McNeese State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell parents to look at the costs, the environment of the campus, housing, the security, the faculty. Some people tend to miss the little things about campus. Safety is the number one goal, followed by finanicial aid. Make sure the person actually wants to go there, because a lot of people don't enjoy/perform to the highest if they dislike the campus. Overall make sure both the parent and student are satisfied with the campus and costs. Find out about loans, pell grants, anything that can help make it a smooth transaction for the both of you. Just have fun and enjoy the four years of experiences in a new environment.


do not go to a very large school. where the classes are packed and also to the teachers the students are just numbers. go to a smaller to medium size college where the teachers are willing to help you.


Have fun and put your heart into it, its your career at stake. Don't skip classes!!


Look for your major first and your friends later.


Finding the right college is can be a difficult and complicated process. However, start early and research at leat five schools to decide where you belong. Once you pick the school where you belong, start researching organizations and activities before you. Whatever you put into college is what you will get out of college. Get involved, go to class, and study hard and you will not only be successful but your college years will become some of your fondest memories.


Finding the right school shouldn't be rushed. I was too worried about getting the decision over with, and I didn't look at all the factors. Money is a huge issue, but it isn't everything. Right now I'm about to graduate with almost no debt (and little support from my parents), but if I could go back, I'd rather have gone to a better school and paid for it, even if that meant I'd have loans to pay back. School spirit is something that really makes college special, so try to find a school with a good Football team or something else that brings the students together. Even if you don't care about sports personally, you want to feel like the students around you are happy and you need somethingto take pride in. If you know what major you want, take a look at the cataloges and see how the school balances technical career classes with general education classes. This can make a huge difference as far as how much you learn in college. Try to find a school with a broad range of values, and isn't entirely liberal or conservative.


Don't come to McNeese if your wanting to broaden your horizens...


My advice on finding a new college for both the sudent and the parents would be to make sure a trip down to the school is done. Try take some time most especially when the school session is in progress and find out what the school is like. You may talk to students who presently attend the college to find out thier views; likes and dislikes about the college. Get pamphlets and the school's official newspaper to also see the campus life and policies. One may also go on the internet to find more information such as the tuition, high school requirements and SAT scores, campus life, and all other sorts of information that will be helpful to both the student and the parents. This could be done by visiting the school's official website and other college finding websites. One shouldn't go wrong with these steps provided as they are the steps I also followed placing me in the school of my choice.


dont go where you will know alot of people. go somewhere u are the new kid and not judging the new kid.


Dont hold back. Parents dont hold your children back, let them go. Students, college is a time for change and meeting new people, have fun!


Do not be afraid to come out of your shell! Travel and meet new people. Learn new things. Experience new things. Make lifelong friendships. Join a club, go to the games, and participate in as many extra-curricular activities as you can! (Without getting in the way of your education, of course.) Always try to create a relationship with your teacher. They are extremely bright, intelligent, generous, and compassionate people and will always lend a helping hand and give you that extra advice you are striving to find. Have a genuine and appreciative love for your school. Remember, you only get what you give!


Students please decide what you want to be before you start school, it will save you time and money. Explore the colleges and what they offer before you start attending. Find the one that fits best for your major, not necessarily closest to your house. There are many ways to save money at any college. Apply for all the scholarships offered, you will get reply from at least a couple. Also you don't need to attend a huge university to get the best education, some small colleges offer great acadimic courses. Don't waste time in dropping classes, if you know your major, you know you have to take those courses today or tomorrow. Keep up with your GPA from the begining, once it goes down the ladder, its very difficult to bring it back up. Socialize, make friends to study with, join clubs, and if so volunteer.


As a mother myself I would reconmend that students go to there local college for the first year if they have one.


Do research and talk to students who attend that college. Go to some sporting events if possible to get an inside look at student social life.


Make sure the school has a good balance of activities as well as education


Let the children go to the schools they would like because thats the only place they would b interested and will be able to focus well.