University of Maryland-College Park Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The University of Maryland in College Park is a research-driven institution that embraces the vitality of education through first-hand learning and being able to provide the resources necessary for students to gain imperative knowledge on their own in order to be better prepared once they reach the work force.


School spirited and academically focused.


Diverse and has a lot of groups/organizations so anyone can find a group to belong to.


My school is incredibly diverse and provides many opportunities for its students to flourish, academically and extra-curricularly/co-curricularly.


The University of Maryland is an outstanding institution which is securing my future and giving me an experience of a life time.


A place with a plethora of diversity, where no matter what race or ethnicity they are, they all party the same way.


Great learning atmosphere.


Large, diverse campus with rigorous academics and many social activities, and tons of school spirit.


University of Maryland is a highly competitve university, and a lot is expected of you as a student; be sure to work hard and keep your priorities in order and things should work out the way you desire.


It is a school that provides quite a considerable amount of service and gives you most of the right tools you need to succeed in life, even though they usually expect you to do most of the searching yourself.


The University of Maryland has students that are very individual, enjoyable, and motivated, while having a good education and relaxed atmosphere.


University of Maryland is an extremely diverse school.


Go Terps! to say Maryland had alot of school spirit would be an under estimation; Everyday the majority of the students will be wearing something to show there school spirit, and there is always a game somewhere on campus or on TV at one of the bars.


My school is focused, fun and enthusiac!


My school is a wonderful school which enables interaction and great socialization among peers as well as a stimulating and enjoyable learning environment with engagin professors and challening academic curriculum.


Always there to help, and have all the classes you need for your major


Big diverse campus.


A research institution, cold and compassionless, pulling students through a grinder to grease its gears and fatten its coffers; those who survive, however, will have a decent job immediately if they're in one of the right majors.


Maryland is a very social, sports loving, fun loving, gigantic school to be at, and although this can be a challenge, it has also provided a ton of opportunities for students like me to get involved and make a difference in the community!


A home, community, and family away from home.


My school is an achademically sound community where students are free to exercise their opinions, socialize whith a diverse group of individuals, and discover themselves all while getting a quality education.


Good school but this university doesn't care about the individual.


College town with history behind it


The U of M is a little city that provides a lot of opportunities for its students.


The University of Marlyand at College Park is a great place to learn, and to make friends.


A very accepting, social school with something for everyone that attends it


Academically challenging, engaging, tough, thought provoking campus that hates Catholics.


It is a very large and diverse school but people usually tend to stick with their own cliques.


University of Maryland is a school with a big campus and diverse student body


A beautiful suburban campus and a very diverse student body in the middle of urban college park. very close to washington, DC that most students have internships or volunteer or go there for class projects. Just hop on the metro.


This school is extremely diverse with a balance of school, extra cirricular activities, and a social life.


UMCP is a large school and it's easy to feel lost, but if you do things right you'll enjoy it.


Never a dull moment.


Accepting everyone who wants to come.


UMD is big, spirited, expensive, but a gerat place to learn.


College Park is exploding with school spirit, success, and challenging academics.


UMD is an amazing value for the academics i am receiving.


UMD is a wild yet respected state school that truly has something for everyone.


Big, loud, and full of energy.


My school is academically challenging, with a diverse populous who are always encouraged to learn and succeed by the caring faculty.


Big, pretty, home.


Univesity of Maryland. College Park is the perfect real life example of what a televison inspired campus looks like.


University of Maryland is an amazing school because it is close to D.C., yet green and spacious; has great sports teams yet values good education; and has a great student-friendly atmosphere within the campus and in the town of College Park.


A large and diverse group of people all working towards the same goal of bettering the world around them.