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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


i would tell myself to not slack off and keep studing. the professors in college are not going to be watching after you and making sure you turn your work in. i would also tell myself not to graduate early and enjoy your senior year beacuse thats the last of highschool. and not be affaird of joining a sport beacsue its important to stay active and you dont want to get the freshman 15


My advice would be preparing myself more in math to avoid having to do extra classes. Like also to be focused in English language in order to have no difficulty with terms in the university. I would buy a book of anatomy to read in my free time and not go in blank in the anatomy class and enter with knowledgeable in classes. My other advice would be practice chemistry lab in order to learn more, I would like to be graduate from high school in Brownsville and not in Matamoros, to know better English and also speak better, but I despite everything not regret me what I did right now for me is an honor to be studying English and know not 100% but I can talk, and my teachers understand me, and I know never is too late for learning. I learn new words every day new things and I like to learn. Sometimes I feel that I go slow in my classes because I have two years in college and I almos finish the classes that I need in order to get in to the MLT program, but I never give up I know that I can.


Manage your time wisely. Do your homework and do not procrastinate. Dont stay quiet and ask questions.


The first thing i would tell my self would be to start doing my own work and taking life more seriouse. High school is like a daycare for young adults. I would make sure i am aware of all the scholarships available to students. Give all my hard efforts to my home work and studies to obtain the highes GPA.


If I could go back and know what I now know about college and the important decision you have to make and how everything goes I would probably do some changes. My 17 yr old son just enrolled in TSC this semester and now I can hellp him guide him and help him not make the same mistakes I mad. When I enrollle to college I had no friend or family to explain to me how all this was and what affects you on the long run and what helps. Since I am the first one in my family to attend college I had no one to guide me. Feel so happy know that my son is following my steps and he decided to enroll in college. I started with remedials and I didnt know that the financial aid for those classes I would need them after. I also would also make sure I was sure posistive of what career i wanted to persue. Over all I am happy of the decision of coming back to school to have a better life now my kids will follow my steps. Thanks to TSC for the exellent trraining I am getting.


If I had the opportuninty to go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior I would defenetly tell myself to get further away from senioritis. To try the best to get A's in order to have an outstanding grade point average in which instead of getting B's in my dual enrollement courses, to try my very best for those A's. Thats because it would defenetly help my gpa in college since its a college class. In order to get in with those college hours but with a breathtaking grade point average. The second thing I would tell myself is to be completely sure in what career I would like to major in. Thats because having your mind set to something you love would defenetly save you tons of time in your future career. Never to give up on yourself, that all those who strongly support you is for your best in order for you to do great in your life. Finally, it would be to encourage myself to keep up with furthering my education, althoughmy friends gain tons of money in that time I'm attending school, with education you can suceed!


The advise I would give the high school me is to focus on school more and study harder because when you get to college no one is their telling you constantly to finish your assignments or reminding you about due dates for projects. Also, make sure you stay more on top of the things and try to apply to as many scholarships as possible! Even if you dont win! Just stop being lazy and work at it! As well as be confident with the person you are and don't let anyone bring you down or tell you other wise because in college you are your own bestfriend so you better make sure you love the person you are and if you see an opportunity you find interesting, do it! Cause you only get one shot at life, so you have to make sure you make good decisions and even if you fail you can still say you atleast tried it, That way you aren't left all your life with the "What If" feeling .


If I could go back to school and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to stay in school. To graduate from high school and start college right away with no time in between. Having the information fresh in my head would have helped me so much than waiting ten years and coming back to school. Another thing I would change is to try my best in grades wise. Something I have thought plenty about is that sometimes I have done the minimum to pass exams , but those grades have followed me to college. We do not choose life, but the decisions that we make, make life easier.


dont waste your time. learn as much as posible from sciences and math. dont be disappointed if you dont succed at the first try. i would also recomed myself to improve my writting skills and to do more volunteering. i would also recomend to myself to make studing a habit. to have several hours every day specifically for studing.


high school is very important to complete in order to go to college. dont take the chance to graduate minimum. better yet graduate recomended becuase you wont be acepted into the universitie you will have to go to a community college. both are a good options, but it would be better if you get accepted into a universitie first. why? becuase if you have all your credits from high school and you graduated recomended you will be taking courses that you actually need for your career. in the other hand, graduating minimum slows you down a little bit on your carreer becuase since you dont have all your credits complete in the community college they will make you tke remedeos which is kinda like a review from high school. you still have oppotunities to overcome this remedeos by paying for SATS,ACUPLACERS,COMPASS,ETC but you will have to pass them. nevertheless if you have to take remedeos eaither way in college my advice to you is to do your work and turn it in on time. that is the key to suscess in college.i had the chance to graduate recomended and i didnt. so now am doing remedeos.


If i were to go back in time to my senior year i would tell myself let nothing destract you, their is time for everything when your in school be in school, meaning pay attention in class listen take notes and you'll accomplish your tasks with a hundred percent.


Inform my self of the carrer I want to get. Be more responsible and pay more attention to my work assigments and teachers. To not be shy and ask questions of the subject I didn't understand. But most important to never miss out on school because you will miss on alot of important information.


One the best advices i could give to myself back in high school is try to learn as much as i can beacause college it is different and more hard than high school and be positive in all kind of ways.


Well to read more often inorder to grasp more knowledge. Take more time analyzing things. Keeping up the good dedication.


if i could go back in time and talk to my self as a senior in high school i would advice my self to keep on the same way. to pay more attention in class and to take every help and opportunity that they offered me. to not give up when things dont work out the way we wanted and to keep up the positive attitude everytime possible because good attitude attracts good things and goods oportunities. But most important to enjoy those days the most and value them because there is no going back , to make the best of that year and keep on working hard to achieve your goals.

Yv ette

I would have done alot of things differently. Starting by paying more attention in higschool and apreciating my teachers and everything that was free, example: textbooks. I would have tried my best to obtain the highest possible GPA. I would tell myself to apply to better colleges and never give up. I would not have put money in the way of not going to a better college. I would tell myself to have studied harder and get a better score on my ACT/SAT.


I would tell to myself to focosed more and try to take all the opportunities.


I would advise myself to look for schoolarships earlier, and maybe research more about college and apply to more colleges or universities.


If I could advice my young soul during my high school years I would not only talk to my self but I would scream and stronly advice to listen to her heart. Tell young Veronica that time is only an illusion and before you know it time has passed and what only matters is what you make of it. I would hold her sincerely and tell her to live her educational life with wisdom. I'd come out and tell her the truth that it's her self coming back from her future self to advice her and to let her know that if she doesn't change her perspective on education and success she will not only hate her self but will regret all the moments when she could of chosen right. Tell her that the only person shes competing with is her self ,to win takes courage,dedication and finally trusting in oneself. Tell her how shes capable to revolutionize herself to the perfect image of success and pride. Finally, tell her first that to acquire self actualization she has to see her goal clear in her powerful mind then the goal will become a part of her.


Advice I would give myself would be to keep the grades up in high school because it would of helped alot financally and academically.


If i could go back in to when i was in high school i would tell myself that education is very important and it should be taken for granted. I would also tell my myself to foucs in class and to put the phone down. I would tell myself that the sky is the limit and that i should settle for less when it comes to my grades because they follow you. That is all the advice i would give myself.


If I could go back and talk to my younger self, I would first advise myself that college is the same as when I attended a college coufrse as high school sophomore, it's terrifying and difficult but somehow it all works itself into place. I would advise myself that although my summers in high school were taken up by college courses, it helped out in the long run when I finished my associates degree faster than those who did nothing during they're summers. I would also explain the importance of keeping everything organized especially in classes where instructors themselves are unorganized and keeping records that financial aid gives you in correct order is essential. I would explain that as I go through college I will lose contact with people but I'm also meeting new people that will influence my life later on. I would also explain that college is no walk in the park like high school, college is a whole different place where I'll have to think outside the box and think what will benefit me most career wise. Lastly, college is great and I'm going to learn of a true passion of mine.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior the best advice I would be able to give myself now knowing all that I currently know about college life and making the transition is that college is nothing like high school. In high school all you have to do is show up to class, apply very little effort, and you pass with flying colors. In college it is completely different, you have to make sure you show up to class both physically and mentally. You have to dedicate time and effort to your classes and you really have to study to pass your classes.


I would advice my self to always try hard.


After completing my first semester in college, I realize that college life is more difficult and busier than high school life. It requires more initiatives, independence, and better time management skills. I also needs to build good interpersonal skills with other colleagues in order to complete group work in college. If I had the opportunity to go back in time, I would advise myself to start working on these skills since high school in order to make my transition to college life easier. Also, beside focusing on studying, I would start to get involved in different extracurriculum activities such as sports, music, social works. These activities would help me relieve stress in college and improve personal and interpersonal skills as well.


I need you to listen carefully and pay very close attention to what I’m about to tell you. College is a far greater experience than high school. Sure you might have had your joyous moments or occasions, but life does not end with high school. On the contrary, college is where your life and your real future, begins. Forget whatever impressions most of your teachers have left on you from their experience about college. Some of them are wrong. You’ve been told college is hard, false, it’s only challenging, you love challenges or you will, and you have the perseverance to pull through. Look for scholarships and apply to every single one of them because that money is there for you to continue with a higher education. Also, this is the time to ditch any bad studying and learning habits, I cannot emphasize this enough; DO NOT PROCRASTINATE, READ MORE AND THEN READ SOME MORE or you will regret it. Last but not least, always apply yourself to do your best and never settle for less. You have the capacity to do great things, but it is only a matter of getting up and taking action.


Education is a tool that not everyone has. In fact, those who get to obtain education have more chances of accomplishing their goals than those who dont get to obtain this extraordinary tool. Education opens many doors and helps create a better standard of living and quality of life. As a senior you might be uncertain of what you want to study for and what college you want to attend. College is the first thing you want to think of when you finish high school. I believe you should agree to pursue a higher education once you graduate from high school. I advice you to attend college because once you do, you will open the door to happiness.


if i could go back in time and talk to myslef as a senior i would prepare myself for what was coming and made some changes un my decisions. i would have taken all the exams the school requires with more anticipation and prepared for them better. i would also made myslef more focused in school the first semester of college in order to recieve better grades and have a higher gpa.


If I would have the chance to go back to high school, when I was a senior I would give him the best advice given to me by own mother. Yes going back in time to tell myself something you already know does not seem as much advice, but I would want to be as insightful as I could be so in that moment I was living in the past I would remember how good I have it, and to never give up. As for the advice that my mother gave me to tell my own self was be the best of your capabilities, and that your brain is a something amazing you dream till you make whatever you want into a reality.


If I could go back in time to give myself advice for college, I would tell myself to regrister early and get the science classes I need. I would also tell myself not to be scared to start off in college because it's a wonderful place to make friends and get a degree. Another thing I would give myself advice on is to take the studying seriously and read the chapters before classes because it really helps to understand the class a lot better. Also becuase you get to ask early if you don't understand instead of waiting. The last piece of advice I would give myself is not to be shy in class and ask if I need help.


The advice I would give myself would be to stride for my goals and never give up on life. There's going to be hard challenges that are going to face you face to face, but its important that you keep following your dreams and keep your head up high. No matter how hard life gets to you; keep on going because one day it will all matter and it will change your life forever. Knowing now that I was able to pass my first semester of college; I should've been able to graduate with a higher GPA in high school. I would say to challenge myslef with harder classes knowing that I had it in me this whole time. I guess it takes a while to find your true potential.


Take a year off instead of going to college right after high school. Take some time to consider about what you want to do with your life so you can study and get a career doing what you love and not for the money.


I would tell myself to research about specific programs and obtain all of the information I could get so I will not be wasting time taking classes which would not be necessary for my program of choice. I would also encourage myslef to speak with a guidance counselor about any questions or douobts I may have pertaining to my program of study. I would tell myself to reach for the highest grades possible and put at least two hours a day of studying for each class. I would encourage myself to not give up and continue persuing my goal.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself I would advice my self,"Do the things you please". There are some wrong decisions I would regret but would later make the into the man I am today. Looking back if it not were for the choices I made in the past I would most likely be a High school graduate without the urge or motivation to further my education. There is really no advice to give but only learn from your mistakes.


I would highly recommend you to not take things for grant it, that everything your teachers and counselors tell you is for the benefit of you even though at times it may seem like they are just trying to bother you. College does not compare to high school in order for a person to succeed in this new atmosphere they have to be mature , perseverance, and outgoing. I say outgoing because you shouldn’t be afraid of asking questions to your professors, you as a student should take the initiative to seek out for your professor because no one is going to baby you around. If you need help send emails or go to your professors hours. College can bring happiness to your life only if the person is willing to have a commitment to study and do all the work asked for. It also comes with a great responsibility from your part because you decide if you want to enter class. In everything that you do never procrastinate always do things ahead of time to have a them complete on time. The time you have free, that your not in class remember to put in your time for college.


I would tell myself to take as many duall enrollment clases as I can so whenever I get to college I would complet my academic schedule faster. Before graduating from high school my senior year was chaotic, i was too stress about getting into college, scholarships, financial aid, and about adapting. Therefore I would also tell myself to not be so nervous and frustated, college will be fine and a beautiful experience. I will make true friends that will care for me and that will also support me. Oh and before I forget congratulations, you will get accepted into the raidiology program.


I would tell myself that college is great, that it is the best time of my life and that I will meet great people who are basically my family.I would tell myself that from here things are only going to get better. I would tell myself to try a little harder and pay more attention to the teachers because they are preparing me for the future.I would also tell myself to join clubs,have extra curricular activities, i would advise myself to try out a sport and to be more involved in school.The one last thing and most important I would tell myself is to enjoy every singleday and cherish those years of high school and make the best out of them.

Cristo Jordany

Being honesty and knowing the oportunities that I could be able to take. I would give myself an encourage message, telling me "don't give up" you can be successful, the only one thing that you can do is to keep studing hard every single day. If I could, I would tell myself "just hold the line, come on you can do this just do not give up". I would set my mind at easy.


If I could go back in time and prepare myself for my transition into college, I would make sure to cover the following key points that I believe are imperative in becoming a successful college student: take advantage of available scholarships, time management, and get to know your professors. We are all aware of how costly pursuing a higher education can be, but there is also a general consensus that higher education is essential to becoming a productive citizen in today's society. As a result, there are many scholarships out there to ensure one's dreams of achieving a college education becomes a reality! Secondly, time management is a must have; college life is meant to be fun and include some of the best experiences of your life but as students it is important that academics comes before one's social life. Do not be satisfied with merely passing but strive to be the very best and obtain and attain a 4.0 GPA. Lastly, a student's professors are their college life lines. Professors not only determine the grade you will achieve but their knowledge is available for you to explore. Get to know them.


If I could rewind the timeline in my life and pause at ten years, I would find the eight-teen year old witty version of what I am today. "Student loans are a real deal, If you don't pay them back it could ruin your life financially'" would be the first thing I tell this confused teenager. The young aspiring musician didn't realize the effect of wage garnishment and having your income tax with-held. Maybe a simple "slap in the face" would be appropriate for these mistakes. Second words of advice would be something that I'm sure I have heard before but never realize the reality of, "Life is fast." One semester off can easily turn into years. The job you decide to keep for minimum pay and hard work can become a sad routine, comfortable yet unpleasant. After a long discussion about the amazing events in the future and remembering pastimes, I would conclude my conversation with something I never realized till I grew older "Take advantage of how smart you are, don't settle for the minimum, and never give up." Graduating college is no longer a dream, it is now a definite goal.


Looking back on my first year in college, I have learned many lessons. I learned that it is extremely important to take notes when the professor is lecturing because most of the time the information shows up on tests. Always read that chapter before class because you will know the material and able to answer the professor’s questions during the lecture. Also, if you read the chapter before class you will remember the key concepts being discussed more easily. When studying for a test never try to cram all the information over night. Always start reviewing several days before the exam because you will retain the information better. When registering for classes do not wait till the last minute to go to advising. Go to advising as soon as registration opens because if you don’t all the good class times will be taken. If I could go back in time and talk to myself when I was a high school senior I would definitely take the opportunity to pass on the wisdom I have today. I would also pass on all the corrected versions of the exams I took for Anatomy, but that would be a bonus.


If i could go back in time i would definetly tell myself to have a plan for college. I would tell myself to take advantage of the dual enrollment classes available for seniors. I would tell myself to make sure i have a license and transportatio . That college is not a game. That my decisions made in college will cause a big effect later in life. I would persue my dreams and not do what others want for me. I would tell myself time will pass by and i would regret not taking college serious.


If I could go back to meet myself a year ago, I would have a few things to say to myself. The things I would say would have changed where I ended up now. “You should start applying for college now” I would say. “It’s a long process, and you can also get an early start on it with dual enrollment. You should also start looking into scholarships, as college requires a lot of money that is not easy to get. College is where they treat you as an adult. You become more independent, and you are responsible for everything, so be prepared.” Following that advice would’ve got me a head start on college, and I would be successfully ahead.


My name is katia De La Fuente. I’m 19 years old. I was born in Brownsville Texas, but I lived in Mexico for 17 years. When I got my high school diploma, I came to live In Brownsville because I want to go to College here. It was a difficult change for me because English is not my first language, but I’m trying each day. My main goal is getting a bachelor degree, but first I want to get an associated at TSC. After this, I want to go to UTB and study accounting. When I get my bachelor degree, I want to work at UTB. My dream is to teach accounting at UTB. I know I will get all my dreams. I decided to apply for scholarships because I need money for gasoline and food when I stay at college. My dad works, but it is not enough for all. I would like to help me. My GPA is higher because I strive each day.


To prepare and be ready because college isnt as easy as it seems.


If I could go back in time and talk with myself as a high school senior. I would advice me how important is to be responsible and go check my college status early. Do not wait until summer comes. This a common mistake that high school seniors made. I am speaking from experience. For instance, I thought it was not right go to college and check if am I pending some documents when I still in high school. And this is wrong, the more I wait the more complicated it is getting. In consequence of that, I faced a Financial Aid struggles. I went late to check my college status and I was missing some Financial Aid documents. I turned them in, but it was a little bit late. Fortunately, my Financial Aid came exactly at the last day of the deadline. All in all, I have learned that college life it is always being a step ahead from the rest. A combination of mature, responsibility and compromise.


My advice to myself back in high school would be to take school more serious. Learn to take more responsiblitly towards my grades and school work. I would tell myself to look at the advantages I have in life because not everyone gets to get an education. Above all I would tell myself to get out of my comfort zone and explore the world. Anything is possible and years down the road I have found out just how true that saying is.


If I could get back to my senior year I would told myself, Samantha stop worrying so much about college and enjoy your senior year and start applying to all the scholarships you can. One of the things that everyone told me about college was that college is way different to high school and that you weren't going to get any true friends, because of that I was really scared about talking to anyone but they were wrong, now a days a have really goodd friends and I can tell that they are going to be friends for life. The experience of college is something very different from any other, I would told myself that the best of my life was already going to start.


Goodness, i would give a myself so much advice. But the most important advice i could give my younger self is the amount of effort you can put place on scholarships, getting straight A's, and applying myself more into advanced high school/college courses. So that ultimately getting into college will be a smoother less stressful way of furthering your education. Because with college or university, comes loans, payments, time, and so much more and can easily be reduced if not completely with the effort we can place in high school.


If i could go back in time and advise myself as a highschool senior i would explain to my self on how to choose the classes for my EMS degree. To first check on the degree curriculum because the first thing advisors do is to give you the general core corriculum but not all associates require this curriculum to be completed before going or even applying to the program. Certain degrees require some of the classes from the general core curriculum and this classes are normally called the basics, for the ems degree there is only five basics required to be completed to get into the program. No all of the calsses have to be passed with a letter grade of c or more.