SUNY Oneonta Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If i could talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself not to take things as seriously. It is very important to maintain good grades, but I focused all of my time on studying and trying to get the best scores on exams. High school is about more than receiving a perfect grade. I would tell myself to socialize more so that I could develop good social skills which will be useful for networking in the future. Also, everything happens for a reason. If you get to a point in life where you feel like everything isn't going your way, a different door will open. There are always more opportunities that lead to great things. Keep your head high and you will be successful!


Walking to class by myself again. The only time I speak to anyone at school is when I raise my hand in class. I guess that what community college is about. At least for me. It's my second semester as a freshman and I wish I had listen to my mother when I was applying to college. I should have applied to more in-state schools. But no, I was salutatorian, National Honor Society President and I thought that they best choice for me was to go out of state. And out-of-state I went but I didn't think my decision through. I had a great time in Maryland but having to come back home has made it harder to get into a school in California. We have a horrible education system and if I could give my high school self advice, I would tell myself not to take advantage of my California college acceptances. It's hard to know that I got accepted to all twelve schools I applied to and to have to work twice as hard in community college to get into the same school I was accepted in. I learn from my mistakes.


In every single aspect, these years count. First off- study. Don't just study to achieve, but study to learn. Fun and simple information will never be necessary. Take it all in! The information you absorb now will be the absolute foundation to what you are capable of learning later on. This new information and these wonderful trustworthy teachers will provide you with an enormous amount of use and significance. Take their advice, pay attention, and truly try and want to be where you are. These will be some of the most precious experiences you will ever go through, so be completely present in every moment with all of your mind, body and positivity. Look around at all of the people you have grown up with and appreciate how genuine the relationship between you actually is. A high school friendship is one of the most delicate and cherishable things you can own. Be nice, and be open. Not only should you be willing to accept, but appreciate and listen to the opinions and advice those with experience lend you. Be eager and look for a dream. Love where you are, but realize that change is the ultimate key to growth.


Hello, This is a message from yourself 5 years down the road. First tip for college, don't pack a lot. You think you need that much stuff, but really you don't and go shopping the second day after you move in, the first day is too busy! Second tip, look over all of your options for classes because you do have options. Third tip, look up all the classes before you take them and go with your instinct, it's always right. Fourth tip, go to every on-campus event that looks interesting because you will regret not going. Fifth tip, keep in touch with all of your friends that come and go over the years because you will miss them when they are gone and not be able to get them back 100%. Finally, keep in mind your goal throughout all of your coursework. When things get tough and classes seem hard, just remember in the end it is all worth it. When you are teaching those children and making a difference in their lives, it is all worth it. Yours truly, Yourself- a College Graduate


Go to a Community College, get an Associate degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences, apply for more scholarships, save money and research what I want to major in before I choose my degree.


Listen to what your parents and teachers are telling you. Do your work, learn how to study, be proactive. I know right now these things seem trivial and it's as if you already do them effectively but trust me, you don't. Don't just do things on time, do them early; it will save you time and the added stress that comes with procrastination. Be open to changing your ideas and opinions on things. You're way is not the only way, someone else may have a different view or approach that is better than yours, utilize it. Don't stress so much about chosing the right school. Your experience will only be as good as you make it, you will have fun wherever you go as long as you try to. You may think you are living the life right now,as a senior but just wait; I cannot even begin to explain to you how much you are going to enjoy these next four years of your life. Party hard but study harder. Your future is in your hands now, make the most of it!


If I could go back and give myself advice I would tell myself dont worry about moving away from home, it will be over with soon enough and home will always be there. I would also say apply for a lot of scholarships, stay focused, and do everything you did alredy up to this point and continue doing and being the best you can!!!


I would tell myself not to worry so much, i would tell myself to work harder and just relax. I would tell myself to just be who the person that you are not what people want to see from you. Friends come and go dont let the ones that leave bother you. Just to get more involved and explore the world


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, one thing I would tell myself is to go to class! It's really hard to pass a class and do well when you don't even attend. As lame as it sounds, there is a way to find a balance of enjoying the experiencing and actually doing well in your courses. The other thing I would tell my young self would be to find something that you enjoy. If you are not interested in the subject, you are not going to do well. You won't want to go to class or even try to do well. I don't use my current degree, which is why I'm getting a different one, and I really wish I had thought my interests through the first time! I would have saved myself a lot of frustration and money if I had made a serious decision the first time about where I wanted my future to go. And college is the perfect place to discover this so be sure to try lots of new things!


If I could go back in to my senior year the advice I would give to myself would be to venture out more and expand my horizons. Knowing what i know now has given be a new outlook on life and that knowlege has given me absolute success. I have learned to be more positve towards everything that I do. Another word of advice I would have given myself would have been to make better grades with that being said, I would have also had a higher GPA. As much as I love school taking the easy road is not the best choice. Looking back at the freshmen and sophmore years I should have done more challenging things to broaden my intelligence and understanding. College life to me is infact better than high school, however its much faster. So far with my two weeks being in college I have managed to learn to be more acountable for any or all assighments. Making the transition from high school has taught me to be even more indepedent, furthermore to work twards or to strive for excelence. To other high school students as well as to myself is to nerver settle for less.


College is very different from high school. There are so many choices and it drives you crazy. Find a good group of friends and get involved at school. Manage your time well and you'll do great at college.


If I could go back and give myself advice for college I would say do not wait until the last minute to do things. For example, don't wait until the last minute to sign up for class. "The early bird catches the worm". Waiting until the last minute to sign up for my classes left me with the classes other students didn't want. Also, I would give myself advice to do homework on time. College is mainly about homework and if you don't do the homework you don't get the grades. If you do the homework right when its given to you, you will remember to do it.


If I could go back to my senior year and tell myself anything, I would tell him to focus more on the school work and seek extra help. During my senior year of high school, i had take college level classes. At first, I was fine then my grades started to slip to C's; mostly having to do with my second semester/ high school is almost over! I do regret the decision because it dropped my overall GPA at my community college down a little bit and i had to work very hard to raise it back up. Along with dealing with the consequences, it opened me up to working harder and truely apply myself. The grades motivated me to do better, thus i did. I'm now one semester away from being a junior in college and I plan on giving back to my environment. I plan on working with kids in the future and help them to succeed. I plan on becoming a high school math teacher.


In high school I was never one to try my hardest. I was a lazy student and I lacked drive and ambition. Now, as a college student I appriciate the opportunities that college life offers. I would tell my senior self that college allows people to explore new worlds, that it teaches students to think differently, and that going to college is the best way for a person to spoil themselves. I wouldn't lie to her and say that it would be easy, but I would say that the work should be done well in order to reap all the rewards that college offers. College can open doors to honor programs and honor societies. It present oppertunities to meet new people from all backgrounds, and chances to study abroad. Some study abroad programs allow you to go to Japan. Telling my senior self that there is a chance to study in Japan would not only catch her attention, but it would turn on a switch somewhere deep inside and I know that she would have gone to college instead of jumping straight into the work force. The best advice I could give myself is that college changes lives.


Do not be afraid to be friendly and make friends. Although you are a very shy person, no one else is going to know anyone, so go up to people and introduce yourself. The more you become involved on campus, the more fun you will have and the more freinds you will make. The more friends you make, the more fun you will have.


I ask myself this question often. I would tell myself to go away to college, as a freshman and to not stay home for a boyfriend. Going away to school as a junior is not the same experience as a freshman. College life on the dorms, whether exciting or dreadful, is an experience everyone should have at least one time, but when you decide to stay home for the wrong reason you lose out on that opportunity and will never know what it was like. Going away to school junior year puts you in a different bracket; you live off campus, away from college life. You also leave yourself normally only two years left to experience college. I am currently a high school counselor, and the one thing I try to encourage students to do is take advantage of the opportunities that are out there for them. I understand going away to college is not for everyone, but if a student’s reasons are ones they cannot foresee as being a short term decision, I try to have them reconsider, and look at my situation as an example of what they will miss out on. Stephanie Cocchiaro


Try to enjoy college life, don't take up too many classes if you know you can't handle it. Don't stress out and just learn to relax. When you go to college don't get too caught up in making friends that you forget about your homeworks, however don't be a hermit. There will be people who will try to persuade you to drink and go party but just know when is enough.


I would tell myself to relax and to not be afriad to be myself. I didn't realize that going away to college is starting all over with a clean slate. All throughout high school I was involved in so many different activities so when I was a freshman at college I went overboard and got too involved. I now know that I need to find a happy medium so that I can still enjoy a few activities without jepordizing my grades.


The advice I would give myself if I could go back to see myself as a high school senior would be to focus on school work and get to know myself better. The transition would have been much easier if I knew what I wanted out of my college experience coming into my undergraduate career. I think I would tell myself to take a step back from working, in order to pay for college, and enjoy the good times as well as the quiet study hours that most students take for granted. I would tell myself that the real world will always be waiting for me to live in the moment instead of stressing about what tomorrow, next week or even next semester has in store for me. Most importantly I would tell myself to relax and have fun because these are going to be the best years of my life and I may not realize it yet but I'm going to make friends as well as memories that will last my life time through.


Utilize or if your uncomfortable with that pick the earliest orientation and find a roommate you like. Also the college visit, if you don't like winter make sure your school isn't infamous for it's snow. Visit the school at the worst time of the year and make sure you still like it.


College is a society within society. It is where I've truly learned what it means to grow up. The personal strife, victory, and creative reassessment that has occured in both my mind and personality, far outweigh any flaws I could find with the school I attend. If there is only one thing that I must choose to be thankful for, then it is for learning how to truly think - and that is something that cannot be taught in a classroom alone. It is a skill that has required both success and hardship, and has begun a process of reinventing the way I view myself and the world around me, which will hopefully guide me into my ambitions of career and personal achievement in the years to come. As an artist, I strive for genuineness of heart and mind, and I place myself in the company of peers who have simple virtues: knowledge of love, a desire to communicate, and happiness in themselves. College has taught me this.


The State University of New York College at Oneonta has given me the tools to realize my full potential as an educator. The teachings at Oneonta that I received have inspired me to accomplish tremendous feats. In January of 2008 I started two and a half years of service in the United States Peace Corps. As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guatemala I honed my teaching skills working with an indigenous Mayan population while learning Spanish and Mayan Q'eqchi'. It was only because of the education I received from the top notch teaching professionals at SUNY Oneonta that I was able to tackle my Peace Corps experience head-on. Oneonta's Secondary Education Department is rife with experience in cutting edge pedagogy and current educational psychology practices. After finishing my degree in four years I was confident that I could continue to pursue any goals I wanted in my educational career because SUNY Oneonta had prepared me to be a confident and professional life long-learner.


I was not expecting to learn a lot when I went back to school. I was wrong. I have been working in my field (early childhood) for almost six years now and thought I knew everything I needed to know. I have learned a lot from the instructors, but probably the most from my fellow students. Almost everyone in my program has a lot of experience working with kids and it is great to sit and problem solve with them and get ideas for things I can do better in my classroom. I have also picked up some great information from instructors. I have some great new ideas for classroom organization, activities to do with my kids and different ways to put portfolios together to name just a few. I might have learned these things on my own or through the inservice hours I am required to attend, but being together with other early childhood professionals has truly brought a wealth of information to my fingertips and given me a hunger to keep learning and to find new and better ways to facilitate learning in my room.


SUNY Oneonta has provided me the opportunity to discover who I am and what I want to do as my future career. Through attending SUNY Oneonta, professors have helped me explore my interest in becoming a science teacher. I feel competent in myself to know that I will provide my future students to opportunity to develop their own interests. If I had not attended Oneonta, I would not have developed the relationships I have today or given the chance to discover my passion for working with children.


My college experience has given me information to better establish what I want to do after graduation. My main interest is in music but I have learned that a complement in business will be valuable in this field. I have met and learned from other students with similar interests that there are many ways to work in the music business while maintain the exposure to the music itself. I realize that being diversified is a nescessary trait to succed in this business as it is changing all the time. I have been told that college will provide the basis knowledge building blocks but that experience is where the real learing takes place.


While atteding SUNY Oneonta, I have met the most incredible, life changing people. Not only have I made friends that will be friends for life, I have also met professors that have changed my life. If I had not come to SUNY Oneonta, I wouldn't be the person I am today. It has been an all around life changing experience and I have grown into the person I aspired to be one day. My journey as a person will not end at Oneonta but it certainly has begun here. While attending school here, I learned how to be persistant and keep my goals in sight. I also got to learn a lot about various types of people. Yes, attending college is expensive but there is not a price you could put on the people I have met and the experience I have made. Going away to a four year school was life changing and I woulnd't have it any other way.


I'm the youngest of four boys and the only one set on gaining a college degree. My reason for attending college was to escape my past of being placed into foster care, and to make a better life for myself. College has giving me something that I thought I would never have, the exprience to control my life, and to make my own decision and not be control like a puppet. I value that I get the chance be more responisble, and independent. entering a room to live with someone that i have never met and manage a rapport with them. To me college is not just a place for me to learn, but a place to grow as a people.


In 2009/2010 I attended a two year College, Georgia Perimeter College, and since going there its opened my eyes to many things. The Clarkston Campus Challenged me to want more out of my educational experience. Unlike high school, my teacher did not hold my hand and guide me through each assignment, but instead taught me initiative. If I was having trouble with any assignment I would set up appointments to see my teacher during office hours or sometimes they were nice enough to meet me in the cafe and grab a bite to eat (something completely different from high school). Although, it was a two year college it prepared me for when it was time for me to transfer to the four year private school im attending now. In all honesty, My College Experience, thus far has been one I will never forget. Its given me hope, dispair, joy, sadness, and a bit of grey-hair all in a total of two years!


My college experience has been extremely beneficial and the value of attending for a number of reasons. Primarily, it has taught me a great deal about dedication to both my future, as well as current studies. This dedication helped me to achieve a GPA of 4.0 in my first semester. Another benefit I have found by returning to college after marriage and starting a family is that I have learned to manage my time, and stress appropriately. One of the final assets attending college has been learning crucial critical thinking skills, that will benefit me in my future career as a licensed clinical psychologist.


College was a way for me to start over and become a new person. My home life wasn't that great and my town was like death. The attitude it gave off was snobbiness and it was like drowning in a sea of stuffiness and i was ready to get out. The attitude at Oneonta was a refreshing change for me. The people are so different and real well at least most of them. But its a time to explore, experiment and develop with who were are and going to be. With my first semestor i meet so many new people with most thaty liked the real me and wanted to get the real me and not the one that was portrayed. The walls came tumblin down and the love seeped through. It was a wonderful new experience that i would love to be able to experince it some more.


I have loved every minute of my college experience! For me college has been all about learning, but not just in the classroom. I have found that when I am on campus I am learning all the time! By becoming friends with international students or even students from different states, I have been able to learn about new cultures and gain a greater understanding about other people. It is like traveling all around the world without having to leave campus (though I hope to study abroad someday soon)! This new environment also brings new responsibilities. It is important to figure out what they are and learn how to balance them successfully. It can be stressful, but very rewarding. Most importantly, college has allowed me to learn a lot about myself! By facing new challenges, I learned what I can do and in some cases, what I can’t do, both of which I am very grateful for. That is the most important thing college could have given me and will continue to give me. College is an open road, full of opportunities, to self discovery!


I have learned so much from attending Oneonta State, and I don't mean from all those textbooks (although they were helpful.) Since living away from home I have realized how important attitude is in everything we do. We chose how the events in our daily lives affect us. My laptop got a virus mid-semester, right when I had a research paper due. Instead of getting upset and focusing on how irritating it would be to not have a computer for schoolwork I made the best out of the situation and rearranged my schedule. I started going to the computer lab everyday between classes and didn't stress the possibility of my computer not being able to be fixed. I kept an optimistic outlook, which helped me get through the semester and earn a 4.0 GPA. If I had a pessimistic attitude I wouldn't have been as successful and everything would be different. Attitude is everything.


As a 35 year old woman, I have grown to understand the importance of having a degree. I have worked in the hospitality field, hotels, for the majority of my adult life. I know that college is where I need to be to go forward. Showing an employer that you are serious enough about a career to get a degree is something that is important to do in these harder economic times. The amount of potential employees going after the same job is nearly over whelming, you have to stand out to an employer. I feel that with my experience and my soon to be degree, I can be the one that stands out to them. It is an exciting prospect to go back to school for me. I have the advantage of experience and wisdom to understand the real world applications of what I am about to learn in the academic world. The scholarship that you are offering me would help me to go back to school full time and better myself. I would be able to focus on my studies, and not intensely on the financial woes that comes with undertaking school and making a living.


Three important key areas of my life has grown exponentially over the course of my college experience at SUNY Oneonta: Education, friends, and character. In my opinion, these are three areas that should grow throughout anyone's college career. Sure, everyone wants to make sure they land a high paying job after college. But with the current state of the economy, this has been a tougher dream to realize. So it is important to realize that what you learn, the people you meet, and the character that you build is what makes the college experience still very important for your future. This is the value I have gained from attending SUNY Oneonta.


I have gradually learned the importance of studying and being responsible. Once I found something I did not mind putting the extra effort into, I was able to being taking school more seriously. Finally, it has been a relief knowing that all of the classroom learning and studying is paying off through internships.


As a junior, I have grown so much from the minute I stepped on campus. I started off as a female athlete and now am one of the most dedicated fashion majors on campus. I'm active in the Student Fashion Society, Markteing Club, in which I hold national membership to the AMA and I volunteer when I have free time. Other than my education, the most important thing I learned is that everyone is different and that's okay. I've learned to open up to new ideas and ways that people live their own lives. I've learned alot about myself as well. Regardless of where I end up, I just want to be happy, and I learned that by attending a state school where not everyone carries a designer bag or has a new car, but they still manage to keep a smile on their face. That's what should be most important.


Being in college has changed my whole perspective on life. You learn how to take constructive criticism, deal with racial diversity and adapting to an area that is different from what you are accustomed too. I have learned to act like an adult and learn how to make decisions for myself, I have realized that college is where you come to learn to grow up. I value each experience I have encountered because with each lesson I can empower and teach myself and others to live better lives. I learned how to think about my decision before making them and learning from my mistakes. College is the most valuable experience I believe any student will ever encounter, the experience is once in a lifetime.


If I could back in time and speak to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that everything was going to work out and be okay. As a senior, I was so worried and overwhelmed with preparing myself for college and making friends. I would advise myself that the best thing to be, is myself and that I would meet some amazing people who would love and accept me for who I am and who would change my life forever. I would also warn myself of the things in college to look out for, including the people you shouldn?t trust, as I was once very na?ve and trusting. Also I would tell myself to spend my summer days with my family, as I miss them every single day I am away from them and how yes, mom still cries when she drives me back from breaks. Lastly, I would tell myself to buy my textbooks online for my first semester; the bookstore is way too expensive.


I would go back in time and tell myself to do extremely well in my classes because many classes can help you in college. I would also tell myself how important it is to research clubs and organizations I was interested in so that I would be able to make friends and get involved in my school. College is a fun and great experience as long as you get the most out of it. Get involved in sports, clubs, and other organizations are one of the best ways to meet friends, have fun and learn. Sometimes the most important lessons you will learn are outside of the classroom, and to me that is a big part of what college was. By telling myself this last year I would have a head start on what to expect before I got to school and prepare myself on how to have a great first year at school.


I came toward the end of my senior year in High school very narrowed in my focus when it came to colleges. I only considers two colleges that were close enough to my home so I could commute and that would still give me the things I needed to get into Cornell Vet School. I should have listened to the nagging little voice that said "What will you do if you don't get into Cornell?" I haven't reached that far in my college career to know whether I got into Cornell or not. However if I don't get into Cornell, I will have a Bachelors degree in Biology. What will I do with that? If I could go back and tell my self something it would be to look at vet tech schools like Delhi and suck it up and live in a dorm. I could have a job I would like, learning things I find interesting, and could therefore pay for the student loans it would require me to stay on campus instead of learning things I find very boring and not being able to anything with this degree that I would love doing.


If I could go back myself as a high school senior and offer advice I would assure myself that everything worked out. I'm the type of person that really weighs all options and takes a long time to make decisions. I worry if I'm making the right decision and maybe not having that worry, while I was a senior would have been assuring. I would also tell myself to really go out and make friends and realize that everyone is in the same position as you in their transition to college. Be open to new things, try things you never expected you would try. College is all about learning about yourself and growing into your own person. Be who are and don't let others pressure you. Stand up for yourself and what you believe in and follow your passions and dreams because they all start here.


I has a very difficult time making the transition to college life for various reasons of personal nature, but if I could go back in time and talk to myself I tell myself to not let it hinder me. Go out and meet friends, especially those in my fields. Don't lat troubles of the past keep you from enjoying the present. Most of all, I'd tell myself that I made the right choice. That although Oneonta, was not my top choice, it was without a doubt, a perfect school for me, and that I will never regret it.


Hey Em! It's me from the future. I had the opportunity to come back and thought I'd give you some advice about college and the transition. First of all, don't be afraid to put yourself out there more! I know it's scary, but it'll all be worth it in the end. Get to know your hallmates; hang out in their rooms with them and go out to eat together. Being good friends with your hallmates will help you feel more comfortable in college. Plus, you might find a group of girls who love the TV show One Tree Hill almost as much as you! Also, get to know your classmates, even if they aren't all freshmen. That girl who's a junior in your education class? She actually has a couple good tips about your major that will really help you out. Clubs are also something you should really look into. There's a lot of clubs based on your interests, so look into them and join a few. That's pretty much all the advice I have, just remember to put yourself out there, be yourself, and meet lots of people!


Number one thing? Don't procrastinate. Believe me when I say that it is much easier and stress free to pass up seeing that movie or playing that game or hanging out with friends and getting your work done, than putting it off and panicking a few days or weeks later. After you finish it will be easier to enjoy the things you do knowing that there is nothing looming over your head.


"Amanda, I know how worried you are about going away to school, making new friends, keeping up with more difficult classes and finding a job after graduation, but the main thing you need to do is relax! Everyone will be new and want to make friends, hang out, study together and try new things. It is not only okay, but necessary to break out of the mold you have always been in and explore the world around you. Take roadtrips, go out for coffee at 3am, talk to the cute boy in class, wear that outfit that mom would never allow you to. The first few days and weeks will be hard, but once you start meeting people and getting involved, you will have the best time of your life so far. You will learn and change and grow in ways I cannot explain. Make sure you study that foreing language and do a semester or two abroad, take some business classes, learn a lot about computers and management. Most of all, just have fun. I will see you in 9 years, you will be extremely happy with how it all turned out."


The biggest advice I could give is to relax. Coming into college, I was a very serious student and I was nervous and anxious regarding grades and speaking with professors. After a semester at school, I realized how silly this was. Of course it's important to be serious about schoolwork, and I am. I believe that college is about growing and learning not just through academics, but through the many experiences of college.


Stay true to yourself. Do not ever give up or give in to something you do not believe in. You came to college with values and morals and you need to stick to them. If you keep those in mind all day every day, you will go far. Be strong and conquer yourself. College is a life changing experience. It goes by fast. Treasure every moment of it. Always try your best in school. Do not stress over making friendships. "Be who you are and say how you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." As Dr. Seuss would say, "You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose." The decision is yours to make and yours alone. College is the time where you make decisions that will affect the rest of your life.


If I could go back in time to when I was a senior in high school, I would tell myself not to worry about the future so much, but instead look forward to it. Throughout high school, and even into the first months of college, I was really nervous about being away from home; especially from my family and friends. I had never really been away from any of them, and this was a big step for me. However, after the big adjustment, I started making new friends, and had a blast along the way! Everything about SUNY Oneonta made it easy for me to feel at home. The dining halls provided nutritious and tasty meals, professors treated every student with respect and knew most of their own students by name, and there was always something going on around campus including things like movie showings, community involvement, and a ton of clubs and organizations to fit nearly any interest! Within a couple of weeks, I was having so much fun; I had completely forgotten about how nervous I had been. My college experiences so far have taught me to enjoy every day, and anticipate what awaits me in my future!


Going to college on the first day will be so exciting, so take in every moment! No matter how home sick you get during that first semester, stick through it, because the friendships you create your first year will be with you forever. You have to realize that most new students feel the same way in the beginning, and getting through it together will make it so much easier. Just remember, college is nothing like high school. Get your work done and have some fun, and the college experience will be the best time of your life.


I would tell my self to get ready for the real world. I lived in an very sheletered town and it did a terrible job of preparing me for college life. I was at the University of Rhode Island for my first year and could not have been more depressed being there. I hated everything about that school. Here i feel as if it is easier to be myself and enjoy my life better. I hav only been here for 2 weeks and enjoy everyone and everyhting around me very much more then i did.