Troy University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Well you should decide on the college that you would best fit in at academicly and social life wise at the school you are considering. Family or friend ties to any school should not make your decision if its not right for the student


Plan ahead.


The advice I would give to parents and/or students is to have a planner and write everything down! This helps to keep track of all their obligations, including classes, study time, organizational meetings, and "me time". Learning these things early will help college students be successful and make the most of their time at Troy University.


Don't let them over-think their decison and analyize everything about the school. It's kinda like when you find your soulmate. You don't question it, you don't look for it, it just kinda comes to you and right then and there you just know that that is where you are supposed to be. This is my second year at Troy University and I still absolutly love it. I almost went to another school right out of high school just to follow my friends and one week before graduating decided that I didn't really think I would be happy there. Those people are still my friends but the friends I've made here, I couldn't imagine not having in my life. The end result of the college decision usually turns out just the way that it's supposed to. It's all apart of the plan. Stress only makes it worse and helps no one. So No worries, and Good Luck! :)


Find a college that you are comfortable with. The one that makes you feel at home when you visit. Try to speak to people that are connected to the college that you are considering such as employees, students, alumni and members of the surrounding community. Ask questions about their experiences, good and bad. I would also suggest asking what department, office or person has been the most helpful. Colleges often have services or programs meant to help student with a multitude of things that are not necessarily well publicized.


The first step to finding the right college is deciding on the environment you want to be surrounded by. The environment is so important because it has many influences on the student. Being in a big city, a student is more drawn to activities outside of college because there is so much to do. A small town is more calm and a better studying setting. The next step should be the size of the college. In small colleges, the student can receive more one on one time with the professors, but they may find a better selection of study buddies in a big college. If you know what field you want to go into, you need to find a college that offers your desired major. Depending on your form of transportation, you need to determine the distance you want to be from home. Once you have settled on a college that fits you and your personality, you should try to enjoy the experience. You need to make new friends and get involved in campus activities. You should get to know your professors and classmates. College is one of the greatest adventures in a lifetime if you have an optimistic attitude.


Both the student AND the parents should be comfortable in the decision on which college to attend. Whether at home or far away, when all feel good about the decision, things will be much smoother. Don't forget to discuss how often the student will be on campus and at home. Keep a good balance on everything. Parents, don't focus only on academics and students don't focus only on extracurricular activites. Make time for studying but also make time for yourself to relax and rejuvenate. This will make you college experienc much more enjoyable. Also don't sweat the small stuff. You are allowed to have fun, just don't overdo it.


My advice to find a college is to find one where you fill at home. My first choice was to go to a big university, but when I visited Troy University, I felt right at home. The campus is not too small, but not too big. Most students show a great sense of school pride and are really involved. Another thing in finding the right college is to find a college with your major that has a good department with your major in it. You also have to look at the price of school. College is getting more and more expensive, and everyone doesn't get financial aid. With all of these steps combined, you should be able to find the perfect university.


Cost certainly is at the forefront of every educational plan made by parents and /or students. However, one really must must consider the greater picture. For example, administration, campus security, affiliations, athletics, and a strong focus on the fine and liberal arts should be intertwined. No college is perfect. However, there are many fine institutions out there just waiting for an eager and ambitious young person to shine on its campus. Troy University is an outstanding institution ranked as one of the very best in the Southeast by the Princeton Review. Too, it has campus in three other Alabama cities, several states, and dozens of international campuses. It is fastly approaching the long-desired title "One Great University" (OGU). For those parents and students who are uneasy about choosing a huge, nationally renowned university simply because of tradition or prestige, the answer might be easier than expected. Troy University offers all of the richest academic and real-world experiences on a comfortable, elegant small Southern campus. Though only a Division 1 school, its accredidations, international acclaims, and recent local renovations / constructions are making Troy University a worldwide force that prepares its students for success in the global economy of tomorrow.


When visiting colleges, break away from the group and talk to the students, the ones leading you around gloss over reality because they aren't allowed to say anything negative about the school. Most students have no problem giving you the campus reality. Get a course book, to make sure they offer what you want. After you find the college for you, keep the crazy for the weekend, don't get classes that are earlier than you're willing to wake up, go to at least one home football game, surf the extracurriculars, and if you must join the greek system (which takes up a lot of time and money, not to mention that fraternities and sororities have forgotten the meaning of being Greek) wait until your second semester so you know you can handle the load.


The student-to-be should take a semester or two off and work, or travel, or volunteer before jumping into college. Universities are not so much another step on the way to a diploma and a high-paying job as they are an individual's proving ground. Go into it equipped with as much life experience as you can, so as to better understand what you need to get out of the school system. Don't be afraid to talk to the faculty about what you need or want out of your programs: in any school, you get out of it as much or as little as you are willing to take.


Find a college that fits you. Always look at cost and expenses.


It is important to always research the colleges you are interested in! Just because a college or university looks good on paper or in a brochure doesn't mean it's the perfect one for you. Make sure they offer activities and clubs that pique your interest. You don't want to be bored, and extracurricular activities are a great way to spend time and meet new friends. In order to make the most of your college experience, don't be shy! Go out there and talk to people, because you never know who you'll have things in common with. In class, speak with your professors and don't stay hidden in the back. You never know when you may need a favor, and a friendly professor is a good person to have on your side. Most of all, HAVE FUN! College is one of the best experiences of young adulthood, and it's meant to be enjoyed.