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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


There would be a lot I would tell my high school senior-self. I would tell myself that the roommate situation, when living on-campus, is full of drama and to just deal with the crazy roommates. I would also tell myself not to room with my freshman roommate during my sophomore year of college, for sanity's sake. I would tell my senior-self to go to class, everyday, no matter what. Failing classes is not fun, even if you do get to sleep in a little bit. I would tell myself not to pick early or Friday classes, also for sanity's sake. I would also tell myself not to worry about making friends but I would remind myself to hold onto the good friends & people in life. I would remind myself not to be pressured into things. I would also remind myself to work at it all, at everything, every day. I would ultimately remind my senior-self that what you put into it is what you get out of it, in all aspects of life. Oh, and would I remind myself not to sweat the small stuff because it seems to have worked out this far.


Although I am new to college, I have learned so much about myself from when I first arrived. If I were able to go back to high school my senior year, there are so many things that I would tell myself. The main thing that I would tell myself is to cherish my friendships, and to realize that everyone is still going to be there for you, even if I am not in the same city as all of my friends. The ones that mean the most are the ones that are going to stick around. Do not worry about the people who do not really care, and just live your life. Be happy with your decisions, and I know that senior year was tough, but it makes you such a stronger person. People talk about you no matter what stage you are in life, and you need to learn to just be you and let people think what they want to. No one can affect your decisions except you because in the end, you are the most important and your happiness is what matters the most.


Farah, College can be a terrifying experience there is so much we do not know about this transition, but there is something that we must remember about ourselves, " You must have faith, you can do anything and that you are worthy enough of an education". Sam ( our father) was wrong about us, we are not " stupid", or " we will amount to something" we are something we have something to offer. If you could only see you as I do in the future you are strong and have to remember that, what we went through at home with our sexual, and phyiscal abuse is something that has helped us become this strong, and intelligent young woman. You can do anything Farah, that you are passionate about; and education is a right that you have always had. Also, with us being so strong there are kind, caring, and wonderful indiviuals in these insitutiuons that care a great deal about us if only we let them; please let people in because from staff to professors they all want to help us succeed. Remember, you are strong and you can do anything believe me I have seen the future and you can do anything.


As the saying goes, "Hindsight is 20/20." Having hindsight allows me to give the following advice: take your time! Don't feel pressured to know what you want to be or do immediately. Consider your interests; take classes in subjects you never explored previously, talk to people and take the time to dream. Taking time to know what you really want to do is going to provide you a better opportunity of being a successful and happy person. Although many people know what they want to be immediately, many I know have gotten degrees in fields they either weren't completely interested in or couldn't find work in, and have found work in other fields, and are now wishing they would have studied something they loved, rather than something they thought would pay off in the end. In the fast-paced world we have created, there is less and less time to truly enjoy life. Having taken the time to find your passion, and study something you truly love will always be a benefit. It's not a race; in the end, you'll have developed interests that keep the spirit alive and dreaming. Be the tortoise.


I would give myself the advice to cherish family and friends in the moment. I would tell myself to start saving more money for college because I'll need it! Also, I'd really emphasize on telling myself to focus on my own mental health and physical health to make myself strong and ready to face all challenges that college and real life brings.


If I could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would talk to myself about time management. In college, you do not have your parents telling you that you have to go to bed or reminding you that you have a test the next day and you should study. In college, as a student, it is your responsibility to make time for yourself. It is difficult to separate study and homework time and friends and personal time. Sometimes you have to tell your friends that you cannot hang out tonight or tomorrow because you have a midterm to study for and you have to study. As a college student, it is important to prioritize your academics and personal life. Also, I would tell myself that sleep is very important. Stay on top of your school work so that you don’t have to stay up late writing an essay or doing math homework until midnight while you have an 8 a.m. class the next morning. Sleep helps you to stay focused and keeps you energized the next day for class. Knowing these tips would have made my first semester of college easier.


If it was possible to go back in time, I would definitely go back to tell the high school me what I have learned in college. During college, I have become an artist, and this is only from 2 years of study! If I did the same amount of work back then, I could only imagine how good I could've been now. I would have told myself about how to properly study art, to start drawing from magazines, to start using charcoal, paint, and pastel. If I did that back then, I could've gotten art scholarships since my skills would've been up to par if I trained all senior year! I would also teach myself to be able to handle heavy work loads that I had in my high school AP classes and in college classes so I wouldn't get stressed over it. I would also say not to worry about my scholarship funding for the college, it was a very smooth transition. And last, I would tell myself where I would transfer in the future, I recently wasted my time sending in a portfolio to a school I'm not going to go to now!


The transition is very easy, so don't worry. It is very important to keep up with all of your assignments so that you don't fall behind. I started in community college first because I didn't know what I wanted to do for a career, but after 2 years I learned what I wanted to do and what degrees I wanted. Talk to the teachers/people in your career field for advice about schools, not the councilors, councilors are helpful in some ways but they don't know the fields and other very useful information about schools and careers as well as the teachers/people who work in the fields.


I would remind myself to start the college search early, it is difficult to find the perfect college and get everything ready if you wait to long. Even though it is your senior year and it is supposed to be fun and memorable, you still have to keep up your grades and still be motivated educationally. In school, your actions may speak louder than your words so act like you want to be there and still give 110 percent.


If I could go back in time, there is a lot I would like to tell myself. When I first graduated from high school, I was not yet ready for college. In some ways, you could even say that I was scared of growing up so if I was able to tell myself anything, it would probably be that there is nothing to worry about and that once you are in school, you will love it and be great at. It’s hard for me to believe that I actually enjoy school so much that I have decided to move on from a two-year community college to work towards a four year degree at Campbell University. I realize now that I had a lot of difficulty believing in myself, because I had always struggled with a learning disability which caused me to have to work harder than my peers. But I have come to realize that those struggles have made me stronger and more determined to succeed in life so I would really like to tell my younger self that the only thing that you should be afraid of is not trying for that is the ultimate failure.


To go back and time and talk to myself about colllege I would have said not to go to community college. Going there would push your college career back by two years and it will be a waste of time and money. The major you want in the future is Nursing and to get there you need to go to University of Nevada-Reno. I would explain all the steps on how to get there and a how to be the most efficient. Friends are everything in life and you will find the best friends life acn offer at this school. Your life will be better here. However if you do go the route that I took you will still have an amazing life with amazing friends, and you will be on your way to a great education in the major of your dreams. Either way you will be happy and that is waht matters most.


After being in college for a semester and a half, I have learned quite a bit; not only about college life but about life in general. To begin, I would tell myself about what it really means to just live and to not be afraid of what lies before you. Despite everything you think you know, life's got a lot more in store for you than you think, you just need to take a leap. Don't worry about getting the hang of things, it'll come to you naturally, and lastly, realize just how much of an influence you are to the people you surround yourself with; it will really help with a lot of decisions later on. That would be enough to say to my past self without revealing anything of the amazing future in front of him, that way he can still make his decisions and still call them his own; I would simply be there to give him perspective.


The biggest piece of advise that I would give to my high school self going into college would be the importance of keeping up with the reading assignment that the class sylabis lays out for you. Even if you ar not being constantly quized of the material, it is benificial to read it. If you keep up with the reading, reports and exams come a lot easier and with far less stress.


Dear Younger me, This summer at home will be rough. Mom and dad will become frustrated with you and you with them. Just hold your breath and do what they say. It will get better. You'll notice that within the first month not living at home, your relationship with your parents will improve drastically. They really love you and want what's best. Especially regarding scholarships. Please, please, please don't wait until the last minute to fill out scholarships or ask for letters of reccommendation. It will come back to bite you. Regarding school, you do very well, but you will get your first B in a class, and that's because you don't take the time to do the extra credit. Always do extra credit when it's offered. Always! You will fall in love with your field of study, and meet many people like you who have the same interests. Join pre-med club. Those people will be a great resource for you. Don't be shy about asking for help from one of your classmates. You might study a few times together and realize you just became best friends. Good luck, Older me


I would tell myself that life gets harder as you get older, and that the world is a cold calculating machine. I would tell myself that school is going to cost you a lot of money and even more time, but Its worth it. "Your life has just begun. There are so many amazing experiences waiting to be discovered, and so many amazing people to meet. You have a long way to go, but don’t forget to enjoy every day. A couple of things. Meet your academic advisor often, they aren’t trying to make you fail. Plan ahead . Either you plan your life, or your life gets planned for you. Take action, because no one else is going to do it for you. If you do nothing, then nothing gets done. Your stronger than you think you are. College has so many recourses to help you in your quest. Please don’t waist your time. Work hard and play hard. You can complete school. I know it seems like a huge lonely mountain, but you can do it. Trust me. Don’t get discouraged at the obstacles along the way, they are there to make you stronger.


I would tell myself to relax more and not get so stressed out during senior year. Between applications, scholarships and trying to maintain good grades, I sometimes found myself overwhelmed with things that needed to get done and become overly stressed. While all these tasks were important, I realize now that I didn't have to get so stressed over the little things. Being young is a precious thing. I would tell myself that now this is the time to start living life to the fullest. The only way to meet new people, learn new things and expierence new adventures is to put yourself out there and try it. Making mistakes is ok and a part of life. Life is too short to be stressed about things out of your control. Life is never easy, but by focusing on the here and now, you can live to highest potential.


The advice i would give myself is to pick a college that fits my needs and has great success for my major. I would tell myself to take high school seriously because those grades do count and make a difference in what colleges you can attend. I would tell myself that college is fun but also rigorous. I would tell myself to prioritize my time wisely and to focus on my classes. The grades that are earned do make a difference and will help you find a job in the future.


It has been four interesting years since my days as a high school senior. Back then I thought I had the bull by the horns, so to speak. My path was laid out -- graduate, go to college, then become a doctor of some sort. Well if life was that simple, I would be in Med School by now. The hard-squeezed truth is that life doesn’t always have lemons to give. In other words, college doesn’t just happen because it’s supposed to; it and everything else in life has a price tag. Four years ago, my concept of living expenses, student loans and tuition were rather skewed. I paid little attention to the actual cost of college, and instead, focused all my efforts on applying to well-known (expensive) schools. This slick move temporarily derailed my college plans and I soon found myself amid the working class, saving up for an education. If I could go back, I would teach my past self how to properly examine colleges of interest as well as how to decide whether they are a suitable match for me or not.


It is difficult to know what to say to someone who thinks they already know it all. The advice that I would give to myself is to gather potential resources around you and prepare yourself for some of the hardest academics you will have to learn. Get to know your teachers, look for extra credit, take good organized notes, pay attention, ask questions, study your brains out, and most importantly try and have fun, make it a good experience. College does not have to be a dungeon your intellectual mind is free to roam wherever it pleases, and the teachers encourage it, just make sure your imagination is on the path that the teachers have set.


I would tell myself that I have a passion for physics/ astronomy so that I would not waste a year in business. I could have prepared with summer math classes to get myself up to the level I needed to be to takle the appropriate classes. I would also tell myself not to doubt my intelligence so much and I would share withmyself the most important pice of information that I have learned so far, that I can learn anything as long as I put enough time into studying the material. I would also tell myself to learn proper study habbits right away and put an end to my horrific procrastination habbits. The most important advice would be to believe in myself and my abilites to succeed instead of doubting myself and settling for passing or average quality work. I wish I would have known my potential and worth before I came to college, but I am glad I found it eventually.


Consequently as we age, there will always be choices we wish we had made differently. One of my biggest challenges transitioning to college was understanding how to balance my time. Going through high school I was priveleged enough to only have to work during the summer. This allowed me to play Varsity sports, spend time with friends as well as take AP courses without difficulty. When I applied to the UNR I had the misconception that I could continue all that well as work a full time job in order to pay for my tuition and living expenses. Taking on all of this responsibility took its toll. I began skipping lectures in order to take a nap before I started my night shift, after my sophmore year I was no longer able to partake in clubs and my grades began to drop. After a while I finally understood the commitment college required and wish I would have learned that sooner. I have been told "Don't regret anything because at the time it was exactly what you wanted". While this is true I fell I would have had a better college experience if I had learned my lesson sooner.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice on college, I would tell myself to get everything out of it that I could! I would tell myself to have fun, to play hard, to study hard, to meet people, and to spend hours talking about life or love or hopes or politics or whatever I wanted. I would advise to put myself out there, and to meet new people, because a good education isn’t the only thing I am getting out of college. But most importantly, I would tell myself to be aware that college is only four years and I only get to live this experience once, and that not everyone gets to experience the opportunity that I am blessed with to learn and to grow. I need to seize this opportunity, take risks, and to not be afraid to fail. If I don’t take risks, I will never reach my full potential, and I will not have much fun. Risk and hard work pay off, and if does not, then I will have still learned from the experience.


This is important. Open your eyes, heart and head because you are blessed to have the most life changing experiences. Stay focused, pay attention and do not take for granted the lectures professors have planned. Be passionate about your purpose for pursuing education. Let the passion you have drive and motivate you to meet the academic demands because you have a goal bigger than any fraternity party you can find; graduation. Many professors will tell you, "Knowledge is power," but do not forget college is not just academic. Your knowledge must also come through experience. You have opportunity to learn who you are so be bold in the truth that becomes you. There is only growth gained in knowledge after anything you experience. Be thankful for the bad experiences because they will teach you important values about yourself and others. Get involved with a social group who is prideful of your school and wants to be on campus so you will feel excited to be a part of the University of Nevada Reno. Do not fail your classes or fail to have life experiences. Allow yourself to be happy because you are providing a prosperous future through this transition.


Wow, if I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior there would be many things that I would tell myself. First of all I would tell myself that there are going to be many struggles along the way but those struggles are going to make you stronger. I would tell myself that academics are more important in the long run than my social life. I was more focused on partying than I was my academics, which left me with a 2.5 GPA after my freshman year. I worked very hard these last 3 years to get my GPA up to a 3.14 and I am so proud of that. But without those sturggles I wouldn't have the confidence I have now. I know who I am and what I want to do for the rest of my life. I would tell my 18 year old self that your future is going to be bright and to never give up on your dreams!


If I had the opportunity to go back in time, I would go back to freshmen year, to tell myself to be more involved in school, but also take the advantage to take some college classes while being in high school. Our school gave students the opportune to take classes in our community college, a liberty to explore further than high school. The question was, if I were to go back to my senior year what I would tell myself. Well, overall I did my very best in all of my classes, graduated with a 4.0, and accomplished high school. The one thing I would tell myself is to apply for scholarships and keep applying, like I tell myself now. Class wise, college is different because here the teachers expect you to be adults, be prepared, and ready to learn, no more "baby sitting" and the teachers telling the students what to do all the time. Overall I feel very prepared for college, I know I am very capable of achieving all my goals, and I am ready. Going back to senior year, I would only say apply for scholarships and enjoy your last year of high school.


Take as many dual-credit classes as possible and actually pay attention in class. Don't do what I did and remember stuff for the test and when the test was done, all thw knowledge i gained, i forgot. You need to really learn the material because in college, you will need it again. Dual-credit classes are a lot easier in high school than they are in college. It may cost money, but it is the smarter way to accomplishing your goals earlier because the classes you could take in high school, you will take in college regardless so why not get a head start. Finally, all your friends you have in school now, once graduation night is over, you will maybe see about 10 friends again afterwards. Everyone goes off to different schools and unless y'all go to the same school, the chances of seeing that other person or hearing from them again are slim. Remember this because you will be in the same spot I am now, do dual-credit classes if possible and actually learn the material for class because I promise, if you don't, you will have to learn it all over again.


Hello there high school me, I did not think I would be speaking to you again. Since I am here, I might as well let you in on a few things. Firstly, do not live in the dorms. While you enjoy just reading and doing homework, other college freshman are not quite so calm. They will party and there is nothing you can do about it. Secondly, stop stressing yourself out! You have prepared your whole life for this. You work extremely hard in school to get good grades so that you can get into college. It is okay once in a while to have fun and not think so much about what tomorrow holds. Stop second guessing your decisions, while this is important, it is not life or death. You will mess up a little but you will work through it, you always do. Lastly, have fun. You are always studying and doing homework. You are going to wear yourself out. College is about learning to find a balance in your life. School is the top priority but if you do not loosen up you are going to burn out. So enjoy these years, and you will do great.


If i were to go and talk to myself back in high school with the knowledge I have now, I would definitely give advice on the classes and opportunities you should take advantage of at this school. The classes can be challenging, if your weakness, and can come to you somewhat naturally in classes you are strong at. I would say that classes in college require about the same amount of work that I put into high school classes because I took very challenging courses in high school as well. I would explain that the transition from high school to college is not as scary as you may think because everybody you meet is in the same boat and that makes meeting new people easier. I would also explain to myself just how expensive books and schooling can be but not to stress too much over it because somehow you will pay for it. I would tell myself just to enjoy it for some time and then worry about the money aspects later. I would also tell myself just to go out there and take advantage of all the opportunites that the school provides you for a more amazing year.


I would encourage the individual to be themselves and be confident in who they are and what they believe. I would also advise to not conform to others idea of who you are. I would advise to really research the area of the country where you will be attending college to determine if that culture fits into your thoughts and beliefs. I was amazed to discover the vast difference in culture from the west coast to the east coast and that individuals will try to change your beliefs, as they don't conincide with their beliefs. I believe that everyone is an individual and that is the reason the United States works the way it does. I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and be able to back up that opinion. Others should respect that opinion. The best advise is to be yourself and believe in yourself.


After explaining how it was possible that I could be talking to myself, I would tell myself, "Don't worry about anything. Now that time travel is possible, if you screw anything up you can just go back in time and fix it. But my advice to you is to go into psychiatry. It turns out that multiple chances to get life 'right' hasn't made anyone any happier. In fact, depression rates have skyrocketed, so shrinks are in high demand. Of course, you should only be a psychiatrist if your goal is to make money. My real advice is to forget about the highest paying job, or the most enviable house, car, and spouse. Think about what you really love to do, and do that. Don't second-guess your choices, but learn from your mistakes, embrace the painful experiences as part of life, and follow your heart. Then you won't even have to think about time travel, which, by the way, is really expensive."


Dear youunger Razia, I know life is hard but I truly wish you would stop thinking that the world is going to end every three seconds. Now with that out of the way let me tell you what you should do to get ready for college. Your high school pays for college applications and all your college entry exams. Take advantage of them, stop being lazy and utilize them. Study for your ACT and get better than a 22, you are much brighter than that. Study harder for your AP classes, trust me it will make life so much easier. If you pass Calculus, English and American Government you will not I repeat will not have to take out a loan your freshman year. Last but not least do not give up and strive. Strive until you know that at the end of the day you made everyone in your family proud, especially your mother, she deserves is and you know it. Being where I am today is difficult but if you can take a few more hours out of your day and can pull through the last few months you'll succeed. Love, Older me.


Relax and enjoy the ride. The thought of starting college for the first time was very intimidating and stressful for me. Even more so than the average student being that I'm a young single mother. All college students suffer from late nights of studying, lack of sleep and financial woes, right? But considering I am a single mother I already go through all of these struggles, so my thoughts are how could I possibly take on more?! Although I had my doubts and worries I still took the jump and decided to further my education, and I'm so glad I did! It has dramatically changed my life for the better. Yes, college is hard, but is it do-able? Absolutely! I can now say I'm one of the few statisics of young single mothers that is furthering my education! So if I could go back in time I would tell myself this is one of the most rewarding challeges of your life so don't worry, just relax and enjoy the ride.


As a high school senior, I stressed for months about college. I wanted to attend the most prestigious and showy university just to impress my peers and parents, so I neglected the most important aspect about higher education: the education. If I could travel back in time to speak to my neurotic seventeen-year-old self, I would tell myself not to let the reputation of the university take precedence in my college decision. Every college offers an education, but what matters most is how I take advantage of the education to reach my full potential and succeed. I would remind myself that experts, geniuses, and professionals don’t all hail from the Ivy Leagues. I would share to the younger me remarkable people at my normal but respecatable university: my brilliant calculus professor who actually made me enjoy math, my helpful chemistry T.A. who’s always eager to help me comprehend the lecture, and the ten-year-old boy-genius in my calculus class. Cathy, it doesn't matter where you end up because you will adapt and succeed thanks to your hard work ethic and high expectation for yourself. Have fun as a senior!


I am currently a freshman at the University of Nevada, Reno majoring in Nursing. In order to be accepted into the Orvis School of Nursing, I must have a 4.0 nursing GPA plus outside experience. After attending UNR for my first semester of college I have realized that earning a 4.0 in college is not as easy as it was for me in high school. After analyzing my weaknesses from last semester, I have decided it all goes back to poor study habits developed in high school. In high school, as long as I went to class and did my homework, I could get good grades on tests and easily pass with straight A's. Now that I am in college and I am learning more advanced information at a quicker pace, getting good grades on tests is not so easy. If I went back in time and had a talk with myself, I would tell myself to quit procrastinating and to get in the habit of studying and reading daily. If I had begun to do this in high school, instead of now, college would be a lot easier and would be less stressful and more fun.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would have a lot to say. My biggest point would be to make every minute of every situation. Its kind of cliche but live every day like its your last and be grateful of what you have. Dont be timid, go into College with a Bang! Meet new people, these are the best days of your life. I went into college shy and nervous. Dont! Depending on whose at College with you, most of the people there dont know your background. Your fresh, you can be anyone you want to be. No one knows about your highschool life. Your a new person, you can effect them in anyway you want.


I would advise a study group for college study. This group will motivate one another for an optimistic outcome in each course. This is a way to get to know peers, along with another view or aspect of a subject in which something about the topic is not understood clearly. Other opinions may positively influence a self-assurance as a group.


Dear Jessica, If I could go back in time and give you one peice of advice as a high school senior, knowing what I know now as a college student, it would be this....Your fears, worries, and doubts were all apart of the plan. I know you didn't always trust the pathway that you were traveling down. Sure you got sidetracked with other things, yet you still beleived. I know you never knew how you were going to pay for college, yet you found a way. I know you never knew what University you were going to attend, but know you do. I know you always wanted to be a nurse, and you will be the best if you just beleive in yourself. I knew you would be able to overcome your fears, worries, and doubts. I knew you would fight, I knew you would be powerful enough to stick with it and beleive in your dreams. As your favorite qoute by coach carter says, "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure"- Coach Carter. Be powerful and beleive, it is all apart of the plan.


If I had the opportunity to go back and talk to myself, as a high school senior. I would tell myself what i finally chose to have as a major. If I knew what I wanted to do then, I would have focused more a better plan and finding the right school. I would also say how college is one of the best experiences, anyone can have. No matter what we want to do in life, going to college and getting an education will always being important.


To start off, I have to state what a great essay question this is because I always wish I would've known what I know now back then. The first piece of advice I would give myself is to apply for scholarships every single day. The one major thing that will get in the way of getting an education is financial needs. Many people have paid for college through scholarships alone so applying for as many as possible is the most benefitial. Another piece of advice I would give myself is to prepare for some hard work because high school is nothing like college. For many students, high school was a breeze to pass, but college requires ten times the work. You have to commit to some hard core studying and focus. The transition from high school to college isn't an easy one, but as long as you keep up with your studies and also remember and never forget that you must do everything yourself, you will be just fine. I think that is some of the best advice I could give to myself and others.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would definitely tell myself to consider my options more. I don't come from a lot of money, and to pay for my education, we are taking out loans and relying on scholarships. With this in mind, I didn't think that I could afford out of state schools and, therefore, didn't apply to or look into many schools. I am learning to appreciate the university I chose because of the people I'm meeting and being able to see my family frequently; however, I wish I would have ventured out into the world more and went out of my comfort zone to a new area that I may not be familiar with. I know I'm going to have a great college experience at UNR, but I do wish I would have looked into all of my options rather than choosing the one that seemed like the most affordable and that my parents wanted me at.


If I could go back in time and talk with my highschool self, I would have told myself that college is totally different from highschool, not in a bad way, but in an awesome, challenging, life-changing way. I would have told myself that even though I felt that I was already smart enough and mature enough, I was wrong, because college tests all those skills in education and life and makes you even stronger and better than before. I would tell myself to jump into all the opportunities that college has to offer and to not miss out on any experiences that you can only get in college. I would tell myself to be more open to meeting new people instead of being shy and intimidated because they can change the way you feel about and percieve college. I also can't forget to tell my highschool self to study and not porcrastinate! That's very important. But above all, I would tell my highschool self to have fun and not take life so seriously. College will be an amazing experience and just make the most of it because you only get to be there for a little while.


At 18 years old and a high school senior, you are confident that you know everything about your future endeavors. As your future self, I call for your ears in these final moments of adolescence because your coming-of-age, which you have masked with college fantasies, is only a time away. Listen, I’m about to tell you what you should have done. As expected for any college student, you have done a great job with involving yourself in clubs and organizations, student-run governments, and on-campus employment opportunities. Lifelong friends and networks have been woven into your life by that needle we call investment. Through introducing yourself to your professors, you have set yourself apart from the other 200+ students in your classes and given your professor a face to remember. However, your choices in time management have consequentially cut these woven threads two inches too short. Taking on such a heavy load of schoolwork and extracurriculars requires a developed sense of organization. Integrating work and play is easy, but managing work, play, responsibility, leadership, and expectations is a different story. Everyone makes mistakes. You’ve already made some, here is your chance to learn from them.


Looking back at high school, there are numerous things I would change about how I approached college. If I went back in time and talked to myself as a high school senior, the most important piece of advice I would give myself would be to start early! I would stress researching colleges as soon as possible so I could apply early and have a better chance of acceptance. In addition, starting early includes the FAFSA and other scholarship applications. My 'start early' advice could even apply to standardized testing. I would tell myself to take both the SAT and ACT sooner than later so I could have several more chances to retake them and improve my score if needed. Another way I could emphasize starting early would be to begin saving up money in a savings account because college is expensive even with scholarships. Finally, starting early on everything else means I could have started looking for help earlier too. If I went back to myself in high school, I would definitely impress the importance of not being too shy to ask for help if I ever got stuck in the grand process of the pre-college 'to-do' list.


I advise you to join a sorority to improve your social life and networking, as well as being informed about everything including education. This will help you find a place at this university. Also, know that you should try to apply for as many scholarships as possible and don't procrastinate. Lastly, enjoy this experience beause it will go by extremely fast and this will be the time of your life so don't take it for granted.


College is right around the corner and you are sitting here procrastinating as if everything will happen for you if you do it on your own time. You honestly need to apply for scholarships and more scholarships so you will up your chance of receiving money for college. If you want to live on campus, I suggest you turn in the forms and pay the deposit as soon as possible so you don’t end up scrambling trying to find somewhere to live. It’s going to be different living by yourself for the first time, but there’s counseling to help you if you get stressed out. Worried about making friends? No big deal. A lot of incoming freshmen are in the same position as you and living on campus will make it easier to make friends in your dorm as well as in other dorms. You should also join a club you feel fits you to meet other people and not depend solely on your friends in the dorm. Most importantly, keep your education first. In college, it can get overwhelming, but if you study hard and complete all your homework, the first semester should be a breeze.


In high school, everyone always talks about college life as if it were one big party; getting away from your family, living on your own, and having all the freedom your heart could possibly desire. However, when I got to the University of Nevada, Reno, I realized that college isn't anything like they say it will be in high school. College is hardwork and dedication, it is fun and it is nice to have a sense of freedom, but you need to have a better work ethic than you did in high school. College is competitive and every grade counts to either entering the specific school you want to or getting more money to pay for your education. If I could talk to myself in high school, I would tell myself to work hard at everything you do and not accept "good enough" for anything.


I would tell my 12 month younger, and eager self that chasing what I thought I always wanted; to go to college in Texas and play football may just be a pyrrhic victory. That in the months to come I would become lonely, and enter in a state of depression for the first time in my life and lose someone very close to me. 2000 miles away from those I loved yearning for solace. Somehow I would try to show that highschool kid what I know now. When you're constantly thinking about your future and beyond, you lose sight of whats right in front of you, and take for granted the blessings god has given you. I would tell my self to keep a clear head, stay focused, and keep my faith in god because thats the main thing that got me through my trials. If my old self didnt get or agree with what I had to say I'd slap some sense into myself.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that college isn't easy. It takes a lot of dedication and time to be successful in college. Deciding on a major and career path is one of the most stressful things you have to decide. However, you should take advice from your parents, peers, guidance councelors, and anyone who has been in your shoes. Studying hard and being a dilligent student in college has its' rewards and will definitely pay off in the future. Teachers in college want to help you and care about your success; you just have to take the time to find help. No one will hold your hand and remind you that you have a paper due, so you need to be on top of your schoolwork. Time management is a huge part of college. Making friends, studying for tests, and being apart of your school's events are top priorities and all should be enjoyed. Making friends and having fun will give you memories that will last a lifetime. It is just as important to enjoy college as it is to make good grades.


Don't assume that you'll be able to get through classes with minimal effort like you used to. Actual study and work will be necessary to pass with the grades you want. Don't worry about any surprising discoveries you may find about your apparent career path, things will turn out all right. Even if programming wasn't what you thought it'd be. Dorms aren't bad at all, as long as you're a considerate roommate, and you are lucky enough to get a considerate roommate. Finally, don't worry about making friends. Go to the club fairs, and look into the ones that interest you. I guarantee that there will be at least one club you will love, and want to dedicate a lot of your time to. The people in that club will be great friends, and you'll definitely find a place to fit in.


To stay focused always!