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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If given the chance to go back in time and communicate with my high school senior self, there would be many things that I’d desire to mention about the fast approaching college life. Yet the one thing that stands at the pinnacle of importance is this piece of advice: the pursuit of knowledge has a lifetime of reward, while rote memorization yields no return. In high school, there is such ease in studying for the sole purpose of only striving to “make the grade,” however in doing so one can negate the positive benefit found in genuinely learning the information. By taking advantage of the information given, one finds that upon entering college there is a ready preparedness and an ease found in applying that information to the situations that one is placed in within the world. In activating this practice, a costly education and a diploma suddenly gain a benefit far greater than the prestige the school itself can bring; these two keys gain the benefit of a mind filled with active experience.


If I could go back into time and talk to myself when I was a senior in high school, I would tell myself to apply myself in these classes. I would also tell myself that as soon as I graduated enroll into college immediately and take all the core classes first. I did not go to college right away after graduating. Once I started at a community college I did a lot of bouncing around and never completed much. After a few years when I finally found something I was interested in I went straight for those classes. Currently I am taking my core classes since I never took them in the begining. It makes it difficult becasuse a lot of things I do not remember from high school. School is difficult as is it and as an adult it is a challenge because your juggling life, family, work, and school. School is very important especially now a days.


I would tell myself to attend class more often and to surround myself with the people who are most successful in class.


Middle school is over and now it is time to take the next steps towards your future. You want to have a great future for you and your family, right? Well here’s what you got to do. First you must find your motivation and drive. Make sure you set goals for yourself and involve your family and friends in everything you do. It will get hard down the road so you will need the support and foundation from them. Second always and always plan things out. Make sure you keep a daily planner, sticky notes; write on your hand for reminders. Third, get involve in some activities. Join a club, volunteer, sports or even do some community service. Fourth and fifth, don’t be afraid to take advance courses with the support of tutoring. Challenge yourself to the fullest. You don’t want to look back and think, what if. Sixth, plan ahead and also study. Decide what you would want to do in life and what school can successfully build you to that person. Apply for scholarships and also take time out to study because it is very competitive. All in all have a great 4 years.


If i could go back as a senior in high school and talk to myself about my future, i would say "hey kid settle down, so your'e a senior, this is not the time to slack in your studies. I have gone through many hard transistions throughout my life while in school, from losing my grandparents, who helped raise me, to losing my mother when i was in the 10th grade. I had a dream and goals but, by the time I got to my senior year I thought college would be impossible for me. I guess I lost my focus. But I did graduate and it felt so good to have accompolished that, so i began to dream again. then I made a call to West Virginia Junior College and started on a course that will change my life. I went for an interview, and met the most amaing woman, who inspired me to think I CAN DO THIS! The tour of the school pumped me up and made me more determined to suceed not only for myself, but for my gandparents and my mother. I want to make them proud, and this transistion is in that direction.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself a few things. First, I'd tell myself not to waste my time and money at Durham Tech because they don't offer programs I am interested in. Second, I would tell myself about the animal care and management program at Alamance Community College , because working with animals has been my dream since I was a little kid. Third and finally, I would tell myself to get started immediately so that I could graduate college before my grandfather passes away. That way he could atleast see one of his grandchildren graduate college. This is what I would tell myself if I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior.


Be involved. I was not very involved in high school, because I focused on school and work. I did a complete turn around in college. I'm President of our all sorority council, I am on my sorority's Executive Board, I plan event for my sorority and all sororites. Also I am a Peer Mentor for First Year students. I am always a Cardinal Camp Leader for our Freshman camp. Do your school work in college, but make time for the activities on your campus, you will learn so much about yourself and the world around you. Also try to live on campus at least one semester, it teaches you great skills of responsibility.


Coming from a very challenging high school, you're never surprised when people say "Oh you come from a smart school!" and are intimidated by you. Yet, I didn't feel so smart at my "smart" school. There's so much competition and sometimes friction between you and your classmates simply because you don't feel like your as intelligent as them. As a senior, I was very discouraged because I was the average, not the above average, kid at my school and it was disheartening to see others do better than you when you're trying your absolute best. I believed that I couldn't succeed in the medical field like I wanted to because of the outlook my high school gave me. I tried and tried over again to do my best, even if I didn't see an improvement and I felt like college would be the same. If I could go back in time I would tell myself to not give up. To keep going and that I'll do great. That just because I was discouraged, doesn't mean the world is over. I can succeed in anything I put my mind to.


Take each lesson for what it, is an opportunity for personal growth. Try not hurry life, because there is a lifetime of living and each experience is what makes us unique. Believe in yourself even when others have lost all faith in your abilities. Try not to psych yourself out for you can be your own worst enemy. Everyone finishes school at their own pace, so make sure you go by the pace you set for yourself and not a pace set by others. Do what is right for you regardless of how it may look to others. Never look at events that go wrong in your life as mistakes, but as lessons. These lessons can teach you something important not only about yourself, but about the world in general. Never regret anything that happens because every experience you live defines who you are and turn out to be. Finally, learning is never over and lessons come in different forms you just have to be open to them. When in doubt take a step back and sleep on it, so you don't make a rash decision you may later regret.


If I can go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would because the college world is way different then high school. I attended public schools my whole life, I now go to a private school, and I love it because the classroom sizes are small, I learn better in a small environment. I learned a lot when I started my college life. The environment is different because now the hallways are not as crowded as high school. Making friends at UIW is easy because you would see the same faces every day. Making the transition to college, I realized that you have to study more and take good notes. You have to have good study habits. College can be stressful because you have to learn a lot. Your grades are more important than hanging with friends and going to parties. Extracurricular, campus leadership, community service, time with friends are essential, and you need to embrace them all. I would give myself advice about study skills. I have to make sure I don't wait until the last minute to do something. Read and take good notes in order to pass the class.


Given the chance to talk to myself as a high school senior would be an amazing opportunity, although I wouldn't change all that much about my decisions that I have already made. The major advice I would've given myself would be to apply for alot more scholarships and work alot more. I like the school that I am currently at, it's just that it is very expensinve like many universities are and I frown at the fact that my family and I stress about money. I would've told my high school self to work a whole lot more than I did and to work hard to get money for college. My grades are good and I just wouldn't want myself stressing out about financial problems, which brings me to the reason why I am writing this answer for this scholarship. Other than the financial advice, I would let my high school self learn everything on her own and to have fun.


I would tell myself to work hard, save a lot of money and spend much more time looking for grants and scholarships to help me. I would also tell myself to study hard and stay confidant.


"High school me, the whole life after high school thing wasn't as easy as I thought. I've been sent here from the future to warn you that your very existence depends on the choices you make during your senior year. No. Not really. But, I am here to help guide you along a more stress free path," I would begin saying to the more naive version of myself. Embracing the knowledge I know now I would have taken high school a little bit more seriously. Sure I was in honors, pre-AP, and AP classes, but I didn't take advantage of getting college credit while in high school. What was supposed to only be two years for an associates degree took 3.5 years as a full time student because I began college unsure of my major. Now I can say I am confident with the path I have chosen but transferring to get my bachelors is ending up as a 6.5 year degree. "Look high school me, study hard and pay for the exams to recieve college credit. Trust me, it will save you a great deal of time and money in the future."


Make sure you know how to study - spend time every day looking over your notes. And, be sure to talk to people about the professors. Who you take the class from is just as important as what you take.


dont choose your school based on a sport, injuries and unexpected things can happen. make sure you can afford it. Dont just associate yourself with only your sport. Attend all classes. Be sure to have good communication with your roommate about expectations.


Out of my college experience I have gained a lot of insight and information, I have become a better a person, become more involved and made wonderful friends. It has been valuable to attend college because it has put me a step closer to achieving my dream of becoming a teacher. Since I've been in college I have learned things I never even knew about the education field and it makes me all the more enthusiastic to finish school and start my career. Sine last fall when I first arrived at University of the Incarnate Word I have noticed that I have become a more responsible person and more active person. I helped one of my friends start a new organization and am currently the vice-president of that organization and I even joined a co-ed service fraternity. Through these activities I have become a more helpful and reliable person and I have made some of the greatest friends I have ever had. There is nothing like the college experience and I am so greatful that I am getting such a valuable once in a lifetime experience.


Throughout my college experience I've found that I need to open my mind and eyes more. Success isn't just going to come to me; I need to work for it. In high school, my teachers would haggle me for my assignments and give the students time to study in class. In college, I need to be more aware responsibilty for making time to study and turning in assignments on time. With three jobs, I have to organize my time and ensure I'm getting my work done in order to succeed. College has given me a challenge academically and mentally. The academic challenge has taught me to study more and analyze information beyond print words. I've learned that there is meaning behind the words so don't take them for face value. The mental challenge comes from striving to do better and believing in my work. If I don't believe in what I'm doing how can I expect others to believe in it? Ultimately I've grown as a person because of the academic and mental challenges college has given me, which are valuable tools to utilize in life.


I have learned that with excellent planning, organization, and time management, college can actually be fun, other than stressful and too much to handle. My college experience has been a success so far, and I am loving every minute of it. My planner is my special tool that comes in so much handy. I write all homework assignments and things that need to get done. This helps me prevent procrastination and allows me to stay on top of my education game. I am currently at 3.5 GPA and learned from my composition class that language is living, and from our President the sky is the limit. One particular meaningful experience that I gained was learning how to sew. In my interest to become a fashion designer, finally sewing was unexplainable and completely satisfying to me. Apparel is my favorite course. I also made two new friends whom I share each college day with. They are a blast and bring me happiness simply because they are just like me. Every lesson and experience gained is beyond valuable; I am developing into a more open minded and responsible adult. They bring me closer to accomplish my dreams and goals.


My college expirence has allowed me to become envolved with others with the same interests. It has allowed me to learn from real world professionals, and potential employers. I have also obtained information about the current education reforms that are going to be put in place in future years for my state. Combined this is a powerful education with a small campus life, that will allow me to make my future class more prepaired for their futures. I have no doubt that my education at lackawanna will help future generations become better prepaired for their college educations.


I've learned not to let others pressure you into a degree that you are not interested in. I'll be spending at least two more years at another college pursuing what I love. I don't regret going to UIW, I learned a lot of things about myself and working with others in a business environment, but if I had it to do again I would have followed my goals and not my family's.


My professors have been a great resource, and I have been able to ask professors for professional advise. I have also gained valuable knowledge and experience. I have taken every opportunity that I could while at the university, and I believe I have been better for it.


Out of my college experience I have learned a lot about myself. College has been a time to further explore the things I am interested in, try new things that I would have hesitated on before, and grow up as an individual. Since I knew my focus going into college, I have become involved in clubs and organizations that help me advance in my career path. I have also taken advantage of the various events available to me. I wanted to branch out and try new things so I have joined an intramural soccer team, been to multiple museums and accumulated an interest in photography, and am in the process of learning a new instrument. I have also learned independance and confidence by being forced to approach teachers for help and concerns, learning to make new friends, and attending events even if I am alone. I was always afraid of doing things alone, but now I can been thrown in a room with strangers and hold my head up high, start a conversation, and be myself around anyone.


Put alot of effort in all things, so later on you dont regret about things you didnt do, dont let laziness win you, so you can succed later in life.


If I could go back as a high school senior, I would tell myself to apply for so many scholarships and to look up different majors so I get a feel of what I might want to study. Deciding on a major is very difficult because there are so many to choose. Senior year and summer would be the best time looking over all majors and careers. Another thing I would tell myself would be to score high on the SAT tests because the higher your score, the more scholarship money you can receive.


If I were to go back in time to see myself as a senior, I would first harass myself to fill out more scholarships and apply for everything I possibly could, not to dawdle, and take the matter seriously because there will be a time when I will not be able to afford luxuries. Then I would tell myself that the transition is not as difficult as most people say it is or rather as most young high schoolers think it will be. I believe I had prepared well enough my first year of college, seeing as I was miles away from the comfort of my home in an unknown city I had only visited on short occasions. I would also tell myself that my sister (a resident of the city where the university is located) will always be able to aid me when I cannot turn to anyone else and perhaps to rely on her a little more than I have. I would tell myself to get more involved in the college orientation and make as many friends as I could. It would be enough to just do what I did. I would end with ?Everything will be alright.?


save as much money as you can because you never know the hardships and money problems that you will have in the future , also apply for college ahead of time, and study as much as possible for the SAT tests.


If I could go back in time when I was a high school senior, I would tell myself one thing. Don't slack. I learned the hardway that slacking off senior year became a bad habit that followed me to college. I wait, and wait, to finish an assignment until the last minute and then I am dead the next day and don't pay attention to my lectures. It's a double wammy. I am barely awake in class and I miss the important lectures in class. That is not the best I can do, and in high school I thought of it as a breeze. The only breeze is the wind of the slap in the face called reality caused. If I could change my slacking attitude in high school, I wouldn't have had the hard time adjusting to a tight study schedule in my first semester in college. I would have gotten higher grades and more sleep.


When I was a senior in High school I always knew I wanted to go to college but my study habits weren't that great. If I could go back and give myself advice about college I would tell myself to do better academically and get in the habit of studying. I would tell myself to apply for as many scholarships as I can get my hands on or that i qualify for at least because the school I am looking into is quite expensive and my parents can not be able to help me out financially. I would have also saved up all my money from my job because I would not be able to have a job right away at least. I would tell myself to pay attention to my parents when considering a less expensive school. I would have broadened my school options because I would have to take out loans. Then that is where the scholarships would be very helpful. It is never too late to apply for scholarships and if I knew it would be this easy I would have applied even before I started college.


The most important piece of advice I would say over and over again to myself would be, "Try your best at everything and learn as much as possible!" I regret not trying hard enough to make the best grades I possibly could in all my classes because although I did learn a lot, many scholarships that give out more money require a higher GPA. I would also tell myself to get more involved in school and extracurricular activities. I could have made so many more friends and had many wonderful experiences if I wouldn't have been so shy and afraid to step out of my comfort zone. Lastly, I would tell myself to participate more in class and speak my mind and say what I felt. I could have gained much more confidence and been more of a leader if I would have spoken when I didn't understand something or knew the answer to a question. I had a wonderful high school experience, but if I would have done these few things, my experience would have been much more satisfying and I would be even prouder of myself.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself: I would tell my self to be more social with my peers, engage in more school activities, do more out-of-school voluteering, join a club, and be more focused on the material presented. I would be absolutely prepared for everything that I have encountered these past couple years, but i also wouldn't mind not saying anthing. Part of my journey and growth was made when finding and utilizing these tools. And, it has help me meet new and exciting people who feel the way I do.


Thinking back to my senior year of high school there are many things I would do differently based on the things I know now. First I would tell myself not to stress so much over finding the perfect college because each university has something great to offer. Secondly, I would tell myself to take a tour of every campus before I sign up for dorms. I submitted my housing application and paid the enrollment fees before I took a tour of the campus then found out it wasn't right for me. Thirdly, I would tell myself that more freedom and more responsibility are coming so enjoy the lack of responsibility in high school and look forward to the freedom.


I would tell my past self to go out there and meet the new and exciting people at the university. Don't be this shy girl you were during your high school years, but rather let your personality shine before you so that others may see. You have much to offer and with that alone, you will succeed in your passage to college life.


If i went back in time I would let myself know that college is tuff. It is not like high school and I better start learning how to study. There is no TAKS in college but there is alot of quizzes and exams. It is a great experience and you are lucky to make such a good choice in education and in school. Always go to class with a positive attitude and get much sleep because it is important. Be prepared to be independent because mom and dad wont be here to hold your hand. Also, get involved in community service because it is needed and be open to everyone. Don't hold yourself back from asking questions or answering them. College is great as long as you put effort into it and it goes by really fast so don't get caught up in anything that is not important. Tutoring is also somethin you should look into. It helps alot with a subject that you may be struggling in and make a buddy in each class that way if you miss a class for some reason or don't understand what your learning they can help you out.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to work harder and to be a pushover and tell people how I feel. I did work hard in high school, but I could have done a lot better. Now that my brother is a junior in high school I tell him everyday that he needs to work hard in order to be proud of himself and get his first choice school. Even though I did not get my first choice I am glad I am here, but even with a higher GPA I think I would have ended up here one way or another because I love the small classes especially being an undergraduate and I love being able to have one on one time with my professors. I do not think I could do that at a Texas Public Univerisity.


If I could go back in time to my senior year I would tell my self to fill out finatial aid early and apply for scholarships, and dont slcak off. It will make your life easier. I would tell my self to fill it out sooner so that i would be able to recive more money from the state insteade of waiting untill the last minute to do it and getting the bare minnium amount of money. I would also tell myself to fill out scholarships so that I wouldn't have had to take out so many loans to pay for college. Lastly, i would tell myself not to slack off because I almot was not able to go to college because i faild one class that i needed. Luckly i took a cbe and passed but i would be $64 richer if i didnt need to do that.


Do not dwell in the now, but think of the future you could have. Do not think or stress about your current hurdles and obstacles but use them as leverage. Do not run away from problems, but embrace them and learn how to deal with them. Do not be discouraged that no one in your family has attended college but use that as motivation to set an example for others. Do not be afraid, but be courageous.


High was a time in which I developed study habits, time management, and appreciation for the people in my life. If I were able to have insight to what that transition from high school to college life was like I would definatly tell myself to be ready for change and don't be afraid of what it brings. It is important to take chances and go after your goals. I would tell myself that although things will not always go the way I may like, don't get discouraged, or give up. It is a totally different world, college. A world of fast pace, new opportunities, great independance; it is an exciting place. I would tell myself not to hold back, stay focused, and enjoy the ride.


If I was given the opportunity to go back in time and talk to myself about college, I would be telling myself lot of helpful advice. One of the first things that I would tell myself and strongly advise is to apply to scholarships no matter how much it is because it will add up. I only applied to a few scholarships and one only two, when I could have applied myself to do more to increase my chance to get more aid. Especially now that I am going to a private school, those scholarships could have came in handy. Another thing I would tell myself is to try and apply to other colleges and open up my choices. I never got the chance to know if any other college would offer me more money or give me a full ride. Even though I got a scholarship from this school, it still isn't enough to cover the bill. Finally I would tell myself not to change my studying ways and to keep school as my number one priority. It may be a little more challenging but it will be all worth it in the end.


I would tell myself to spend more time looking for scholarships, and be better prepared financially.


My senior year was not a typical senior year. First off, I was a junior graduating early. Second, I was going to become a teenage mother. I did not get to experience the normal senior year as most do. If I could go back in time and give myself some advice, the first thing I would tell my self is to pay more attention in class. They teach us things for a reason and the better we understand it, the better we will do in college. Sometimes it is easier just to memorize things in high school. But if I would have taken the time to really understand it I would still know the material now. Another thing I would tell myself is to focus on getting as many scholarships as possible because college is expensive! College is a time of learning and experiencing new things that cannot be forwarned.


I would tell myself to fill out as many scholarships as possible, to have a better chance of getting more money so I wouldn't have to worry about being not able to finish college at my choice school because lack of funds. I would also tell myself to get use to reading the books for each class, taking notes quickly, and forming study groups with people in your classes. Its also important not to miss class if at all possible because it is harder to make things up in college if your professors allow it at all, and you are paying for your own education so you might as well get your moneys worth. The main thing would be knowing when to ask for help, and not being afraid to go to your professors office hours, because they are there to help if you are willing to learn.


What you do in college will follow you for the rest of your life. Don't get distracted; the partying, the clubs, and relationships will always be there. Grades do make a difference; they open many doors of opportunities for scholarships and grants. Don't give up. . . .


Listen to your instincts and do not be afraid. A degree from a university will facilitate many of the obstacles that lay ahead. To succeed in a business environment, you need a degree. As a young latino woman, take advantage of your virtues and pursue your international business degree. I was on the right track. I earned dual credit from Palo Alto college while attending high school. Unfortunately, our family finances got the best of my situation. All I needed was a bit of courage to submerge myself in school and worry less about the finances. I decided to help my father and joined the work force full time immediately after high school. My journey has not been easy, but I am on the right track again. Now, I have more responsibility, but I am finishing my degree this coming year. I plan to graduate from the University of the Incarnate Word this coming year but not alone. I will graduate with Tom (husband), Isabella (6 year daughter), and Joshua (4 year old) son by my side.


I would go back and tell my self that you should take as many Dual credit classes as you can possibly take because you still get highschool credit while you are recieving college credit, and that will save you so much money. Also you should really go to summer school dont follow what your friends want to do you do what you want because you want to. And i say that because your friends come and go but what you decide now is your future.And plus you get ahead. Dont wait till the last minute to do finacial aid, and dont wait to turn in scholarship applications. but while in school know what you want to do after you graduate. Keep your grades up your senior year is by far the most important aside from prom and graduation parties. You need to stay focused and keep your mind set on what you want. College cost alot of money and its no joke. its your future!


What I would tell myself is to try and receive a little more scholarships to pay the cost of tution rather than having to resort to loans. As of now I have two student loans under my name and another one under my parents. Mine aren't that bad because I don't have to pay them till after I graduate but my parents are having to pay them as of now. Also try to get a workstudy job as soon as possible. I was offered it my first year at UIW but failed to get all the nessary steps to getting it to work that year but this year I got the workstudy been working this past semester and it has help a lot greatly. Another thing I would tell myself is don't major in Computer Graphics because I recently changed from that because it was just to much of a hassle for me that first year and now I'm majoring in Computer Information Systems. I would tell myself just stay with Computers in general as your major.


I know you do not need my advice. You already have a well thought out and carefully scrutinized plan outlining your entire future. Nevertheless, there are a few things I think you should know. First, college is not four more years of high school. College is a journey characterized largely by freedom of choice. With freedom comes enormous responsibility and some of your carefully made plans will fail. For this reason- be flexible. Second, you do not have to decide the rest of your life today. You may take classes and meet people that change your perspective in everyway. Things you never knew will become important to you. For this reason- be open. Finally, although it is good to have a plan and stick to it, do not forget to take a few risks along the way. Sometimes it is possible to be so careful and so organized that you miss out on some of life?s most precious moments. For this reason- be brave. You are ready and focused, just do not get lulled into thinking you know everything. College, and life, are full of the unexpected and will require courage, an open heart and a flexible mind.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, the advise I would give myself is to not let myself get burned out about working hard, and remember all the work and dedication I had put into my school work before hand, to use that as the inspiration to not let even the smallest bit of procrastination work its way through my being. I would say, work smart, and not just hard; manage your time wisely, and don't let the little things in life and work drag you away from the overall important goals, in that, be a perfectionist. And get as many scholarships as you can, and don't complain about taking time out of your leisure activities to get ahead! It didn't stop you before. And know that God is with you, and that you have nothing to fear, not even fear itself.


Dear Me: You are about to enter into a world of the unknown and knowledge is power so I am here to prepare you for what is comming your way in college. first, face everything with knowledge, respect and values. Research every step you take in school; from your degree selection to your school's accreditation. Do not have any relationships until you graduate ! Please, Never be shy or afraid of class presentations and lock yourself as much as you can in the library or your car until you finish your homework! Place in your head very good that school is #1 and everything else comes 2nd. Choose a degree that you will marry forever until you die. volunteer to help the need and learn from the wise people that have build greatness in this world. Never loose your sense of humor and respect for others. Keep your strength and head up all the time. Never be afraid of the unknown and be a leader that creates its own path to greatness. earning a degree is called a degree because when you reach one, you have gotten into a degree of self respect and knowledge.


I have thought about this question so many times before, especially now that I just acomplished my dream of getting an Associates degree. If I could go back in time and talk to my High School self, I would start by telling myself that I am not alone. I would tell myself that even though it seems like the end of the world losing your father, there are much bigger trials in life that I would eventually face. I would tell myself that I need to focus on school because that would be the best way to honor my father. He always said that the best inheritance one can leave their child is an education. I would tell myself that's true Martha. College is a neccessity and valuable. I would tell myself that I know what potential I have and that the dream that your father and you had of going to the University of the Incarnate Word is possible! It is unbelievable just how fantastic college is! Martha, you can become the first to graduate from college in your family! You can go as far as get your Masters and even have that career you dreamed about!


College: the unknown academic universe, the great enigma that haunts all high school seniors who wish to further their education. As a university student, I am now able to offer a few sage words of advice to my former self and all current and future high school seniors who wish to learn some helpful tips. The first piece of advice I have to offer is to take the SAT more than once. The first round of testing never goes as well as you hope and you are better prepared for taking it again. Also, apply to colleges that have a diverse program. You may change your mind more than once regarding your major and you want to attend a school that offers different classes in a variety of academic and professional fields. I would advise my eighteen year old self to try and live on campus, even if just for one year. Living on campus helps make friends for your first year and contributes to your social life. It also makes participating is extracurricular activities much easier. Good luck and remember to stay focused on your goal throughout your academic years!