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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Students need to make sure that the school they pick is the perfect fit for them, and not trying to make themselves fit the school. They need a school that is going to give them the best experience with their education and their college experience, no matter if thats 30 minutes away from their parents or across the country. They need a school that is going to give them a great education so that they can get a great job. Parents need to make sure that they dont pressure their child into a school they do not want just because it may be cheaper or it was their school. It is the childs future and parents need to make sure they are there to love and support and challenge their kids to succeed and grow into well-rounded adults.


My best advice would be go with what feels good. It is very important to aim high, but it is also important to stay consious of what is realistic. As a student looking for colleges to attend, look at the places you would feel comfortable due to your own individuality. It's easy to fall in love with the right school, but remember, it's not easy to keep the relationship going. Hard work and persiverance pays off in the end. Go with what feels right, and try your hardest to excell, and it will all come around to something good. Never regret, just make the best out of what you learned.


The best advice I can think of to give parents and students trying to find the right college is to make a list of attributes that are most important to you and choose the college that best fit them. For example, small class sizes, good job placement, scores on a placement exam such as the Boards or PCAT, campus location, financial aid availability, or "campus life". As for making the best out of your college experience, I would say you need to keep focused on your classes. In college your paying for your classes, your paying to be there, so dont mess it all up and waste your money by partying every night. Also, get help when you need it. Agian, your paying to be there, so use the help and the resources the college offers you; get a tutor, get involved in a study group, and find internships. Finally, get involved; although your first priority should be your classes and grades, try not to stress out too much. Get involved with your college, go to some of the events they offer, meet new people, and have some fun (so long as it's after mid-terms).


THE best thing is to start looking early at colleges, it is niver too early to start. you and your parent should decide if you want to go to school out of state or in state.


Take your time in choosing a school that is right for you as a student of for your child as a parent. If you really want a great education, stick to small class sizes and stay away from party schools. you will have a better placement position when graduating!


When you are looking for a college make sure you visit a lot of different colleges and then when you can narrow it down a little have an overnight preview because it gives you a feel for campus living. Also don't be afraid to apply for different kinds of colleges because the one you fit in the best could surprise you. To amximise the college experience try out for a team or join a club because you make friends a lot faster that way. Take advantage of any academic help centers ad study groups because they are usually free and they are generally a big help.


I think that the perspective student should look into diversity and if that is something that they do or do not like. Another thing is that one should think about the cost of the school that they will be attending. Please visit the school and make sure that the perspective student ask a lot of questions about the school.


DO not look at the price of the school- you can not put a price on your child's education and their furture.


Honestly, look into the school, visit. When you find a school that you like, do an over night, attend some classes and meet with current students. Make sure you research what feild of study you are interested to make sure it is a suitable school.


For me, the most important part of selecting the right college for you is to make sure it's solely your decision. Don't listen to friends or family, just find the school that you want to go to. Don't let a price tag deter you from choosing a school either. Most important, don?t listen to yourself if you think you?re not ?good enough? or ?smart enough? to go to a certain school. I almost chose not to go to my college because I thought I wasn?t good enough. I love it here and I?m doing extremely well in my classes. If you want to go to a certain school, don?t let anyone stop you. The only thing I can tell you about how to make the most of your college experience is to balance your academic and social lives. Studying is important, but you?ll go crazy if you do it all the time. However, you can?t party all the time and expect to stay in school. Finding the perfect balance of the two will make your college life the greatest experience of your life.


Always explore your options. The right campus is out there, waiting for you, whether it be next door or across the country. The easiest way to make new friends is to get involved in activities that interest you and get to know the people that share your living space. Familiarize yourself with your academic advisor and make connections with your professors- these are the people that will give you the tools to succeed and they make valuable contacts as personal references. Take advantage of any new learning experience that presents itself to you and be open to new ideas, philosophies, and ways of expanding your mind.


have fun


I would say to never assume anything. So much happens behind closed doors or is not said at college meetings and orientations that you need to know the right questions to ask, and to accept the fact that not everyone is going to be honest with you. If you are strong in your faith, ask the people in charge of spiritual activities on campus what exactly is offered. Don't assume they will have everything you are used to or want. This goes also for anything you are really passionate about. Also, get a better feel of the campus atmosphere by just sitting somewhere on campus and observing the people. If a current student joins you, start an honest conversation about how school life is on campus without telling them you are visitor. These people tend to give the most honest answers because they do not work for the college's addmissions team. This one person is a start to how life in college really is. Overall, just remember that no matter where you go, there will always be fun challenges, new friends, and a niche where you belong.


Pick the school that feels like the best fit. Go with your gut. Don't be afraid to try new things. Take chances & make mistakes. Go to class. Have fun. Pick a major sooner rather than later. Make lots of friends. Get off of campus and check out what there is in the real world rather than just the school bubble. Don't be too afraid of money issues. Live it up. Apply for scholarships. Don't leave with regrets. Meet lots of new people. Don't be close-minded. Go to Church.


College is a time to explore, it is important you let your child do this, at the same time the child has to take control over their lives. Its important to let the child go, but still be there for them when they need you. The child needs to find the "Just Right Challenge" meaning they find a major that makes them work, but isn't so difficult they give up.