Iowa State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I love the sense of community my school has. The campus offers many different clubs, so there's bound to be one of interest for every student. It also holds many activities ranging from free preformences to fun crafts. Also make sure to go to the sporting events, it's a great time to get out with friends and cheer on your team.


By far the best thing about ISU is our beautiful campus. While you're walking to class, many times you'll see wildlife in the trees or near the creek that we have flowing through campus. Once in a while, you might see our two swans, Lancelot and Elaine, on Lake Laverne in central campus. The best season to be at Iowa State is the fall, because the trees change into the most beautiful colors. Many times I've marveled about how unique and beautiful our campus is.


I believe that the campus is the best part of Iowa state University because it is beautiful and comfortable. The greenspace is abundany and usuable for sports and studying during warm months and it is just beautiful during the winter.


The athletics are the best thing at Iowa State because everyone really engages in the activities and promotes our school pride of being a cyclone.


ISU has tons of opportunities for its students to get involved in their fields or things that interest them.


Lots of connections and people to network with.


The campus is so diverse, you get to meet so many people with different backgrounds and religions. There are so many extracurricular activites and clubs to be a part of. You will never be bored or alone at Iowa State. It is the true college experience.


There are so many great things about Iowa State University it is hard to name just one. I would have to say the midwest values that the students have here, Practically everyone here is kind and thoughtful. It is rare going a day without having someone hold the door open for you or lend a helping hand.


The best thing about Iowa State is the overwhelming school spirit and loyalty to the school both in sports and academic/career achievements. We celebrate Hilton Magic at basketball games and occasioally wait in line outside the arena for 3 hours in the freezing cold Midwest winter. Iowa State University and the city of Ames community are bonded as one year round.


The professors here at ISU, in my experience, are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the subjects they teach. They are highly productive in the research they do, and they are generally incredibly helpful to students who come to them for help.


What I consider to be the best thing about Iowa State University is that it is a large public university that has thousands upon thousands students, but is small in the students' eyes. Iowa State University is a home to me and I know it is to other students as well. The campus is economically friendly with the amount of trees, flowers, and Recycle trash bins only around campus. The campus is beyond beautiful, it's unique. The space that Iowa State offers allows the students to feel like they are at home. Iowa State is my home.


The best thing about my school is the overall atmosphere. Being homeschooled all through highschool, I was unsure how I would fit at such a large university. To my delight, I found that it was an easy transition. There is a strong emphasis on community at my school which makes it east to find friends. As an example, the first night of move in, the entire dorm house, (roughly sixty kids,) all piled into our den, eager to meet everyone and learn their stories.


Iowa State University has a very open and warm community that welcomes every new student. One of the best things about Iowa state is that everyone is very open minded toward all backgrounds.


The best thing about Iowa State University, by far, is the Greek system. With 16 sororities an 28 fraternities, this way to experience college is the only route to take. Not only does joining the Greek system help a student make life long friends and further develop their social skills, but it requires them to strive in many more areas in addition to academia. This alone gives a student more opportunity for success compared to being just your average 'Joe', and, with so many Greek facilities, there is a chapter for everyone.


I love that even though there Iowa State is so big, I feel like I am at home. Faculty makes students feel so comfortable and at ease and it makes the college experiece that much better.


I love the community feel at Iowa State. The campus is beautiful at all times of the year and it was so easy to make friends on my first day!


Passion for everything this university has to offer. The students are very into academics, sports, activities that Iowa State offers


The best thing about our school is that the staff on campus is really there to help you. It isn't just their job, it is their passion. They love helping. It is so nice to have because if you are confused or need some help with something there is a support system in place to help you in your academic carreer.


The academic advisors are the best thing about my school. In my freshman year, I was very uncertain about who I was or what I wanted to do, which caused me to change my major seven times. Each time I changed, I talked to my advisor and he or she would listen to my thoughts and give me their advise on what I should do. It was really encouraging to have so many people who were willing to give up their time to listen to me.


Despite the large population of students attending ISU, it is rather easy to overcome the feeling one may have about being "just another number" or "just another face" with the class sizes and the learning communities.


It has so many opportunities as far as extra help for your classes. The teachers are really good and there are free tutors which help students in difficult classes. Additionally, it is one of the top universities for research.


The best thing about Iowa State University, is that the school feels like one big community. Everybody is friendly and helpful. The professors, staff, and faculty are a huge asset to the college. I could not have choosen a better college to be at if I tried!


I think that the best thing about Iowa State is its beautiful campus: Its architecture, its flowers, lawns, and trees. Iowa State is a land-grant campus so the buildings are spaced out nicely and has a lot of space for trees and grass.


The best thing about Iowa State University is the small town atmosphere on the campus. The campus is very centralized, and one can cross the campus and get anywhere on campus in under twenty minutes. Most of the students are from small town Iowa like myself, so people are generally very polite to one another and treat strangers with respect. I think it is an abolutely great quality that is rare to find at other universities across the nation.


I think that the variety of clubs and activities on our campus is what makes it great. There are over 800 clubs and organizations meaning there is something for everyone.


The best thing about my school is that we have some amazing professors. For going to a very large college I always feel I know my professors very well and can understand what they are teaching me. Iowa State also is a very close knit school, I feel very welcome in all the clubs and activities here.


One of the best things about my school is the atmosphere. It is a beautiful campus that has a plethora of opportunities for you to involve yourself in. I like that in each course I have been enrolled in so far, there is always opportunities for extra help or extra learning. There are over 300 clubs that you could join at ISU to broaden your experience. I also love this specific school because it is close to home. Going to Iowa State has provided a challenging learning experience which will expand my knowledge for the future.


I consider the campus the best thing about my school because the scenery and layout. It is laid out in such a way that it doesn't feel near as big as it actually is.


I consinder that the best thing about my school is the diversity in people, majors, clubs, etc. There's always something new to do and get involved in based on what you like to do.


There are so many opportunties here. There are study abraod programs fro everyone, clubs for every type of interester, and so many activites to get involved in. There is no limit here at Iowa State University!


The best thing about my school is the campus. Iowa State University has the most beautiful campus, and the most wonderful professors in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. I recommend ISU to anyone who is thinking about applying.


The best part about Iowa State is that is has so much to offer for its students. Currently I'm a member of the Iowa State Club Golf team and we travel every other weekend in the spring playing other schools, while we try and qualify for the National Club Golf Champioship in April.


Iowa State is a wonderful post secondary instituation for many reasons. One thing I like most about this college is how much staff is willing to help you achieve higher goals. As an African American student most colleges don't show how much we mean to there campus diversity numbers, but Iowa State has always been willing to help and to show their appreciation towards our educational goals as well as life long dreams for both its minority students and staff.


The best thing about Iowa State University is the opportunities provided to build a future career (education, contact with employers, lab work, leadership experience, ect.) because college is an investment and I want it to be a good one.


Iowa State is a huge change from my small high school, but I have always felt comfortable here. Everything from orientation with my family to move-in to freshman activities before classes started were great. I have always been able to get help from my advisor and my CA. I have also met so many people from different places. I guess the best thing is that it's a big school with tons of resources but it still feels comfortable and friendly.


The teachers from your department truely care about your success, and are willing to do what it takes to help you learn.


The best thing about my school is how frindly everyone is. If you go out on campus and need help finding something or just someone to talk to, there will be people there for that.


The environment is deffenately the best thing about Iowa State. In the dorms everyone is very social, most people leave their doors open and you can just walk in and get to know them which makes getting aquired to college easier on everyone. The basketball games are deffinately the best environment for me, everyone is cheering and having a good time and its always fun to be a part of such a passionate student section. I was skeptical at first but after going to a few home games I believe in "Hilton Magic".


The best thing about Iowa State University would definitely have to be the busy and dynamic atmosphere. There's always something going on, whether that is an academic event or fun social outing, I can find something for my friends and me to do. I also enjoy the flexibility in everyone. It's a very warm and accepting campus full of a very diverse crowd of students and professors. There's a wide range of classes offered here that have the ability to spark interest in just about anybody. I highly recommend Iowa State University!


The people at Iowa State University make this institution great for me. Since day one, I have had no problems meeting and talking to people around campus. I have had great opportunities and connected with some amazing people. The professors maintain a positive aura in the class and look out for their students. Also, I have had the honor to be invited to a basketball game by the president of our alumni assosciation. This comforts me greatly as I feel I have made a great choice by coming to Iowa State University.


Iowa State is a large research university that provides many opportunities for undergraduates to get involved in quality research with qualified professors and classmates.


The best thing about Iowa State is how engaged everyone is. The first week of freshman year, they held an event just for freshman so you could meet new people and make friends. The Greek system is very involved, such as in Homecoming and Greek Week in showing school spirit and giving back to the commnity. All the sporting events have a huge turnout, which reaffirm the spirit of our school, and also bringing us all together under one cause. These things and many more is what makes Iowa State one of the best schools to be involved in.


Iowa State University's curriculm is one of the best within the nation. It has an incredible chemistry and biology program, along with a fantastic engineering program. Students that attend ISU truly learn what they want to learn, due to a curriculm that focuses on student building.


The sense of community is great! There are always plenty of activities going on!


The best thing about my school is its opportunities. Iowa State has so much to offer from wonderful staff to its daily activity offerings as well as its Greek leadership on campus. Knowing that I have the opportunity to make a change in the community of Ames or simply on my campus is an extraordinary feeling.


The best thing about Iowa State University is the opportunities and options to persue many different things. There are many different undergraduate majors to choose from as well as being able to experience different classes and activities to find which major is best for you. Being able to join different clubs results in a more comfortable atmosphere as well as being able to find out who you are and what you enjoy. This is the best thing about my school because this has helped me choose my major of engineering.


Network of students. Iowa State is great about bringing students together and helping you network. I have met so many great people through my involvement in various organizations as well as my area of study. I can't walk across campus without saying hi to at least one person I know. On a campus of 35,000 students, that is pretty special.


The best thing that Iowa State University has to offer is the diversity in classes and Majors to choose from. There will be a class that you can try that may be the one that makes you strive to the next level. Enjoy your adventure at Iowa State.


The greek system is a very fun place to be. There are tons of freindly people everywere.


At Iowa State, there are an indredible amount of opportunities to learn, get involved in the community, and become employed. Choose from one of our 800 clubs, and you're halfway there. These club students encourage everyone to participate in the community every day; a great way to meet new people, and a good thing to put on your resume. There are also jobs hanging out there in your department! All you have to do is ask around, and you could be doing something you love as soon as your freshman year.