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At Kent State we have a high amount of school spirit, which makes our campus much more welcoming than others.


I really love the interaction of teachers to the students. Whenever students need help, the teachers are there to assist in any way they can. Even if the person just needs someone to talk to and let out stress, the teachers will still help any way they can.


I feel Kent State is unique to me because it is close to home, where as the next closest school to me that offers my major is in Pennsylvania.


The people here are what make this place tollerable. If I stayed in my home state of New Jersey, I don't think I would have received the same vibe that I get from this student body. The professors are also very active in their field, which is a requirement to be able to teach here. I feel that the professors at Kent provide a more educated and active body of teachers if they are still present in the area, or areas, they are teaching.


Kent State is a University that is diverse and that offers a great education. The campus is great and the things they offer was much better than the others schools I looked at. Kent State felt very much like home, the other schools i considered didn't feel much like home. They didn't offer the quality of education that Kent does. Kent State is the most unique by the history of the school, with the May 4th shootings and its mix of new and very well kept, old buildings giving the campus comfortable cultural feel.


As a fashion student from Ohio my options were limited if I wanted to stay in state. Kent State offers a fashion program that challenges some of the other major fashion schools around the Country. They offer campuses to fashion students in New York and Italy, I don't know of any school in Ohio that offers that.


Ou fashion school ranks third in the U.S. and thirteenth in the world.


The fashion school here is within the top three in the nation, which was my main attraction for coming to Kent State.


Kent State has a lot of entertaining events offered to its students such as the concerts that they throw and also the comedy shows they have every year.


Kent State University has some of the best sculptures and scenery I have seen. It is a beautiful campus, it is big but in the spring it is so nice to sit on the benches and watch the black squirrels or read a book and study.


Kent offers a huge selection of majors and courses. Although it has a huge campus it has a small school feel and many on campus events make it extremely easy to meet new people and feel at home. Kent also offers study abroad experiences in Europe through Kent State Universities so students can still expect to pay the same amount as they do at Kent State.


The Kent campus is the perfect size. It is not huge but, at the same time it is not terribly small. The atmosphere is inviting persuading you to learn and want to be there. The campus is easy to get around and provides numerous accommodations such as the busing, the SI sessions, and computer labs. The campus is also being beautified and remodeled and looks great!


Kent State is more of a laid back campus where students can enjoy a small town feel but still attend a decent size college. I liked the feel and the layout of this campus better than the other three colleges I looked at.


Kent State strives for diversity. There's millions of activities, clubs, and classes to choose from. We actually have a course about vampires!!! Kent as a university looks for ways to include people of all types of backgrounds and cultures. Of course all schools want diversity, but when I look around this campus I feel no boundaries whatsoever. I just felt a different atmosphere here.


The professors really care about you as an idividual.


A nice thing about Kent State is that there is a good amount of diversity, and the chance to be expressive and speak your mind.


Kent is in a small college town, and the campus itself is a great environment for learning and staying active. The interior design program is accredited and very professional. The school was affordable and really meets the needs of college students like their free recreation center and constant activities.


I really don't have an answer to this question. The only difference between this school is that it is closer to home. Also, if i might add, some of the dorm rooms are really nice, but they are exceedingly expernsive though.


The diversity of students is most unique.


What I think is most unique is the diversity of students--not only racially, but also in reference to economic status, the sort of backgrounds they come from, and scholastic interests. At any given time, you could be surrounded by fashion majors, psychology majors, even those studying the more obscure pursuits, such as Japonise or music theory.


People here are very nice and very friendly towards each other.


Kent State Univesity is such a well known school and it deserves the attentin it gets because it's a great place to attend college. There is so much diversity in so many diferent areas thathere is something somewhere for everyone. People are friendly and social and willing to befriend you and help you with anything you need, and we get so many well known people to visit and entertain and talk to us.


I honestly didn't consider any other schools. I knew that Kent Trumbull would be the school for me because it's unique in how the offer a varitey of classes and have such a diverse staff and student body.


For the most part the campus landscaping is really nice and walking to class is enjoyable. The academic program for students going into education suits all my needs and my learning style. I love meeting diverse people who are interested in a wide variety of eperiences so enrolling in a large school opens many networking opportunities that small colleges will lack.


What makes KSU unique from the other schools I considered is the friendly atmosphere. I love the positive atomsphere on campus.


Kent State University is in a small town rather a large city where you are surronded by large buildings..


I love Kent in that it is a smaller college that still has a bigger college feel to it. Kent offers so many classes with so much variety that anyone can find what they are looking for here. When I first arrived at Kent I was a transfer student from a smaller community college and the other students have been extrely helpful and friendly to me . Also, my instructors have gone above and beyond to help me acheive my goals.


Kent State is different when it comes to social life, which is very active, but a majority of the students are commuters which mean they aren't there on the weekends.


The classroom atmosphere is big enough yet unique enough to wear each student knows the teacher and they professors can relate and want to get to know their students.


There was nothing unique about the college I attended.


The fact that this school offers so much is what makes it unique. It is like a farm school for other big schools. It is a good start to get you going in the right direction, however, there are only a few solid programs that are good to get a degreee in. They also offer a varitey of extra curricular activites that make this school unique and diverse. There are plenty of activites to be involved in to meet people and make good friends.


I feel that my school is unique because it is extremely diverse. There are so many different cultures on my campus. We are able to learn and grow from each other. It is truly a joy to be around so many different people with different backgrounds and customs.


I chose Kent State University because I was accepted directly into the architecture program. This allowed me to realize right away that I am slightly unsure of what I want to be when I grow up. The advising staff and some of my professors have been fantastic though in helping to guide me.


The campus feels like a community. Many of the residence halls include learning community based on majors and there are many on campus activities for students to participate in. There are a lot of programs and events during the week and on weekends for all students including free and cheap concerts, video game tournaments, billiards, cards, along with computer labs, open lounges for commuters and residents and even a bar in the basement of the student center. We have alot of different and healthy food choices on campus. We have support and help for students that are LGBT and disabled.


This school was closer to home and it had a better school for Architecture which is what I originally came to school for. I became so attached to the school and its way of life that I decided to stay here after I switched majors to Psychology.


its close to home has a great fashion school and business school. its not too big but big enough where you meet new people everyday