University of Florida Top Questions

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It's a bigger school and well known throughtout the world.


The sense of school pride and togetherness.


It was much bigger than other schools I was considering as well as more focused on sports.


We have one of the best athlectics program in the US. I feel lucky to be a part of such an amazing sports school. It really brings everyone together. And the alumni are very helpful and present


it has great school spirit


This school is very spirit oriented and most everyone who grtaduates from this University ends up being successful in their life after college.


UF is large school but I have found all of my professors to be very open and helpful. They expected us to take initiative though, they don't baby the students but are always willing to asist the students. There is a lot of school pride and everyone is fanatical about sports. There are alot of opportunites to get involved whether through academics or through sports.


SEC National Champs, 2 time baseketball champions, heisman winner, really good top ranked business school


There is a strong school spirit here and numerous clubs and organizations to join. It's a huge school, and it may take awhile to find your niche. However, once you do, you find the best friends of your life. This school has a massive support system from everyone in advisement to all the students around you. There is always something to do in this town--academically, artistically, athletically, or whatever else someone likes. Transportation is great, housing is reasonable, people are respectful and friendly, and it is absolutely beautiful here.


The University of Florida had amazing weather year round, awesome Division-1 sports to watch, and a great reputation. It's also centrally located in Florida; I can make it to the beach in an hour, Orlando in 1.5 hours, back home in 3 hours, and Tallahassee in 2 hours. It also had the best bang-for-your-buck. I am paying the cheapest tuition for the best education.


How everyone is studious


The professors are the top in the country in their field of study.


Diverse and Huge. UF has so much to offer to its students. You will learn so much by the time you graduate.


Florida claims to be a nation. And it's tru... the Gator Nation can be found everywhere. People are proud to be alumni and current students, their proud to be professors and sports fanatics. You do not find the unity of the Gator Nation at any other school that I have seen to date.


It's the University of Florida!! The Gator Nation. It's a lifelong bond that the students who go here will always treasure. Thats something that you can't find at any other school!!


The campus is absolutely beautiful. Social lives and getting involved are both highly encouraged. We have the best school spirit of any college!! GO GATORS!!!


It has a tradition of pride and excellence.


Partying is a given as we get together friday saturday to RELAX . Drugs are a no no. Beer is fine as long as you share and dont forget to study . if you goof off and just party we all go down . Lets keep our level above BERKELEY in california.


You will read in UF's materials and hear from their student ambassadors that UF is great. In many cases, ignore these people because they work for the school...THAT BEING SAID: they're right. You will have the time of your life at UF. It won't always be perfect, you might have schedule issues/grade issues/transportation issues but you will never find yourself regretting choosing UF. UF is a school that will give you great post-graduate options and the most incredible undergrad life you could ask for. You can expect nothing better elsewhere.


the questions covered it all.


i love UF, but the couselors are the only part i would really change. To be more caring


It has been a good experience but I think UF is losing its quality in the education aspect.


I think that I basically summed it all up. Gainesville is not the greatest place to be in my opinion but I've gotten used to it and I seem to be keeping out of trouble and being focused on my studies so that's a plus I guess. I love going to the mall to shop, hanging out with friends, watching movies, and being involved in Alpha Phi Omega!!


GO GATORS. Our school is absolutely fantastic. I love being a GATOR!!!!!


GO GATORS!!!!!!!




I am very glad I decided to go to UF. It was the best decision I have ever made!


I'm filling out this survey on behalf of Alpha Phi Omega.


the parking situation is ugly. the administration doesn't seem to care much about education only football, which is overrated.


well just for an airing of grievances: the physical plant people need to be alot more careful when their driving around DOWN THE SIDEWALKS, the BICYCLES are not vehicles!!!--no one else in florida enforces that law!!!, and living on campus during football season if AWFUL. people need to care less about football and more about academics!!!


I love UF and couldn't possibly conceive of being anywhere else. :)


Drama happens, no matter who you are or what organization you are involved in. Make the most out of your have to grow up when it's over.


UF is not a dorm-focused campus. People may start out in the dorms, but generally get an apartment as of 2nd year. I did freshman year in dorms, then apartment for one year, then lived in a house for the last half of undergrad + master's degree.


I LOVE THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA and will never forget my time here. i bleed orange and blue.


No, I have ranted enough.


I am part of Alpha Phi Omega a co-ed service fraternity that provides service to campus and the surrounding counties.


I think in general, UF is a great place to be. There are always the good with the bad. But, even in answering this survey, I don't really think of the bad things. It's hard to dwell on anything remotely negative when you are having a good college experience. Stuff happens; life doesn't stop because you are in college. But if you have a good enough expierence here - good friends, involved in organizations, taking interesting classes - you will stick through those bad times. It's part of being a kid. UF is really what you make it! So make the best of it :-)


All in All, as I've said before UF is a big school with some problems, but a great place to get the full college experience.


I just absolutely love my school. I was planning to go to the University of Miami, but I am so glad that I decided on UF because I have absolutely loved my college experience thus far.


I love biking around campus, and I love Krishna lunch. Those two things make my days on campus happy. I am unhappy with the food selection on campus. Chick-fa-lay SUCKS and everything else is too expensive. I think it would be nice if there were more microwaves around campus so we could bring food or popcorn to eat on campus. Also, the Gator-Dining places are way too expensive! I have never been on a meal plan, and although my family is pretty well off, I feel like I couldn't even ask for a meal plan because I don't even want to spend that much on a single meal regularly.


Uf is awesome and that's about all I could say. Great environment and great place to be and great people all around. Easy to fit in.


This is a strange survey and don't really see the purpose of it quite yet. I'm hoping that I am an outlier of whatever the results show and provide a different view point in the conclusion.


i mena, i think you got everything.


It's great to be a Florida Gator!


UF really forces you to go out there and make things happen for yourself. Being such a large campus is both a pro and con, on one hand people are cold, but on the other hand, there is a sub-community for everyone. Alpha Phi Omega




UF is an amazing school and I really love going here!


The University of Florida feels like a little United Nations. If we could make the world only a couple a couple of miles across, but keep the mix of cultures, it would be the University of Florida.


We are champions!! We know how to have fun and this is the best place to go to college in the entire world.


I'm a part of Alpha Phi Omega, National Co-ed Service Fraternity. It's a great time, with some pretty great people!! Everyone should look into it, because Tau chapter here at UFL is the best chapter out there!!