Texas A & M University-College Station Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The school is not very diverse in race, religion, or cultures. I believe this sets up an atmosphere for close-mindedness.


This is really a tough question because I love Texas A&M University. So if I had to come up with the worst thing about my school I would have to say that it would be the cost of attendance. I know that it is the same for all universities, rising tuition costs. Other than that I really don't have anything I don't like about Texas A&M University.


Career Center because they are not at all helpful


The worst thing about Texas A&M is that it is an extremely conservative school. I don't mind conservative people or philosophies except here it tends to be the only thing allowed. A person can express themselves but will generally be frowned upon or ridiculed if the thought does not align with conservative policies.


We are not very good at football.


Aggies can tend to be a bit narrow-minded. There is not a lot of diversity on campus. Students tend to be focused on getting good grades. There is less partying during the week because students are working on their school assignments. The financial aid department is not very helpful. I dedicated hours of my time trying to get financial aid. The counselors seem to look for an easy way out of helping students. The only advice they offer is to fill out scholarship applications. It would be nice to have them take more time to help.


Texas A&M is a highly conservative institution.


That it is not very close to a major city.


Some class size is just too large.


I believe the worst thing about Texas A&M is the fact that youmust live on campus to make friends, but if you want privacy (your own room) then you are forced to live off-campus because they do not offer private rooms for students. I am a very private person adn would not feel comfortbale ina room smaller than the one I have at my house, and sharing it with a complete stranger. I feel that this particualar ascpect of A&M, and any college for that matter should be fixed.


There is not much that I would call "worst " about texas A&M., maybe some of the teachers.


If I had to pick any bad thing about this school it would be that the town that it actually is in is a little small. Yes there is the college atmosphere. Yes there are plenty of off-campus housing options. Yes there is a club scene. However it seems small at times. The good thing is you are right up the road from houston, the beach and mexico. If you wanted you could make a weekend trip out of the beach, Mexico, San Antonio, New Orleans, Austin, or Dallas.


The constructrion work currently in progress.


Everyone seems to think that A&M is REALLY conservative and it's really not. Yes, we are rooted in the heart of Texas but there are plenty of liberal students here as well as conservative ones. I think the worst thing about A&M is the stereotypes that everyone else gives it. People from other schools seem to think that we're a bunch of hicks. A&M is very diverse and doesn't get enough credit for it.


There is a lot of construction going on right now. It makes everything look bad and makes getting around terrible. Also, sometimes we get a bad rap for not being diverse enough, but really almost everyone here is very accepting and kind. It is simply that in the past, diversity was nonexistent and now things have changed, but opinions outside of the school haven't. It is just the actions of a few fools that may make Texas A&M look bad, whereas most of of us are very accepting.


The worst thing I feel about Texas A&M is that it is almost too large and diverse. I know that colleges are suppose to be very diverse and open to every students beliefs, but Texas A&M has almost too many diverse groups. With so many different groups students don't have enough time to experience each group.