Iona College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time, I would have a few choice words. I would try even harder in college. I would say ‘aim for the sky’, by expanding your expectations and experiences. Take advantage of each / every experience that crosses your path. Be even more outgoing to meet contacts and experience life on a deeper level. Look to get involved in everything that you can because all things in life lead to a never-ending window of new and exciting opportunities. Those prospects will undoubtedly shape you as an individual. Don’t close the door to anything; rather cast a broad net and look to soak in every little experience for what it’s worth. Everything that happens to you (good, bad and indifferent) is a learning experience to take full advantage of. Look at your obstacles not as something overwhelming, but as the world simply testing you. Obstacles / hardships are chances to work on the weaknesses that you need to grow / mature as a successful and well-rounded human being. Lastly, don’t stress the little things because in a few years, they won’t mean a thing. Enjoy each and every day because time flies.


It is difficult to look back and say anything besides "try harder". My experience in college was fantastic and I do not regret any of it. Ryan circa 2008, listen good: you are going to have four years of ups and downs at Iona; making new friends, and have several life changing incidents occur. The head you carry around is surprisingly on straight considering your age and naivety, I think your fatal flaw is how passive you can be. If you have an interest or idea, elaborate on it and see what happens. Play your guitar, read more books, and if you are in the mood ask a pretty girl to dance. Right now you want to attend grad school to study nutrition, this was an idea that perhaps should have hit you years ago; ellaborate on your interests to see where they can take you! Take a look in the mirror, it only gets so much better.


There are a variety of different advices I would give to myself, but I think the main advice I would give to myself is high school is not actually "reality". College is a whole lot different from highschool, in several ways. When you are in highschool, it is bascially all fun and games. You can basically do whatever you want, with no responsiblity. Once you are in college, all the responisblity is on you. You are responsible for how you use your time, attending classes and all other things, it is on you. You may gain freedom once you are in college but if you acutally think about it, freedom comes with responsiblity. It is your life, you can either reck it or perfect it.


I would tell myself that even though you have much more freedom then it was in high school, you still shouldn't procrastinate on your work. Work gets much harder and this time you are paying for it, so theres no time for playing games. You can still have an abundant amout of fun, but have to put your school work first at all times. Also, theres always help all around campus, so don't be afraid to ask.


It's important for high school seniors to understand the transition from high school to college. I would make it known that you must be prepared to live on your own and be prepared to structure your life at college. Time management is one of the most important aspects of college. Living on your own, you have the freedom to do almost anything (with some restraints). Therefore, it is important to set priorities, make goals, and manage your time wisely. Also, I would mention goals are important; set as many goals as you possibly can. Set the bar high, and every time you pass that bar, move it up. Make friends, branch out and do things you may not typically do. College is the best four years of your life and you should be able to look back knowing you were involved with as much as you can; gained as much real world experience as you could; and most of all, enjoyed the four years of college to the best you possibly could, all while concentrating on your education, and taking classes seriously


When searching for college one must learn to be a bit selfish. One has to think about themselves. Despite what everyone else wants you to do you must make your own decisions without the influence of others. I learned this after experiencing it personally. My family wasn’t ready for me to leave the house. They felt that I could achieve my goals by going to any college that was close to home. They didn’t help me realize that sometimes even if it may seem difficult one must leave our comfort zone and explore. If I would have been open to the idea of leaving home many more opportunities would have been available to me. Despite my family’s dependence on me, I feel that they would have been benefited by not having me around. In addition, if I would have known about certain opportunity programs such as the HEOP or the CSTEP programs I also would have applied to some colleges I felt were out of my reach because of the cost of tuition and other expenses. To have a great college experience and use its maximal benefit one must do lots of research and be open minded.


It gives you a sense of independence and sets you up for real life experience. In college you don't have your parents telling you what to do anymore so you have to make your own decisions. I have learned hard work can get you wwhere you want to be. In college you are going to need to work harder than you did in high school to get the grades you want.


The professors and friends I've made have made my experience worthwhile.


I learn more about myself and the world around me everyday by pushing and challenging myself through college. Higher education is not an easy path, yet I find it is a necessary path for me to follow in my efforts to advance and strenghten myself as a strong young woman.


As of today November 13, 2010, I am unemployed an having a hard time finding a job. The Unemployement Office is sending me back to college to get my degree in Business Administration and I need more help to fund my education. Its hard finding a job I go out each and every day searching for one. With just an Associated Degree In Accounting which was back in 1981 everything have changed and I Believe that once I get my BS in Business Admistration I will be able to get a job with out any problems. Once I get my BS in Business Administration I will be more equipped to be a leader and service in my communities. I believe today, more than ever, education is critical for advancement and professional opportunties. On January 31, 2011 I will be attending Mid-Continent University Advantage as a full time student . In closing I would like to say Thank you, for allowing me to better my self and advancing my career at the same time.


I have developped a skill set to be a leader, a role model, and an activist to be the change I wish to see in this world. Iona College has given me a valuable education because my knowledge has broadened with new ideas, concepts, and theories. I have developped a deeper understanding of the world and a greater appreciation for Edmund Rice. When I graduate, I will be one in my generation who will stand out with confidence and make a difference in the world.


I have found a new place for myself in society. Enterting as a timid freshman, I had an emmense fear of the change ahead, but I approached it head on and was pleasantly surprised. Not only have I gained education and experience, I have found new peers with whom to share my experiences. My experiences have been very valuable because I have already learned so much about life and the vast world around me. After going to grammar and high school with many of the same people, finally branching out was refreshing and offered a whole new point of view.


A chance to grow, develop, and affect changes to achieve my career goals. My challenges of pursuing a better quality of life have given me a renewed sense of self. The rewards received from hard work have propelled me further in wanting to achieve my chosen career. I have also met some very committed people during my college career and they have helped me to see what it means 'earn your life.' Like the old saying goes, "You are what you eat," in this case you are what you decide to be. Live your dream and settle for nothing less. My favorite quote helps me to see this happen everyday: "In the land of 'never-will,' do you dwell contently."-JEM


I am a single parent of two small children. I had them at a young age. The most rewarding experience was to walk with my camp and gown with my son in the crowd cheering me on. Through my learning experience, he too now knows how important a higher education is in this competitive market today. I am requesting this assistance to show them the sky is the limit.


I would tell myself that boys and relationships are not as important as they seem, everything will come in due time. Sex, kissing all that is definately worth waiting for the right person for. Fiting in should not be your priority, be proud of what and who you are it's cool to be unique and independent. School work is important! It's a lot harder to "wing" things in college than in high school. You are gunna have to study for some things and doing your homework actually counts a lot! Talk more, get involved; while theres nothing wrong with being shy and quiet you need to know thats its improtant to speak up for yourself. Don't let people influence you. Participate in class, don't worry about looking like a kiss up, trust me at this point your professors opinion of you is way more important than that of your peers. Keep your parents involved in your life they may not be the best but they're all you've got. Be honest about everything especially with your parents trust me it will make life so much easier. Don't skip class its not worth it. Work!


I would first assure myself that my new life away at college was going to be fine. However I would also tell myself to enjoy my last days at high school. Waking up to get to school by 8, 7 period day class schedules, each class separated by bell, only girls (I went to an all girl school), "lunch time", and uniforms would soon be a thing of the past. As much as I would have celebrated knowing this, I'd have to aware myself that you don't realize what you've lost until its gone. You must live in the present cause you can't go backwards. I'd soon be having to wake up only a half hour before class, have only 3 classes a day, go by myself to my classes, have boys in the same class, eat lunch on my own time, and wear pretty much pajamas or whatever to class. It can sound frightening, but don't worry. With this comes new experiences and new friends. You'll feel a true sense of independence because you're now 18 and you have your whole life ahead of you. Have fun, be smart, Good Luck!


SHould of went to a bigger school who had better facilities and cared about sports other than basketball and not giving the oppoertunities


The most important advise I would give to anyone about finding the right college and making the most of the college expirence is to make sure they are finacially stable with the college that they want they want to go to. It's hard to make the best out of college when your spending your time working and worrying about paying college tution. When you don't have the burden of bills having to be paid it makes college a lot easier to handle and more enjoyable.


Go where you heart leads you. In the end, Remember why you are there is to learn. Learning, however, also includes social learning and learning who you are as a person in society. Also, this isn't High School anymore, so don't treat it as such. You really are privelaged to be able to even have graduated from High School, so keep that in mind as you are working your way through college.


Inorder to find the right college for you, you have to visit the ones that seem the most appealing to you. You should choose a college that you feel comfortable with and that you feel will help you progress with your future plans on getting a job. Also, you will know the school that's right for you when you get the feeling of butterflies in your stomach. Inorder to make most of your college experience, you should get involved in every way that you can. You should join clubs, sports, even a sorority/fraternity. Even though being apart of a sorority/fraternity isn't everything, it allows you to expand your network even further, and networking is very important when you graduate college. Networking can go so far s to help you find a job, but none the less, it is important to have a network because it keeps you socially active, even after you graduate.


My advise to the students is to go visit every college and spend as much time reviewing everything and to try to pick one that makes you feel at home. A campus you'l feel more comfortablr being in but also one that you feel you can actually achieve success in. Have fun but also work hard. And to the parents is to find a good college for yur son/ daughter one that you feel is right for them. Something clean beautiful and well academically based that won't brake the bank either. look for a healthy enviroment where you'll feel comfortable in and even though you wont be living on campus somewhere you will also be involved in because you investiog in your childs future at this institute.


At the time I was a senior I wasn't really into looking at different colleges I was just focused on where I was now and wasn't thinking much toward the future. I would strongly reccomend to any student that you should take advantage of your opportunities visiting schools and make the choice for a college that you feel fits best for you.


Well, to the parents I would say, please know that your children are not leaving you forever. Know that they love you tremendously more now than ever. Know that they thank you for all that you have done for them and have taught them throughout the years. Know that everything you have said to them over and over they did hear you and will take with them on their new journey. Know that we do miss you terribly and love you enourmously with all that we have become because of you. know that we will grow, but not without you, but because of what you have let us become. To the student I would say, don't be scared. You are about to embark on a wonderful future. You can become all and anything you want to be. I would also say join clubs and get involved in your school. Take advantage of all that is there for you to experience and learn. I would say don't be scared, mom and dad have done a great thing for you. Take advantage of this opportunity. And lastly, I would want to tell you that your parents are very proud.


I think you should get involved on your campus. You should join some clubs and go to events on your campus. You should pick a college that is best for you.


Coming from someone who gives campus tours, the best advise i can give parents and prospetive students is that when you set foot onto a campus and you fall in love with it that moment, stick with that college, because chances are you will be spending four years of your life there so it's best to go to a college or university that you love rather then one you hate.


Go with your personality. Go with what you like, even if it's far from home. The distance will be worth it in the long run. Go with a place with small classroom sizes. It's nice to know everyone in your class for multiple reasons-easier to make friends and to copy notes if you miss class. Also, it's nice to have the professor know your name if you need to ask a question. Once you get there, don't be stupid. do your homework, read when you have to, but don't kill yourself have fun too. Parents, start to back off. This is their time to grow and to learn who they are as an individual, not who they are as your son or daughter. let them make their own choices, but make your opinions known and give them advice. Support them like you always have and they will flourish in college. To you both: RELAX! it's only four years.


The college process is both exciting and scary for both students AND parents. I suggest to students to go with an open mind, and get involved. They say college is what you make of it. They have clubs/organizations for everyone. Most schools, if they do not have anything you are interested in (which is highly unlikely) will typically allow you to form your own club/organization. It's easy to meet people both inside and outside the classroom. When you're a freshman, everyone is in the same place: scared, excited, and anxious to meet people. Take advantage of that moment. Be friendly and courteous to others. Also, make sure to go to class early and develop a good relationship with your professor. They are there to help you. Don't be scared of them. They're the ones that have the final say in your grade so try and get on their good side. Also, for parents, college students are stressed. Do not pressure them about grades/etc. They will succeed and learn to find their own niche.


Parents and students should check out the campus before applying to make sure it is the college they are all looking for. It is important to get involved and update resume in the proccess.


Tips for choosing and surviving college : Talk to your academic advisor about your courses and major. In addition, look at the college course catalog to have an idea of what courses are required for your major. If you are curious about campus life ask students questions that you may have. Some areas that you want to cover are housing, meal plan, classes, study areas, career development, guest speakers, activities, sports, dorm life, etc. You have to give a certain amount of time of studying and reviewing material that you have learned in class. Allow some time each day after class to review your notes. Then when it comes time for midterm and final exams you won?t have to cram weeks of notes and readings. Check the total cost of attendance of the school. If you are awarded scholarships or grants for a certain amount of money that covers part of your tuition and fees look at the balance and see what you can afford. Some scholarships don?t increase over four years regardless of an increase in tuition. Most colleges increase their tuition and fees every year. Therefore, the balance that you have to pay every year will increase.


Go somewhere else


First and foremost, follow your heart. Second, follow your gut; if you have a feeling that a school is right for you chances are your right. Take advice from everyone around you, but weight that advice no more than 40% on your decision. Remember, it is your decision to make. Never worry about getting 'stuck' in the school you first pick. It is easy to transfer if you decide that the school isn't right for you after all. Choose a place where you can feel at home. If you're not able to relax and feel at home it wont matter how great the school you wont be happy. College is transition so dont be afraid to try new things. Put yourself out there and live it up. If you are discouraged at first, hang in there it usually gets better. College is a big change for everyone; this change can create the bonds of friendship and love the will last a lifetime. Embrace the change and enjoy the process. As much as everyone stress it, it is not about the destination of graduation but truly how you get there and who your with. Finally, have fun!


Make sure you visit before commiting.


Money Career Friendship Location especially--> listen to you kid. Your not the one going to college he/she is


FInd a college that will give the biggest opportunity to succeed in both the social aspects and academic. I choose IONA for their great internship program, closeness to New York City and the great relationships that undergraduates have with the alumni. IONA Also provides easy opportunities to meet and socialize with new people making it easy to make friends. My suggestion to visit every school you apply to and get a feeling for the campus. You can generally get a good idea if this college is for you the moment you step on campus.


Vist schools before you make a choice on where you will attend! Most of the time, when you walk onto the campus were you fit best, you will feel it. Take things like the class size and campus size into consideration. Remember how far you have to travel to visit home, people often get homesick. Check out the resources on campus. Make sure there are lots of places for studying. Find out what the extracurricular activities are offered on campus. When you finally chose your school, get involved! There are always events for freshmen, so take advantage! Sometimes they may seem lame, but people spend time on them to help you adapt to school. Parents--let your children enjoy school. Remember, this is where they will be for the next four years! And a students education will be one of the most important part of there life as an adult.


The best advice I would you give parents and/or students about finding the right college and making the most of the college experience is to first understand who you, or your child really is. After getting to know yourself or other, start seeking out colleges to find out which one feels right. Do remember that the size of the college does not have to be necessarily bigger than the high school attended. Smaller-sized colleges are much more convenient and friendly as you are not just a number, you are a name. People, including professors, get to know you better instead of being student number: 4,089. Once enrolled in the college, get to know at least one faculty member, never hide your academic problems, learn to manage your time, get involved, learn from differences, and most importantly: study hard!


From my experiences in college thus far, i've realized a few things. The best choice you can make when deciding which college to go to is to choose one that fits your personality the best. If you love being around a lot of people then go to a big school. If you like a more personal setting in which you have the opportunity to get to know everyone a little better then a smaller school is the best choice. Also, once you get there, make sure you get involved! Trust me, if you get involved in a lot of activities then you will almost never be bored and you have less of a chance of being homesick. Socialize and get to know your surroundings and have fun. College is an experience that only happens once in a lifetime for most people. It is a time in your life that you will always look back on. Make friends, take chances, have fun, be safe, be smart, and get the most out of your money! Utilize all of your resources and get a great education.


You have to like the faculty no matter what or you will be miserable


My advice to parents and/or students in terms of finding the right college would be to throughly research a wide variety of schools, paying attention to location of the school, majors/minors and degree programs offered, different clubs and organizations offered, campus resources, quality of academics, study abroad oppertunities, and scholarship oppertunities. Visit many schools and maybe even visit schools more than once. I personally regret not having researched and visited more colleges. In order to make the most of your college experience, get involved in one's school, and take advantage of all the clubs, organizations and events offered. Also take advantage of any tutoring services offered. Also, I would suggest for students to try and be more outgoing (I am personally shy and find this hard), however by being outgoing you are able to meet more people and expand your social network within the school. I feel that having a good social network at school will also improve the college experience.


I would say that it is important to visit campuses, and even stay overnight if possible. Schools may have great academic programs, but the environment might not be suited for the student. I think one of the most important things is feeling comfortable on your campus, because when you're comfortable you are more likely to succeed and have positive feelings about these four years of your life. Parents should also let their child do most of the work in choosing the school, afterall it is the students who will be attending the school, not the parents. With that said, however, parents should be aware of the resources that schools offer so that they can guide their kids.


Choosing a college is a decision that will affect the rest of your life. It will inevitably have a great affect on your world view, your ability to carry out tasks, the skills you can carry with you through life, and you preparation to enter the job market and become a responsable, passionate and proffessional adult. Therefore, when you choose a college take your time and think about what type of learning environment will best suit you and assist you in accomplishing your goals for the future.


A quick story: I am an only child, so when it came time for me and my mom to sit down and do the whole "college thing," neither one of us had any idea how to go about it. I applied to two schools - one that I had my heart set on, and the other a backup that I was confident I didn't need anyway. Long story short, I did not get into the school I wanted and went to community college for a year until a friend of mine convinced me to go to college with her. I knew NOTHING about the school, but applied anyway. I was accepted and received a scholarship to boot. Next thing I knew, I was in a strange school and on my own, since my friendship had fallen to pieces. I was scared, but I told myself that I would need to jump right in and learn what Iona was all about. in order to feel comfortable It worked; I've since graduated and feel I made the best decision of my life. My advice: Nothing beats good planning, but when plans fall through, do not be afraid to embrace the random.


Make sure you look at the college you really want to go do. Do not just pick college because your parents want you to go there. Also find college that offer many majors, just in case you change your amjor a few time. That is normal, so do not worry about that. However, you want to make sure you have choices. The first few weeks of college will be hard to get used to. Especially if you are dorming, but in the end it is so worth it. The people you live with become your family, and it is amazing. Also make sure to get involved on campus. it keeps you busy, and your grades will stay up if you need certain grades to stay in organizations. Good Luck!


When choosing a college it is important to have a general idea of the field you would like to persue in order not to lose any credits. Try to talk to others about their general experience at the college. Once you decide where you want to go, try to get involved and attend sporting events or other events in order to get to know more people. This will make you more comfortable at the school and will enhance you overall experience. Talk to others and ask questions because you can only learn more by asking questions. The more you know the high your chance of being sucessful becomes.


The advice I would give parents and students is to find a school where the student feels comfortable not only going to classes but also going to different places on campus and also living on campus if that's an option. Location is key. If dorming, the student should want to be far enough from home to grow independent, but depending on the person, being not too far from home could also be important. Also, you want a school that shows that they care about each individual student and will always be willing to help. To make the most out of the college experience, get involved in a few things that interest you. Meeting people helps in learning to understand and appreciate how everyone is different and how to interact with them. Make friends who you can trust because you can't always rely completely on yourself. Do the best you can in school but don't let it drive you crazy. It's easy to stress so relax when you need to. Don't give up. Take opportunities and make things happen because college can be similar to and will prepare you for the real world.


Iona College is a great school. Students that do not get home sick or angry at the town surrounding this college really enjoy. It is said that you have to create your own fun at Iona. This is true. If you attend this school you have to learn to deal with boredom. Their are many weekends that students just go home. The upper classmen usually don't go home. Furthermore almost all of the professors are still working in their field. Because of this internships are plentiful here. If you cannot get an internship here I do not think you could get one anywhere. Iona sets you up for a job after school. And some of the professors are pretty funny. Overall this school was not my first choice, if I had the chance to choose a different school at the begining I would. I have, however fallen in love with this school. Even though the administrators hate me and I'm not even a troublemaker. They just like to get everyone in trouble. Beware of staff here.


Make sure you visit the schools and make sure they fit your needs. If you like big classes then go to big unoversity otherwise choose another school which is smaller. Check ratings of the school online and also see what other college students think of it. Another thing to look into is how many freshman go back to that school for their sophmore year.


make sure it just feels right. you will know because when you get on the campus, you will feel like it is where you belong.


I would say to research all the colleges or universities you are interested in to the fullest. Don't rush into any decisions, and make sure you will be able to live with your choice for the next four years. Make sure they have the major you want, as well as the extra cirricular activities you enjoy. The friends you meet here are going to be the ones that you grow up with, in every aspect. They will help you through the good and bad times, and see you at your worst. Be ready to see many things you probably thought you never would. A lot of things go on and change during the college experience, and its best to love it and just go with it. There is no experience like it, and regret is the worst thing. Do your best regarding the work, and dont be afraid to ask for help when you need it. College is serious, its different from high school.


When it comes to finding the right school, the most important thing to do is to first make sure they have your major. If you have a learning disability, make sure the school has the necessary resources to help you succeed. For parents, make sure the school is in your price range, because besides tuition there many other expenses that have to be factored in. Make sure the school has a lot of extraccuricular activities to get involved in, so you can meet new people. I also say to visit as many schools as you can. Once you step on the campus , if it's the school for you, you will feel it. You might feel comfortable in more than place, and should find out more about what people like to do for fun, how the professors are, and if there are places nearby where you can pick up anything you may need at any time of the day. In order to make the most of your college experience, you have to get involved. Getting involved will help you make new friends, present netwroking opportunities, and can get you involved in community service activities that look good on a resume.