The University of Montana Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


For as long as I can remember I have always had the desire to help others. I have the passion of becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse because this will provide me with the opportunity to work closer with patient care and treatment. I am truly compassionate for the well being of others, especially at a time when they need it the most. This being done while executing my skills and attentive job performance. I have been a Medical Assistant certified through Everest Institute for 11 years and I can honestly say I enjoy the work that I do. Over the years, I believe with the training I’ve obtained both through working with a family practice physician and nephrology; I will be able to help a larger patient base with the additional degrees that nursing has to offer and Practical Nursing can help put me further ahead. I believe that the structure of the Oakland University program with allow me to continue education for myself and at the same time still allow me to continue being a patient advocate; provide patient education; emotional support and promote good health. I Thank you in advance for your consideration in your selection process.


I believe the most significant thing I have gotten out of my college is experience is the knowledge that I am able to accomplish whatever it is I wish to accomplish. Through hard work and dedication that the University of Montana has taught me to put forth, I know there is no task too large for my skills. This college has really challenged me and I am grateful for the lesson overcoming these challenges has taught me. I am not afraid to enter into the workforce upon graduation because I know, without a doubt, that I am prepared. This college has professors who are experts in their fields and they draw from their experiences to help us, as students, learn more than material and curriculum. We learn how to think through the tasks, to problem solve for ourselves, and actually use the skills we are being taught. Attending the University of Montana has been vital for my future. This school has given me the skills, experience, and confidence to achieve my goals upon graduation.


i have gained so much and learned so many new things while being at college. I have furthered my education in things that interest me and have been able to experience new and wonderful ways to see the world. I have been able to break out of my shell and do things that i thought i would never have been able to do back in high school. I I have had so many great opertunities, traveling and meeting people, working with amazing people. College has helped me decide what i want to do when i am ready to head out into the world. Without college i would be lost and have no direction for my future. I believe that everyone should go to college to have the experence of finding themselves, meeting people, and experencing things that will change their life.


What I got most out of college was the ability to manage my time and find out how I wanted to spend it and do it that way. I really had to balance work, school, and a social life to be a successful but happy student. If I had not gone to school, there is no way I would be where I am today as a responsible adult. I have greater self confidence because I am educated, willing, and able to keep a good job and support myself. I think as a woman, it is very important to be self dependent and that is something that college gave me that no one can take away from me.


As a 12 year old girl, standing a foreign country, all alone, with no family, no language, no home, I had nothing but fear. However, now, as an 22 year old girl, I have everything but fear. Being in the states, things were different. My selfishness, personal ambition, and independence would lead me only so far. In America, teamwork and society was the most important thing. In Korea, it was the independence of learning. There was no chance to learn about opportunity other than education. Depending on states’ opportunities brought me courage. The shy girl, who couldn’t even speak a word in front of others, especially with broken English, found herself waiting to sign up for cheer tryout. The college in America always open for students to give a chance. Everything in life's experice is valuable. I am just thankful that I got a chance to attend a college in the states, and I would love to use my skills to elders, poor people, and disabilities later. I have changed. Now, I am comfortable with speaking, communicating, and learning how to be confident. I have biggest audience over me, and the biggest solo shout. I venture out now.


Through my college experience I have got tons of friends, relationships with great teachers, and valuable education. It has been a great time going to college. The reason I value going to college so much is because no one in my family has been so they all look up to me beause I decided to go. I am the first one to graduate highschool also, I value my college experience also because education is everything in life, you can not get through this world without education.


Where do I start? I have gotten so much out of my college experience. I have gained responsibility and independence, and I have matured dramatically. It has been so valuable to attend and I have gained so much from my experience. I have meet amazing professors, amazing advisors and mostly I have grown from college. I cannot wait to graduate and show the world that I did it! Me no one else but me made it possible. And I would like to thank my mom, because without her it would have been way harder to get through the FASFA and the applying to colleges process. So yes I have gotten a lot out of my college expeience and I plan on getting much more until I graduate!


For me my college experience has given me the self confidence to believe that furthering my education will take me wherever I want tyo go. To start I am 40 years old and have been attending a communty college and am full blown aids which is a small hinderence in the small town that i live in ,Sonora ca. if you have even heard of it. But I took some time to think about the future that i still have thanks to the wonderful meds that are available to us now so i want to make the life that i have now count for something , so school has been a very helpful thing for my quality of life and with the help of this scholarship I can further my education.


I think that achieving a college education is one of the most important things a person can do in their life. I have been fortunate in the way I have been brought up that I always understood how important it was for me to give my best effort in school, especially in college and put all of my hard work towards getting the best job I can. My college experience so far has been very fulfilling. All of my classes have catered to my needs and I have made lasting friendships with people in my classes. The University of Montana feels like a perfect fit for me because it offers an undergraduate degree, for me it's Liberal Studies, which combines all of my interests and also has a law school on site which is where I hope to be attending in a few years. It has been a very valuable experience for me to attend college because I have learned a lot about myself and greatly enhanced my education and opened my eyes to many other beliefs and opinions.


I found myself during my college experience at Chandler-Gilbert Community College. Before the start of my college career I was nervous and felt as though I would fail all of my classes. Boy was I in for a suprise not only am I not failing my classes but I havent recieved an assignment that go anylower than a 90 percent. I have never done so good academically in entire life. I've been making all types of friends during my experience at this college. The dorms are a great introduction to living on my own in a community. Although I have yet to find a steady job the college makes everything so accesible through student loans and federal aid. I have been so happy with my experience that I wish this was a 4 year college.


I have had a rough time in the past. I am looking to further my education so that i can provide a better life for the family i yearn to have. College is an essential part to my future and not being able to afford it makes it very stressful. My parents have 8 kids and i have a younger sister, and 2 older brothers attending college. My parents cant afford to help us in our education.


My college experience is different than most. This is my third time back, due to events in my life that were out of my control. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer the first time, and I lost my two-year-old son to a brain tumor the second time. Because of these life-changing events, I am not the 22-year-old college graduate that I thought I would be. However, I am the person I am meant to be, and I am exactly where I am supposed to be in this path of life. I truly value every academic opportunity I engage in, and I know I will be an excellent teacher once I have accomplished my goal. I take nothing for granted, and I value every human life.


Well starting off I was business major then after about a year and half in my best friend got me into fitness I started working out lost 20lbs fast continued on and have lost 125 lb! Also I have switched majors somewhere along KInesiology most likely Physical therapist and am a personal trainer so that I can help others acheieve some sort of fulfillment like mine.


Even though I have not yet completed my first year of college, I am very happy that I came to college. I have already changed as a person and am learning who I really am and what I want out of my life. It has allowed me to explore things I would not have had the chance to had I not attended. I have learned a lot not only accademically but personally. Although college is hard work and you have to be dedicated to your studies, it is also extremely fun and I would have not gotten these types of experiences anywhere else.


College to me, had always been just an idea. I thought only those with money and top grades would receive acceptance letters. Mistakenly, I carried this view until introduced to a national college preparation program for disadvantaged students. Upward Bound was intrumental for me, and for three continual summers during college, I worked for the program at the University of Montana. My commitment helping disadvantaged students became my passion. The best experiences were training in the field, teaching and mentoring struggling students. Everything concerning my college education and experiences has been invaluable. The price of tuition can never compare to such amazing benefits, memories, and training that college has provided. My degree is a symbol of hard work, dedication, and lasting involvement. Nowhere else could I receive skills required for success and leadership. The value of college is evident , as I embark on an advising career in Upward Bound. Commitment to education blossomed during my college years, and now I enjoy using my training to further help disadvantaged high schoolers prepare for the elusive yet attainable dream that is college. Without my college instruction, I would inevitably dream about what I could be, instead of relishing what I have become.


College for me has been a turning point in life. I have learned more than calculus , physics or chemistry. I have made different friends from all walks of life. I have seen how my friends (from almost every continent), insite of a few differences, are basically the same as me in our very essence of humanity. Although I have always been a critical thinker, college has broadened my horizons in the realm of critical thinking. Assertions can not simply be taken at face value, no matter how socially accepted, but must be reinforced by facts. College has also made me more out spoken. I now have opinions to voice and teachers to debate!!!! Me and Mr. Marriot spent many times in class debating religion and social issues.(His whole history class was focused on raising up outspoken critical thinking revolutionist, but I was the only one who would debate him. We both enjoyed it!!!!!) I am the man I am today because of all those professors. Some of who were PERVERTS but others were intelligent, kind, humorous, or even a little contrary at times. So in short, college has changed my life forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As a non-traditional student and the University of Monana, I have found that my intellect as well as my confidence has grown in ways I didn't think possible. My education is very important to me. I grew up in Missoula but did not attend college when I was younger because of outside influences and a lack of belief in myself. Attending college has been my most valuable experience in life. By confronting my fears of being unintelligent and being too old to go back to school, I have broken free of my own self limiting doubts and have achieved rewarding results. Getting an education has built my self confidence which is one of the most valuable traits a person can have in my opinion. It assures a person no matter where they are or what situation they are in, they are intelligent and capable. I am happier and more outgoing than I have ever been and it is all due to my pursuit of education. The University of Montana has a great community of faculty and students. I feel welcomed and a part of the community, which makes my experience even better.


The most valuable experience I have gotten from attending college was learning to become more self-reliant. I have always considered myself to be independent, but moving to a dormitory taught me to make better decisions for myself. When I moved into my dorm, it was my first time living away from home by myself. Even though I had roommates, I still felt alone. I was used to having my family around, and I missed them. There were times in the first few weeks of classes that I cried myself to sleep. But, I realized that I had to be strong, and do sometihing. I had to learn to adapt to my new setting. I needed to decide when to cook, when to take a break, and how to manage my studytime. There were times when I felt overwhelmed by all of the homework that I had, but I just set up a time for each assignment for each class, and I would get my work done. Education comes first. By going of to college, I was leaving a child's world to take my first steps in the adult world. I officially grew up.


I've been to four different schools after I left highschool and have seen the large differences between universities. I started my college experience aimless and misguided as I wasn't sure what I wanted out of life. After two years of school and three major changes, I decided it was time to take a break from academia. I spent the next couple of years living what I thought would be a succesful and easy life without the hassle or rigours of college. What I found was the harsh reality that forgoing the college opportunity was the worst mistake I've made. Without the degree from higher education, I found that finding any job that paid a liveable wage was tougher then I ever thought. I've re-enrolled in college and found myself driven to succeed by being proactive on issues that matter. By being in a community of academics, I'm able to expand my knowledge and grow my talents so that one day I will find a career that will support me and allow me to make a positive impact on the world.


It's been a great experience.


living in a dorm is the coolest experience ever! my roommate is from japan so im teaching her english while she teaches me some japanese. the people here are friendly and cool and everyone likes to ave a good time! College is a great experience and the university of montana is the perfect university to experience it!


I have obtained alot from my college experience. Throught my last two years I have broadened my views on life and my spectra in many different areas. I grew up in a different racial setting and culture. Before entering college I spent most of my time with family and relatives. Upon entering college I obtained much more then general book knowledge. I began realizing the different views and aspects on life coming from each and every sepeart cranial. Life is connected through a networking of people entertwined with different standards and life goals. Living a life in your own segregated thoughts and views withought accepting other peoples perspectives can be blinding, boring, and life hating. I learned alot about life in general in college and i hope in continuing my education will enhance my knowledge in many ways to come.


It's valuable because you can study and learn more... You can also have a bright future ahead .


As I prepare to teach a freshman introductory course this Fall, "what have I gotten out of college" is a more relevant question than ever before. I will be almost certainly dishing advice, and I want it to ring in my students’ ears. My answer is quite simple: In college, I found not just doors, but windows, tunnels, gateways, and trails. Before my first year I packed a bag, jumped on a plane, and embarked on college life knowing two things: I might be smart, I chose a major called Environmental Studies that I knew nothing about. After graduating with 33 classmates moving to any sort of city - even in Montana - was a leap. Since, I have learned what being an environmentalist means, I realized my brains could keep up with any other person, even those from high schools larger than mine, and I added something called a P-L-A-N to my life. Now I have dreams: graduate school, making the American West my home, and a future "green" career. Leaving a tiny town, I had no idea college could easily slide open the doors I needed, allowing so much wonderful, directing air to rush in.


My college experience has completely dictated who I have become today as an independent person finding their way into the real world. I have acquired skills that not only go towards my academic career and future profession - but I have also developed life skills. These include - general responsibility, learning how to make/handle/spend my own money, living alone, balancing social lives, work and alone time. Also study skills, people skills, and how to get along independently. College does not just prepare one for a future profession but builds essential life skills.


I have learned more about myself through my college experience and I don't think I could have learned these lessons anywhere else, or quite as well, as I did at college.


I must honestly say that I have learned so much academically. I learned that the world is flat according to Tom Freidman, and that changed my life. From this I learned that I need to step it up and learn to learn, although this was knowledge that was important to my success. There is something I have learned that you can’t get from books, or lectures. I learned to love myself; I have self-esteem like I never did before. I really learned to be me, and happy about myself. I grew up in a community where you were put down a lot for being smart, or caring about school. I lost my self-esteem, and confidence. I began not caring about school. It wasn’t until I graduated in May with an A.A. in Administrative Management. I learned to love myself. I realized it was ok to be smart. I’m so grateful for my opportunity to follow my dream of one day being a hospital administrator. Like I said I have learned so many different things, that have given me so much knowledge, but the most important is I learned to love myself.


During the few years of attending college, I experienced discovery, ethics, and a desire to accomplish all of my lifetime goals. The first months of attending college away from my family, friends, and home, I was surprised how quickly I adapted to the new environment and how to travel without assistance. In the college that I attended, moral and ethics were the key components to developing a positive atmosphere around oneself and in a profession. Learning about these components made me want to change the way I thought about the rest of the world and convinced me that not everyone has one attitude. Making my way into the other end of the country made me realize that I can go anywhere and do anything. Attending college these last few years has made me want to explore the world and its wonders. College not only gives you the degree you need to be recognized as a professional, but it also makes you qualified for opportunities that the average person may never appreciate. Attending and completing college shows your determination to accomplish more than you could dream. I thought I knew how the world worked. Experiencing college taught me a lot more.


When I first decided to attend college, it was because my high school english teacher inspired me with his story of learning who he truly was as a person when he went to college. I thought I would go to school and 'find myself', but I've actually learned a lot more about my life than just who I am. In high school I felt like an outcast because I wasn't good at sports and all my classmates (all eleven of them) were competitive. Once I started school at the Universityof Montana, I met new people (and in a lot larger school than a little school called Alberton High School) and they didn't care that I wasn't athletic or that I didn't like to party. The University has taught me that I don't have to fit into some pre-determined category to be important, and I don't have to answer to anyone's stereotypes. I also love the challenge it's been for me (academically), and I've taken so many different courses, and I know now that I can be proud of myself.


What I have gained from my college experience is a new found appreciation for the amount of work and deadication that it takes to obtain a degree, also how interesting it can be. This has been valuable since i had the oppurtunity to learn many different concepts and the meet many unique people. Also these experiences and interactions have help me to clarify what I want to in the future.


My college experience thus far has been one of proof. What I mean by this, is when I graduated from high school, I was a very good student that could've gone to several universities to continue my studies. However, my father was in prison at the time, and my family face financial hardships. So rather than going off to college to get the education i had long awaited, I decided to put my education on the back burners in order to stay at home and work. I know many people think I am crazy for passing up such an opportunity, but I knew it was the right thing for me. After being three years removed from school, I decided to go back to college and finally get on the path to where I wanted to go in life. Like whith everything else in life, there were nay-sayers that doubted my ability to get back to my previously successful self. These two years in college have made me so proud of myself and showed to myself and those doubters that I am a person that is very strong and determined to become something special in this life.


College so far has been one of the best experiences of my life. I used to be very shy and insecure when I was in highschool. I had my set group of friends and rarely ever stepped out of my box. I did things I was comfortable with with people i was comfortable with. I didnt drink or do drugs, I didnt date boys, I didnt do anything wrong. College in a way forced me to step out of my comfort zone and do things that were completely out of the ordinary for me. It taught me to branch out, make new friends, and experience new things. I learned to be more open-minded and accepting of others and I also learned a lot about myself. I took some classes that really interested me and eventually lead me to where I am now.


The most valuable aspect of my college experience has been through self-discovery. Since I was young, I thought I knew what I always wanted to do in life. Having school to self-motivate and self-direct, I learned what the real world has to offer. Now, I can say that I have no clue what I want to do with the rest of my life, but I do know that I am prepared for anything I want to accomplish.


Being on campus has made me more of a people person. I have learned to talk to more people and meet people easier. My college is filled with very plesent professors that are willing to meet with you when needed and answer questions that you may have. This college has been valable to attend because so many people are welcomed here and it is nice to meet so many people from so many different back grounds. I always advise my friends that are still in high school to give this university a look and give it a chance. I run track here, so we get a lot of recruits and when we show them around they love it here they love the atmosphere and the public. And a week after they make their visit here they give their verbal commitment to come here next year. That shows how great my college is and how the experience here is unforgetable.


Through my short career at the University of Montana, I have gotten many rewarding experiences. Besides the degree and knowledge, I have acquired many new friends, independence and being able to be self sufficient along with many more. With the campus being in a different city from my home I have developed a strong sense of independence. This development comes mainly from living on my own and having to provide for myself which has helped me become self sufficient. The campus has a very large enrollment, which has allowed me to meet many new people from all over the world. This college has been very valuable to my growth as a business professional and as a maturing adult. When I graduate, I will leave with the knowledge I need to create and/or head my own business. Just as importantly, I will leave with many friends, life experience and the fulfillment of achieving a life long goal, along with the honors of being the first person in my family to graduate from college.


The adviced that I would give myself would be that college is a learning process. You may prepare yourself as much as you would like but in the end you will not clearly understand until you have gone through it. I also would highly encourage dedicating more time into my studies. I simply cannot stress enough about how important grades really are. You must give it your all which also means dedicating everything that you have got.


Knowing what I know now I would tell myself that college is a blast. It really is one of the greatest times of your life, but you have to make the effort. I would also tell myself not to sweat the small stuff, everything will work out. Just enjoy the last bit of high school.; it will be the best year of your high school career. I would want to tell myself not to worry about being completely lost about not having a major or any idea of what I want to major in because it will work itself out and, even though I want to graduate in four years, do not worry about it. It is not that big of a deal if I take an extra year to graduate and I would let myself know that going to Hawaii for my first year will be the best year ever. I would then say, but when you decide to transfer to Montana know you are doing the right thing. The school works out, the friends you have in Hawaii are amazing and you won't lose them and the University of Montana has some amazing professors and major programs.


If I could go back in time to when I was a senior in high school, I would tell myself to study harder than I am and that college is a lot more difficult than high school. Studying is an important habit to have while in college because the exams are harder and worth more points on the final grade. I would tell myself that the only way to get the grades I want is to not procrastinate but to study all the time, especially when taking a foreign language class. Procrastination is a habit that must stop because all it does is cause me more stress and that is something that is not needed while attending college. College life is difficult to switch to in the first year, but the key factor is to learn from any mistakes in order to not make those mistakes anymore. I would inform myself to not give up no matter how hard things get, study hard, and ask the professors questions in order to clear up uncertainties on the lessons.


If I had the ability to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to not be afraid to ask for help. I would have benefited from help in nearly every situation I've been in whether it regarded school or my personal life. I failed Calculus because I was to afraid to admit that I needed help. I also suffered from severe depression, which made every aspect of my life much more difficult. If I had sought help as a freshman rather than a junior I know that my college experience would have been so much better. I would tell myself as a high school senior that sometimes it is ok to set aside your pride and be willing to ask for help.


Be ready to change your whole life! Do not spend too much time studying, but make time for yourself and to have fun. Never lose sight of your dreams, anything is possible in college and you will fit in no matter what. College is a great experience; do not pass up some of the amazing opportunities that arise in college!


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to study harder to get a better GPA but also get involved with school activities. The professors in college are not always there for you like high school teachers were. Go out and meet new people and do not get involved with people who have a bad influence on others. Let loose and create a new you. Hard work will pay off in the end of the road. Do not be lazy, make flashcards and your own notes. Writing notes on your own helps a lot more that copying lecture notes.


Do not switch schools! You will lose most if not all of your financial aid. Also, apply for as much financial aid as you can. The school won't pay for much.


You must be your greatest cheerleader and motivator. Please focus on your gifts and make the best of every moment while in school. Getting your degree will help make you more valuable to yourself, family and society. Surround yourself with people who are where you want to end up in life. Life goes by so fast and would of, could of and should of doesn't count. Education is an easier path to success and self-fullfillment. Always stay positive and stick to the journey no matter how long it takes. Don't wait!! Do it now!! Live, never regretting the past but learning from your journey and moving forward in life. If I could do it all over, I would have made sure a positive mentor was in place all during my earlier college days. I have since completed many successes in life, but obtaining my degree in Applied Management would be an accomplishment I've always longed for. NOW is the time!!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to calm down and relax. The hard part was deciding where I would go and finishing all of the financial aid applications. I decided to go to a school that I knew had a good program for my major, but I didn't know anyone else who was going there. The important thing to do is just open yourself up to meeting new people. Many people who are attending college for the first time don't really know anyone else either. When it comes to schoolwork, figure out a work schedule that works for you so you don't get behind on homework. If you figure out a study schedule, you can avoid extra stress during finals week.


To my younger self I would give two pieces of advice. The first would be to start with a psychology major instead of a classical languages major. The other would be not to take any time off school. The break is nice but it's more hastle than it's worth. The only other thing which i would say to my younger self is to make sure I took judo class and joined the club as it is the only true source of happiness which I have had these past few years.


Beth, The only advice that I would give you, is to make sure that all the steps you take in the future make you happy. You are a hard worker and always work to get good grades. The good grades will come and the bad ones may too, but your happiness is what should matter most. Work hard, study hard, and be thankful for all the blessings you've been given.


The college decision-making process is lengthy and usually accompanies heated and heart felt conversations with your parents regarding the future. The future you worked hard for in high school endeavors. While looking and applying for prospective colleges in high school I was a sponge. I read as many college pamphlets as I could and spent many hours on researching my ?best fit? schools. In the end, I applied to nine different schools. If I had the opportunity to repeat the process I would have applied to perhaps five schools at the maximum and devoted the rest of my time applying for various scholarships.


If I were able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would empart this one crucial piece of advice to myself; relax. Being able to relax is the key to a successful college career. When people start to panic, they lose the ability to analyze problems they are facing and therefore they are unable to solve them. I would tell myself this, "Do everything you can do at the time and then relax. You know you can do this, just take it one step at a time." There is a saying that I have found very helpful thus far in my academic career; "The longest journey starts with a single step". This saying has helped to calm me down on those weeks where I have three essays due, two tests and a quiz. It helped keep me focused on the task at hand while also having a knowledge of what needs to be done. That is why the most important piece of information a college student can have is a single word; relax.


The transition to college can be scary at first, especially if you are a shy or self-conscious person by nature. It will be very tempting to keep to yourself, and surround yourself with the familiarity of your computer. Make sure you don't shut yourself up in your dorm room or spend all your time on the internet talking to old friends. While it is important to keep in contact with all your close friends and family from home, it is also important to get involved with other people in your building or your classes. The more you reach out to people, the more the school will start to feel like your home. Don't be afraid to talk to your professors. It may feel awkward or scary at first, but once you start a convesation, you'll probably find that they are very open and interesting, and they may even be able to point you in the right direction for research oppurtunities or a job. No matter what happens, remember that you are there to have adventures. The worst thing you can do is NOTHING. So, go out and do something awesome!


I would realize AP classes aren't really as amazing as advertised! However, I would have done Calculus at the highschool level to accelerate my math. I also would have started saving money and looking into scholarships a LOT sooner. And when going to a decently priced school, studente loans aren't as bad as you think they are. Working while going to school is very stressful, even if you only work three days a week and especially if you are on the night shift. NEVER work the night shift when you're going to school! Also, almost no one realizes the differences between college in highschool. Whereas in highschool you can get away with not doing your homework til the last second, in college procrastination will lead to failure. It's a tough lesson for freshmen to learn, so just do your homework early and on time and you'll do OK. Also, if you're having problems with math or writing, there's plenty of tutoring on campus. Look around! And sororities may not seem like a big deal, but they could be a good way to make friends. Lastly: be seen! Go to all free events!