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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The most important thing to consider when choosing the perfect college is where you are comfortable and if they have the major you want. Even if the college does not have the major you are looking for at first, you may go and love it so much you would choose a different major and it end up being the right thing for you. Campus size, involvement, diversity, etc. are great things to consider, but if you do not feel comfortable there none of those things will matter. All of those things will undoubtably affect your college experiece, but will not make it. You are the single most important aspect of that. Once you pick a place that provides you comfort you will be able to get as involved as you would like or get used to the size of the campus, in turn making your college experience. College offers so many ways of finding the perfect place. Being able to be yourself will allow you to grow into the person you need to be, which makes for the perfect college experience.


Visit the campus, give many places a chance and don't worry about money. In the end loans will be worth the experience of being at a college where you make life-long friends and have a sense of comradarie.


The advice that I give to parents and/ or students about finding the right college and making the most out of it is don't hold anything back. Don't let someone tell you that you can't do something. All my life I have been down graded for who I am, a gay. Being told that I can never become something is what is pushing me farther than ever. I was recently kicked out of my house and told to pay for college by myself. Living on my own is not easy but because people tell me I can't, I have made a promise to myself to prove everyone wrong and say I can and I will. I am now a sophmore in college holding a job and taking classes full time. Also another big key don't ever give up, and get involved on campus. It is the easiest way to make new friends and become well known with professors. Don't get mixed up in drugs or alcohol, they just make the path to sucess harder on yourself, not others. Your drinking buddies won't care if you are failing or not. Good Luck!


i suggest that parents should talk to there children to find out what they would like to do in life. when the parents find out what there child wants to do you find 5 schools that your child would like to attend, but make sure that the child is happy with the decision.


Pick a college that has a good reputation for the field you are going into. Learning opportunities are so important.


Take your time looking at all the different aspects of a new school like their extracurricular activities or where you would live there. Also visit the campus and talk to people who are there, most of the time the students who are hanging out around the campus would be more than happy to tell you about their experience, just make sure not to base your feelings on one person if they have had a bad experience. I would say to also pray about the decision. Where you go to school shouldn't be a hurried last minute decision making you feel as though you have no where else to go.


The advice I would offer parents and or students about finding the right college for them is to just simply do college tours early as the child's early junior year of high school. I would tell the parents and the child that making the most of your college experience is an excitement to do and will pay off in the long run and how important it's to strive to challenge theirselves to reach their highest potentials.


The only way to really know about a college is to ask the students. Don't ask teachers or college officials because all they are trying to do is get more money by recruiting you. Ask the students. Go for a college tour and ask about average GPA's and graduation rates. Ask about the curiculum in your field of choice and how it compares to other colleges. Don't let the college intimidate you into making a choice. Its you money.


My advice to parents and students about finding the right college would be to tell the parents to let their kids make their own decisions about what college they go to. Don't make the decision for them. I would tell students to pick a school based on academics and not just because of extracurriclar activities or because all their friends are going. Make sure the college you choose is the right decision for you and no one else.


As a freshman, you might be required to attend an orientation .The advisor there will have a great deal of advice . You can ignore the boring bits, such as the college's history. However, there are some things you will need to know about college, such as what classes everyone should take, and, ultimately, what the best directions are for having a happy graduation and tailored-for-you education. One class everyone should take is an introduction to sociology class. You will understand how society works and where and how you want to be involved in it. Or, if you're the anarchist type, how best to not be involved in it. Psychology is great, too, but be prepared for family members and friends to be sick of your over-analyzing everything from their eating habits to their Myers-Briggs personality types. The real reason psychology is a great class to take is that, theoretically, the more aware of your flaws you are, the closer you are to correcting them..Among these are which classes you can't go wrong with taking, and, overall how to make the most out of a college education while avoiding some pretty bad pitfalls.


Don't only look at the academic quality on the campus, but also make sure there is something for your child to do outside of class. It can get lonely if there was nothing else to do and it is the quickest was to make friends. Also, encourage your child to live on campus his first year because he will meet some of his closest friends there. Academics are very important to your child's future, but make sure they have fun in college; when they look back, you don't want them to regret it.


This is the BEST! I love it, so will you!


When trying to find the right college make you that you check out the campus. Do research on all colleges that you are looking at attending. See if they have things that your interested in(soroity/fraternity, sga, etc.). When you decide where you want to go and you get there talk to everyone. I know with me i was very shy when i first got here but you have to open up and be able to talk. Don't overload yourself in schoolwork give yourself some time to be able to relax and hand out with friends. College is one of the best experiences you could have so make the best of it!


Never put your extracurricular activites before your school work.


Stay true to yourself from start to finish. You can find schools that fit nearly all of your desires and needs. List your priorities, from financial aid to school size and location, available degrees, student:faculty ratio, housing availability and affordability, student life, religious affiliation, resource availability, extra-curricular activities, and anything else that comes to mind when considering schools, and make the most of your opportunities in finding the right school for you. Use all of your resources, such as the internet, library, family and friends, etc. to find the best match for you. Communicate with recruiters, current students, friends, people in the community, and faculty as in depth as possible to determine whether your personal needs can be met. Make some connections with people at your desired campus before you enroll by contacting faculty online or by phone and visiting campus. When you start school, meet your advisor as soon as possible and embrace opportunities on campus to make new friends. Your roommate should not be your best friend: people change, but room assignments do not. If an event, class, or organization interests you, go for it. Study and be organized! College is what you make of it.


The most important thing to look for in a college, in my opinion, is the level of social involvement at the college. How many options do you/does your child have while attending this college? If the college has a curriculum similar to other college in the area you are applying, but has no extracurricular/social options for you/your child to get involved in, then I'm sure you'll ultimately have a dissatisfied college experience. Getting involved with organizations and finding people who enjoy similar activities as yourself helps every aspect of your college life. Sitting in your room studying may always get you grades, but going outside and spending energy in other events, either physical, mental, or just social helps recharge your brain just as much, and help focus your studies as well. Fraternities and sororities aren't the only answer. Simply getting involved in student-run groups can be amazing experiences. From video gaming groups, to student government, intramural sports, music, and extracurricular groups within your major, all will help make your college experience amazing, and will also make that much of a difference on resumes and applications for post-bachelor education and jobs.


To both parents and students, the only advice I can give about choosing the right college is to just go with your heart. You can go through the entire process of visits and such, but until you find somewhere that feels like home, you won't feel right about it. Try to schedule an overnight stay at each of your top choices so you can get the feel of the one that's the best for you. Making the most of the college experience doesn't have anything to do with "nightlife." After my first year in college, I realized that the college expeience has more to do with what you make of it--what clubs you join, what extra-curriculars you choose, the friends you make, the classes you take. To make the most of these, my advice is just to get involved. Don't be afraid of what's out there. Try everything, find what out what you like, and never let fear hold you back from the great times you could have.


The biggest piece of advice that I would give is to meet the people who make up the college or university. You can have centurys of tradition that sound great but it is how you the faculty,staff, and students mesh together that makes the most difference. When you hear from them what the University is all about, it gives you a great idea about how you will fit into the group also.


i chose my college because i have great professors and i got a very large scholarship. choose wich college you think will help further your education the most.


Always have an open mind when choosing a college. You will be more satisfied if you pick a college where you feel most at home and you know you will love it. You have to look at all aspects. The name of a college does not make the college, its the people, the atmosphere, the professors, the spirit, the activities, every little thing imaginable. It never fails to tour all of the prospective school during the school year to get a feel of campus life. Always go with your heart. To make the most of your experience at college, you really should get involved as much as possible. Going to class is not all there is to going to college, it is the best time of your life, if you make it that way. Joining organization, attending sporting events, theater productions, and etc. helps you to get out and have fun. You should also never be shy, especially in classes concerning your major. The people in those classes will most likely be with you throughout your college career, so make friends and have fun while getting a great education.


Check out all financial aid opportunities including scholarships. Most colleges do not prepare a family for applying for financial aid. Also, weigh in costs like traveling home for the weekends or holidays and telephone calls home. Of course, with cell phone services available the cost of telephone calls may not be an issue but it was when i first started college. Take into consideration distance from home when looking for a college. Most freshman do better at a community college the first year.


The advice that I would give to parents and students about finding the right college is to go where they think that they are most comfortable. No one wants to move somewhere they hate. If your not comfortable where your at, most likely you will not like the school. Go with your gut, and work really hard to get in where you want.


Make sure whatever college you pick make sure its for the right reasons.


Keep an open mind to all schools. Take time to visit the schools and see what they're about. You never know what you could discover about the place.


Visit each campus you are applying too. You never know where you feel most at home until you visit the campus.


To all of the parents out there, make sure that you encourage your children to really research what the school they want to attend. If you have decided on your feild of study, reasearch the requirements for that degree thoroughly. Also as part of the preparation for college, good study habits are essential. The student MUST usehis or her high school experience to develop good solid study habits. It doesn't matter if you are the smartest or the least intelligent person in your class, if you have good HABITS then the information in the classes you take will be easier to learn than if you had poor habits. You dont have to have life all figured out when you get to college. Part of the college experience is to have fun and to really explore yourself and to find out and establish who you really are and what your role is in society. be open minded and willing to learn from older students who are more experienced than you. In conclusion, i will let you in on the secret to graduating college: GO TO CLASS!!!!!! Thanks and good luck to all who may read this for advice!


As a young adult making the treck into the 'real world', you have to ask yourself some things before making important decisions: What do you want to do with your life? What makes you happy? What is your ultimate goal? When you consider these things, make them a part of your future. If you force yourself through something you don't love or have any passion for, chances are you will end up with a job you find more of a chore than anything else. It is your life, and you only have one- so why not do something that you love and will wake up every morning happy to do? Don't allow anyone else to make your plans. If it is what you truly want, and what you truly love, go for it!


Just follow the right college that benfiets you and your lifestyle and just stay loyal to yourself


Compromise with your child. My mother wanted me to stay close to home but I wanted to move away. I am now attending a college that's an hour away and I'm still getting an awesome education! Also, do not force your child into any clubs, organizations, fraternities or sororities but do encourage them to get involved. This is an important asset in college because you can meet other people who can help you out with your classes and you will have a social life which is really important because you can't study ALL the time!


To find the right college, do some research on schools and the program of interest that each school offers. The factors to consider are cost, quality of program of interest, and overall atmosphere. Visit colleges to get an idea of the overall atmosphere. Ask yourself if the college has a friendly environment and if the surrounding community is friendly. As for making the most of the college experience, I would say get involved. Join intramural sports teams. Keep an eye out for student-sponsored activities such as movie nights, concerts, etc. Maybe even join a fraternity or sorority. Last but not least, make friends. The friends you make in college will be your friends for life.


When looking for the right college you want to remember this pay attention to the cost of attendance, the size of the campus and the amount of students there, the location, and whether or not it has your major of field of study. It would be in your best interest to select the school that is best for your major and that is known for producing successful people in that field of study. To the students always remember to make the choice that is best for you because parents sometimes have a way of manipulating you to choose the school that they want you to attend. To the parents remember to help the student make the best decision for them and don't try and make it for them, and when the student is going off to college it is important that the parent believes that they have done the best job in parenting and are able to let go enough so that the student can make their own mistakes and learn from them. Students once you make it to college don't be afraid to socialize because there is another world of people out there to meet.