University of Maryland-College Park Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The perfect combination of academics and social life that unites University of Maryland as a strong community of students thriving for success and enjoying their lives at the same time.


College Park is a large school with a variety of majors that are suitable for anyone looking for a college education. The staff is courtious and helpful as are upper classman and graduate students. There are plenty of activities and clubs available around campus so that no one has to feel left out of enjoying an activity they wish to participate in.


It was the perfect in-state school, but I did not get to enjoy the campus life because I lived at home, had to work off campus, and had to use public transportation while attending.

Hyun Jung

University of Maryland- College Park is focused on evironmental awareness, diveristy, and academic integrity.


It will be what you make of it.


A place you can easily feel a part of.


The University of Maryland, College Park is a place of its own and I consider it to be my second home; it is full of vibrance and it is the perfect blend between strong academics and room for social growth/development.




This school is one that pushes a student to their full potential, providing us with multiple resources, and valuable opportunites that allow you to grow as a student in your career field.


I attended classes through the University of Maryland, finishing up on the main campus in College Park, Maryland which is a beautiful campus and the school itself is a top tier University that provides everything a college student needs or wants; great academics (most important to me), outstanding athletics, intermural activities, clubs, and the ability to learn and focus on what one wants to accomplish for their future in an environment that fosters critical thinking and open discussion.


Great school spirirt and amazing athletic atmosphere! The academics is rigourous but not too difficult to where I can't handle the work, the class discussions are usually very interesting topics. The student population is very diverse and has almost anything for every person on campus.


Liberal research driven school.


We take superstitions, school work and Saturdays very seriously.


My school is challenging but has all the resources you need to overcome the obstacles.


University of Maryland is a hardworking collective of students pursuing their scholarly passions and becoming the leaders of tomorrow.


A great place with genuinely friendly, open people.


UMD is what you make of it, depending on your major that dictates much of the amount of course work you will have, but everyone has the opportunity to have any type of college experience they want because the university is so diverse - you can make a big school smaller but you can never make a small school bigger.


The University of Maryland is one of the major top ranked, well-respected public research universities in the nation that offers high quality education, promotes academic excellence, and is best known for promoting cultural awareness and diversity in the student population.


UMCP has brought together an unbelievable range of students with different cultures, backgrounds, and areas of interest to achieve common goals: education, school spirit, and a good time.


The University of Maryland, College Park is a diverse school filled with a multitude of opportunities; with numerous majors and with over 500 clubs and organizations, UMD is a well rounded university which shapes their students into successful scholars ready to conquer the real world.


Western Piedmont is an affordable community college that provides a great education and is a great starting point for anyone just beginning college or anyone trying to balance work, school, and family.


My school is way better than I thought it would be.


A place where high quality academics meets the funnest, craziest, insanist, most wonderful experience on earth; perfection really.


University of Maryland is a large, diverse school with endless things to discover academically, socially, professionally, etc.


Maryland is a big school but you will never feel just like another number.


Maryland is an up-in-coming research institute filled with a diverse array of people involved with everything under the sun.


The University of Maryland is an intellectual community that provides a range of diverse students the opportunities it needs in order to establish future success, aspiration, and perseverance given their desired goals in life and within the workforce.


The student's at the University of Maryland look after one another by creating a unified community, especially during finals week by giving out free energy drinks, or writing supportive statements on the sidewalk to be seen on the way to class.


The University of Maryland is not just some "school" to go to; its the only place where 40,000 people become a loyal TERP family, immediately!


Its more of a place to get a degree than a place to learn


This university is very good for the resourceful student who knows how to use the tools that are available to them, of which there are many including career assistance, research opportunities, etc.


Beautiful, and very collegiate. The Maryland campus is the quintessential college campus. Large, green and red brick all over. Reiterating that it is large, to someone who has never seen it or comes from a smaller school, our campus' size can often astound.


University of Maryland-College Park is a diverse campus that provides students an opportunity to have a successful future.


The University of Maryland is an academic, public research based school that helps students to look past what they know, use critical thinking and excel beyond their imaginable beliefs. This school is not like any regular public University. Our students know how to work hard and still have fun at the end of the day. Many students believe in community service, internships, and great careers in the work force.


My secon home, everyone is extremely helpful and reliable.


This school is huge but it is full of some really great people and experiences that are just waiting to be found.


University of Maryland-College Park has a wide variety of students and activities.


University of Maryland is not only large in its size but also in its diveristy and wherever you are on campus one can always see people of differnt ethnic cultures; moreover there are diverse and fulfilling activites all over campus that anyone can enjoy.


The University of Maryland, diverse and stimulating, is the perfect school for anyone on the east coast, or from anywhere in the country, bringing various cultures and knowledge.


University of Maryland is a huge school with a lot of diverse people and opportunities.


Diversity will surround you each and every day.


University of Maryland is very diverse.


The campus is really pretty, especially in the fall and spring! There is a ton of school spirit!


University of Maryland-College Park is a great school, on a huge campus that unfortunatley cost a lot of money to attend.


My school is full of diversity, school spirit, teamwork, opportunities to grow and learn, new relationships waiting to occur, exciting education in both the classroom and everyday life, and most importantly my school is providing me the chance to live up to my full potential in life.


The University of Maryland, College Park is my ideal school, being as though it has every component that the "real world" has including; hardwork, fun, distractions, diversity, and various obstacles that can either hinder or enhance your experiences and stay on campus and at the university.


My school is big and has a lot of different majors to offer.


UMD-CP is a school that is made up of a collection of talented, involved, and determined students from all parts of the world with different paths of life.


The University of Maryland is the most diverse community I've ever encountered, where one can engage any interest or hobby with the hundreds of clubs offered, or in the rare occassion that none such club catering to your interest exists, you can easily create your own!


My school provides a rigorous educational program that is necessary for acquiring a good job after graducation as well as the close environment necessary to relax after a long day of classes.