can. You are graded on your successes and your failures, but remember, it is by far the greatest experience you will ever have. This is the moment where you have decided to take the next step into the rest of your life.


The college experience is an important time in a young persons' life. The college years finally define who a person is going to become. When I chose my college I looked for one that fit my personality. I am a small town girl and wanted a small town college; one where I could walk to all my classes and have one-on-one interaction with my teachers. I also looked for a campus that offers a multitude of on-campus jobs. Simple advice I would give to people looking for the right college would be; to tour as many colleges as you can. Touring the colleges will give you a firsthand peek into the lives of the students on the campuses. The experience of touring a college can help people test their personality to the school. To make the most of the college experience; it is best if students do their work ahead of time. This allow for time to rest and fun. Find a job on-campus where they allow homework to be done and keep on top of it. If students don't they can loss control of their schooling and get overworked. Also just have fun!


Find a college that is far enough away from home to get the "college experience," but close enough so that a trip home doesn't have to be a big ordeal. This ensures easy holiday vacations and helps to alleviate homesickness. Also, be sure to pick a college that offers what you find interesting. If there were extracurriculars that you enjoyed in high school, chances are that there are equivalents in a university setting. Being involved in extracurricular activities helps to form instantaneous friendships that have many similar interests.


Go into college with the right attitude. Don't go to party or for the social aspect that accompanies college life. Try to find balance between study, work, and play if one is getting more attention than the other you are bound to suffer in one way or another. Educate yourself on financial aid and private loans for students and parents; avoid debt at all costs because you can get ito trouble quicker than you think. Apply for any and all scholarships that apply to you because the more help you get, the more time you have to focus on school and get it done. Make college a family goal. When family helps everyone benefits. Try not to work during the semester and live off a budget creates less stress. If you do have to work try work study to help balance the scale. Don't give up! Stay determined and focused. College isn't a sprint but more of a marathon so don't get down if you don't finish when you were hoping the important thing is to keep with it until its over. Finishing is the only way to make all your hard work worth it!




I would advise students to choose carefully when they are deciding which college or university to attend. Do not pick the school that looks like it would be the most fun or choose because you want to stay with your best friend. Pick the school that seems best for you, usually based on a campus visit, maybe several campus visits. Meet people, ask plenty of questions, and definitely speak to the advisor for the program that you would like to enter into. Another good thing to do when going on a campus visit is to eat lunch in one of the cafeterias on campus, sit down and watch the students, do they look like they are having a good time? Can you see yourself living and going to school in this place? Also stop students as they walk by and tell them you are trying to decide if you want to attend school here and ask them what they like and dislike, most students will be willing to talk to you. The most important thing is to trust your gut, dont let anyone else decide for you. This is YOUR education and the rest of YOUR life. Good Luck!




Do all the hard work first then finish it off with a little bit of fun.