Iowa State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Iowa State University?


Too many people, hard to get into a class.


There aren't enough opportunities for students in off campus housing or campus apartments. It's harder to become involved in certain activities or clubs being further away from campus.


The most frustrating aspect of Iowa State is the sheer amount of people that are everywhere. All of the people everywhere can make the campus very crowded.


I was most frusted with class registration. It's all online, doesn't say who the professor will be, and classes fill up quick or are reserved. Your adivisor will help you choose the correct level of the course, but it's up to you to do everything else which can be confusing for students who have never done it before.


Sometimes, class size gets too large, making it hard to get to know professors. This becomes difficult when looking towards academic faculty for recommendation letters.


The high amount of international professors and especially teaching assistants (TA's), often the accents are difficult to understand.


This year I have noticed an overcrowding issue. We have recently obtained record breaking enrollment numbers, I think that is great. I love that people want to attend this university has much as I do. But I think it is time Iowa State starts becoming more selective and decreasing enrollment numbers.


I would say that the most frustrating thing about my school is the fact that it is overlooked by a lot of students. The larger, more popular school in Iowa is the University of Iowa, and it is very clear to people that have actually visited both campuses that Iowa State University has more to offer in each and every way than the University of Iowa. It is amazing here, and it is sad that we are underrated by a lot of prospective students.


Being far away from campus


Class availablilty and scheduling is difficult and also sometime getting financial aid while being middle class is difficult.