University of St Thomas-Saint Paul Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


We are a community of original souls from different walks in life discovering who we want to be while masquerading as a frat of wealthy white kids.


A place where you feel like you have your very own professors 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} invested in your education.


St. Thomas has lots of school pride and we are all family here.


The University of St. Thomas is a fantastic gateway into the real world of enlightened adult thinking and I am so grateful I've been given this opportunity to experience such fine education at such a fine establishment!


An environment in which wherever you go you see someone you know, yet there are enough people that you don't know everyone.


St. Thomas is a very traditional Catholic school that has benefitted not only myself, but others who are attending, or have attended.


St. Thomas is a beyond welcoming environment where students can strive to be their best.


A not to small, not to large private college that has a beautiful campus and wonderful atmosphere.


St. Thomas seems a little intimidating at first, but as you start taking classes and meeting new people, it becomes your second home and you dread the time when you have to go home.


St Thomas is an excellent school which believes that a strong core education is a great foundation for a degree of any type.


St. Thomas is the largest private school in Minnesota close enough to the city to get the best of both worlds.


The University of Saint Thomas is an institution that successfully integrates the precepts of Catholic intellectual tradition- faith, hope, and charity- into the business world.


The University of St. Thomas provides incredible resources and faith to students.


The University of St Thomas is a multicultural community of teachers and students working together to create a personal learning experience that encompasses a thought-provoking curriculum, a hands-on teaching style, and a wide range of extracurricular activities.


It is a gorgeous campus with extremely friendly students, staff, and facuty, and great programs based on a solid liberal arts education.


St. Thomas is a small liberal arts, yet very conservative school that doesn't really like talking about touchy, on the edge topics.


The University of St. Thomas provides opportunities for their students that I don't believe you can find anywhere else; with the beautiful campus, friendly classmates, rigorous but rewarding academic courseload, and overall quality of the environment, students feel at home and safe while still being located in the heart of the exciting city of St. Paul.


The University of St. Thomas gives you all the tools necessary and more to a bright future.


The University of St. Thomas is an accredited, Catholic university with an attractive campus in a historic St. Paul neighborhood that attracts mostly kids from well-off Midwestern families; strong ties with the community and local businesses help the university offer excellent job placement and internships, especially in the fields of engineering and business.


St. Thomas has a wonderful student community that is very welcoming and enjoyable to be a part of.


A truly Catholic inspired university, filled with many wonderful students, and caring staff.


The University of St. Thomas is a great school where the campus is clean and well kept, the students and teachers are friendly, and experience is very personal.


University of St. Thomas is a private catholic school located in St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Enrolled student population is about five thousand. This school has a beautiful campus. From the bright green grasslands to the clean and advanced academic facilities, this school creates a comfortable and spacious atmosphere. The faculty at St. Thomas is always friendly. Unlike many public schools, the professors always build relationships its students. This creates a special benefit for students because students get a better understanding of the course material through one on one interaction.


St. Thomas is a quaint university nesteled in historical St. Paul offering students many opportunities to become successful.


The University of St. Thomas is a prideful liberal arts school that prides in job placement for students after college.


The University of St. Thomas has a Catholic unethical administration, but a wonderful intelligent faculty with amazing students.


St.Thomas teaches students both good morals and actions that will help them succeed in the future.


A spirited community where opportunities are endless and help is always avaliable.


The University of St. Thomas is an open and accepting school that provides students with knowledgable professors and the liberal arts education needed to produce a well rounded individual ready for the real world after graduation.


The Campus is beautiful. Right in St. Paul and across the river from Minneapolis its in a great location. Brand New student centers were built and open this spring. Its a nice peacful campus where learning is priority.


Saint Thomas is a great school, with a lot of opportunity. As long as your finances are in order it's very manageable. It's easy to fall behind, just as much as any other school I assume, but teachers generally do not allow late or make up assignments. If you're looking for an on campus job, it is "unofficially" based on you're name and who you know. Socially, it is very easy to fit in on campus.


A beautiful campus and a respected institution.


My school is a very invigorating challenging school. The acedemics are delightfully challenging and the classroom atnosphere is wonderful, promoting good discussion. All of this intertwined with a good foundation of faith Campus life is very wonderful too. There is plenty to do with all of the on campus activities as well as the close proximity to downtown St. Paul and the free bussing to downtown Minneapolis. In short I love it here.


A Catholic school in a big city setting with a friendly, supportive environment.


St. Thomas is great opportunity to succeed in life because I am surrounded by peers, teachers and coaches who care about my development as whole person in my academics, athletics and morals.


A liberal arts school that always has things going on around the campus. It's a fun campus to be apart of and a wonderful atmosphere to enhance and learn your studies. Being located in the twin cities helps enchance the atmosphere of the college by making the job market more accessabile later on.


UST: pride, passion, purple.


Liberal Catholic school that is full of a diverse population.


At St. Thomas, you will find out who you are. There are so many opportunities to grow and learn in and out of the classroom, and it gives you a safe environment to explore the things you love and the person you want to be.


Rich and superficial with little pockets of sub-culture that make it ok to be here.


Saint Thomas is an open environment dedicated to the education and progression of its students into fields of study that best suit each student's individual’s ambitions.


My school is challenging, fun, conservative, and located in a beautiful area.


The Univercity of St Thomas is a place accepting of all and you can find how you fit in here and in turn teaches you how to fit into the world.


I love St. Thomas University!


My school has an awesome atmosphere, that is accepting of all students, and has many opportunites for every student.


My school has a layed-back feel with something for everyone.


The Univerity of St. Thomas educates students to be morally responsible leaders who think critically, act wisely and work skillfully to advance the common good.


A liberal arts college that is not very liberal, and in desperate need of more environmental awareness.


The University of St.Thomas is an academically privledge university with a high rate of job placement after graduation.


My school is challenging, fun, excitining and eventful.