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I am going to be completely honest with this one; the food choices. I have never been given the chance (being a freshman) to have the choice to eat whatever I want, and have whatever I am in the mood for. Even though I plan to transfer schools (due to a field of study change) I know for a fact that I will miss the food. The other thing that makes it unique is the 24 hour library, and the chance to have tutors help you out whenever you want! Definitely gives you the chance to succeed!


The price is very affordable!


Kent State is unique is the fact that there is always something to do and that even though it is such a large campus - there is a sense of unity and community. Kent State also takes pride in having some of the best resources available, including the StyleTech lab, most of which is available for student use. We also have the abilty to move on from dark events in the past and to turn around and use it to make the world more educated and a better place, which is the purpose of the May 4 memorial and events.


Something that i found unique about Kent is how nice the campus is. It is a pretty big campus but its beautiful. Also there are a lot of security people around and emergency phones located pretty much everywhere. It makes you feel safe when walking around campus and that is something I liked.


My school has so many volunteer opportunites. This is unique and is great for students' resumes. I think that Kent State University truly cares about the students' careers and people's lives. It makes me so happy that I chose this school, because volunteering is extremely important for my future career.


The first thing I noticed about Kent State was the campus. It is a large campus with a lot of green space and not many roads cutting through. The buildings are a mixture of classical architecture with modern technology and it is a beautiful combination. The second thing that makes Kent State stand out is the large selection of classes. I have a unique major-minor combination and Kent State's class load has made it easy to fulfill. My education is much more well-rounded due to the large quantity of options when selecting classes.


The diversity of the campus and how everyone still gets along with one another despite differences.


Kent State is the second largest school in Ohio, next to only Ohio State. It does a great job providing a larger scale university in a small town atmosphere. Kent is 10 minutes from Akron, and 45 minutes from Cleveland, so it's convenient if you prefer or want to explore city life. I attended a smaller perochial school up until attending Kent State, and I knew I wanted experience something bigger. Kent State provides that atmosphere without feeling like you're lost in the shuffle.


Kent state University was one of two school that had my major, which is zoology. I liked kent for various reasons when i came to Destination Kent State I instantly clicked with the tour guides, they were all so easy to talk to. They made you feel at home. The campus was very clean as well, and so beautiful. I also got a chance to come a week early to move in with a group called Kupita. They made me feel even more at home. I am able to be apart of B.U.S.


The people at my school are very friendly. No matter what activity I would like yo participate in, I would be able to find a friend in no time.


Kent State is the school that I grew up around, and I felt comfortable walking through. My three older brothers attended Kent State University and this made me have even more interest in it when they talked about the positive qualitites of the campus.


I think the most unique thing this school has is the fact that they offer three hundred degree programs, where as in other universities some programs are unavailable. Kent State also offers associates, baccalaureate, masters, and even doctoral degrees. As I understand the many schools I considered do not offer all these degrees. Kent State University is also known as one of the largest Universities in all of Ohio. The reasons I decided to attend Kent State was because of the variety of programs it offers and the amount they offer along with being the top university in Ohio.


What is unique about my school compared to other schools is that when we come together for our school's games , we show a lot of school spirit and are considered as a family!


Kent State can accomodate any type of student. People on this campus are very diverse and there are a lot of different types of groups that any body can get involved and makes it really easy to make friends.


It had a large art department.


Kent State is a fantastic school! The educators are as well rounded as the students. The honors college is helpful and just being around great students and getting involved is refreshing. The opportunities at Kent State are abundant and it is really easy to stay active with anything you enjoy, whether it is in your major or not. Kent State really cares about your education.


The first thing that caught my eye about Kent was it's welcoming campus and staff. The beautiful landscape and Recreational Center makes the campus more comfortable. Kent State University also has a great Visual Communication Design program that has provided the challenges and successes neccessary for me to work hard towards my ambitions. The professors have taught me the importance of time management as I have worked hard through my endeavors. Kent makes me feel like I can accomplish anything, while other schools that I visited seemed limited on enthusiasm, space, and involvement opportunities.


Kent State is unique because it is very liberal. There is also an amazing greek community on campus that I would recommend to anyone that a student here. Also the student media is becoming very strong and offers some of the best facilities that I had seen at any college I visited. The concerts that come to campus are also very high profile artists at an affordable price. The campus is beautiful, it is very big but has a ton of trees and great landscaping. Finally, it is a quick drive from Cleveland and Akron.


It's more liberal, and the campus is a lot bigger than most schools.


The Kent State campus feels very much like my home. I feel comfortable living there because the environment around me is familiar and easy to adapt to. The student body is filled with friendly people who are all seeking an education as well as looking to make new friends. Kent State constantly offers students chances to get involved through activities and events that allow us to express ourselves and grow as individuals.


This school believes in me and offers me the chance to do what I want to do instead of what people expect me to do because, at my home, people would tell me I wouldn't succeed in the field of journalism; but here, the teachers and faculty do not criticize my goals but encourage me to follow my heart and my passions while helping me improve my skills and increase my knowledge so that I can achieve my dreams one day.


What makes Kent State unique is while we may be an average university in the middle of Ohio, we have created a reputation that rivals some of the top schools in the nation. For the fashion school, we are ranked third in the country in a recent survey. We also have excellent programs in nursing and education. There are also excellent study abroad oppotunities in places like Florence, Geneva, and Hong Kong. We have a traditional setting, but a diverse environment with a place for everyone.


Kent State University is very focused on diversity and making everyone feel accepted around campus. Many student organizations are focused on minorities, including several of the largest organizations on campus, which shows the emphasis on diversity by both the administration and the student body as well.


Strong relations between townies and university students in Kent. Very strong integration between students and townspeople.


The size and liberal atmosphere


One of the main reasons I chose Kent State was its study abroad program. The amount of locations and opportunities available to each major is incredible.


The journalism program is amazing.


What makes Kent State Univeraity unique is its diverse community and convinient location to have time to relax when classes are not in session.


Kent State is unique in that it is very diverse. There is a lot of individuality here. Some people say it is a very colorful campus because of the diversity. There are not only people of different race but also people of different sexuality, backgrounds, etc. It makes classes and social life very interesting.


The diversity on the Kent State Campus makes the university very unique. I have had the opportunity to associate with many wonderful people from different backgrounds, age groups, and lifestyles. We have students from not only all over the United States, but also from across the world. Being that I was raised in a small town, the cultural experiences has been very enlightening for me.


Kent State University has an extensive campus with many opportunities for majors, minors, and groups available. It allows it's students to experience a great academic program, while providing a welcoming environment to people of any culture, religion, background, etc.


If someone asked me what as unique about Kent State I wouldn't really know how to answer. I've lived in kent my entire life and with the collage covering most of town I've grown up with all the different sounds and the people. When I talk to friends from other places however they say it's always busy. It's true there's never a dull day at kent and you never live the same day twice. I think life is better as surprises though because that's how life is. Nobody knows what the future holds.


Kent State is unique because it has a small town feel, but it is just as competitive as a big city school. They offer hundreds of degrees with a high graduation rate. The campus is extremely liberal, so it is open to all people. About 20 minutes away there are big cities like Akron and Cleveland that you can visit. The school is good for both those who like to party on the weekends or for those who would rather stay in. There is much school pride here also making sports events fun and exciting.


At my school they have my major, and it also is one of the best schools to go to for my major. i also love the atmosphere around campus.


Kent State University is unique compared to other schools because of the amount of participation they get from their students. Whether it is community service, becoming a part of an organization, or just attending one of the many sporting events offered through Kent State, there is always a large percentage of students who attend. Everyone likes to be envolved on campus. It does not matter how big the student population is, everyone can find a way to be a part of something.


Other campus's i visited and considered going to only had one or the other in terms of what i wanted out of a college. Either the school didn't have my intended major, was to small, was to far away, or just didn't seem like they wanted me there. Kent state offered all of these options and more. Kent State is top in the state in my major, has a medium size campus with around 15,000 students, only about an hour away, and has kept me interested ever since I was a senior in high school.


Kent is unique because of the strength of its Fashion Merchandising program. Who would think a school in a rural area of Ohio would be known for this? Job placement is fantastic, and I look forward to hopefully studying in their New York studio my Senior year.


I am most impressed with the broad spectrum of activities and access to resources. Not only are there several opportunities for involvement, but these opportunities are beneficial to future plans. I recently joined Phi Delta Epsilon, which is an organization for students with a future in medicine. Just the other day, we met with the dean of admissions at Case Western Medical School while he shared tips for success on the path to medical school. Not every school has the capability of bringing in such valuable speakers, but Kent State's upstanding reputation makes it possible.


The staff is very friendly and the professors work at helping you succeed. The campus is really nice and they have a great education program.


The most unique thing about kent is it's vast array of opportunities for undergraduate students. That is what most attracted me to this school


They are a part of history in dealing with the Vietnam War. As everyone I'm sure has heard of the Kent State Shootings.


KSU has a great, comfortable feeling about it. It is beautiful and has taken pride in its history of the shootings of May 4th.


The Campus itself as well as the professors seemed much more down to earth and willing to interact with studends in anyway necessary to provide a satisfactory learning experience and to help the student reach their maximum potental. Kent State also offered a myriad of different options in degrees and majors where as a few of the colleges, which in all reality is very important for a student struggling with the major life descision "what will I be when I grow up?"


What makes Kent State University unique is the fact that the universities library is the tallest building, which makes it easy to find. I also use it as a landmark to help me get to my dorm at night. It also chimes every quarter hour so I know what time it is during the day so I'm not late for my next class.


Althrough the campus is large I recieve much individual attention.


Kent State is a very different school than most. Being a well known school in such a small city makes it unique and feel like home. The school and teachers here are excellent and really strive to help students. Kent State also has a lot of different research buildings which makes it quite unique, such as the Liquid crystal institute.


One of the main reasons I decided to attend Kent State rather than other colleges is the sense of unity one feels at this school. Although this is one of the largest campuses around, one cannot help but always feel included. The activities and organizations are open to everyone and as an individual, one is free to explore and express themselves in an honest and open way.


The thing that I enjoyed the most about Kent was the fact that no matter what your background was or what type of personality you had, you could always find somewhere where you felt you belonged. Kent State is unique in the fact that it is just the right size--not so small that you are limited to the types of students you meet and the friends you make, and yet not so big that it feels like an overwhelming campus where you just "feel like a number".


It's actually a really beautiful campus with lots of trees and plants. It's not as comercial as some of the other schools I looked at and it has nicer dorm rooms for the Honors college.


The unique thing about Kent State University from other schools I considered is that the school is very diverse and the school has history dating back to the the 1970 May 4th shooting, known as the "May 4th massacre."