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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


I have fun in greek life


Greek life is important to me since I'm in a sorority. However, if one choses not to go Greek, there are just as many opportunities for them to get involved. My closest friends all came through my sorority and I would highly encourage everyone to go Greek because it's a wonderful opportunity for people to get connected to people of similar backgrounds and to make lifelong friendships. And contrary to popular belief, greek life is not centered around drinking. My friends and I have so much fun together no matter where we go or what we do.


I would say the most popular organization on campus is Greek life, which I am involved in. I see everyone representing their letters; I know a good percentage of this campus is Greek. I met my closest friends through Delta Zeta. The athletic program here is amazing; I try to attend every game!


I came to UTK to live with 3 completely random girls, none of us knew eachother. Now we are all best friends and 2 of my roommates are even living together again next year! I met some of my closest friends randomly as roommates or just in classes I had. And I am in a sorority, so of course, I have met tons of my great friends through Greek life. While there is only a small percentage of people at UTK that are actually Greek, the Greek life here is extremely prevelant and well known. I think it is the best way to meet new people that you will have a lot in common with if you're coming from somewhere where you don't know a lot of people here, or, if you're like me and you just wanted to meet new people in college! And as far as the party scene goes here, while drinking is extremely common just like it is on any other college campus, there are plenty of things to do without drinking and plenty of students here who do not drink very much or at all.


I like how the dorms are clubs. It is important to have that bond of people you live with.


I think many people are connected through the greek system, and that is how i met my best friends here at school. Football season is always a bonding time and most thursday friday and saturday nights are the party nights.


I met my closest friends through my sorority, I am still friends with them today. Although I have friends from my old dorm that I still stay in touch with as well.


When I was not in Greek life I found it hard to become involved in and around campus, there are always posters up adverstising various events but it was not until I joined Delta Zeta did I really begin to become aware of happenings on campus and the possibilities to become involved in the school and community.


I am involved with Delta Zeta sorority and am so glad to be a part of it. We focus on sisterhood and my older sister is actually a senior in Delta Zeta and it is neat to get to share a sorority sisterhood with her, as well as her jsut being my actual sister. I always lock my dorm, just because I do not want to take that chance, but I feel comfortable with leaving it open if I needed to. Athletic events are really popular, at least among the students that I hang out with. If I am awake at 2am on Tuesday, then I am studying for a test the next day. It seems that if you ever want to find a party at UT, then it won't be a problem, but there are a lot of weekend that I do not even do anything, maybe because I have important things coming up or just am tired from the hard week of school. Last weekend my parents and boyfriend were here visiting and my sorority had parents weekend. Friday night was Carnicus that I participated in, Saturday I had parents lunch, then that night I watched a movie. Studied all day Sunday. You can hang with friends, go shopping, bowling, see a movie, or just chill on a Saturday night that doesn't involve drinking.


I would encourage anyone who is coming to Tennessee to become involved in some type of extra curricular activities. This campus is so large, students need a group: whether that be a fraternity/sorority, athletic/intramural team, religous group, ect.. If one is not involved and staying busy, it is so easy to get lost in the shuffle of things. You cannot study all the time, and everyone needs a group of friends to keep them active and busy over campus so they don't get homesick.


I feel like athletic events are the center for a lot of social events. I also enjoy my sororities mixers and date parties.


There are a ton of clubs and activities to join at UTK. I am apart of delta zeta sorority but I really havent had much time to become apart of anything else. Im hoping my sophomore year i can become more involved in other things


The greek life on campus is huge. i'm involved in a sorority. i met my closest friends thru my sorority and by goin to parties a frat houses. The average student parties at least 3 times a week.


Athletic events, theater/cultural events, greek life, hanging out at apartment parties, the fort, bars/clubs on the strip


Greek life is a big thing on campus. One of the hardest organizations to be in is SAA. It is very competitive to get into. This group works with the president and helps with events. The football games are by far the most popular thing although mens basketball has done well. Most of my close friends are girls that I have met through my sororities and working with panhellenic.


GREEK LIFE!!! It helps you meet SO many new people. I recommend it for almost everyone. Also, there is SGA, SAA, and other organizations. I met my closest friends through my sorority though.


Most popular groups are the Greek Community. My sorority is the best decision I have ever made, they are all my sisters and I love them. We participate in many community service activities and social events together. I leave my door open, but many people do not. I met my closest friends through my sorority. If I am awake late I am on the computer, watching TV, or talking to my boyfriend. People party very often, at least thursday through saturday.


THe most popular groups are definitely Greeks. I'm in a sorority, we do tons of philanthropic events, socials, and keep UTK traditions alive. Athletic events are pretty popular: Can you say, it's football time in tennessee?! Dating scene: Crazy! I actually met my boyfriend in Chemistry class I met my closest friends thru my sorority People party pretty often around here. THere is always something going on. Traditions every year include Torch Night, Homecoming, Lip Sync, Carnicus, All-Sing, Boxing Tournament, and the list goes on! Last weekend I stayed in and watched basketball b/c I had pneumonia. You can do anything without drinking. You would actually be surprised at the number of people that DON'T drink-it's A LOT! THere is plenty of stuff to do off campus-Knoxville Ice Bears Games, camping in Gatlinburg, ice skating, shopping


the activities and social life are great! i love my sorority and everything about it! we are involved in so many different things!


The Strip and Old City are pretty much the only places to go to at night. This is where a sororotiy comes in handy because they have mixers and date parties. Greek life is very important. Many fraternities have band parties on the weekends. Alcohol seems very prevelant however, I don't drink and am heavily involved in my sorority as well as liking to party. People hang out all over campus at all hours of the day. The Commons is a prevelant place for students to attempt to study located in our massive library.


Greek life is definitely a huge thing here. I am involved with Delta Zeta and I love it. It's one of the best decisions I have made about my college life. I have met a ton of people and have had a bunch of great experiences by being involved with such a supportive organization.


football and basketball games are popular. our the fraterenities and sororities are a big part of the social scene


The most popular groups on campus are sororities and fraternities, even though there are many groups that include sports teams and interest clubs. Most students end up leaving their doors open after a couple of months of being here because they feel so comfortable with their neighbors and RA's.


greek life is important - the strip


the most popular sports on campus to watch would probably be football and men's basketball. there are so many traditions that are surrounding the campus that is very easy to be overwhelmed by everything that's going on. The students in the regular dorms do not leave there doors open, but the sorority dorms however do leave theirs open.


Delta Zeta really helps my social life, it has helped me meet so many new people.


I think that the most popular organization are Greek organizations and athletic teams. Many students seem very open about meeting new people for the most part. Dating seems very popular on campus.


The activites are never ending. There is always something going on at every corner.


I think Greek life is pretty big on this campus. Also any sports club or sports event is popular on this campus.


I think greek like is very important and there are alot of students who participate in greek events even if they are not in a fraternity or sorority.


The Greek community is huge on UT's campus--I am in a sorority (AOII) and am very involved and have held several different positions...I live in a sorority dorms and doors remain unlocked until we go to sleep. Dating differs for everyone right--I have found myself dating within the Greek community. 2am on a Tuesday...studying. We have a good time...starting Thursday :) Frats/Sororities, important? You can have just as good of a time if you choose not to do one...but it's a family and you will never regret it. Last weekend-Carnicus!!! haha you wouldn't understand :) Saturday night, no drinking? Anything, go out and don't one is making you. Off campus--groceries, movies, shop for clothes and my pet, Gizzmo, eat dinner (Mexican) visit friends.


I would say the most popular groups on campus are the fraternities and sororities. I am involved with Delta Zeta, and I love being it. Coming into UTK as a freshman, it made me feel really at home and find a close group of friends. I don't think that in many dorms people live their dorm rooms open, but I know when we lived on the sorority floor, we all left our doors open and I never locked mine really. Dating in college isn't great. I haven't found a good guy yet. Maybe once I graduate and get out of college and away from the party scene things will change. Football is the biggest tradition that I think UT has. On the weekends, I either go to a party, or now that I'm 21 I will go to the bars a lot more often now. I think fraternities and sororities are pretty important here at UT. On a Saturday night if people aren't at a party or at the bars drinking, I would say they are probably hanging out with their boyfriend/girlfriend, or hanging out with other friends and going to see a movie or just chilling in the dorm room or their apartment. You could also go see a movie if you don't want to drink on the weekends. There is also shopping and going out to eat for other options.


I would say the most popular groups on campus are Greek organizations and athletes. It seems like everyone I meet is involved in some form of these two organizations. No one left their doors open in South Carrick when I lived there. However on my sorority floor in Greve we always did. Athletic events are probably the most popular events on campus. As far as the "dating scene" goes, I've come to the conclusion that college guys suck so I've pretty much given up on dating in college. I met my closest friends through my sorority and classes. If I am actually still awake at 2am, it would be because I am cramming for an exam. I would also say people party pretty regularly at UT. Last weekend I went to a few parties and bars on the strip. As far as other activities go, Knoxville has things like movies, restuarants, shopping, etc.


I am involved in a Sorority, Delta Zeta, and I love it. i would reccomend at least looking into the greek life. It is a great way to meet people and gives you a way to be involved on campus. Football is a huge deal here and the games are ALL day events. Also basketball is a big deal. Bruce Pearl is amazing!! If you like sporting events, this is a great school for you.


Greek life is a major organization on campus. I'm involved in the Greek system and I feel like it really pushes you to be more involved on campus than you would be if you weren't to be in the Greek community. Most students in dorms leave their doors open. It's a sense of community and you really become close to the people on your hall as the year goes on. Athletics RULE at UT. Especially football season. Basketball is coming back though. Game Day Saturdays are a must for UT students. Everyone wakes up and puts on their best orange attire and goes to cheer on the VOLS! In my opinion, that would be the biggest tradition to UT. I met my best friends in my sorority. I didnt know anyone when I came to UT and joining a sorority really got me involved and let me meet my future bridesmaides. There are lots of things to do off, eating, boating on the river, parks nearby, golf courses.


As I said before, sorority is probably the biggest groups (and frats). There are also many clubs and intermurals. I met most of my closest friends through my sorority. If I am up at 2am I am normally studying or watching tv. People party quite about. Most people just go out on the weekends with their friends. I am not even sure what one may do on at Saturday night without drinking, unless its studying. Off campus I normally just go to eat.


At UTK, we don't have sorority houses and so I live on the sorority floor in a dorm designated for sorority girls. Usually everyone leaves their door open and I'm rarely in my own room. We have community bathrooms, but I actually like them. I met my closests friends through my sorority and they live on the same hall as me. Obviously, for me, sororities have a big impact on my life. I'm very involved in mine. However, I don't feel like fraternities have that much of an importance to me. I don't have to go to Frat Row to feel socially accepted. UTK use to be one of the Top 10 party schools, but the police have really cracked down and so open partying is not that popular. There is also a smoking ban in Tennessee that has changed a lot of the bars to 21+. This may be a disappointment to some of the Freshmen, but its really not that big of a deal. Drinking is pretty popular, as it is on any campus, but there are always many other types of social activities that don't involve drinking. People can go to the "strip" to dance or go out to eat and there are a lot of movie theaters in Knoxville. Being 21 myself, I am able to go out wherever I want, but its definitely not a necessity every weekend. The most popular day for "going out" is Thursday.


I think that Greek life is amazing. There is always something to do and its always so much fun. People party usually both nights of the weekends and maybe 2 nights during the week.


I'm involved in Delta Zeta Sorority on campus and orange pride. I love meeting new people. Being in a sorority brings you closer to so many more people on campus and it also opens up the dating scene. However they are not necessary to have fun at UTK.


Greek. The greeks hold probably 60{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the leadership positions of=n campus. People party Wednesday through Saturday, so get ready to look cute four nights in a row.


Sports is the number one area on campus. I have no compliants because Tennessee is a football school, and everyone who comes here knows that, so when people complain about football, Its confusing because they had to have known that UT is a football school


I'm involved with my sorority, Pi Beta Phi and there are a lot of students involved in the greek communtiy. Others and in addition, students are involved in intramurals and other organizations such as clubs.


If you are not Greek or into athletics there is little organized activities on campus.


this is a very social campus.


Football is at the heart of everything in the fall at UT. Everyone knows what you're doing on a Saturday: either going to the game, or watching it on television. I am in a sorority which is a good sense of family for me, especially because I have moved around every five years throughout my life, so right now, Knoxville is my home! Most sorority girls and fraternity boys hang out with each other, because they mostly are the same personality and party-wise.


i like that not every event on campus has to do with greek life. there are tons of other organizations to get involved with. athletic events are hugely popular. guest speakers are popular with the groups that they are involved with and then other ppl might come to get credit for a particular class. i met my friends by being involved in the greek community but ive also met some ppl at church, the library, class study groups, and out at events. if im awake at 2 am on tuesday, im not out partying but, being a last minutes person, i probably wouldnt be studying either unless the test was the next day. i do know that if i am up at 2am and im hungry, i can order jimmy johns and not even have to drive anywhere!!


Greek life is very popular at UT


Greek life is huge at utk


I am in Pi Beta Phi. It is a great organization. I love the philanthropy and the girls. I wouldn't be lying if I said most college students go out a couple nights a week.


Being involved in activities at UTK help fuel your social life. I am Greek and thus I feel like the only way to be involved and have a social life is to be Greek. However, this is not the case. Less than 20{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of our campus is Greek but I couldn't image being anything but Greek.