Texas A & M University-College Station Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


It's historically a military school, so the ideology has remained. Everyone wants to be exactly the same; wear the same clothes, have the same hair, talk about the same things, go to the same places. There's no individuality here when college is the time that most people are discovering who they really are. I would suggest not coming here unless you already know exactly who you are.


The worst thing about Texas A&M is that, its a rural school. I was raised in an urban area, and it is quite different living in a "country" town.


Football games. It's a madhouse on campus with everyone coming in and it doesn't help that I am not a big fan of football


The worst thing about my school, in my opinion, would be the lack of available classes. Every class registration is a challenge, regardless of how long you have been in school. This probably results from the large population of students that attent Texas A&M University.


The worst thing about my school may be the overall appearance of buildings and walkways. The buildings have an old look to them and most of the buildings have noticeable deficiencies.


Too big.


The thing I consider worst about my school is that some of the classes are very large, especially in the lower-level core classes.


The worst thing about Texas A&M University would have to be its size. The University is enormous. The number of students can be overwhelming at times. I was accustomed to a small high school, knowing most of my classmates. However at Texas A&M I can walk around campus without seeing anyone I know. It was hard for me to adapt to these changes.


the worst thing would be the massive size, yet for the size of the school i believe them to be one of the best at still making you feel like an idividual even though you are surrounded by thousands of students. One thing they could also work on is the way in which they tell the incoming students about the online part of each class because many freshman arent told that they need to be checking every single day and arent told where they need to be looking to find their online work.


The worst thing about Texas A&M is that it needs more parking availability!


The worst thing about Texas A&M is probably the fact that most, not all, but most of the people who go to that school are very conservative and tend to not want to listen to others view points or opinions. I have not found this to be the case with the proffesors but very true with most of the student body.


The worst part about the school are the buildings. They were built awhile ago and have not been updated. No building matches the one next to it and many of the dorms smell like mold. It makes the campus look gross and out of date. Although there are a few beautiful buildings on campus, many are not and it is sort of awkward to to show people around and they obviously dont like what they are looking at. People definitely do not come here for the pretty campus.


Personally the worst thing about my school, in my opinion, is the fact that school policies are deeply rooted in conservative traditions and change is not readily embraced very well.


I feel that the worst thing about my school is that there are so many opportunities for clubs, organizations, and extra curricular activites that it becomes difficult to find the right one for you or to find out about all of them. There are informationals and activities where the student body tries to publisize all the available opportunites, but it is still hard to decide and find out about all of them. I suggest talking to friends and students that have already been attending for at least one year to give you some guidance.


There is little racial diversity among the staff and student population, and very little tolerance towards students of backgrounds other than caucasian.


The worst thing about Texas A&M is the amount of construction going on. Currently the school is trying to re-vamp the campus by 2020, but that means that, for those of us graduating before then, we have to deal with closed roads and walkways, reduced student lounges and dining options, as well as the noises of construction heard all over campus. I'm sure the school will look amazing in 10 years, but until then, students have to deal with the problems caused.


The unwillingness of most of our students to accept opposing viewpoints from their own. Many students here are very Republican and very Christian and do not accept anyone who does not believe exactly as they do.


The worst thing about my school is the size. It has an extremely large student body.


It's hard to find something wrong with Texas A&M; I only see positive aspects of the school and it's environment. If i had to choose a negative part of my school, I suppose it would be the housing situation for women. While there are plenty of living options off campus, on campus dorms are hard to come by especially as a female freshman.


I haven't found anything to be wrong with the school so far, but the only tedious thing I find is all the walking because the campus is so large. That problem is my fault because I haven't become acquainted with the transportation system my school provides. Everything else about my campus is great.


I think the worst thing about Texas A&M is the lack of respect the school sometimes gets due to the fact that the sports teams haven't been that good and the lack of minorities attending the school.


Teachers seem to be more focuse on their research. Classes aren't based on real world jobs. I haven't really used anything that I learned in college.


The worst thing about my current school that i've noticed so far is the limited face-to-face help. Everything that needs to be done is done over the computer. For example, making tuition payments, housing payments, meal payments, and just any type of general help can not be taken care of in person.


In the past, A&M has been known for being friendly and open. With the school's population being right on the cusp of 50,000 students, more people are being let in the school so we can break 50,000. Approximately 2,000 extra students are being let in each year. Diversifying the school is great and expanding is even better, but not at the cost of the school's reputation. With more people being let in, the friendliness that makes A&M what is it is being deminished.


Texas A&M University has enrolled thousand of student from different part of the world. I think that one of my problems is the difficulty to talk to the professor during or after class because the amount of student one basically needs to wait in line to talk to him directly and if I want to talk to him at his office it is really difficult because it is the same situation. Also the campus is so big that you need a bicycle to get around and get in time in class.


I honestly have no problem with my school. It was my number one choice for a reason and the only school I applied to.


Texas A&M is a large university, because of this I find it difficult to get involved. There are so many organizations and options that it can be extremely overwhelming. Durring the school year there is not enough time to get informed of and attempt all the extra curricular activities you are interested in. The size is the worst thing about Texas A&M and I believe by making information on organizations more readily available this fault could be resolved.


To be completely honest, I haven't found any bad things about my school, and I love it all, I can't help but like it.


The worse thing about my school is that there are so many great things to do, so many clubs and things to do, people to meet, many people to meet, you just don't have enough time within your four-year degree plan to manage it. There are so many oppurtunities and unique possibilities for an incoming freshman, and any student for that matter that it makes it extremely difficult to choose, exactly what to do first.


It is hard to pick something that is bad because there are so many good things. The worst would have to be the the size of the classrooms and the amount of other students you have to compete for classes.


The worst thing about my school is the limit of classrooms. Every class I have is packed to the maximum. Because of this, it is hard to get any one on one time with my teacher. Due to this I have to pay a tutor just to get some one on one time with my school work.


It's hard to pick out the worst quality about Texas A&M, but I think students would agree that the only bad thing is that football is not a year round sport! Midnight Yell Practice and Game Day are huge traditions here at A&M. We love standing as the 12th man every fall weekend and losing our voices with the help of our Yell Leaders. We proudly adorn our maroon and white as we link arms and legs to sway left and right during The Aggie War Hymn. We only wish we could experience it all year!


The campus can be a little too conservitive from time to time, which has lead to problems in the past. Though the majority of the student population is open minded, those few groups give A&M the reputation of being a very conservitive school.


I believe the worst thing about the school is people who complain about not being apart of the university, when they do not try to be apart of teh university. There are plethora amount of ways to be involved, from clubs, to organizations, to sporting events, that there is a place for EVERYONE at Texas A&M. I am absolutely in love with A&M and the ease it has to transition students from high school to being part of a family of a world reknown university.


I wish the professors were available more often. I don't know how it is at other universitites, but it is difficult to be able to speak with the professors.


Honestly, A&M has very few drawbacks. I'd say the only thing I've found annoying is the parking. It is very competitive to get a parking pass in the lot you want, and it is expensive. However, the bus system is great, so parking on campus isn't really a neccesity.


The worst thing is that campus is getting so big that you have to walk about half an hour to get from class to class.


There is not a lot of diversity here. It is a lot of small town kids from around Texas.


There is not a lot of available on campus housing.


taking the time to get involved


The worst thing about this school is that even though it makes minimal attempts to increase diversity, there is no increase.


You usually only get to stay for four years


transportation service in dealing with parking violations and food services in dealings with meal "steal" plans. And the shape of some of our older building on campus. We need some major renovations to various buildings on campus


There is a kind of overlying general conservative attitude at this school, which at times may make it seem to liberals that they cannot freely express their opinions publicly. There is also a lack of students of differing opinions that come to this school. There are VERY rare cases of disrespectful expressions of opinions on a certain issue that have at times been seen as offensive. But most of the time there is a general atmosphere of respect , and those who do not participate in it are discouraged from doing so by the other students.


The extreme conservatism. I feel there is sometimes closem-mindedness and wish people were more open to a large variety of views.


The amount of workload given in classes in conjunction with the amount of time available to complete it and be involved witht the world outside the library.


There is pretty low tolerance for differences in religion, political views, etc as compared to the majority.


There are two things at Texas A&M University that needs improvement one is educational based and the other is social based. The educational based item is I am a Recreational, Parks and Tourism Science Major emphising in Event Coordinating/Planning which is based on the Tourism side of my major. However, there are more courses in Recreation Parks side of the major than Tourism , do not get me wrong there are excellent courses relating to tourism and event programming and implementing but not enough. The social based issue is more activities for Non-Traditional Students, students over 30.


There is an extreme lack of diversity amon the general student population. This applies to political views, race, and socioeconomic status. The overwhelming majority of students are white republican protestants from an upper middle class family in the suburbs. There are not even a lot of students from out of state. The only place where diversity exists is within the athletic department which is almost another school in and of itself. Fortunately I was a student athlete so I was exposed to students of different races, beliefs, and backgrounds.


There really is not anything about Texas A&M University that I could pinpoint as the worst.