University of Maryland-College Park Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Since UMD has a very big campus and a lot of diversity, any type of person finds it very easy to adjust into school environment. People at UMD are very friendly and helping, which bascially makes everyone attracted towards it. Faculty members are very helping and go beyond their duty to help students exceed academically. UMD has over 100 social groups, and it gives you an opportunity to start your own social group.


Definitely someone with an out going personality, it is a big campus, a shy person would probably be overwhelmed. Someone who enjoys sports. Someone who is looking to do engineering, buisness, or kinesiology.


This school is for absolutely anyone. Our student population is extremely diverse and the campus and classes fit everyone's needs. You can make this campus as big or as small as you want it to be.


This university is for students who are looking for all of the advantages of attending a large city school without living in the city. There is easy access to Washington D.C. while the campus itself is outside of the urban environment. The university is very research oriented and has state of the art facilities. Undergraduates are encouraged to take part in research, allowing for hands on learning experiences. Maryland is a large school, but the faculty are easily accessible and there are numerous on-campus resources that ensure the students are not overwhelmed by its size.


Anyone. There are so many kinds people that anyone can fit in.


Fulltime workers, parents, miltary, and older students.


You need to meet the efforts of your professors halfway. Introductory classes may have 100+ students, but professors are quick to notice raised hands -- even if you sit in the back -- and many linger after class to answer questions. When I e-mailed my bioengineering professor for help on a research project, he replied past midnight with several paragraphs. If you can work hard on your own and ask for help, at UMCP you’ll get not only a great education but a network of faculty that notice you and are genuinely interested in your success.


A student whose ready to work hard and succeed.


People with high level of desire for knowledge should attend this school.


A good kind of person for the University of Maryland needs to be perseverent. One needs spirit and persistence to overcome the many obstacles including both failure and the fear of failure. Since the school offers a wide variety of career paths and majors, it is easy to get lost and fear exploration. Students need to realize that the university is not only about competition to get ahead but also a doorway to discover oneself.


The school is so big it allows for the fit of almost any one. There are tons clubs, so there must be something of interest to make friend. If not the school allows for self starting clubs.


The University of Maryland has such a large, unique student body as well as hundreds of clubs on campus, that there is a niche for everyone. However, each student must be willing to take the risk to step outside of their comfort zone and become involved to meet other students. The ability to take on this risk is important because for some people this can be overwhelming. With large lecture halls, it is important that students take the effort to get to know their professors and also to take advantage of all the invaluable opportunities that Maryland provides its students.


I think the kind of person who enjoys a large campus feel and interested in staying in the DC Metro area. The campus is much more attractive than any other DC area school. I think a person who is used to the New England lifestyle would really enjoy it here. Students who are ruggedly independent may also find the amount of opportunities quite appealing.


Someone who likes large schools, likes to interact, and likes city life.


Anyone who is truly open to learning. College, The University of Maryland, is packed with extremely knowledgeable individuals. Anyone who is looking to broaden their horizons or just simply learn new things should go to college period.


The University of Maryland is a great school for students looking for a great community atmosphere with the benefits of a big campus as well. There are literally hundreds of clubs and organizations for students to get involved in depending on their interests. Watching sports games is a huge part of campus life. Students also engage in community service activites, hanging out around campus, and being involved in campus activities. Maryland is as big as you make it. You could walk around every day and meet someone new, but you'll always see someone you know as well.


any type of person


Outgoing individuals looking to both expand their social and academic horizons as well as have fun, party, and join social hierarchy that is college.


An individual who is very hardworking and goal-oriented.


The type of student that should attend the University of Maryland is one seeking endless opportunity, amazing school spirit and challenging academics. It is the perfect place for someone who values personal growth as well as solid academics. College is the time for integral introspective learning ,which coincides with gaining knowledge in academia. Therefore a sizeable public university such as the University of Maryland is fitting for those seeking a catalogue of choices and who has drive to order the parts to the product they would like to obtain at the end of a four year degree.


I think anyone could attend this school! The great thing about college is that you could meet any type of person. However, I do believe that a person who attends this school should be focused and careful about their college experiences. This person should also be friendly and have an interest in helping their community. This is something very special about the school.


Someone who is dedicated to higher education, and who is open-minded would thrive at this school. There is a diverse group of people, available majors and course offerings, and social activities and groups. This is a great place to learn, network, and evolve as a person. UMCP gave me the opportunity to explore different career options, since they have so many different programs, and I felt supported by my professors. I also had ample opportunities to get involved in research and in the operations of various departments on campus. What a phenomenal experience!


If you are looking for a challenge with a strong school name to back you once you graduate, this is the University to be at! If you like working out and sports, the gym and the athletic programs, from what I see and hear, are great! The campus is beautiful and there are a lot events throughout the semester. I fell in love with this place and I definately want to graduate here. If you fall in like or love with things easily and are scouting schools, you better avoid this one, because you wont want to go.


Men and women in the armed forces, business professionals, full-time employees, and those who are have odd working schedules and are self-disciplined . Why have I selected people in these catergories? Because these kind of people do not have the time to attend a lecture in a classroom setting. Online courses work because they are conveniently designed around your schedule, but those enrolled must poseess the right amount of self-discipline in order to remain focused on completing the assigned material on a regular basis.


A perfect Maryland student is someone who enjoys a big campus atmosphere and enjoys taking part in different activities and meeting many new friends.


Everybody would feel at home at the University of Maryland. Because of the diversity of the student population and the diversity of majors, classes, and activities that are readily available, there is no one person that would fit into the school better than the other. It really is for everybody!


Some one who is focused and likes to be in a large busy urban environment. You need to be self-motivated, no one is going to hold your hand here. It's fun and social but they expect a lot of their students.


One phrase pretty much sums it up. ?All Alcoholics Aboard!?. The school is very class set so if you?re not like someone else you don?t get into the frat parties and are forced to attend the bars. Which of course require fake id?s which require money not only to get the Id but to get into the bars ever weekend. This University is the epitome of high school movie. There?s the Jocks, the Preps, the Goths, there?s even the grumpy lunch lady. So if you?re not a stereotype and don?t like them, RUN


The University of Maryland is a big school. It can easily take 25 minutes to walk from one side of the campus to the other, and sometimes you will have to. In addition, there are tens of thousand of students on the campus, and even more that commute. You need to be prepared to meet new people and experience new things. If crowds scare you, Maryland is not the place. Professors don't always have time to check up on you so you need to be self driven concerning work. If you can do this, you'll be fine.


Maryland would be a good school for any person that wants options. There are over 500 clubs and activities that someone can be involved with and many majors to choose from. If one is indecisive on a major, Maryland would be a good choice because there is a wide variety of majors.


People who attend the University of Maryland should enjoy a very large school with endless possibilities. They must enjoy being part of large classes and meeting new people everyday. People who are interested in research should attend my school because we are one of the tp research universities in the nation. Also, people who attend my school should have high school spirit and like a school that is very focused on athletics and diversity as well as academics.


Someone who's sure of what they want to get into and is driven to succeed in their future. Someone who's a self-starter and self-motivated will exceed at this school while floaters will find it difficult to do well.


Someone who is focused, has a drive, interested in learning new topics and is not afraid of chanllenges


The type of student that should attend the University of Maryland, College Park is someone who is motivated, intelligent, and appreciateive of diversity. The University of Maryland strives for academic excellence by providing various top tier educational majors, exceptional proffesors, and reliable resources. Tutors and advising sessions help student stay motivated and choose the best educational path. The college also fosters cultural learning by embracing the different ethnic backrounds of students by allowing students to host clubs and promoting campus wide unity.


Someone who wants to interact with a diverse group of people and get a very well-rounded education


If you are a person that is open to diversity. Someone that is not afraid of a big campus. A person needs to take the initiative to grab all the oppurtunites around them because there is a lot on this campus. You must be a diligent and hardworking person as well. Readings in most class are plenty so falling behind will not do a student well.


One of the greatest things about my school is its sheer size. As a result, the school is host to a wide variety of people. In general I would recommend that a person be fairly social if they plan on attending this school due to the volume of people one encounters on a daily basis. I could not recommend any single type of person to attend the school because that is not what my school is about. It would be very upsetting if the school wasn't the giant melting pot that it is now.


This could could accodomate any type of student. This is a great school for everyone!


Anyone can come to this school. Though the school is liberal, people of every possible situation attend. I see students of so many ethnicities, religions, and languages: it is a wake-up call to myself that I am in the real world when I walk to class, passing two separate people on the phone, speaking two separate languages. I see a man that wears a dress and heels to class, another that wears no shirt or shoes at all, and then a woman that wears a cape. Everyone has the opportunity feel accepted, no exceptions.


UMD College Park is a very large school with a very diverse student body and academic setup. This school is great for someone who may not be sure what they want to major in. UMD offers almost any type of major imaginable and is a great place to go if you are undecided, or wanted to change their mind. The school also conducts a lot of research and would be perfect for someone interested in it. UMD is also great for someone who likes to get involved as there are hundreds of student groups and many opportunities to volunteer.


Any student with a burning passion for their major and a desire to contribute their studies and academic curiosities to the real world would find University of Maryland perfectly fulfilling. The university offers an impressive selection of majors and minors, and countless ways to further one?s academic experience outside the classroom. On-site research opportunities, prestigious internships in the nation?s capital, study abroad programs in intriguing countries, independent study options, and flexibility in adjusting coursework to match specific interests are just a few. Best of all, Maryland does a great job helping students find funding for these endeavors.


Maryland's students come in all shapes and sizes. Some are very outgoing while others are more on the shy side. Each student however has a strong will to succeed in life and become party of the College Park experience. Any person with high expectations for life and those who want to meet wonderful people with both talent in the classroom and personal hobbies should attend Maryland. Each person who attends Maryland finds there own niche and explores his or her field to the fullest. No one specific type loves Maryland because all of the students do.


Someone who is an "all around person." The typical Maryland student can balance studying, going out, volunteering, etc.


People with sky-high goals and big dreams should attend the University of Maryland in College Park. UMD offers the resources and assistance any student would need in order to pursue the career that they have always wanted. Also, a person who enjoys a competitive atmosphere would find UMD to be their best fit. UMD's 9 Limited Enrollment Programs (LEP) are the toughest majors to pursue, and over half of the student body is in one or two of these programs. "Unstoppable Starts Here" was not coined without substance; every word of this UMD motto rings true for students.


Someone who likes big campuses and sports.


Students should be dedicated, focused, and willing to learn. Students should be willing to understand diversity and involve themselves in culturally competent groups and activities. Students should not focus on the black and white experience of college, but be willing to step outside of the box.


You have to be ready to invest many hours studying and researching in your field. In my field, Physiology and Neurobiology, there are many horizons to be discovered and that is what makes it interesting, mysterious , and challenging. You have to have patients and be ready for solving many unresolved phenomenon in your field.


Someone who likes a big campus.


someone who is not afraid of being at a big school. someone who is socially ept because otherwise it will be difficult to make friends. someone who is moderately intelligent at the least, someone who has a moderate to liberal political stance


A person who wants a BIG school. This school is enormous ,with a ton of kids. The campus is huge. A person who doesn't mind some really big classes during their freshman year because most of the introductory classes are very large. I would recomend this school to a person who is intersted in being a fan of division 1 sports. The varsity sporting events are extremely popular and draw huge crowds, especially if the teams are good. Maryland is a basketball school at heart, the students go NUTS for basketball season and the games are a great time.