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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back and have a conversation with my high school senior self, I would tell me to live the college life more fully! I would tell me to decide what I truly want to do in life. I would say, "Ask yourself what do you want to get up and participate in every day of the rest of your life? What would make you wake up in the morning and say 'Hey, I get to do this today!' It's not just about what has the highest pay scale. Money can buy things, but they can't make you happy. Loving your life and being fulfilled is what makes you happy." Also, I would tell myself to find a college that not only prepares me for that career, but one that would thrust me into that life while still in college through organizations, societies, and activities. Then, I would say, "Hey, everything is going to be ok. You will have a great life and an awesome family! So don't to rush that part of it. Be sure to create many awesome memories in college to encourage your children when they are starting college."


Be preapred as best as you can. Get all the facts and processes that need to be done for all colleges . Get the best scores you can in High School. Every point counts. The better you make, the better chance you have of getting scolarships that will help pay for the expenses that are going to come about.


Now that I have been living the college life for a semester, I have a lot of advice I wish I could have provided for myself as a senior in High School. At the beginning of my senior year, I would of chosen classes that were going to academically challenge me. By doing this, I would have been more prepared for the constant busyness and crazy testing schedules of college courses. Another major piece of advice I lacked as a high school student was study skills. Most high school classes don?t require a week full of studying and back then, looking over the notes the day before an exam was sufficient enough to receive an A. That has definitely been my greatest realization. The most important advice I wish I had given myself would be to have taken the AP tests. Throughout High School, I enrolled in AP classes my sophomore through senior year but never had the courage to take AP testing at the end of the course. Being ahead on credits such as World History and Statistics would lighten the load for a college student and let them focus on the classes that emphasize their major.


I would tell myself ,"Keep your head up and continue to go in the direction you're heading, Jesus is going to work everything out for in the end. Don't stress over the tests or the girls that come and go because it will all be worked out for your good."


The first thing I would do is tell myself that I need to make a decision earlier in the year instead of waiting until the last minute to make a decison about school. After that I would tell myself to fill out applications for scholarships early becuase the earlier the better. Then I would have tell myself that this process does not take that long because when I was back in high school I thought it would take forever. And if I get all of these scholarships done I wont have to worry about getting a loan and already going in to debt. Finally I would tell myself to take advantage of having the chance of even going to college cause not everyone has had the privilege.


If I could go back to my senior days in high school, I would have took the chance to look at more scholarships and not get any loans. I would have gotten more serious about my senior year so that I would have known how to study for college. They way I studied for high school and the way I studied for college was way different I would never have graduated and would have given up if I would never have seeked the support of student support services. I would have taken more harder classes in high school all the way through so that I could actually been some what ready for college life.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice, I would say to always be myself. Even though I am moving away from the people I have surrounded myself with for years, I should not change myself to try to make new friends. I would tell myself to study more, because classes get harder and normally the only grades are from two tests. I would say to not stress the small stuff, and to just take it one minute at a time. To enjoy the college life to a healthy extent, to learn to balance school and fun better than I have in the past because it matters more in college. Most of all, I would say that everything happens for a reason, and that you can not change fate no matter how hard you try, so do not waste your life trying. That God will only put as much on you as he knows you can handle, and that in the moments that you think you are all alone that you never are. God will always put people in your life who can help you accomplish your goals.


I would tell myself to make my best effort in everything that I do and to explore every opportunity and organization on campus to find what is suited best for me. But I would also tell myself to explore new ideas and opportunities as much as possible because that is what makes us well-rounded and knowledgable people.


Dream more and never let anymore tell you that your dreams can't come true.


Now that I am a college Sophmore, I have a better understanding of how collge works and would share some helpful hints with myself if I could go back in time. For starters, are you a "B-A" student? By that I am referring to your total number of B's is more than the A's on your report card. And you think, "Hey, B's are good, right?" B's are good if you are studying alot and working hard for those B's. My guess is that you are not, afterall, I am you two years after your Senior year. In high school you are taking tests on one chapter at a time; study a little in the current section of the chapter you're being lectured on in class each night. In college you will be covering multiple chapters before taking a test. Learn the material as you go. Going to class will help you out the most, but you must study outside of class. Homework won't pull your grades up in college - there is none. Responsibility and time management are key factors in college - use them wisely.


Immediately out of high school I was burnt out and did not wish to attend college, so I attended a school to become a Radiological Technician. After a quarter of schooling toward that profession, I hated it. I then decided I wanted to attend a university, and only had one opportunity still available for financial aid. It was a blessing to receive that opportunity, but if I could go back and talk to myself as a senior in high school, I would tell myself to NOT take the "easy" way out and not to make plans based on someone else. Do what I love and want to spend my life doing. Don't let others hold you back because if they truly cared and supported you, they would encourage you to go forward and pursue what your heart desires!


If I could talk to myself as a senior I would say slow down. I worked my senior yr. I wish I had just enjoyed it. If I could talk to myself at about 8th grade I would say leave the boys alone and stop partying. I would tell myself work a little harder and get the grades you need. I got married right out of high school and I would tell myself to wait until I got done with school.


The advice I would give myself is to go into college with a positive attitude. Do not attend every party there is. There will be many parties in college, sometimes every day of the week. Take your classes serious, dont let other students or upper classmen tell you a class is easy. To them it may have been, but everybody is different. One class may require you to study, where someone else may not even have to show up and ace a test. Go to class unless your health permits you otherwise. Everyone in college isn't your friend, so choose them wisely. Don't be afraid to ask for help, thats what the staff is there for. They want to help you. Oh yeah, when refund comes around do not spend all of buying alcohol and going to parties. Learn to save your money; there may come a year or semster when your finaincial aid does not cover all of your expenses or your meal plan runs out, thats when your extra money comes in handy. Always think before you act and when you feel like there is no one to call on, you've got mom and GOD.


Take everything you learn serious to prevent repeated mistakes, that could subsequently set you back. Realize that knowledge is a powerful tool that is often taken for granite when you are young. Make use of all available resources, and seek help from those with positive impacts on your life. Strive to be the best at whatever you do, and make sure it is geared towards your ultimate goals and success. Never think less of yourself, but don't be a know-it-all. There is always room for improvement, but never take school lightly. It is the doorway that leads to the life you will once lead. Some portals that you enter can lead you to the destination you so desire. But be mindful that some paths seem right, but ultimately lead to distruction. So, be a leader by learning to be a good follower. You can never go anywhere or have anything if you never learn. Peer pressure has always been around, we've been where you are, and we have done what you do. Just know there are better, brighter days ahead; believe it and watch it come to pass. DKW 1-13-10


The first thing I would tell myself is to not stress out. I spent so much time worrying about school and if I would fit in that I made myself sick. I came here and made friends in no time at all. I would also tell myself to spend a lot more time with my family. While I was living at home I took my family for granted, but being away from them has made me appreciate them so much more. I now realize that I have a wonderful family and I am blessed to have them in my life. The last thing I would tell myself is college is completely unlike anything I expected. I would tell myself that though it may be hard at times, but you?ve got to stay strong and think positively. One can accomplish anything with confidence and a positive attitude.


I would tell myself that there are plenty of new people in college to meet and share interests with. There are a lot of activities and organizations in which to get involved. I will have more opportunities to do anything I choose and have time for. I would also tell myself not to worry about whether my high school had prepared me for college, because the adjustment is not as big of a deal as everyone makes it seem. There is extra time to compensate for the difficulty level of college courses. Everything balances out!


I would tell myself to focus on my studies instead of on finding a date for Friday night. I would tell myself to always remember that I am more intelligent than I give myself credit for. I would tell myself that I need to value the work assigned to me and appreciate the opportunities that are provided to me through my schoolwork. I would remind myself of the importance of doing well in school not only so that I can be successful afterwards, but so that I can set an example for my children that education is one of the most important things in life. Lastly, I would tell myself that there is nothing that can hold me back from being successful and that I can accomplish anything that I put my mind to.


First I would make it emphasis on the discipline that is needed in college rather than in high school. The discipline will be stressed because it covers the time it take to study and understand college material. Second I have paid more attention my senior year instead of focusing on graduation. Freshman year of college is nothing but a repitition of high school, so if you were studious during your high school senior year, then transitioning to your first year of college will not be as stressful. Third I would have told myself to be more appreciative of the one on one interaction with my teachers. The biggest downfall for first year college students is being independent by keeping up with your assignments.


If I could go back in time as a high school senior and talk to myself about my future in college, I would tell myself to always remain the same and stay original. Don't let anyone influence you, Mercedes, and stay the strong-willed person that you are. While you are here preparing for college, know that as well as high school, college will be some of the best days of your life; enjoy it while you can. Go ahead and start preparing for college, apply for scholarships now so you will not be in much of a financial bind and stressing over financial responsibilities while you are still young. Take every positive opportunity and experience that you can and run with it. Dont be afraid of anything new. If travel opportunities arise, run with it. Explore what you can while you can. Enjoy life as a young person and don't take everything so serious right now or stress yourself out. All you need to stay focused on for now is yourself, your grades, family, friends and social life. Take one day at a time and remember to keep a smile on your face through it all.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to take as many college classes during the summer as I could before I graduated high school. It makes college less stressful. Also I would tell myself to get involved in any group or organizations that you think you would enjoy. It makes it easier to meet people, and you have a more diverse group of friends. The most important thing I would tell myself is to really get to know your professors. By doing this, they are more willing to help you out in tough situations if you have interacted with them.


I would want to know about grants, scholarships, loans, and workstudy. Schools should have give information to freshman to explain the process.


I would go back and really focus on my GPA, the courses that I take, and pay more attention. I would have traveled and visited colleges to expand my options of school choice and made necessary arraignments to complete all the paper work to be accepted before my graduation as senior. When college recruitors would come in to the high school I would be more attentive and ask many questions. I can also say I would do more to research how I could pay for college since I am the first one in my family to attend college. I would not have to take out student loans because I would have a scholarship.


I would give myself the advice on how to study. I believe if I could go back and have told myself that in High School I didn't study, but one day that is going to be important. High school they don't focus on studying. If I could of had someone give me studying tips or had a class on it, I believe college would of been a lot less stressful. I believe high was a joke to some of the teachers. They gave busy instead of helping the students for life beyond high school. I feel that once I got to high school they focused more about how fast to get out. I would of like to have known how to study. If I could go I would tell myself to learn how to study, life not going to be this breezy.


If i knew what i know now about college life i would have worked on my study habits so much more because when i came to school i had no idea how to study! I'm just now learning how to study.


If I had the opportunity, I would start preparing for college and all it's expenses earlier. I would have applied for more scholarships read up more on college life.


If I had the ability to travel back in time as a senior in high school, I would inform myself of the importance of getting all of the education now because they are very important in the continuance and the completion of my college courses. I would also tell myself to prepare mentally of being in college. It is a different life than being in high school. I would have to lean and depend more on myself and less on my parents. My instructors and professors in college will not baby me and continue to remind me of upcoming assignments that are due or quizzes and exams. I would need to learn and practice taking effective notes, time management, and organizing. Enjoy life and prepare to begin a new life during my time in a college setting.


The advice i would give myself would be to become a little more outspoken. I would also tell myself to take advantage of that last year as a dependent student, because when you become a college student you kind of become independent in a way. what i mean is like no one is going to make you do your work, make sure you go to class , and come wake you up for school. I guess i would tell myself to train for becoming an independent student, even though i didn't have any problems when the time came.


If I could visit myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to enjoy the little things. I've learned in my 3 1/2 years of college that the memories I hold aren't about what tests I passed or failed, but about the times I spent hanging out with friends. Late night Waffle House runs, midnight trips to the beach, taking pictures and videos in the park - I will remember these moments for the rest of my life. Not only would I tell myself to enjoy the small things, but I would also give myself the advice to not date my freshman year. I changed and grew up so much after my freshman year. I would tell myself to take the time to spend with friends instead of just one guy. Finally, I would tell myself to take any and all opportunities to serve others. Whether it was mission trips or service projects, I wish I had taken better advantage of those opportunities to give back to the community.


I would definetly have taken college course when I was in high school and was graduating I would have went directly to a school like Troy University. I started at a small comunity college but didn't really take my classes serious but now since I have been with Troy I have recieved nothing but A's and B's in all of my classes. I feel that I have accomplished so much with Troy in one year than the two years that I went to a community college. The teachers there are very understanding and work is very easy to understand as long as you apply yourself. I would reccommend anyone to go to college right after highschool and not procrastinate.


There is so much I have learned when I "thought I knew it all", but the first thing I would have done was not stopped furthering my education in the first place. I am 33 years old and I could have been finished this degree and would not have had to struggle so hard in life. If I were a high school senior I would tell myself that cute little boys can wait. I got pregnant my senior year causing me to not be able to get a athletic scholarship. Things could have been a lot different for me if I would have went to college after high school. The other thing I would tell myself is how important my GPA is to attend a awesome college and for scholarships. I always just did enough to get by, never did I think it was important back then to go above and beyond. I have a son who is a junior in high school and my goal is to be finished with college before he graduates. I told him that I would be walking across the stage right before him and with this financial blessing I could easily complete my goal.


I will tell myself that being a student recognized for receiving A's in all classes is entirely up to the student. The grades that we receive are not determined by the professor, intead it is determined by the amount of work and dedication that the student has to succeed. I will also tell myself that maintaining a 4.0 GPA is not as hard as it seems. Procastination is another thing that really does not get you far ahead. So it is always a smart thing to make sure to be on top of the assignments in each class. It is also okay to hve fun as a college student but the most important thing is to make sure that everything is completed for each class to avoid problems later on. Being a college student is not really as hard as it is made out to be. Once a student makes the choice to succeed in college, then everything eventually falls into place...


I would have went to the college of my dreams. I came to another university because they gave me more money but i regret it. It is just not the same. I am trying with all of my might to gain scholarship money to fix my mistake and go to the University of Alabama next year. I would also have rushed. I did not want to do it my freshman year and now i regret missing out on the experience. I will rush next year whether I transfer universities or not.


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Be yourself and do not try and change your personality to fit in! Do your best and study hard and efficiently. Always use your time wisely "time is of the essence"! Do not be afraid to try new things and have fun with new people!


I would become more organized because it is hard trying to keep up with assignments and exams and their due dates. When I first started, I was a big procrastinator, but now that I have realized how serious college is, I complete work ahead of time and space my time out to get other things done. Time is not set for me anymore, I have to stay on top of things. Having a break between classes is good also. Therefore, I will be able to review notesfrom the previous class, and rewrite them if I have to. Also, I would visit the campus more than once so I would know where everything is, and I would not be looking lost. Another advice would be to practice better studying habits because sometimes it is extremely hard to concentrate on work. but it is not fun slacking off.


Go visit the college before you make a decision. Once you are there, get involved! Join any clubs or organizations that sound like fun to you, make friends!


Well i would say to go to a college or university that has good accreditation and somewhere that offers the best scholarships.


Research your future career and find a schol that best accomidates that career.


I would definitely say look beyond the actual campus. Look into the city the campus is located in because more than likely your child will want to live off campus one day. Make sure there is adequate health care available not to mention the crime rate of the city as well on campus. Before making a final decision spend a weekend in each city you are considering. Use one day to tour the college campus and use the other day to tour the city and check out the people who live in the area. Also, keep in mind the size of the campus you are looking into. If you want a huge campus (which usually comes with a highly active social community) make sure you will be able to handle the stress and temptations of the big city campus. You definitely must have discipline if you want to succeed in any college setting, but big popular campuses host more reasons NOT to study. If you feel you will be distracted easily by social functions, you may want to start off at a small campus or community college for the first year or so then transfer to a bigger college.


I would tell anyone to just weigh their options. They should narrow down choices by city size, classroom size, and things as such.


Make sure you pick a diverse school that socially accepts everyone, gives everybody chances, and have a great learning facility with fun extracurricular activities. Good luck in the future!


I would suggest in depth research as to what the student's interest are and what colleges offer the best opportunity for that student and visit your top 5 choices to narrow it down. When you find the right college for you, you will know it!


Prepare for college while you're still in high school. Research schools and payment options early so that you aren't stressed out when it comes time to leave for school. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to have good grades. It is very hard for even average students to get scholarships in this competitive environment. Your hard work will pay off without a doubt.


When I looked at colleges, I stressed over the choice. Did I want to go to an "it" school that I knew I would have fun , or a school that would let me follow a strong career choice, or did I want to stay with my friends at the local community college? Ultimately I trusted my gut and hoped that Troy University, a small but growing college, would be the right choice for me. When you are looking for the right school and experiencing the life that goes along with it , the most important thing is to know what your personal strengths are, and what you want to gain from the school you attend. From my first day of classes and realizing my professors cared about me personally, to gettting to know and love my roommates, to going parties and study sessions, to enjoying concerts and conversation, and to finding friends and true romance that will last a lifetime, I made the right choice. I can only advise that you take a chance and trust your instincts, and you will be able to look at your choice with the same contentment that I do today.


In college you will find yourself with different schedules and commitments. You must keep track of all the dates and times tests, quizzes, and projects are due. Make sure you have one central calendar in a day planner, PDA or some other type of planner. This will help you make sure you know what's going on at all times in your college life. PDA's are most useful because you can set up alarms to remind you of things. It is critical that you are able to stay organized throughout college. Space is at a premium, and you will save a lot of time and headaches if you are able to locate all of your class notebooks, papers, and other materials. Use your calendar to plan ahead for tests and quizzes. You never know who you will run into again down the road or when you will need something. Make sure you are always nice to people in your major. As you get closer to graduation, you tend to start having classes with the same people.


When searching for the right college, a student should deside on ones personal beliefs and desires. A student should choose for themselves, not by where anyone else is going. the school needs to offer majors you are interested in and a good student involvement program. Most college offer a vast amount of organizations a student can choose from - I suggest getting started immediatly when looking for a organization to be apart of.


Be open minded and willing to make mistakes. Enjoy life, trust in God and encourage your child to reach beyond their comforfort zone.


In order to find the right college, students should start by visiting the campuses of the universities they are interested in. Focus on how comfortable you feel there and how the faculty and students interact there. Research the different academic programs, the extra-cirricular activities, and the financial aid they offer. The best resource you can use when choosing a school is knowledge. The more you know, the better prepared you are. Once you have decided, try to make the most of your experience there. As you meet new people and join groups, you will find out the best person you can be. At TROY, I was unsure about where I would fit in and what my career path would be. As I talked with students and faculty, I found an organization that seems to be niche. It feels so natural to be a part of and I find myself growing and learning more each day. I know that because I am a part of this group I am better prepared to face the world once I graduate from this university. And it is all because I made the right choice for me.


I would tell psrents to let the child choose there major and not to pressure the child on selecting a major right away or to force one on them. I would tell them to let their child enjoy the college experience socially and education wise. Choose the college that fits the child, not the parent.


To make the most of the college experience, one would always remember that you're at college to educate and find yourself. Social life is a must, but it can't take a back seat to your studies or you'll be doing yourself a disservice. When looking at colleges, you should look for reviews from past and current students. If you live an alternative lifestyle, you may not want to attend a college that is know by students to not be very accepting. The information is out there; you just have to find it. Research, Research, Research! Your education is the most important (and expensive) investment that you can make in your future and you can NEVER do too much research.