University of St Thomas-Saint Paul Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who is hardworking and dedicated to their studies would be a great fit for this school. The academics are quite rigorous, but if a student is willing to put in effort they will be successful. There are many clubs and organizations to be involved in which help to round the student. Overall a student who is willing to put time into not only their studies, but the activities on campus is a great fit.


Someone who is comfortable around others who are generally wealthy should attend this school. Applicants definitely do not need to be wealthy, trust me, not everyone who goes to UST is, but most students come from well-off families. Applicants should also enjoy a small campus and classrooms, and be open to new ideas.


In my opinion, Saint Thomas is idealy fitted for a person looking to attend a smaller, close-knitted school with small class sizes and a great community feeling.


While there are many different types of people who could do well at St. Thomas, I think that diciplined, serious students would thrive academically here. There are wide ranges of courses offer to challenge students intelletually. No matter how smart an individual is, there will always be courses for them to take to increase their wisdom. Students who want to improve academically would do well here. There are fabulous libraries on campus with excellent resourses. With so many other 'fun things' on campus, a student will need to have a focused dedication to their academics to truly thrive.


Somebody should attend the University of St. Thomas if they are looking for a great job someday. I think St. Thomas has wonderful connections and so many opportunities for all of their students. If somebody wants to have a job after they graduate college then St. Thomas is a wonderful school to consider.


Anyone that wants a small school feel, but have it located in the big city.


Someone who is religious (catholic) and someone who is white.


I think anyone looking for a quality education in the Twin Cities should attend St. Thomas. But they should be aware that it is expensive and not very diverse.


Someone who likes a smaller educational environment would absolutely love St. Thomas! The campus isn't too big, yet it isn't too small- it's definitely the perfect size for me. The class sizes are also really nice because you get to know your professors personally and vice versa. Also, if you are someone who wants to be near a bigger city, but want a nice, home-like atmosphere, then the University of St. Thomas is for you!


Every person has a place at Saint Thomas.


Any type of person can attend UST because it is very diverse and welcoming. There are extroverts and introverts, over-acheivers and slackers, and all sorts of polar opposite people groups and subgroups. You should like living in the city, learning in close quarters with professors, and dressing really trendy because urbanites do that.


Someone who cares strongly about their education but is open to new experiences and people.


Someone with a religious background who is serious about studying and cares about helping the University to become successful. St. Thomas is a great place for those who want to get involved with different clubs and events, because it offers a lot of opportunities to do so. St. Thomas also has small class sizes, so if that helps you to advance in your academics, I would highly recommend this University.


Students who want to know their professors while also getting a good eductaion should attend the University of St. Thomas. Many students are interested in Business but there is a fast growing group of Engineering majors as well. Being a large institution, St. Thomas has the resources to accamodate almost any type of prospective student.


Any student from different ethnic backgrounds and religious affliations. The University offers study abroad programs in many countries as a way of creating diverse ideas on campus and so students who are interested in international studies and travelling would love St. Thomas. Students who are competitive in sports are encouraged to attend St. Thomas as we have won a conference-best 11 NCAA team championships in six different sports, and have had top-five NCAA team finishes in 18 different sports. For football lovers, our football coach was voted best coach of NCAA Division III football.


I think this school accommodates for a variety of personalities and interests. This liberal arts college allows students to get an education in their field of study while becoming socially aware of other areas like Human Diversity, other languages, and Theology. There is a unique music program at the college. This college offers students so much and we are left to decide which portions to take from it. Any student who wants a well-rounded education at a smaller school and wants to take full advantage of the thousands of opportunities and experiences should choose the University of St. Thomas.


If you're looking for a smaller-sized campus, St Thomas is definetely a great choice. The campus is small, but beautiful, and very easy to navigate around.


someone who is driven, is strong academically, and also likes being located in the city


Someone who attends University of St. Thomas should be someone who is striving for a well rounded and challenging education. They should be very motivated and social.


Someone who is interested in science, engineering, or business would benefit greatly from attending this school. Someone who is not too concerned with school spirit would like this school. You must like being in a big city and living in a busy area.


Someone who is entergetic, positive, friendly, a hard worker, has school spirit, and will contribute to the school.


Students who want to attend St. Thomas should be people not only eagar to strenghten their academic lives but also thier spiritual ones. These students should be excited about their futures.


A person that wants to get a good education, not only in their field of choice but also in a broad array of class choices. Students who are willing to work hard in their studies and therefore easily earn a job out in the real world.


When considering St. Thomas, one has to want a medium sized school that has the benefits of attending a large public school but also the advantages of a small private school. Having an open mind helps too since most people assume that St. Thomas is very Catholic school, when in reality there are people from lots of different denominations that attend. The Catholic aspect shouldn't turn people away either since it's moreso about the Catholic morals than the Catholic religion.


People who attend Saint Thomas need to be motivated students. They must expect a challenge and be able to rise up to that challenge. People at St. Thomas are also generally involved in the school community.


To attend the University of St. Thomas, a person must be up for a challenge. UST students must be hard-working, determined, and independent learners. Anyone looking for a great education with the added benefit of a beautiful aesthetic environment should attend UST.


The kind of person who should attend this school is any one who would like to get a good college education and become successful. This college has an excellent reputatuion, especially with business degrees. They should also be super nice and polite because I have found every one here very helpful and nice and I truely feel the staff cares about and wants the students to succeed.


Any type of person is welcomed at St Thomas.


Someone who is willing to work hard in school should attend St. Thomas.


Students who are driven, creative, and desire to better our world should attend the University of St. Thomas. This school advocates individualism, yet there is a strong sense of community on campus. The job opportunities through St. Thomas are excellent because the school is well known and affiliated with companies all over the state, particularly in the cities. Students who want the ideal college location, education, and experience should attend St. Thomas.


Anyone who is interested in obtaining a quality, personal eduaction should attend. St. Thomas is very diverse, and does not have one certain type of person who should attend.


Someoen who values tradition and a liberal arts education along with their science and or business degree. St. Thomas is big on community and helping out with the needy. It's a great place to learn and meet live long friends.


People who love the city, enjoy the feel of being in a close community environment, thrive in small class sizes and like to participate in a broad base of extra curricular activities that are offered on campus.


A person who is very career driven.


Intelligent, hard working, motivated, enthusiastic, athletic, and optimistic individual.


A young adult looking to pursue a further education in an extremely friendly and charismatic environment. At St. Thomas, the class sizes are small enough that the teachers know each student individually and are able to make time to help them with anything they need. While UST is known for having students that are both gorgeous and rich, what people fail to remember is that all of the students are genuinely kind and accepting. If one is thinking about attending St. Thomas, they should be prepared for a good time!


I think a person who is serious about their school work and future should attend the University of St. Thomas.


The University of St. Thomas is a perfect fit for students who are driven learners, looking for a great job in their post-college lives. This university is small enough to allow you to facilitate your own learning style, yet it is large enough to challenge and accomodate all types of students from all types of backgrounds. The university's rich history creates a unique bond between "Tommie" alumni in the career world and current "Tommie" students that cannot be found anywhere else. Simply put, if you want to find a job in these hard times, GO TO ST. THOMAS!


Somebody committed to entering the workforce/grad school after 4-5 years that is spiritual, intelligent, outgoing and personable.


This is a school for enthusiastic students. The professors want nothing more than not only to see you succeed in the class, but to be able to learn something that will have an affect on your life. Anybody wanting to have fun while becoming a fully well-rounded student would be a perfect candidate for coming to St. Thomas.


St. Thomas is hoem to a wide variety of people. Being a Catholic school, I think this University offers a lot to students who really would like to keep their faith throughout college. At the same time, I have many friends on campus who do not care as much about religion and find the school equally enjoyable. I think St. Thomas is a great school for people who like smaller class sizes, intimate teachers, and are want to recieve an extraordinary education.


The kind of person who should attend this school, should not be afraid to work hard. They should want a high quality education a tight community atmosphere.


Just the opposite from the last question. People who take their education seriously should attend this school. People who work hard on the work they are given, and who always strive for the best.


I think a person who is willing to work hard, sociable, and has good time management skills should attend my school.


Someone who likes small class sizes with individual and one-on-one help. You have to be outgoing and willing to meet new people and be open to new opportunities.


It is a very welcoming school, anyone who likes to get to know people from all over the world should go here! Also anyone looking for a school with excellent professors who really enjoy teaching their subject.


A good candidate for this school is someone that is interested in educaton because the professors are extremely helpful when it comes to answering questions and helping you learn. A majority of the students here are from private catholic schools around Minnesota, and also a lot of a children of alumni come here.


Anyone who wants to learn and have an awesome time.


Any kind of person should attend this school. Especially someone who is career focused and ready to get a good education.


The kind of person that should attend this school is one that is deeply passionate about their academic work and how it will affect or change the world. People that attend this school should also be conscious about the world and come to the school with an open mind.