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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Greek life is really big but I think that if you aren't in it you probably don't notice it too bad. I'm in Delta Zeta, when I lived on the sorority floor we all left our doors open. In the freshman dorms though my hall didnt really leave the suite door open but we left the doors to our rooms. I know another hall that left their outside door open too though.


Greek like is definitely the most popular. I'm in a sorority, and I can't imagine not having joined it. I have met my closest friends who I live with, go to eat with, work with, and travel with. I also meet other people through these girls. Going greek or joining any other organization you are passionate about will bring you new and exciting ways to meet other people you wouldn't have had the chance to meet otherwise.


In the Freshmen dorms, students are placed into suites and for the most part keep their doors shut. I became good friends with my suite mate my Freshmen year, but I could not tell you the names of the other girls who lived on my floor. Now that I live on the sorority dorm floor, our door is always open and people are coming and going all the time. I would defiantly recommend a girl rush to be in a sorority. I found a great group of friends and it got me involved in the university. If a girl does not want to do a sorority there are plenty of other things to get involved in such as, Orange Pride, SGA, and many other things.


Dorms, weellllll they're dorms-small, cramped, and annoying. But dorm life is fun, fun, fun. Always something to do, paint, see, or eat, for free! Sororities and Fraternities are a great way to meet people. Joining a sorority was one of my best decisions yet! I heard this last semester-although greeks (sorority women and fraternity men) make up only about 17{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of our campus they hold 75{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of leadership positions throughout other organizations. Pretty impressive. Athletic events are great, mainly because we are UTK! Guest speakers are fun too. I say, why not take advantage of everything offered here? I go to as much as I can, usually having to pick between different events! Partying is big, but not necessary to "fit in" at UTK. Like I said, there is something to spark EVERYONES fancy no matter what day, time, or season.


Football is king as far as activities go. My first UT football game was unlike anything I'd ever seen before. It's just amazing. My sorority is very involved on campus, much like all the other 13 panhellenic sororities. We participate in fun philanthropy events and have equally fun social events. If I'm awake at 2 am on a Tuesday, it's pretty much a typical Tuesday night. I'm either in a friend's dorm hanging out watching tv or in the library studying for a quiz or test I have the next day. Last weekend I went to a fraternity party to hang out with some friends and went shopping at the mall. There are plenty of sober fun things to do. A popular spot is the cereal bar in the old city. It's a cool place that has every type of breakfast cereal you could ever want!


I would say the most popular groups on campur are fraternities and sororities or athletics.Im in delta zeta sorority and it was the best decision I ever made to join. Not really some do. Athletics are probably the most popular events on campus.Guest speakers are somewhat popular but notreally. I have not even herd that much about theater. there are alot of people here that date but I think most freshman if they dont already have a boyfriend or girlfriend they arent really lookin to find one.My closest friends are in my sorority. watching tv or on the computer.well the rock is a tradition, homecoming evernts happen every year like smokeys howl. I think most people party thursthrough sat night or at least 2 nights a weekend.Frats and sororities are important to me bc Im in one and thats the majority of pepople I hang out with but I think they are misunderstood if you are not in one so for the students who arent greek they probably dont think they are very important. last weekend I went can go seebands and go to the bars on the strip but you dont have to drink. I go shopping or if there is a band playing off campus I want to see Ill go there,.


Sororities and fraternities are a pretty big deal on campus, but no so much so that if you aren't involved in one you can't find anything to do. There is always something going on around campus, athletic event, plays, bands, etc. You name it and you can pretty much find it here.


The most popular groups on campus would have to be the greek community, SGA, and probably the athletic teams. I am in Delta Zeta sorority and I love it. Being involved in the greek community helps me become more active on campus. We are constantly working on our philanthropies and helping other fraternaties and sororities out with theirs. It is a great way to meet people and get involved on campus. It is pretty hard to leave the doors open in the halls because they shut as soon as you open them, but my suite-mates and I often leave our inner doors open! Althetic events are very popular here, we are very proud of our athletic department in all aspects! Guest speakers are often overwhelmed by how many students show up to hear them speak. The dating scene is big here also..I always see people holding hands or relaxing by the ampitheater between classes. I met my closest friends through my dorm hall and also through my sorority. If I'm awake at 2 am on a Tuesday, I am either studying for a test/quiz, or I'm at a date party! Traditions- FOOTBALL cookouts. People party mainly on the weekends, the school week is pretty busy so there isn't a whole lot of time to party. On a saturday night without drinking you can go see a movie and go out to eat on the strip with some friends! You can go clubbing without drinking too! It's also fun to stay in and watch a movie or go shopping at the mall!


Greek organizations are very popular groups on campus. We are considered one of the major fraternity and sorority schools and it shows. There are a lot of different ones on campus which makes it a very popular activity to be involved in. All of the sororities and fraternities are very different and each one has a stereotype, but they aren't very true. At the same time though there is one for everybody which makes it a much more welcoming Greek system. Almost 1,000 girls go through sorority rush every fall making it a very popular campus activity. I'm in a sorority here on campus so of course I consider them pretty important. I met my best friends through rush and being in my sorority and I absolutely love it. We participate in every campus philanthropy and activity, so being involved in a greek organization gets you involved with many other great opportunities as well. People party a lot on campus, but its just like any other college. If you know the right people you can party whenever you want. If you want to go out you'll easily be able to find something to do. A very popular party scene is the strip which is where all of our bars and clubs are. Some are 21 and up, most are 18 and up. The most popular nights to be on the strip are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Lots of different groups will rent out bars and bring bands in order to raise money. Other than that, other nights of the week aren't so crazy at the bars, but you can always find somewhere to go and hang out if you really want to.


Fraternitys and Sororitys are popular. Christian based religious groups and student government organizations are popular. Usually students on dorms do not leave their doors open. Athletic events are very popular- especially football and basketball. Wouldn't really say there is a "dating scene". I met my closest friends through my sorority, mutual friends, and by living next to them in dorm or apartment. I'm always awake at 2 am- usually procrastinating school work or watching tv. People party a lot- atleast 3 night a week. Fraternities and Sororities are important. Last weekend and went to a cabin with my sorority friday night and then came back to go out with friends saturday night. Activities to do without drinking- movies, hookah lounge.


Greek organizations are fairly popular since there are so many. People in the greek living halls do leave their doors open, while freshman don't so much. I met my friends from me sorority. If I'm awake at 2 am on Tuesday I'm studying. Torch Night is a campus wide event for freshman, while Vol Walks occur before each football game. Some people don't party and others do a lot. I went to the bar on Friday and stayed in a watched a movie on Saturday. You can go bowling, go to movies, and hang out with friends.


Greek life is very popular at UTK. I am in a sorority and i'm currently living on the sorority floor in Greve Hall because we do not have houses yet. I love it...everyone keeps there door open and there is always someone to hang out with. If i need something to wear, i have like 30 closets to choose from! Football games and Basketball games are very important, and definitely this year with both teams doing so well. There is a lot to do that doesnt involve drinking, you can go out to the strip and go dancing, you can go to the UC down under and go bowling, you can go see a movie. In west knoxville there is a 1$ movie theater, that i have been to often. You and your friends can go up to Gatlinburg for the weekend, its only an hour away!


There is so much to do at UTK!! Everything is offered here- I don't think I could even list it all. Sororities and Fraternities are pretty popular, but that doesn't mean if you aren't in one you will feel left out. I have a ton of friends who are not in one, and have the best time ever up here! There are so many opportunties offered to you such as Orange Nation, Orange Pride, Frats and Sororites, ACE, Intermural Sports, actual school sports, clubs, and so many more! There are always career fairs, guest speakers, athletic events, and UTK related events going on- Our website shows a calendar full of events that take place each year! Weekends are amazing too! You can always find something to do up here when you want to go socialize! Drinking doesn't always have to be involved- there is something for everyone!


SOrorities and Fraternities. I am involved in DZ and have met a lot of great people and have really enjoyed my four years. I am not a freshmen but in my dorm we didn't. If i am awake that late on a tuesday I am most likly studying. People party Wednesday-Sunday. Last weekend I attended the boxing tournament. You could go to a movie. I go to church off campus and shop. I met my closest friends from my classes or from the gym.


Greek life is very popular on the UTK campus. We have many social sororities and fraternities as well as service sororities and honor societies. Intermurals are also a very popular activity. Other than that, UT offers almost any activity you can think of and if they don't offer it with enough support you can get it started. There are tons of campus events that do and do not involve drinking. This weekend for example, Friday night I went to a friend's apartment for a small get together and then and Saturday night I just had a girls night watchin movies with close friends.


Greek life and SGA are very popular at UTK. I'm a Delta Zeta and enjoy spending time with sisters and volunteering locally. Sometimes girls leave their doors open in the dorms but only when they arent studying. Athletic events are VERY popular and important to many students. My closest friends are the girls I met freshman year in the dorm and my sisters. Some people party every night, some on the weekends, and some never party. Greek life is popular, however there are many service fraternities also. There are so many organizations that being greek isn't required. On a Saturday night, I usually hang out with friends at one's apartment and just relax after a stressful week (not drinking).


--most popular groups are the greek groups --i'm involved with baptist collegiate ministries; it is the most welcoming, friendly place ever. i probably wouldn't still be going to UT if I hadn't found the bcm. it has become my home away from home. --students in the dorm don't really leave their doors open, except on the sorority halls --Athletic events are insanity. You haven't seen a college sport until you've been to a UT game. Everyone on campus is at the game on Saturday. And you can hear Neyland from miles away. --2am on Tuesday I am watching tv --traditions: Vol Walk, Vol Night Long, Torch Night, Homecoming, AllSing, Carnicus --People are partying pretty much 6 out of 7 nights a week. --I would say sororities and fraternities are not completely important but are definitely one of the major ways to get involved --Last weekend I hung out with a few friends, worked, and studied --Saturday night that doesn't involve drinking..... go to dinner with a friend? go to a movie? go shopping? sit and watch tv.. Not much. --Off campus: movies, shopping


Greek life I would have to say is the most popular organization on campus. Sororities and fraternities are excellent ways to get involved and meet a lot of people, not just within your own but others through greek events, mixers, and philanthropies. I am a Delta Zeta and absolutely love it. I'm also a member of freshman council which I would definitely encourage anyone interested in student government to apply for it! My closest friends I have met through my sorority.


Sports club teams are really common; rugby, lacrosse, etc. Greek life is also pretty big. Dorm room doors are often open. Sporting events are a top priority. If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday, I'm facebooking.


Greek life holds a dominant force on our campus. Although it only makes up a little less than 20{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the student body, over 80{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of leadership positions on our campus are held by Greek members. I am very passionately and actively involved in my sorority. For me, it incorporates academics, athletics and philanthropy all with a fantastic group of 150 other women. I met some of my best friends at school through my chapter. Likewise, the most dominant force is athletic events. All of our sports attract large crowds, but our football and men's and women's basketball teams help to unify and loudly support UT. Our athletics have revolutionized the university and also established numerous traditions that have been here at UT for countless years. A game day in Neyland Stadium surpasses a game at any other stadium in the SEC or the country as a whole. The partying scene just depends on the individual. If you want to find it, you do not have to look far. However, if you do not care to party or go out at all, there is so much else to do. Last Saturday night, I stayed in with a bunch of girls that I live with on my sorority floor to watch movies and eat pizza. Going out is not essential, although it is fun. UT offers $1.00 movie nights and very cheap bowling in our University Center.


Student Government is really big on campus, as well as all the sororities and fraternities. Behind those two, a lot of students are involved in intermurals and sports clubs. On a Saturday night a lot of students will go to various places downtown in Market Square which is Knoxville's newest cultural area that has many restaurants, a Hookah bar, a movie theater, and is just an interesting place to walk around in general.


Soroities, basketball, football. I don't really do any of those. Yes they do and they are mostly social with other girls on the floor. Athletic events are extremely popular as are theater events. Guest speakers depend on the person speaking. I'm married I can't really tell you about the dating scene. Rowing on the novice rowing team is hw I met my friends. Studying. sports, vagina monolouges (hilarious), blood drives, women's week. Pretty much every night there is a party for you to go to if you want. To me not very important to others life or death matter. Last weekend I went to a party at a friends house had some drinks and went dancing. watch sports, go bowling at the UC, go to the movies downtown, go to a concert somewhere, hockey at the coliseum, go to the mall. Work, eat at great new places,


I think that Sport Clubs are a pretty big deal on campus. They seem to reach out to a lot of different people (fans, and participants). Its more fun to watch when you know the people playing and they're doing it for more of a competitive fun vs. they got paid to go to school here and play a particular sport.


not sure/ play football and its a pretty big group/ never/ very/ kinda not really/ not at all/ its pretty prevalent bc most people have boyfriends or girlfriends/ high school and football/ studying most likely/ homecoming/ alot!/ really important, greek life is huge/ stayed at home and rested up from the week before/ see a movie go out to rt's (you dont have to drink there)/ go home


The greek community is a big deal on campus. However, if this isn't for you, there is a variety of different groups, from the Bluegrass lovers club to the fencing club. Sports is everything at this university. Football games days are holidays in Knoxville. There is always something to do on Friday and Saturday nights, even if it is just going to one of the bars on the edge of campus. On the weekends, one can here students' laughter and party screams throughout the entire night. In spite of all of this, UT actually has great educational outreach programs that host an array of famous and noteworthy speakers. Students have a choice of several events that they can attend each night of the week.


Greek life, SGA, and SAA are most popular on campus. I'm in a fraternity. It is the best thing that UTK can offer, even above education and athletics. No one I know leaves their door open unless they're in it. Football and basketball make the population of Knoxville double. Nothing is better than a tailgate on a saturday, and you'll never have a chance of bleeding orange or seeing it bled as much as a gameday in K-Town. Guest speakers are rarely advertised, and don't attract major audiences, but they are relatively popular speakers. My closest friends were my pledge brothers, and the girls i've met during my time here, in sororities. If I'm awake in the early AM hours on a weeknight, I've either been to a date party or in John Hodges, ha, the library. Greek life owns campus and is one of the best in the nation. Alabama and Ole Miss, as well as UGA are all completely overrated. The plain truth: no one can party like a Tennessee Vol. I went on dates and went out with friends last weekend, as well as saw a jam band concert. I go hang out with buddies and kick it off campus, but I live in the fraternity house.


- SGA is big, Student Alumni Associates, Team Vols service club, SPEAK, christian organizations such as Young Life or RUF. But there is pretty much any club you could ever dream of including a cardboard club where they play games all the time. - I'm very involved in Student Alumni Associates. We serve students past present and future. WE get to work the skyboxes during home football games, attend banquets with the president, chancellor, and important donors, and we get to talk to highschool seniors who may attend UT one day. We also deliver cakes to students around campus and are involved in the adopt-a-spot program where we are responsible for keeping the area around the tyson alumni house clean. - RAs encourage students to lock their doors for safety reasons. However, we rarely locked ours. But, we never kept it wide open. - Atheletic events are huge if it involves basketball or football. - Our Clarence Brown theater has amazing plays such as Guys and Dolls that are constantly changing year round. We have nobel prize winning speakers, speakers from around the globe, and generally each academic college has speakers unique to their field of study. - The dating scene is abundant. At least I date, a lot. Generally people hangout in groups and grab pizza or see a movie. It's a fun, casual atmosphere. - I met my closest friends through involvement in organizations on campus. It's funny how I've grown apart from my high school friends and now hangout with people from all over the US. - If I'm awake at 2 am on Tuesday I am either cramming for an exam in the library with a cup of Starbuck's strongest brew in my hand. - Torchnight, Vol Walk, Aloha Oi, Homecoming, Volapalooza, UC Late-Nighter - Fraternities and sororities seem like the center of the universe during your freshman and sophomore years. But, after that you forget we even have them. I highly recommend not joining a greek organization based on personal experience. - Last weekend, I went to a concert, yonder mountain string band, at a local venue close to campus. Saturday, I went to dinner with some of my ASB team at the Tomato Head in Market Square, and then saw a local band at the preservation pub also in market square. Sunday I studies, cooked dinner, and watched a movie. - Go to the dollar theater, eat ice cream, play board games, sit by the river at volunteer landing, play frisbee in world's fair park, go to the t-rec and workout, participate in something going on in campus, dinner in the old city, go to a concert...the opportunities are endless. - I generally eat, shop, and socialize off campus.


The football and basketball teams are extremely popular. When I lived in the dorms, it did not have the communal feel one would expect. Everyone sort of kept to themselves. My suite mates wouldn't even really talk to me. It was not the open-doors lifestyle often associated with dorms. Athletic events are huge. Although students get free admission, you are not guaranteed a spot because of the huge demand for tickets. You have to go wait in long lines to get tickets. I knew a lot of my closest friends from high school, but have met a lot of people at parties. Fraternities and sororities are by no means the majority, but they do have a noticeable presence on campus. On a Saturday night if you don't want to drink, there are lots of free music events in downtown Knoxville. Knoxville has a lot of restaurants, too. Last weekend, I hung out with my roommates and went to a rugby party at an apartment complex.