University of Maryland-College Park Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The University of Maryland is the perfect institution to see all aspects of life; its diverse and lively.


This is a school that teaches students to excel in a number of areas such as social, academic and athletic.


The journalism program at the University of Maryland has a great faculty that places emphasis on the students relationships with each other as well as writing ability.


Here you are a number, a figure, another face in a sea of endless faces. If you encounter a problem you will be politely pushed aside by those who have "better" more important things to do, other than their job, which is to help you. There is literally no financail support and the cost for this school is ridiculously high. Though there is massive school spirit due to the high value of sports on this campus I in no way feel proud to say I'm a Terp.


At UMCP you will find only the most brilliant dedicated and driven minds and bodies.


UMD has great sense of school pride and we are very driven is everything we do.


This is a party school, but its also incredibly diverse--not in the sense that there's a lot of black people, but in the sense that there is such a wide array of interests and nationalities and lifestyles represented here.


The capus is located in a small, friendly town with amazing professors that work with you when you need the extra help. There are wonderful outdoor activities year round. The community is very involed and supportive of the college.




University of Maryland has a nice campus, extensive resources, and great advising support, I suggest that students take self defense classes as the campus can be fairly dangerous.


The University of Maryland can supply everything you need to be successful after graduation if you choose to be academically focused while you are here.


The University of Maryland, College Park, is a large, top-ranking university that offers numerous and accredited programs, encourages students to participate in student-run orgranizations, community service activities and internships in Washington D.C and baltimore, and also develope long-lasting friends.


The University of Maryland, College Park was, is, and will continue to be a world-wide mixing bowl of not only the academically wealthy minds of today, but also the authors of the world's next chaper to come.


My school is my family; we help each other through the bad times and celebrate the amazing times.


Keep up qith the readings from the beginning and attend classes regularly. Join a group to do community services. Keep relationship with the professors.


This school is very diversed and provides over 100 student-organized groups that meet your interests.


UMCP is one of the best colleges in Maryland!


It strives for excellence and is very diverse with lots of great majors.


A school you graduate from feeling proud.


UMD is a very well organized school that offers lot of carreer development


A combination of academic challenges, fun school spirit, and a good social life.


UMD is a very diverse and welcoming college that provides the best bang-for-your-buck education in the country!


so much fun while still getting the education i want to have a great career


University of Maryland College Park is big and diverse.


The University of Maryland College Park i s the perfect school for exploring different career paths and discovering yourself.


UMD is a friendly, beautiful school with high academic standards.


The University of Maryland is a school in which students most effectively combine learning, researching, exploring, challenging themselves, socializing, relaxing, and cheering on their teams to create the ultimate college experience.


UMUC originally started for military folks has grown to include working adults. The programs offered make it easy for non traditional working adults like myself to attend. Additionally, the idea of not having to sit for graduate entrance exams was the most appealing reason for choosing UMUC.


A largely populated campus with a large variety of opportunities which suit every students individual needs and goals.


The University of Maryland is an exceptional institution that engages its students in all aspects of life from educational, recreational, religious, to intrest groups, both helping and challenging students, while giving each person a chance to reach their full potential.


Maryland has amazing school spirit that is evidenced in the students, faculty, campus and even the Washington DC area.


Maryland is a school where you can choose to do whatever you want, and have fun while doing it.


University of Maryland College Park is a beautiful school that allows individuals of all races to enter and come together through academics, sports, and other activities because of the outgoing nature of the students and faculty who attend and work there.


It is a typical large state university.


The University of Maryland is a four year college known for its prestige, and multicultural facility, that opens to a variety of majors for student sucess.


University of Maryland affords students with many opportunities to advance their skills in their future careers, it promotes diversity, and community awareness.


The University of Maryland provides engaging academics and entertaining extraciricular activities, this creates an environment which is the best of everything students want.


The University of Maryland, with the help of a dedicated staff and challenging courses, allows students to realize thier full potential and it introduces a diverse environment where students can learn about others and, most importantly, themselves.


It's generally an excellent university - nice campus, nice faculty and nice students.


University of Maryland is a small city that attracts college students from around the world due to its research potentials, majors availability, and proximity to the nation's capital.


You get out of UMD what you put into it.


UMD has something for everybody, from all different kinds of backgrounds.


Th University of Maryland: College Park is a diverse, and caring institution in which peers and professors help you find out who you want to be!


The University of Maryland is has a lot of school spirit and the students work hard to play hard.


UMD is a large, diverse school with an opportunity for all to find what they are truly interested in.


My school is a large, diverse, community in which students are given a chance to become successful.


University of Maryland is a largely diverse college university with a variety of challenging academic majors in order to explore and discover a career path for each student to love and be successful


Friendly, warm, and energetic.


University of Maryland is the best university in the world.


Not good