University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


[At times] very different from me, opinionated, less social, career-oriented, etc.


Very open to helping people in areas they are weak.


They're cool.


They all follow the sorority/fraternaty pathway


My classmates are friendly and always willing to help out, their cooperative and there to get an education.


Come from all different ways of life.


The majority of people I have met while attending OU have all been brilliant, hard-working, multi-talented, wonderful people; and I am more than glad to have met them all, in fact, I feel I am better off knowing them and fully intend on staying friends with most of them.


Generally friendly, but a little too Greek obsessed.


There are people from big cities, small towns, foreign countries, and varying states within the U.S. and everyone is different, but we all tend to get along.


Diverse, intelligent students with ambitions to succeed.


Classmates who attend OU are disconnected and mostly try to get away with whatever they can, so long as they pass the course. There is little to no enthusiasm in the majority of classes on campus.


There isn't a ton of diversity on campus, the majority of us are middle/upper-class whites...but the diversity's passable. There are pockets; you just have to join the right clubs. Most students lean to the right politically. Sorority girls like to wear shorts, North Face fleece, and Uggs to class...some of the hipsters wear the required trendy keffiyeh...everyone just wears their version of casual.


A little bit of everything.


Most are willing to do a lot to achieve their goals, and are focused on their academics.


They are generally some of the nicest and friendliest folks you'll meet, although some can be real pains.


Since I am a member of a sorority, the people I mainly hang out are the people in my sorority. I don't know anyone really not in a sorority or a fraternity. It's just who I associate myself with. 87% of the student body is Greek, whether its educational or not. I would think people who aren't in a frat or sorority don't know where to socialize or how to make friends because so many are involved with them. It's not a requirement to join one, but it is a great way to make friends in college.


Very racially, religiously, and socially diverse place to be. Fairly liberal considering the south. Most students come from Texas and Oklahoma, with plenty of foreign exchange students who come because of the world renown education that Oklahoma provides.


The experiences with racial, religious, and different stereotypical groups was a well understanding of knowing and respecting everyone's own beliefs and background. Most of the students at OU were considered Caucasian, which I was okay with. The students that felt left out would probably be me because I was like the only Persian in school that didn't have his group of real friends, i really just bounced back and forth with people i associated with. Most students don't dress up to class like I was, some really didn't care what they wear, maybe some hot girls think they don't need to impress anyone and think there is no point to dressing up to class. Yes different students interacted with one another, and it really didn't matter what skin color, background, racial, or gender decent you were. Four table of students in a dining table--Table A has a group of Muslim girls with scarfs and their friends with them. Table B has a group of white people mixed with girls and guys. Table C has a group of indians studying for some exam. Table D has a group of black people cracking up jokes with one another hahaha and that's that :) Most OU students are from Texas and Oklahoma and are Caucasian. The most financial background that are more prevalent are white Caucasian people. Some students can be politically active and aware it really depends. Mostly predominately right. Yah some times i over hear a discussion and the little red head doosh-bag is trying to impress the girl saying oh im gonna make this much if I do this in business like my dad, im only doing it for the money haha"- im like "bitch a lick-a kicka- BITCH I KICK SAND ;/" HAHA


No student could ever feel out of place at OU. Even though OU is located in the center of the Bible belt, we have all kinds of students. Liberals and conservatives, homosexuals and heterosexuals, jocks and nerds, bible huggers and free sprits. Everyone can find a group at OU and all the groups seem to work well together. For students looking to quickly get involved CAC is the group that organizes all the campus activities and students of all kinds particpate. Lost of students at OU are from the Texas and Oklahoma areas, however there is a great international program, and there are students from citites all over the country like, New Orleans, Anchorage, Las Vegas, and Boston.


Extremely clicky. Black people hang out with black people. Asians hang out with asians. White people with white people,and so on...another reason that OU, as a whole, seems completely ridiculous.


I can't seem to recall any discriminatory issues during my time on campus, yet I'm not the type to judge or get in the middle of any such situations. I think just about anyone can find a place at OU to be completely honest, and also there are hundreds of student organizations. I strongly that a person wouldn't be able to find an organization fit just for them.


OU student body=awesome!! I am very involved with the Asian groups on campus, and I have made so many friends by being involved that I can't imagine it any other way. DEFINITELY GET INVOLVED!! I'm also involved in the Baptist Student Union, attend a few Wesleyan Foundation events, and have helped with a few Lutheran things. I kind of hit the whole religious spectrum, but there are lots of great people in the religious student body that totally want YOU! Please get involved in whatever you do. Starting this next year (my junior year) I'll try to go attend some LGBT meetings, not because I'm gay or anything, but because the people there are really cool and open (although I'll probably bring my girlfriend lol). Most students wear jeans or shorts to class so it's really open with that. I have found that many people are Republican and Baptist but that never really affected much. Despite being a Christian, I'm certainly not Republican and have too weird of beliefs to be Baptist, and most people handle it well. The key is to not get upset when someone disagrees with you, and just to be confident in what you believe.


Strangely enough, OU is a very conservative/moderately right-wing college. Most students are middle-upper class and most are in-state. Oklahoma itself is a very red state. Most professors seem to be liberal, like most seem to be.


All students would feel welcome at OU. Summer- shorts and tshits and flip flops. Winter- Ugg boots, Northface, and sweatpants or jeans. Yeah it seems like all kinds of students interact. Most OU students are from OKC or somewhere in OK or Dallas or somewhere in TX. I think that people with wealthy backgrounds are most prevalent because OU is expensive.


The students are awesome. There are so many things you can get involved in, but it is not a big deal if you don't.


OU has a very diverse student body which is one of its greates attributes. There are students from nearly every walk of life from across the globe.


this campus is pretty much white. theres like 5% african american students, which makes up 95% of the athletes here lol but otherwise, its pretty white. Even then, its a very moderate campus. Theres plenty of liberals and conservatives, but for the most part. everyone seems to get along fine.


I think OU has a very multi cultural campus. There is most likely a club for anything a student is interested in and if not, starting one is not too hard. Any student would feel comfortable attending OU, I have never experienced anything negative in Norman. Students are pretty laid back, jeans and t shirts are the typical attire and financial backgrounds are quick spread out, I have never noticed an obvious display of either end of the spectrum. OU is a great University because the faculty and students want people to be involved and knowlegable about whats going on in and around campus.


As I said before, the student body is so diverse. There are some, and will always be some cliches, but when it comes to my friends, I have some in frats and sororities (my best friend is in a sorority and I am not). I also have some that would never be in greek. Also, a few of my really good friends don't drink and they don't feel out of place at parties where everyone else is. Most OU students are from either Oklahoma or Plano, Texas. I am from Maryland and I do not feel out of place. The type of student that would feel out of place is one that does not get involved and on ehtta does not try to make friends. There are some super rich students while others are working to pay for college. Class clothing can range from sundress to sweatshirts. Usually I try to dress a bit nice to class (cute shorts, maybe a polo top) while other days I'm in soffees and a t-shirt. It really does not matter. When I came to Oklahoma I though everyone would be super conservative. However I came to notice that the school is very diverse politically. Although there are more conservatives than liberals, there is still a big liberal population.


There have often been debates in certain classes about race, religion, LGBT, and all those groups on campus, but I have never been attacked about any of my beliefs. I do not believe any kind of student would feel out of place at OU, it is a very diverse and welcoming campus and school. Most students wear whatever they want, some come dressed up in jeans and a nice shirt, while others (like myself) prefer sweats and a t-shirt, or gym shorts if it's hot. All types of students interact, it is all about having confidence and being yourself; if people are going to judge others, that gives an immediate sign to stay away from them because they obviously have other issues they need to deal with. If I were to see four tables in the dining hall I would say there would probably be a table of Asian students interacting, more than likely a group of athletes scrunched together, a few people would have their lap tops open and their ipods playing their favorite songs, and another table would probably be a group of friends (of all races) just talking and laughing. I do not believe any financial background is more prevalent than another, and if that is the case, there is really no way to tell. Some students are politically aware and are active when it comes to school and national politics, but for the most part politics is not brought up. Very few students talk about their income in the future.


No comment.


Various people from all over Oklahoma attend O.U. as well lots of people are from Texas. I hear O.U. is one of the best schools for the buck. Yes you will meet some country types, but most are typical to students around the U.S./abroad. People wear what ever they feel like which is usually very leisure clothes, like jeans/t-shirt. There are lots of well groomed, nice haircuts etc people. In reading reviews some say O.U. is not that difficult on the academic level. I would say that it's not easy because I have had to study for every class to do well. I made a 4.00 last semester in 12 hours of Humanities classes which required rigorous research/writing skills for achieving all A's on essay required material. The University of Oklahoma offers many levels of academia that will challenge most in achieving straight A's as each semester seems crammed with plenty of material. For those less studious there are some majors and classes which are doable with moderate studying in attaining decent grades/graduation. On a final note, this is not L.A. or The Big Apple or even Dallas so for those people who want that type of vibe you will have to settle for a whole different experience to come here, one that is geared more towards hanging out with some friends in a small town type vibe, kind of an old hippie town vibe that is slower than the big cities hustle bustle or the like...if you want that whole scene then move to one of those type places or alternately decide to after you grad. maybe!


All groups on OU are treated equal and all have the same opportunities No student would feel out of place at OU Casual dress is the most common style All types of students interact with one another Everyone is different... gender, race, religion, passions, interests, styles, hobbies, etc but are all in common for one thing or another Most OU students seem to be from Oklahoma or Texas Financial backgrounds vary across the board... rich and poor and in between Most students keep up with politics at a pretty basic level Most people are right winged but left wingers are very prevalent as well Some students like to talk about the money side of a career as do people everywhere


The student body is great. It is kinda hard to meet people because there are so many people so join a club or something. People are not shy at clubs and you will make tons of friends in them. There are 310 people in the Pride so that is 310 opportunities I have of making friends. Most students seem to be from the Dallas/ Fort Worth area. It is kinda funny actually with Texas being our huge rivalry and all.


There are many different types of students at OU. Grad students have a different role to play at the university level and there were many Grad students I met that I liked and some I wouldn't ever want to see again. Some have very high opinions of their learning abilities and have no problems spreading the gossip about people without knowing the truth. Typical grad student behavior to try to be noticed by faculty.


OU is a diverse campus. One of the norms is diversity, but there are many organizations and activities that allow you the freedom to interact with other cultures. Soak it all up and do not limit yourself to just your culture and norms. Immerse yourself in various cultures and you will find that there are people that are different on the outside, but who have the same thoughts, ideas, goals and objectives that you have. Tradition is very important to some, but change is good and it will make you a more well rounded person.


There are lots of different organizations on campus! I did not join a sorority or fraternity on campus, but there are still many organizations to join. The majority of campus is white but you'll find people of SES's, races, religions, and cultures.


I can honestly say that OU had the nicest people on campus out of all of the colleges I visited. This is one of the main reasons I chose OU. Everyone was so friendly that I couldn't believe it. It is somewhat of a diverse university, as we have many study abroad students and out of state students.


Most OU students are from Texas, if not from Oklahoma.


There is a large variety of people. Many exchange students. Sometimes they can seem a bit cliquish but I don't really see that as a problem. Everyone is pretty open to get to know each other although this may be more typical of the art school.


Just learn to deal with stereotypical sorority girls. Not all of them are obnoxious blondes who gets everything from daddy, but a lot are and you'll learn to ignore. There is a lot of religious tolerance but there are a few umm...devoute baptists that will try to talk to you and you just have to politely stand your ground. Know your stuff about your own religion or Christian denomination and they're usually left silent.


I've had limited interaction with organizations outside of the SAC and PAT; but people and clubs I have seen advertised seem quite active and always willing to accept new member. There have been countless activies sponsored by these programs, it seemed like there was always something to do and the clubs were always trying to help OU in anyway they could.


OU is very diverse with lots of different kinds of people. Everyone is able to find a place. Most people are from Oklahoma and Texas, but there are others from a variety of other places. I have made friends with several people from Nigeria for example.


I'm not impressed with the OU student body. The top 5% of students there could compete anywhere, from Yale to Sam Houston State. But the students who are outside of the top quarter or so of the student body are worse than useless for most purposes. The thing that makes OU the best university in Oklahoma is the presence of an elite upper crust: at other Oklahoma schools, it's just not there. Most OU students are pretty conservative, although I don't think there's anyone who would be completely out of place at OU. I never saw much active discrimination against liberals, gays, atheists, etc., although I could definitely imagine better places than Norman, Oklahoma for someone living an unconventional lifestyle. Norman itself is reasonably tolerant, but it is in Oklahoma, so it is what it is. As a lifelong Oklahoman, I can tell you that Norman is the most educated and tolerant community in the state, but if I were gay, I'd probably want to live somewhere else. That said - if you're gay and wanting to come to OU for some other reason, you'll be fine for school here.


Most students are from Oklahoma City or the Dallas area. About half the Freshman student body goes Greek. There are lots of houses and a variety of Greek students. Individual houses have a stereotype, but the I don't believe the Greek system as a whole does. There's always of variety of classroom styles. From sweatpants to dresses. People wear whatever.


It's a good mixture of wealthy students, and students that are here on scholarship. Most students take school pretty seriously. It's not a party school, but there are plenty of parties there.


I truly think there is a niche for everyone at OU. I am involved in a sorority (greek life) but have several friends that aren't greek. I'm familiar with the phrase "buying your friends" and the stereotype of sorority and fraternity members being "rich, spoiled, etc." Perhaps contradictory to what people think, the majority of the greek people I know, have jobs to pay for different aspects of their life (be it school, fraternity, etc.). Most OU students are from Oklahoma, though I have to say Texans are not far behind. Especially dallas area Texans. People come from all different financial backgrounds. I am friends with people whose parents give them everything and those who have to pay for college, social life and everything themselves. There is no discrimination between them. Like most college campuses, there are ample liberal mindsets. I happen to be pretty conservative, however, and feel no pressure or discomfort in being such.


OU's student body is amazing. From the greek organizations, to the major specific clubs, to the LGBTF groups OU has something for everyone


Most students at OU are from Oklahoma, but a good many also come from Texas. I've met a few from California and Arkansas, and my roomate is from Minnesota, so I guess that there really is a lot of diversity here. Come to think of it, I've met a LOT of people from out of state. I've even met a few from out of the country.


different types of students rarely interact on campus. i mean that racially, socioeconomically, greek/non-greek, people who wear nice clothes/people who wear casual clothes, and athletes/non-athletes.