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Quinnipiac is unique from other schools I visited because its students and faculty are polite and friendly. The community is truly welcoming to all, and is gradually becoming a more diverse university. My school focuses specifically on the goals of the students and provides a fun and entertaining environment for us.


Quinnipiac University is a school that has a beautiful campus in the small city of hamden.


The class sizes at Quinnipiac are very small. You're never in huge lectures of a hundred people. All my classes this semester had under 30 students in them, and all my professors knew me by name. This makes it a lot easy to approach your professor for extra help, and I think it also makes it a lot easier for the professor to give you extra help based on your specific needs.


Before enrolling in Quinnipiac I took part in a summer program through the School of Communications. As a high school student I believed I wanted to major in broadcast and the program catered to 20 high school students all with the same interest. I was blow away by the technology and facilities Quinnipiac offered its students. After touring other prospect schools I officially had my heart set on QU. As a current student I am still amazed at the opportunities my school grants students and the willingness to help students that each and every professor possesses.


It's a small university with small classes that allow you to really get to know your professors and classmates. There is plenty of assistance available if you need help outside of class.


I really love Quinnipiac. I chose this school over Bentley and Bryant and it was the best decision I've ever made. The people are great, the school is gorgeous, the academics are really good, the social life is wicked fun. It's the entire package.


Quinnipia University is such a tight-knit community. There is not a day that goes by that I do not see someone I don't know. However, every so often I see a new face or meet a new person. This is what I love about my school.


Quinnipiac University offers classes that are never larger than 55 students. Students and professors have the opportunity to form relationships which is helpful for research opportunities, internships, and letters of reccomendation for graduate school. Most Quinnipiac professors are passionate about their work, which translates into their teaching. There is so much to learn at Quinnipiac, I have never left a course without feeling more knowledgeable about the subject taught. There are also endless opportunities to get involved in sports, clubs, activities, or religious groups. Quinnipiac offers opportunities for learning and fun in every aspect.


I feel very safe here. Just have a different feeling about being here. My school has a different atmosphere I guess you can compared other schools that I have been to.


I'm a Biomedical Science major, and Quinnipiac University was the only school in Connecticut which offered this major.


It's not too big and not to small. It is a great size.


Great size, student/faculty ratio is awesome


The school has a beautiful campus and a high college ranking. It is great for law, business, and health majors.


small classes. beautiful campus: mountains in background


There are small classes which allow for more teacher-student interactions. Most professors at this school want to see you succeed and will make themselves available for you to accomplish that. It's set in a beautiful location right next to a state park.


The campus is emaculate. We are also one of the top schools in the northeast for our health science programs.


My school has one of the top ranked Entry Level Physician Assistant Programs in the country, that is why I chose it.


Campus looks great and the Sleeping giant park next store is great for hiking.


very clean and everyone seems happy.


As a history major, I didn't expect to go to this school when I applied because its liberal arts department isn't at the heart of its academia. Yet, Quinnipiac stood out because it offered an array of fields to study while keeping small class sizes.


It is located only 5 minutes from my family's home.


The campus is beautiful.


this is a beautiful place and is condusive to learning. the size is right, the facilities are first rate.Everything is designed to make it a great place to learn.




I felt uncomfortable at this school as a half-white student because of the comments made towards me and events that occurred on campus. I believe the student population is aware of the problem and is attempting to change student attitudes however administration doesn't seem to give a damn. Administration talks about reprimanding those engaged in racist behavior/acts but have yet to act.


If I could do it all over again, I would have gone to a bigger school. But I don't regret going to QU...I learned a lot about dealing with difficult people ;)


God damn, this surveyed reminded me how much I hate Quinnipiac. I think it's great that someone is listening to my opinion and would gladly contribute to surveys in the future. Quinnipiac is an alright school. I don't get involved with it outside of academics but I guess there's stuff to do. I hate the administration, faculty and the cost. I really hope that Quinnipiac's reputation makes my resume look good. I personally would suggest people go to a different college. Quinnipiac is far to expensive for the dump that it is. Being on campus makes my skin crawl.


Not enough grad classes offered in Accounting, big plans, no follow through


If I'd had the chance I would have left Quinnipiac because it isn't the school for me. Don't try to be something you aren't when finding a college, its so important to be true to yourself and love the place you're at. You will spend 4 of the best years of your life there, so pick carefully. Quinnipiac is best for a girl who is high maintenance and likes a party. I've been lucky enough to find a down to earth group of friends. Be very health concious as a girl, and work out daily to keep your self esteem up and so you can look good when you're out every Thursday/Saturday nights.


I had the opportunity to study abroad in Ireland my sophomore year at Quinnipiac and I had an absolutely amazing time! I definitely suggest it to anyone who is considering going abroad for a semester! It is a great experience that you will never forget!


I think one of the major problems at Quinnipiac is the fact that it is becoming more and more popular and the administration is not dealing with its growth appropriately. This becomes most apparent in student housing on campus. We are promised three years of housing on campus and fourth year you must move off campus. They neglect to tell students that any one of those years you might still have to live off campus in a Quinnipiac house. They provide housing but it is not necessarily on campus. I had many friends who did not receive rooms on campus and they were forced to live off campus in a house Quinnipiac had bought to house students in. It is certainly not the same socially to live off campus, to have to drive to school, buy groceries, make food etc. The school is working on rectifying the situation by building more dorms, but the problem is also with the amount of students they are accepting. The president ensures us he is not trying to make the school any larger but more and more students who are accepted are coming here. They either need to cut down on the number they are accepting, or build alot more dorms. Through my three years on campus I lived in a four person room, a ten person suite and a seven person suite. I'm sorry but that is just too many people in one room! The housing at QU is definitely the biggest problem and that is the one major thing I was upset with over my past four years.


most people who come here have a positive opinion of the school. It is a beautiful, modern campus, considered one of the top 10 wireless campuses (using computers is big here), and most people are friendly. However, stereotypes do hold true here about most of the students. Mostly New York and Boston fans, although there are a decent number of Philly fans here too. You'll be hard pressed to find any other fans in terms of sports. The school's administration is very bad. They are not open to the students and have tried to prevent students from expressing themselves in a way which conflicts with the administration. In fact, the students in the newspaper are planning to start an independent newspaper from the school. Tuition is exorbitant here (but where isn't it?). The problem is that the school is very bad-VERY VERY bad with financial aid. VERY BAD. I got a barely acceptable package to come here (my family isnt super wealthy) and that was when they thought I had a sibling coming here. I know a lot of students transferring b/c they can't pay the high cost without more financial aid. Personally, the school ought to stop remodeling everything and insetad put the $ into financial aid and student loans. Also the school food service, Chartwell's, has a total monopoly on the food here. that is BAD. VERY VERY BAD. the food is so expensive I have found it to be CHEAPER to order out or even go to a sit down restaurant ($3 for a fruit cup, $5 for a slice of cheesecake, you get the idea). Plus, they close the cafe whenever they want (before 6 if they can on weekends), and their service in some places is VERY SLOW, even if there is no reason to be. When there was talk about allowing other restaurants to be built on campus, it was no surprise that chartwells opposed it- how else could they charge high prices for mediocre food? On top of that, the school forces everyone to buy a $950 meal plan, where girls never finish it and guys are out with a month left. But to no surprise, don't expect it to change anytime soon, as long as chartwells needs money the school will force everyone to give it to them. bottom line: good school student-wise, but is run very poorly and in some cases unethically as well.


Quinnipiac is a great school, but some times it doesn't seem like the real world. It's as if you're living in a bubble.


Consider the type of person you are, if you like a decent party scene, with a lot of scantily dressed women, the smell of booze, and drunken screaming, than you could consider Quinnipiac. If you come from a wealthy family, and can afford it, it's a great education with connections to jobs and the "outside world". The communications, business and health sciences here at QU are phenomenal. If you aren't planning on majoring in any of those, than why spend all that money? Come to QU for the name, and the reputation it has in those areas of study.


Phi Sigma Sigma


Come to Quinnipiac, you won't regret it.


hopefully after i graduate i can find a good enough job to be able to pay for the decision to go to Quinnipiac instead of somewhere less expensive and perhaps more to offer


The one thing that I absolutely hate about Quinnipiac is that there are very little programs educating about sexual assault. Also, there are very little resources for victim survivors. On college campuses 1/4 women are sexually assaulted before they graduate. I wish Quinnipiac would create some sort of program, or public relations campaign to teach students about their resources if they are sexually assaulted. It feels as though they are more conserned with appearing to be a safe campus, than actually being one.


Bottom line...I was here 5 years (BA and Masters) and I loved it. I am going to miss it a lot.


Quinnipiac is 60% females, and most of them are gorgeous. I have freinds at Umass Amherst that come visit just because the girls are so much hotter than they are there. The dorms are very nice, although there is some controversy about the lottery system that I wont go into.


I'm more than happy that I transferred to QU. It's a great school and i've met a lot of amazing people. It's beautiful and in a good area. There's tons of stuff to do both on and off campus all the time. Did I mention New Haven is famous for its section of little italy and their pizza? Sally's and Pepe's are amazing.


If you're looking for a huge bunch of stoners, keep looking. People smoke but it's not as much or as often as you would think. If you're looking for some shady coke heads, you can find them basically anywhere. Girls get drunk and throw up a lot, especially the freshmen. Sororities and fraternities were all lame when I went there, bitches and morons. Basically everyone drives something nice and everyone's white and preppy. Quinnipiac for a lot of people is the place to go because 1) you got a scholarship or 2) you didn't get into where you wanted.


chicks are hot and a majority


If you're looking for a well rounded college, this is the place for you. If you're looking for a specialized college for something like Health Sciences, Law, or Business, this is the school for you. The school is extremely absorbed in every sport except for football, but maintains their focus on academics. If you're looking for an "artsy" college, stay away.


The food plan is 950 a semester, easily spent in half the time planned as a regular meal of horrible food costs 15 dollars, which in essence is actually coming out of your pocket. the on campus catering service is nothing short of a complete rip off


The administration really makes the students angry because of the way they treat the students. They do not seem to care about us and it seems like they lie to incoming students to try to get them here. Some of the statistics they tell people are not exactly accurate, they try to always portray the university in a good light. The administration tried to censor the student newspaper by forcing faculty to not answer questions without first talking to the PR office. They also would not allow the newspaper to publish stories on their website when they break, instead they have to wait until the newspaper is published. This got attention from outside newspapers and the administration got angry at the editor of our newspaper for giving an interview. The student body that actually knew about this was very upset and threatened to protest the administration.


The only thing that is awkward is that the University seems to not like to feed us. A bit of an exaggeration, but they are the shortest college hours I've ever heard of.


all d1 sports teams, none that really stand out in thier confrences.


If you aren't a rich, beautiful, snobby girl you probably won't like it here. Everyone fits that stereotype perfectly and it makes life miserable when your not one of them. Everyone drinks and parties all the time and there is nothing to do if you dont drink. The housing shortage forces people into 8 person study lounges which makes life hell. It costs a ton of money to go here yet they barely give any finacial aid.


Parking sucks and so does the winter. This was my first semestewr and I liked most of it. Becoming more diverse is not necessarily a good thing.