University of Arkansas-Fort Smith Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


My advice for students would be to take a leap of faith. Even if you feel like college isn't right for you, take a chance. It's amazing the opportunities and chances you'll have once you walk on the campus. Take time to enjoy your college experience and meet new people while still planning for you future. It's never too early nor too late to better yourself and college is just the thing to do that. My advice for parents would be don't worry about money. There is plenty of help out there and plenty of advisors on campus to help you and your child in finding that help. Also, don't be afraid to let go. Let you child experience life to it's fullest. Encourage them to take chances and to get out there and make a name and a life for themselves. All in all, college is the one place you can go to ensure positive influences and brighter futures.


First, apply to all the colleges that you are interested to, and visit them. Sit in a classroom and listen to the lectures. Second, apply for every financial aids you are eligible for. They are a lot of ways to get money to fund for your college experience, but you have to be willing to look for it. Third, get involved on the campus because thats how you find friends, and find things you like to do outside of school and studying for you courses. Getting involved and being social can be a nice break from the rough courses and the studying. Last, if you can afford it, live on campus. It beats having to get up and fight for a parking space, and most of all its a great way to learn how to be independent, and find a lot of new friends that will end up being your friends for life.


Parents, let your kids choose which college they get to go to, don't hold them back for selfish reasons. They only get to go to college once, so let them go where they want. They won't let you down by not learning, they'll actually try harder, to make sure you won't be disappointed. They may make some bad choices, but you live and learn. They'll do better after learning how not to do it.


Remember that picking a college because it sounds neat is not wise. Make a pros and cons list and think about all of the options. Get involved on campus, and find out what your school has to'll be suprised what you find they have.


If I were going to give advice to someone I would first off say you should just choose whats feels right to you. Dont make your decision based on your parents or someone else. You should go on a visit to the school and after that you will know already if its right for you. I knew when I came to The University of Arkansas at Fort Smith it was the right place for me academically and athletically! I hope you make a wise decision as to which school you choose. I know I did!


My advise to finding a college is to start looking during the students senior year of college, or even junior year. This is because you not only need to find the right college, you have to apply, find scholarships, financal aid, and more. Don't forget that you will be spending the next 4-6 years of you life there. Also find what you want major you want to declare. I've seen many undeclared students spend money on useless classes when they don't have too.


Find a college that has almost everything that you want, dont settle with the first one that you see, find one that there are student resources that will help you study or relearn thing things in class that were not tought well, And last find one that you can afford when they secretly apply charges to you account and you have to pay for them.


There are some critical points that need to be addressed when looking for the right college. The main concern would be the avalabilty of the classes you need to obtain your goal of a degree. My advice would be to meet with professors and advisors before making a choice as well as looking into what the everyday students say not just the ambassadors that are selected to promote the school. They are there to tell you all the good but in times forget to mention the bad. Question everything and know everything there is to know about a school and its workings. Just because tuition may be cheaper does not mean the school is going to have what you need. Find what you need and then make a decision. As for making the most of your college experience, find a balace between work and study. Make the grade and make friends, they will both help you in your college life and social life and make it an easier ride for you. Enjoy your college experience to the fullest you only have it once.


Find a school that makes you feel comfortable when you first walk on campus (yes you should visit a campus that you are considering spending a great amount of time attending). Research multiple opportunities and schools and allow no limit to your search; remember that you can begin narrowing choices later. Keep in mind the cost of your education when making decisions such as housing and living expenses. However, realize that sometimes spending the extra money up front will allow you to focus more on the quality of your education while you receive it rather than scrimping through your college journey which could create more work in the long run. In other words, prepare yourself to be successful and make awesome grades. College is an intense amount of work but should be fun so become involved socially. Lastly, follow your heart and have fun learning and earning more opportunities for your life!


This school is very education oriented and will make sure that your student has what they need to attent classes. If you want to be part of a great college community then UA Fort Smith is the right one for you. I can only say good things about this college.


You have to pick a school that is right for you. You have to apply yourself by putting 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} into your education. Don't wait and go today.


I would not just look at one college. Try to get as many scholarships for at least three different schools. By doing this you can simply weigh out the positives and negatives at all three schools. This in return will allow you to make a good decision regarding the college you plan to attend.


Dear prospective students/or parent, The right college should be determined first most by the quality of the faulty and real world experience of which the faulty have. Next would be the cost of the education at the university. After those two most important attributes would fall; the living situation of the student (on-campus vs. off-campus living) , quality of university buildings/classrooms, physical aesthetics, distance from parents, and helpfulness of university administration. The college experience should be well balanced with both social and educational situations. Universities allow students to expand both mentally as well as socially. Study hard, and play hard. Join as many university extracurricular activities as you can without impacting your grades. This is done for two reasons. Firstly to allow new students to meet people/develop new friendships, and secondly to allow you to take a break from your studies.


To talk to students who have been through the program you will be applying for. To only go to school if you know your ready to commit to a big responsibility. To go to a school that will help you with scholarships, or that has an abundant amount of scholarships available. To always look for what is more convienant and affordable for you.


I really dont know. I would say chose the school that offers the degree you want to excel in and try to be involved in the school activities. Don't be shy, try to make many friends while you are there. Don't forget to study and finish all work that is given to you to inable you to became better in your degree. Find a school that offers financial aid and make sure that you understand the terms of the financial aid that is offered. Just get out there and enjoy.


To students looking for the right college I would like start of saying that the single most important thing to picking a college is being prepared. Make sure to be involved in anything you can at school and always work to keep your grades top notch. If you do this you have that many more colleges to pick from. When you begin to look at colleges forget what your friends are doing, they should be irrelevant when it comes to picking colleges because their needs from college may be 180 degrees different than yours. Also try not to worry about the cost to much because it might sway your decision in the wrong direction, when in the end, you will be more than able to pay your debts. However, if you took your highschool days very seriously this WON'T be problem. If you are one of the lucky ones who knows exactly what they want then choosing a major isn't a problem but, if you aren't, don't be discouraged just take it easy your first year and see whats out there. I hate to use such a cliche but the the possibilities are literally endless.


Do your research!


Make sure you let your child go for what they want. If they fail at their dream, they have the satisfaction of knowing they tried. If they fail at your dream, they know they were dragged down. Always try to ask existing students of the college how the college has treated them


I would tell the future college student to make the most of the college experience. Make lots of friends and particapate in college activities, clubs and groups. The friends that you make in college will be with you for a life time. Also, college is a once in a lifetime experience, don't let it stress you out and make it less fun than it can be.




The most important thing to remember is to keep your options open. There are many great school's out there with amazing teachers, classes, organizations, and other activities. It is important to pick a school that feels comfortable for you. To make sure that you like the learning environment and social environment as well. Take your time and pick the right size school for you and has the things you like to do. Make sure you are happy were you and it is where you want to be not where someone else wants you to be.


As parents or students, finding the right university can often be stressful, frustrating, or difficult. The easiest way to find the right college is to take a campus tour and see what the university has to offer, such as majors, minors, and extracurricular activities. After you have decided the college that you will attend, all you have to do is to cherish your experience in college. Make the most of your college experience by exceeding in your classes, making new friends, and participating in activities that interest you. Also, be open-minded. Just because you have not participated in a play before in your life, it never hurts to give it a try in college. Try new things, have fun, and enjoy college while it lasts.


I would tell parents to encourage their childern to attend college, and to find what they are interested in. Let them know that it is ok to change your mind. Students need to take General Education classses the 1st two or three semesters until they fully decide on a major. That way expense and time isn't wasted on classes taken the 1st semester and changing degree plans. Tell students to enjoy each college class and take CLEP exams in course work during your senior year in high school.


Everybody wants to go to college for a better education, but I would let parents and students know that you can get the same education for fractions of the price if you go to smaller schools. Going to the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith as opposed to the big school in Fayetteville, I am saving tens of thousands of dollars and getting the exact same education. The only difference I would say for picking a larger school is for social reasons. I believe that one's college experience should be educational of course, but it is also supposed to be fun. College is where you are going to meet the people who you will know and keep track of for the rest of your life. Social life is going to be better at a larger school because they have the money to do so. Basically whatever school you choose you will get out what you put into it. I am attending a small school and am having a blast and wouldn't trade my experiences here for anything. Good luck.


Start early and try to get scholarship to help as much as possible because college can get pretty pricey. Study just a few time is all you need for a good grade.