Kansas State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Take school more seriously. I know going to class is "optional", but go to class. Make sure you learn good study habits before you get to college, or you will be in for a rude awakening. Also, do not take the small things for granted. Take life day by day and make sure you the people you care about know it. Try and stay busy. I have found that the busier you are the better you seem to be doing in life. Lastly, don't forget to go back home every once and awhile. Your parents miss you and it is difficult for them to let you suddenly leave. Go Cats!


If I could go back in time and give advice to the high school senior version of me, I would tell myself to join the military right out of high school. I ended up joining the military in the middle of college because I needed a way to pay for it. I ended up deploying my junior year. I would have preferred to do complete my military service prior to attending college. I would have been able to maximize the benefits by allowing the military to pay for all of my college instead of only half of it. And I would not have had to take a two year break in the middle of college.


Dear High School Kaitie, I know how you feel. I look back and my stomach twists. The extracurriculars, grades, relationships and all-consuming fear of failure come flooding back. I know you’re tired, you’re scared and you wish you could let yourself be “normal.” You wish that you could feel comfortable partying, that you wouldn’t be ill with worry if you skipped homework and that you didn’t guard your heart so closely that you graduate without your first kiss. Above everything, you wish you knew what was next. I can help with that one. You’ll stand out: on paper and in person. Within your first semester, you gain five wonderful jobs. You will come in as a sophomore by hours. You will meet incredible people. Basically, if you stop, you’re giving up a lot. So keep going but, I’m begging you, breath in between. People won’t call you a slacker if you sleep more than four hours a night. Don’t wait until college to find a balance. I promise you, it exists. I’m living it now. Love, Yourself P.S. Sorry hon; I’m still waiting on that kiss.


Give yourself time to make friends and be social. It's not going to kill you to get a few bad grades, but being antisocial all the time will make you go a little insane. That being said, also give yourself time to study and focus. It's not going to kill you to miss a frat party or a night out drinking; in fact, it's probably better for your health and your GPA. Try to find a balance that works for you. It might take you half of a semester or even an entire year, but eventually you'll find the right balance. Go home and see your parents; trust me, they miss you. Keep in touch with old friends, even if you're several hundred miles apart. And, finally, don't stress and worry about every little detail. Everything will work itself out.


Fly as much as i can in cheaper aircraft. College aircraft are much more expensive.


The biggest thing I would go back and tell my high school self is to push myself as hard as I could because it is worth it. If I could I would go back and take as many college credit courses as possible because when you come prepared for college it makes the transition less stressful and easier in the long run. I would tell myself college should be fun, and it will be but the harder I work the better it will be. I have stregths but I also have weaknesses, one of those weaknesses is Math. If I could go back I would have worked harder in my high school math classes and made sure I left high school feeling more comfortable with my math abilities. Doing that would make my transition into some of my classes easier and more comfortable.


Get out. The words kept pounding in my head every day leading up to graduation. I was like a ticking time bomb just wanting to get out of what was expected of me and what had been expected of me for the last eighteen years. The idea of going to a state school where I would be just one in a sea of students made me frantic. The idea of graduating from a state school with an art degree, instead of some fancy school that would cost me a kidney every semester absolutley appalled me. I didn't necessarily occur to me that the expecations I put on myself were not only unrealistic, but also out of any normal sort of context. The peers I graduated with were all students who were all very gifted in their educational pursuits. I didn't know it at the time, but every scenario I was put through with those peers was hyper-accentuated because of their rare mindsets. If I could tell my highschool self anything it would be this: the paths they pursue place no value on what you will push yourself to achieve, because your capability of influence far surpasses highschool.


I would tell my self to not do the AP classes ad do the college classes instead. The best thing I ever did was take college classes to help prepare myself for Kansas State Unversity. I would also tell myself to be more relax and enjoy the time with your friends, because shortly you will not see them as much.


I would encourage myself to go straight to a four year university instead of going to a community college and transfering. The college experience and transitions would have been easier even though the financial burden would have been greater. I would also suggest taking the ACT again and trying for a high score even though my parents thought it was a stupid idea. Bottom line, is my parents are not always correct and have lead me astray in certain aspects of my college carreer, I would suggest to my high school senior self to make more of my own decisions instead of listening to my parents.


It's okay not to have everything figured out. Pursue what you're passionate about. If you don't know what your passion is, discover it. There are so many opportunities out there that you have the chance to take. If you do what you love, you won't get burnt out. College is about so much more than going to class and getting good grades. It's about finding yourself. It's about discovering what you're passionate about and finding a way to pursue that in your career.


Do absolutely everything that you can to earn money for college while you still have time in high school. College is some of the best years of your life, but the cost of it can get in the way of that sometimes. Put as much work as possible into finding ways to pay for school so that you can enjoy it to the fullest. Once you're there, comtinue to look for ways to pay for college so you can complete your education and be able to start your after-college life with as little debt as possible. But! While you're still in school, enjoy every single minute of it. Work hard on your classes and your school work, but don't miss out on an opportunity that could be a blast or make you a better person in some way. Be bold, be brave, be active. Just be yourself and do what you want to do, you'll make some of the absolute best friendships and connections while you're at college. Cherish them, never forget your years in college, but the point of college is to prepare you for the future, so always keep that in mind.


As a young women, all you have is your family, friends, health, and education. You need to prioritize and focus on balancing these aspects of your life. At one point, the latter will become the foundation on which you build yourself on. Who do you want to be? Although you will not find a full definiton of you until well into your thirities or so, now is the time to gather proper, positive adjectives. Intelligent. Driven. Successful. That's a good start.


This is a difficult question, because I have gone though an incredible journey since high school; one that has shaped me into the person I am today. Most people might advise against an unenjoyable experience, but I would not. Some of the worst experiences of my life were the best things that I could have possibly done. Whether it be in relationships, or in work experiences, I don't regret anything that I have done in the past few years. I am proud of who I have become, and I wouldn't want to change that. So, I would tell my past self to trust myself. Also, my brother was recently shot in the leg, so I would advise him against being in that particular spot. Of course, as would any sane person in this situation, I would also tell myself the winning lottery numbers to last week's jackpot. This way, I would still go through the same strife and become a good person, and then win tons of money so I could pay for Medical School without any worries.


Do not give up! If you choose to fight, you will win! Remember what your mentors taught you, and more importantly remember the inspiring examples they showed you. Let go of yourself and you will be rewarded. It is now your time to give, and it will be a most rewarding experience. The best is yet to come, and wow is it exciting! Remember what you love, and the purpose that you were made.


At the beginning of my senior year I became involved in so many things. I loved it at the time, but now that I look back I wish I would of taken more time to just enjoy being young. I would tell myself to slow down and stop worrying about growing up too fast. Everything happens for a reason and everything will fall into place when it needs to. Stop trying to be perfect and stop trying to be what everyone else expects of you. This is the time to find yourself and enjoy life. You only get one chance, make the most of it, and stop stressing out about unimportant things. Let yourself have fun and don't put so much pressure on yourself, you're only human. You're not going to know everything and that's perfectly fine. Don't be afraid to try new things. It will all be worth it.


Hello high School Ray! You need to take highschool more serious, study more and ask more questions. These teachers that are trying to reach out to you have your best interest in mind. You are smart, you are a good student and with a little more effort, you can do amazing things. Being in high school is a good time to try out different classes and explore areas you may want to try in your future. Give it your ALL! One day, you will serve a mission for your church and spend 2 years serving God. In that time you will learn the importance of an education and through an education you can help you, your family and your community. Having a chance at higher edcuation will do well. Keep up the good work high school Ray.


Hey you, yes, you - Put down the CD. That outfit? Not worth it. Really, you'll want that money. Learn about interest, learn about how to save money, learn about how interest grows over time. The money your grandma gave you is going to seem like a lot to you now, and it will seem to pay for a lot of fun things. Sure, you'll pay for textbooks, but there will come a time when the scholarships run out and the jobs are thin - you'll want that little nest egg. Be brave, but be smart. Don't be so disappointed by the school you couldn't afford, because the school you end up attending teaches you some important things about being a grown-up and won't saddle you with tons of debt. If you can learn one thing while you are so young and have so much time ahead of you, it is this: savings is important, and it will be the difference between living like your parents and every other adult you currently know (in debt and barely scraping by). So put down those cute shoes that will end up giving you blisters anyway.


Knowing what I know now, I would convince myself to study as hard as I can because the classes are a lot harder than they seem. Getting good grades at the end of a semester is a great feeling. I have loved everything about my school so I would probably reasure myself that I made a good decision by choosing this school. It was a great way that my family could bond considering the fact that they also attended Kansas State. School pride is huge for them and it is huge for me know as well. I would let myself know that college is going to be a great time for me and to not waste my time stressing about it.


Note to past self: Do everything in your power to be prepared. You can survive college, but to thrive, you really have to give it your all. Classes can be difficult and confusing, you will have no free time for the next five years of your life, and you may as well hook your wallet up to life support right now, but you will learn, and that's the whole reason you're going. Start by taking good notes. Forget about tests, this is the information you will need to know to pursue the work that interests you, and you will never remember it all, so write down everything. Do not procrastinate. Quality work takes time, and quality is what you should expect of yourself. Moreover, assignments will try to overwhelm you with sheer numbers, so start them as soon as possible. Stay close with friends and family. You will be busier than ever, but take the time to talk to them, because you will have rough days and need someone to sympathize. Lastly but certainly not least, save as much money as possible. College students' two most basic costs are food and tuition. You'll need every penny.


My high school self was way too confident in her ability to conquer college. I would explain that it gets lonely, challenging, busy, but so rewarding. I would forbid myself from following my boyfriend to college as he will only break my heart and tell myself that there is never a reason to hide in your room every weekend. I would tell myself that I do need to get a job and that it will not be easy to find one, but do not give up. Every bad thing that happens is teaching you a life lesson so appreciate the hard times, and there is no heart ache or catastrophe that cannot be cured with a tub of Fudge Ripple Ice Cream! Mostly, I would have encouraged myself to get as many scholarships as I could, because they are like little angel kisses that keep you from falling into eternal debt.


Hey highschool self, I can honestly tell you that you will love the transition from highschool to college. I know our grades in highschool weren't that great, but we made it through in one piece, right? Barely, I know. Well, don't fret because College will be different. Its a place where change happens. If you want to go run down the street and get all that anger out because your roommates irrate you, then do it. If you want to read from that heavy textbook and take notes like that nerdy-self you've always wanted to be, then do it! No one will tell you different, because in college you are in charge of you and only you. Nice, right? I think so too. Not to mention there are tons of activities to do and you can get involved in the sorority, (which, by the way, just follow your heart during RUSH week, it'll work out in the end). Actually, come to think of it, same advice goes to college as a whole. Follow your heart in college and you'll do just fine. No, actually Im positive you'll succeed.


The best advice I could give to myself when I was a senior is to stop worrying about everything. By just doing the best I can do will be more than enough for college. Plus college provides many oppertunities for many things. And I do not want you to miss opportunities that are presented to you because you were worrying about other things. If you see an opportunity grab it and jus have fun!


Always pay attention to what you don't like, what you do like and how you are gifted. If you are excited about something and are good at it go for it. There are a lot of decisions you will have to make as an 18 year old graduating from High school, don't be afraid. You have your whole life in front of you which can sound scary but you have the two decisions. There is the decision to cower in the face of hard decisions and then there is option number two which is to stand in the crisis and embrace the oppurtunity. With this in mind, you have time. Don't worry.


My first advice to myself would be to plan ahead when it comes to college. I spent so little time my senior year looking into and researching information for colleges. My next advice would be, "Even if you don't get into your first choice college, this doesn't mean you're not going to get into any college at all." I was really devasted when I couldn't afford and attend my first choice college. It made me look negatively towards my current university. All I use to do was compare it to my first choice and that wasn't helping at all. All this negativity was taking a toll on my GPA because I wasn't feeling motivated to be at the college I'm at now. I've finally brushed aside those feelings and am doing much better but I wish I would've known to take those steps much earlier. Most importantly I would tell myself to have more fun; go to a game or two, rush for a sorority, join a club, just do something to help make college a little more fun.


There is so much advice that I would give myself as a high school senior, but the main things would be to take it all seriously and be true to yourself. One important piece of advice is to take full responsibilty for your academics, and to not cheat yourself. Make sure you go to class, study hard, and get all the help you need. That way you know deep down that you are you doing your very best to get grades. Also get involved with different groups to get your name out there and establish relationships. Besides your academics, nothing is more important than your network, and getting involved is the best way to expand it. Not only do you need to get involved, but you need to take leadership roles in those groups and organizations. They are great resumé builders, but more importantly they teach you the qualities you need to be successful. The other thing I would advise is to be yourself. Do what you do because it is what you want to do, and not because it is what you your friends and everyone else is doing. While you do all this, ignore all of the haters.


Looking back, the only advice I would have is to get more involved. I was involved, but not as involved as I could have been. Being involved helps you meet more people and helps you branch out to all sorts of people and activities. College is all about knowing the right people because they will be the ones to carry you through finals week and any other tough times.


First of all, I would tell myself to live in the dorms. I was overflow and stayed in apartments on campus and lost that initial and crucial friend making process that every freshman should get from living in the dorms. Secondly, get involved. I went most of this past year without putting myself out there and doing things that sounded fun! Finally, I would tell myself that boys are not important. Focus on yourself and your studies and then worry about your love life later. I spent too much time worrying and stressing on relationships that I let my grades slip and almost lost track of myself. Knowing all of that, I'm so pumped for this coming school year so I can start fresh and get back on track!


If I could go back in time, I would tell my high school self to learn to study. I never had to study for good grades in high school, so college classes threw me for a loop. I have since learned to study, but it affected how quickly I made the transition. I would also tell myself to get organized. Keeping up with classes is so much easier when you have something even as simple as a piece of paper with your upcoming papers and their due dates. In the end you'll be less stressed and more prepared. Finally, I would tell myself to follow my passion not a future paycheck. I started college with a major I had no passion for because it would earn me a big paycheck later. I'm now looking at an extra two years because I fumbled around in the dark changing majors because I couldn't figure out my passion until now.


I would tell him to be ready for change. You are going to be coming from being the majority, to being the minority. Learn to adapt and be able to understand other people and their thoughts.


I would tell myself to take college seriously. I've been privileged enough to never really need to work hard to excel academically, so in high school, I thought college would be similar. My first semester resulted in 3Cs and 1A. It destroyed my GPA and it's been really difficult to get it back up. So if I could travel in time, I would make abundantly clear that college is not at all like high school. It's the best time of my life, and I love every bit of it, but academically, you'll have to work harder and not expect good grades to be handed out. So study, take great notes, pay attention, talk to your teachers, and ask questions.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to first, be smart with my money. Apply and accept loans, but do not forget that they have to be paid back at some point. I would also tell myself to stop working so much and stressing out about school, take time to just relax and have more fun. Lastly, I would tell myself that college goes by fast, so I need to live every semester as if it were my last. I need to say yes more when given opportunities, even if I am scared or hesitant and simply take in everything that this college has to offer!


College is a wonderful experience full of learning and growth. Discipline yourself and put your heart and soul into your studies. It will pay off in the future. Some people try to breeze their way through, but you will get so much more out of it if you actively participate and want to learn. You will gain knowledge and skills to help you in both your personal and professional life. Treat others with respect and stay involved in campus and community events. Some classes will be hard. Do your best and do not be afraid to ask for assistance if you need it. Pace yourself in your homework, because it can certainly pile up. Take the initiative and work gradually, piece by piece. Set goals and reward yourself when you reach them. Stay on top of your education and make sure you stay interested in what you are studying, but also do not forget to relax and enjoy the college experience. Make friends and join a club or association. You are a hands-on learner, so be involved in activities that can strengthen your knowledge and skills by applying what you learn to pratical situations. College is worth the effort.


If I were to give my high school self any advice, it would have to be to be more open, allow someone to get close to you and where nicer clothes if you can. What I mean when it comes to being more open is, go out more, do things with your friends, go to more dances and parties. Have more funny with just being you and exploring new things. Let someone get close to you is a way of opening up to someone that love and respects you. Allow them to see the weaker side of you that you usually don’t allow people to see. It’s okay for someone to see you cry as long as they are there to comfort you. Friends, family, or even a guy, it doesn’t matter as long as you can learn to trust someone. Fashion should not be the main part of going to school but at least try. I know you don’t like to wear skirts, but maybe a nice blouse and jeans would do. Make-up will not hurt you, just try something new every now and then.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self, I would tell myself to wait a year before beginning college to take time and explore my options. I would say, "Make sure you are passionate about what you want to do!" It took me almost five years after high school to take my education seriously, and I would definitely explain all financial details to my high school self. I would tell myself, graduating as class valedictorian, that just because high school was easy, and I could get away with partying or having excessive amounts of fun and still get A's, doesn't mean that college would be as easy. I would tell myeslf to choose my friends wisely, not just based on how fun they are but on integrity, influence and responsibility, and to not let them interfere with the decisions and goals that are most important to me, even if it seems like I am being mean, I must first be nice to myself. Lastly, I would say, "Don't rely on anyone except yourself to believe in yourself, and you should believe in yourself because you are wonderful!"


College is not scary. You will meet new people, and you'll make new friends. YOu're going to be broke, yes. But you are also going to be having the time of your life! You should have started filling out scholarships earlier than you did, but now you just have to work harder. Never lose hope. Learn to be creative with food combinations. Don't go shopping whenever you have extra cash, save it! Your friends and family back home will miss you, and sometimes you will et homesick.. ALWAYS just give them a call. Helping others will help pick you up if you ever get down. LAst;y, never forget to just have fun and enjoy the experiance of this new beginning in your life!


Having attending two different colleges as well a trade school, I would tell my high school self to really try and choose what you want to pursue and study in school. I wasted so much time not thinking about this and either taking classes that I was not interested in or not going to school at all. I think that I would tell myself to take a year off and think about what I wanted to do with my life before deciding on a school and a major, that was not the right fit to begin with. Taking 8 years off from school in my 20's was fun but not very rewarding and now I am struggling in my 30's with work, financially, and trying to finally get a degree that I should have finished a long time ago. I would say to myself, take a year off and then buckle down and get your education done, or before graduation have a decision made about a major and a school that excites you and then stick to it. Life is full of surprises, getting a degree earlier frees up more time to discover and explore your future.


As my experience as a college student over the past four years comes near a close, there are a few things I want you to remember as you’re entering: 1.Take chances and risks. There will be things that scare or intimidate you, take those opportunities and run with them. Going outside of your comfort zone is okay and encouraged. 2.Branch out. When you first arrive, it’s unbelievably easy to meet people. Capitalize on this chance to establish those connections, even if those people aren’t your typical “type” of friends, you’ll be surprised at how many of those people you will stay connected with. 3.It goes by quickly. The short time you are here will be the most stressful, difficult, and frustrating time of your life. Don’t forget to reflect on why you are here, what your goals are, and the purpose of your education. 4.There will be times where the words “can’t” and “not possible” will crush you. Stay strong; remember who you are and where you came from, but above all remember, “You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” –ChristopherRobin


I would tell myself to keep calm and meet more people. Going to class is great, but you will need to make new friends and let off steam. I would also advise myself not to put off doing my homework until later, because later comes up faster than you think it will. Don't blow your money at the record store; you can't eat viynl. Speaking of food, go to the derb more often so you have some left over for sunday dinner (and to avoid cold sandwiches for sunday lunch.) Try not to do stupid things at night, it never ends well (for anyone.) But overall, just relax and do your work, and it'll be just fine.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to allow my parents to send me to a therapist earlier than March. The longer I pushed off the idea of seeing a therapist, the longer I pushed off my diagnosis with Asperger's Syndrome. Had I been diagnosed earlier on, I might've had more time to come to terms with my daignosis and understand some of the difficulties I was going to face during my transition from high school senior to college freshman. That change in events could have impacted everything that happened when I came to K-State, and could have saved me from a lot of the stress and anxiety I have had to face since coming here. We would have realized that under no circumstances can I have a roommate, or that it was unrealistic for me to be this far away from home. I have learned a lot from the year I have spent in Kansas, but it has been hard on me and I am transferring to Colorado State University in the fall because of it. I wish I could change that.


Forget the past four years. Forget all the times you did not get invited to the parties, the dances and other activities. Forget that people only held a conversation with you when they wanted something or when none of their “friends” were around. Forget it all, because when August comes around you will be in a new city, with new people and new opportunities. When you get to college live in a coed dorm because males really understand the meaning of friendship and having a good time, plus you are shy and the only way to overcome that is to step out of “our” boundary. Go on a date, go out alone, introduce yourself and do not be afraid to make the first move. Also take a leap of faith with someone you love even if you are scared to death. You will know what I am talking about in a year. Believe me it hurts worse if you do not give it a chance. Above all have the time of your life and take your education seriously. Use these next few years to create a magnitude of amazing memories that you will never want to forget.


I would advise myself to live in the dorms my freshmen year. When I was a freshmen I chose to live with my older sister in an apartment and now I regret not living in the dorms because everyone has freshmen year stories from the dorms. I feel like living in the dorms would've helped me make connections with people outside of my sorority. If I could talk to my senior self I would also explain how important campus organizations are and to get involved as a freshmen. It is easier to get involved when the class load is less. I would tell myself to get involved with a Campus Ministry and some other organization. I would explain to myself the importance of making friendships with girls because they will be there whenever you need them. Since I am in a sorority, Sigma Kappa, I would explain to myself the importance of truly getting to know these girls and making lasting friendships.


I would tell myself to push myself. Every class that you struggling is not a sign of failure it is a sign of something new you are able to learn from and benefit from. You should have joined a few more extracurricular activities other than soccer and theater. Being more involved with school helps you develop more as a human being and teaches you the different backgrounds your peers come from and the diversity and unity you are share. Be more passionate during your junior year when it comes to finding colleges. You may think that senior year is more than enough time but in reality time feels like it literally flys by in the blink of an eye. Apply for as many scholarships as you can. Do not wait for them to come to you but rather go and look for those opportunities. They are there to give you hope and drive you to be more awake and ambitious about starting school rather than perhaps frightened or nervous. This is the advice I would give to my high school senior self.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would give myself the advice of talking to everyone that I come incontact with in my classes. There are some really interesting people who are in your classes. Don't be afraid to speak up and get to know a complete stranger. You're going to be in the same class with them for a whole semester the least you could do is get to know their name and a little bit about them. Plus it's no fun to sit in a room of strangers. Make friends! Everybody has a story. There is also a sense of community that can flourish if you get to know those around you. Who knows? Maybe a life long friend could be sitting right next to you! Don't worry what other people will think. Make a friend, expand your horizon. Hear about thier interests, their dreams, their goals. Meeting other people and hearing about their lives can inspire you. If you make friends in class you'll have people to back you up if you get sick or miss a class. Meet sombody new!


If I could go back in time and make a transition knowing what I know now, I would've took my senior year of high school more seriously. The reason why I would take my senior year more seriously is because I believe that I would've been better prepared for college. I would've known how to study, how much to study, how much my school cost, if I could afford it or not and more. These things would've helped me struggle less my freshman year of college and could've helped my GPA tremendously. I believe that the beginning plays a huge factor in the end so if I could've gotten a great start then maybe I could finish better. But I still strive towards my goals, I just think that a great start would've gave me at a better advantage.


Well, it is like high school but not at all like high school. You still have to go to class, even though no one is going to make you. Make sure you have toothpaste and always carry your key! Get to know yourself a bit, even if that means stepping outside of your comfort zone a bit. Hug mom before you leave, you'll regret it if you don't. Pay attention to the alcoholedu they make you take at the beginning of the semester, even if you don't plan on drinking. Make good choices; remember what mom taught you. Act like a lady if you want to be treated like one. Be ready to have more freedom than you ever imagined. Don't forget to study. The freshman fifteen are real, seriously. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Experience new things. Just remember, this is real life. Treat it as such. Don't be afraid of consequences, but don't forget there are consequences. Don't forget to live, but remember you are living... You'll be alright.


If I had the chance to go back in time in order to give myself advice as a high school senior heading into college, I would say,"The sky is the limit. I have witnessed multiple people; as well as, have experienced the true power of self determination and persistance when reaching for the stars. Allow no one to define who you are and what you are capable of. Indeed you will get knocked down more than a few times along the way; however, it is only in your hands whether or not you get back up. These next few years are meant to lead you down the path of self-discovery, defining who you are as an individual while setting the stage for the rest of your life. Stay true to who you making to never lose sight of your goals and you will prosper."


I would say to myself allow yourself to grow and do not stop the process. Meaning do not always worry about hte future or anything in general. College is about finding yourself and people you have common interest with. If you are constantly worried or never giving yourself the full experience if will do the complete opposite. So I guess I am saying live in the moment but when its time to buckle down, buckle down. Another thing I would tell myself as a high school senior is to GET INVOLVED and meet new people, there are so many different people out there and we do not met even a 1/4 of them in our lifetime!! I would also say that a lot of things many not go your way and life may seem like its so hard but there is no struggle without progress. So everyone has to go through things that they do not want to do but in the end the reward will be worth it.


As a senior, I realized the mistakes I made during my junior year. I had no interest in academics as a junior and that was my greatest mistake. Such was the gravity of this mistake that my g.p.a suffered severely. As a senior I worked to my limits to reach a g.p.a of 4.0. I exceeded by earning a 4.2 the first semester of my senior year. Therefore, if I were to acquire a time traveling apparatus to talk to my previous self l I suggest that he take my time machine and go to the beginning of his junior year. I would advise my previous self to focus on his studies and become passionate as I am now so that he can accomplish even greater things. Finally, I would tell him not to worry about me because I would vanish in the time continuum and a better me will exist in my timeline.


As we both know, you’re about to finish your last year of high school. Congrats by the way, but I want to tell you something before you start packing away your suitcase. Even though you’ve been living in Wichita since forever--and let’s face it, there’s never really been much to do there--don’t think the rest of the world is like that. When you get to college, it’s a place full of life lessons and opportunities. Sure, there are more students to deal with, but that’s the best part. You get to meet people who are excited to learn new things, just like you. You’ll meet Mayra and Simone, your roommates. We’ve had ups and downs together, but in the end, watching Sailor Moon and baking cupcakes makes everything better. The carrot cupcakes were yummy. You’ll get to work with Deon, your DSP mentor, and study cyanobacteria with the Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscope. Don’t worry, it’s not so intimidating after you go to your first research symposium, trust me. All of this and more will be waiting for you, but here’s the secret: try new things!


If I could go back in time to talk to myself as a senior in high school I would tell myself. To find out about scholarships now while I am in high school. I would tell myself to go to college full time and get all my must need classes done first. I would also encourage myself to get more involved in criminal justice now so I will have more experence for the furure. Lastly I would tell myself to find a job that will work with college schdule and be something to enjoy and have fun.