University of Maryland-College Park Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Some one who is well focused and is willing to put in effort not just inside the class room but also outside of the class room, is willin go walk from time to time. is interested in interacting and working with other people, interested in research, and is comfortable attending large classes.


The kind of person that should attend UMD is the person who is ready for his/her life to begin. That person has to realize that attending this college is going to better prepare his/her self for a life of independence. They have to be willing to set all other things aside and focus on setting goals for themselves. They have to want those goals. Anything that a person wants bad enough, they will be able to get. Other than being hardworking, they have to have an open/fun personality to truly enjoy all events and people at UMD


Any kind of person can attend this school. There is acceptance for everyone on campus.


Anyone can attend this school and find their niche. We are a very diverse school, so all types of people can attend and be happy.


Open minded person.


This school is for a generally well rounded individual.Education must be the primary focus.There are alot of other activites and groups to broaden a person's horizon.It is the perfect school for an acidemically motivated individual looking for diversity in all areas of life.


someone who can stand out in a crowd and doesn't need to know everyone around them, otherwise it would be easy to get lost in such a big school


Someone who is instate.


Someone who wants to attend a big school near a city, likes sports, pretty much any major


I think a person who is very open-minded and open to diversity should attend this school. By open to diversity, I do not only mean racial or ethnic, but learning styles, programs to be involved in and socially. This school has so much to offer other than its education and as a student here, you should be open to being involved on campus.


1.) Like Sports and high-spirited school 2.) Can balance social life and academics (they are tough on GPA, and academic probation) 3.) Explore and do research 4.) Likes people 5.) Approachable and open minded


Someone who wants a good mix between a good social and a good academic setting.


Any kind really. The school's very diverse. There's plenty of foreign students, as well as american students. This might not be the place for you if you're very conservative or ultra liberal. But keep in mind that at any college you would need to be tolerant of differences between you and others.


career focused, study hard and party hard people


The type of person who should attend the University of Maryland-College Park is the type of person who wants a balance between academic and social life. Not only is Maryland a great school academically, but there are so many fun oppurtunities and activities around campus as well. If you are the type of student to become easily distracted by all the fun things going on like concerts, sporting events, etc. then you might want to reconsider schools. I also think a Terp should be fun, open-minded, have school spirit, and is willing to make lots of new friends.


I high middle range in intelliegence. Friendly, but not wild. Suburbanite or city person works well. Country people, not so much


A person who is dedicated to learning. The person must also be sociable, and willing to spend long hours studying and completing homework. The person should also be able to balance their social life with their academic life well.


Someone who's outgoing and willing to try new things. You have to be able and willing to put yourself out there otherwise you're going to get swallowed in a school this big.


White, or someone looking for a drinking campus.




Someone who is not only concerned with their future and finding their best fit profession, but also someone with great school spirit, the drive to complete with success, and the desire to have a really goo time.


A person who is fine with a large school and understands that they might not get all lof the attention that students get at a small school but the resources and opportunites are greater at a large school like Maryland.


Anyone. There is a group on campus for anyone, and I think everyone could find a place at UMD. However, some may find it a little large at first, but you quickly develop a group of friends.


all types. there is something for everyone


The type of person that should attend this scholl likes to be around a lot of different type of people. They also like to share their opinions with people they have never met before, but not in a harsh, degrading manner. They should also enjoy boisterous sports events.


Anyone from any diverse background, there is a place for everyone but you have to find your place in clubs and sports and activities. It is a large school and some people can feel lost unless they find a small group to make it feel smaller.


Anyone can really attend this school. It's so diverse that everyone can find their own niche somewhere.


If you are a business or engineering major this is the school for you, very tailored to specifically meet the needs of these majors


Kids from Maryland (in-state tuition is really good), someone who is interested in learning, is liberal & accepting of others, and likes to party.




Someone who enjoys supporting there school . It is a top rated school, so academics are very highly regarded and you have a chance at attaining a really respectable degree. Come to this school with an open mind and you will find tons of places to fit in.


A student who is motivated, likes to be involved, and interact with new people should attend the University of Maryland.


Really anyone can attend this college and be content, they just have to find the activities, classes and people that interest them. People who will have the easiest time at this college are those who love sports (as a fan and as a player), those who wish to be involved in a fraternity or sorority, those who enjoy bars, or those who choose a practical field of study (business over art). This school is not a quiet place to live on-campus and the surrounding College Park area has a lot of small crime.


Someone who does not mind a big campus.


Anyone who wants to get to know different types of people and get involved in different types of things on and off campus.


An independent person and someone that doesn't get overwhelmed easily.


The person needs to be very out going, academically aggressive, and focused. They need to have excellent time management and be disciplined.


honestly anyone.


Someone who has monet and can deal with stupid people in the administrative offices without getting upset.


Someone who is openminded. There is so much going on here and so many different types of people who attend the school, you have to see who you are as a person inside and venture out.