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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


It was my goal to finish High School early, while completing as many College courses as possible. If i could go back, I would focus on getting more College courses completed, therefore bumping me a little more ahead in my current courses. Having said that, i have made the best of my prior schooling and looking forward to studying hard and earning the diploma i have always longed for.




Dear Caysie, Good job! You are now a senior in high school. You have made it through some challenges in your life so far, and I know you are worried about what is to come. I know you may feel a little overwhelmed with what colleges to apply to, what you want to study in school, where you are going to live, and how you are going to pay for school. I want to tell you now that it will all be okay. Believe in yourself. I know it is a hard thing to comprehend, but you will have so many opportunities in the years to come. Trust and believe in yourself. Don't worry about deciding now what you want to be in the future. You are 18 years old. You still have time in trying to figure out what best suites you. You will figure it out, give yourself time. Don't worry stress about paying for college. Remember, you are investing in yourself by continuing your education. Remember, like Dr. Seuss says, "you have brains in your head, feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself any direction you choose". You got this Caysie!!! Believe in yourself.


I would give myself to keep studying and learn new things before hitting onto college. As for that I would like to tell myself to go find college classes that will boost me for graduating sooner and take courses that are free. Be prepared for what lies ahead and assume in the interest that I would like such as being an Architect. I would say to myself that I must get an education and need to so I can make a difference in my community and everyone around me. Learn a lot of math because you would definetly need that in college since it is so important in whatever field you study in and to be ready for graduating with a Bachelor's in Architecture.


I wish I could pound the phrase “Lighten up!” into the skull of my 18 year old self. You see, high school was something I took extremely seriously. Life-threatening, future-altering, image-shattering catastrophes assaulted me constantly. I considered myself to be very self-important, to the extent that I convinced myself I was personally responsible for 2,000+ high school students and the image that our high school portrayed to the community. If I could forewarn myself about my college transition, this is what I would say: Self, Calm down! Now is the time to play and have fun. The rest of your life will be filled with opportunities to work hard and improve yourself. There is value in learning to relax (something we have always struggled to do). The world will not stop when you get a grade lower than an A. Truthfully; not one person will care, aside from you. Follow your heart in choosing your profession and future career. Remember to keep your feet on the ground and hold strong to your moral center. Love, Me. (Also, bring an emergency sewing kit to your first job interview.)


"Dear Gretel. College is nothing like high school. You cannot breeze through it without studying. Take your love of reading and put it to good use! knowledge is power, and the sooner you get this done the sooner you can live your dreams. It's easy to tear yourself down, so do the hard thing and build yourself up. Love, Gretel P.S. Get your medication regulated otherwise your depression will cause you to drop out of BYU Hawaii."


I would give myself the same advice I have given my little brother. I would tell myself to do more Advanced Placement classes because they put you ahead of the rest in credits, and knock off a lot of time and even a couple of semesters, as well as saves you a lot of money. Develop a study habit that works for you because, you may not need to study in high school to get a good grade, but you definitely need to study in college. If you don't have good study habits now then you won't have them in college. Stay away from girls. They are nothing but trouble. Yes they are beautiful, pleasing, and lovely, but they're more trouble than they're worth in the end. Trust me, I'm married to one. Suck up to teachers. The more you suck up, the more letters of recommendation you will be able to get, and the better they will be. Sit at the front of class because it induces better learning, and it's easier to pay attention when you're right in front of the teacher and not in the back and able to sleep.


I would look straight at my eyes and say, stop listening to the people that tell you that you cannot become a doctor because school is too expensive and nobody in your family has done it before. Start now, do not let the tomorrow take away what you can have done today. I know that your passion is medicine and to make people happy so start now, start to look for ways to learn and take classes you need at school, do not take classes just to fill up your school year, think big. I am not telling you that school would be the most complicated thing you would have done in your life, but you will know where your dream is going to take you. Do not stop dreaming to become a professional, in fact, keep dreaming, but keep it real because after dreaming and without actions we will wake up to nothing. You will find out that you are not the best at everything but do not let that make you feel like you cannot do it. I am here to tell you fight for your dreams, you can do it! start making your dreams happen right now.


The advice I would give myself would be to apply for every scholarship out there, be involved in school activities such as sports, clubs, alumni association, etc. I wish I would have known about each club at Weber State Univeristy before I actually started. When I was in high school, I never filled out scholarships, never thought about joining a club because I felt like I would be the "odd" one out. Never once think that when you are going into college. Go to college with an open mind and learn new things, join new clubs, participate in group activities and group discussions at school. Dont go to college thinking you are the "odd" one of the group or even the "young" one. Nobody cares what age you are at school. If you are outgoing, spontaneous and fun, people will love to be around you and want you to participate in everything possible. Its good to know your peers, classmates and your professors. Knowing your classmates and even your professors, makes your college experience even less frightening and timidating. Get active and show Weber State that you are here with an open mind and ready to engage in school activities.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself I made the right decision in waiting to go to college. I would tell myself that I am more prepared now than I was when I was about to graduate college. I would tell myself to relax and know that the decision I made was a good one no matter what my peers, parents, and teachers told me.


Don't stress over the little things. It is important to know what is going on and how to do it. But if you give it time, usually someone will explain it to you, or you will figure it out. I am good at stressing out, but have mellowed out some since high school. Going from high school to college was a quite a jump. I didn't know what to expect, I wasn't sure what to do, and it scared me. I would tell myself to not be afraid to ask for help. Over time I have learned the hard way that it is ok to ask for help. The majority of the time, the person you are asking is willing to help and actually cares. It was little things like this that would stress me out and sometimes still do. I have learned to take things into stride, I guess you would say. It is important to take things as they come and do the best you can. It would be nice to know then what I know now. But that would defeat the purpose of having to go through it to learn it.




Get involved. I know its scary, but people will be accepting. Don't let your fears hold you back. Don't wait till Senior year to make friends. Ask people to hang out on the weekends and don't bail on them last minute. Get out of your comfort zone. Create a new one with less boundaries and more space to explore all that is available to you. When you enter college, don't expect it to be something different from high school. People are people and they don't change that much. Do expect more responsibility. Don't wait for others to tell you what to do. If you can't find the answer, go searching. And most important. Don't worry, you'll be fine and do amazing.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would ask myself if I have done everything in my power to make sure that I was prepared to leave my family and go out and make a life for myself. I would also ask myself if the school that I choose is definetely the right one for me. Think about everything you have wanted to do in college and make sure that the school has all of these things. If they don't have a national sorority that you want, mark one and don't defer from the things you know you want to experience in college. Also make sure the school has all the major and minors you think you might want to venture into.


I would persuade myself to enter college immediately as a high schooler because I was afraid to go and waited 4 years after graduating high school to enter college. In the time that I wasted I could have already finished my asscociates degree in accounting and been on my path to a bachelors degree! It's not that hard and you don't have to go to school everyday, you can still work! I would make myself realize that I could work and go to school at the same time, now that I have a two year old daughter I am going to school and feel like it is easy compared to what I expected. I would push myself to make the effort and try attending college to see that its not as scary as I thought!


Jennifer, even though high school was easy, college is a whole different world. You can't just take it for granted that it will be easy because it won't. There will always be another party on another night but when you need to study, you study first! Going to classes is mandatory -- if you're sick, suck it up and take some tylenol long enough to attend your class and get your assignments. College is preparation for the real world and if we don't make it in college, we won't be successful as adults in the real world. Listen to people who tell you to buckle down and study, it is so much easier if you do. They really do know what they are talking about and they are not just trying to bust your bubble.


If I could goback in time I would tell myself " don't wait on others" and put more of an effort in. I would tell my self this, because if you wti on others to do the things that you need to be done it will never get done. I would also tell myself to put alittle more effort in, because if you dont you'll get senior ittice and think that you have all the time in the world to put in appalcations to school of to fill out scholarship forms. Then you realize that you dont have the time you thought you had and it will be to late. so the advice that I would give my former self would be to not drop the ball and spend your senior year wisely.


College is a big step in life, and it might be a little scary at first, but you'll do fine. Work hard and remember that learning is the reason that you are there. There are people that you may not like, and those that you meet that you will be forever grateful to have known, but these interactions, and the things you've learned from them, will be what makes you grow as a person. You've done everything that you could have to prepare yourself for this change, and I know how much you've been looking foreward to this new opportunity in life. It is everything that you could ever have hoped for, and so much more. Don't let the change scare you away, and remember that even your mistakes are just part of the process of growing up.


Take every opportunity you can to learn and get more involved in the community. Also, don't choose a school for the material things choose it for most importantly the quality of the education but also don't be afraid to expand your horizons, don't live in a box. Go out, make friends that will last you a lifetime, do something crazy, take lots of photos, and don't let the little mistakes in life get you down. But most importantly learn to let the little things go, you can't control everything that it going to happen in your life. If you stress about every miniscule detail that somehow goes south you'll explode. I'm not saying to just not care about the important things, like grades, but don't let the pressure of haveing to be a 4.0 student or Mom and Dad's perfect little girl keep you from living life. Have fun, college is the time of life that you learn who you are, experience all that the world has to offer and take in each moment as it comes.


I would make sure I chose the correct major. This is my second time going back to school to pursue a different degree..hopefully this time it's the right choice!


You know Math and English have always been core competency requirements, so as a Collegiate entering upper division classes, I would hammer a driven nail and tell students to learn them because they are harder if they don't. I would also HIGHLY reccomend taking AP courses in highschool putting you way ahead of the game. I would have closer to a 3.85 GPA had it not been for my 2 C's in Math and 2 Low B's in English rather then just under a 3.5. I do not ever need to take an English or Math class again, but had I thrived in those subjects I would have not missed out on the 3.5 $600 academic scholarship each semester or possibly the 3.7 scholarship of $1000 a semester that is provided by my school to all who apply. I believe they are detrimental to thrive academically in college. I also support exercising a healthy vocabulary even though it is not a subject of study perhaps practicing in ones writing will help them excel.


Knowing what I know now about college life, I would tell myself to get more involved! The more involved you are in school, the greater the love you grow for your school. Also, by being involved, you get to know your professors better. Developing relationships with professors helps you in the classroom and in making connections to graduate schools and links to the community for job and service opportunities. Another bit of advice I would give myself would be to not be afraid to get to know my classmates. You spend a semester sitting next to these people, learning the same things and completing the same assignment, why not make friends and work together? You never know what opportunities will be offered to you through the relationships you make in the classroom. School is for learning but it is also for the development of relationships. Never miss an opportunity to get to know someone new or to maintain an old relationship.


Looking back on my life I have realized that everything important I have learned, whether formally or informally has been imparted to me from great teachers, from Life’s lessons to my High School history teacher. For me there is no greater calling than teaching, and to be a student I feel there is no greater privilege. Many of the world’s problems could be fixed with proper education of the masses. This profound respect and deep appreciation for self and formal education has inspired me to become a teacher myself, assisting in the education of those in my community. So with this knowledge now I would tell my self to take high school more seriously and look for those moments in life where I can learn and give back. I would tell myself to not worry about anything and just make achademics my number one priority. I wouldn't let recreation get in the way of it but would tell myself to make sure I get outside and into the world and enjoy life. I would tell my self to not party, its destructive, I would rather spend my time building up my friends, family, and community.


I'd tell myself you should consider taking honor and AP courses, this is the end will help you get accepted to your desired college. To pay for college, you should start looking for a job so you can help you and your parents out. College is fun but you got to work hard right now so when you get there, you already know you can get through it with a positive attitude.


Eden, I understand that you want to leave this school as soon as possible and are giving the least amount of effort. If you try harder, college will be less difficult. Right now, high school seems like the only thing that matters, but, in reality, it will only last another year, then it is over. Focus on what is important: your education. Concurrent enrollment is the best thing that has ever happened to high schools; embrace the opportunity to take college courses for free. This will take you further in life in less time. Be a part of your community and try to understand the real purpose of life. When you are helping others, in the end, you are helping yourself even more. Be the best you can be, and know that that is all that matters. Sincerely, Eden.


If I could go back and share my knowledge with my high school self I would say is “Don’t worry so much and have some fun.” All through high school all I did was freak about college. I was worried about having a Major picked out, professors who didn’t care, scholarships being hard to get, and how I was going to pay for everything. Between Honors and AP classes, working part time, regular volunteering, violin lessons, orchestra, HOSA and Spanish club I was spread pretty thin. I had constant stress headaches and no social life. Things have been since then. My classes are not hard. My professors all seem pretty nice. Scholarships, well I earned three plus a federal grant. And that answered the question of how I was going to pay for everything. I wish I could go back and tell myself to relax. Tell myself not to take so many hard classes that consumed all my time. I would tell myself to spend more Friday nights out with friends and to buy that cute new sweater. I would tell myself to just chill out and believe that everything would come together as perfectly as it has.


Don't ever give up. Don't be afraid to pursue your dreams. Life will test you and try to beat you down and destroy your dreams. It's okay if things don't happen according to your plan. Be flexible, but if you know what your dream is--do it. If you find you have changed and your dream had changed, that is perfectly fine. Follow the advice of those you trust and love. Try new things. Study hard, and remember that although school can be competitive, there will be some instances that are more important than your grade point average. The last statement is not a license to slack in your school work. Most importantly, if you work on who you are as a person, you will succeed in all that you do. Remember education is only one facet of yourself, and to maintain a balance in developing your characteristics as a whole. Last but not least. Have fun, enjoy life, and be happy.


Listen Megan, there's going to be some off campus dances that seem fun. Don't go. You know what your standards are, don't try to act like something you're not. Another thing, don't ever try and hook up your cousins with your roommates. I promise you, it makes for awkward situations and drama everytime! Especially if you're trying to hook up Quinton. Remember, he likes to push buttons and some just can't take his humor. But always invite him over because he has the greatest stories to tell and you will laugh until your stomach hurts everytime. It's the best. Don't be afraid to make friends with the older boys! They're much cooler! Believe me, you'll have a lot more fun if you just get yourself out into the open and meeting people. Always do the best you can in every class you take. Even if it's a blow off easy class. Those always come back to bite you in the butt at the end if you're not careful. Love your roommates and always try to serve them. Enjoy life. It really is good.


Take things more seriously, do ALL your homework even if you know how to do it all. Stay open to new ideas and have some fun along the way.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself in high school, I would encourage myself to go to community college right out of high school. Community college has allowed me to explore many different classes and explore my interests. Community college is also a cheaper alternative that allows students to explore the world of higher education. I would also tell myself that work and money is not all that important. I worked a lot and made a lot of money, but I am now 27 struggling to finish school with a full time job and a 1 year old son. If I had started school immediately, I would have had an easier time. I would also tell myself to start in the Fall semester following graduation at Loyola as planned. I had gotten accepted and was too afraid to start. Now, ten years later, I am admitted again and will start in the Fall 0f 2011. I have come full circle and wish I had not been afraid to start college. I would tell myself to embrace the new challenge of school, work less, and explore a multitude of classes in order to reach my goals.


To Myself: This letter is to share with you the precious gift of hindsight. Life, in all of it's fast pace splendor, sometimes allows us little time to stop and check where we are going and where we've been. Once you've been gone from High School for 25 years with a beautiful family of your own, you will find creeping into your life a craving for more education. You'll want it so badly that you'll reflect back on your earlier years and wish that you'd embraced more opportunities to gain knowledge. You'll wish you'd worked harder and got better grades, because now you have expected that of your own children! You will have learned that life is simply a bigger classroom environment where you are daily continuing to learn discipline, priorities, compassion, perspective and balance. These are valuable by-products of getting an education. My advise is to embrace every opportunity with all of your energy and drive. Know that there is a special plan for you, but that later in life when the opportunity arises to continue your education, you'll end up going after it with all of your heart.


i've really enjoyed my experiance at this university. college life is a little difficult to adjust to for the majority of students but here it seemed easier and less intimidating. you get to meet a lot of other great people and it costs a lot less but is the same quality as a bigger university.


What have you gotten out of your college experience and why has it been valuable to attend? Work in a team environment Work with people Work individually How to work in a multi-cultural environment How to solve problems in a professional manner Analytical and Problem solving skills Professionalism Use creativity Integrity Learn and practice to solve real life problems Too many to describe here. And A four year Business Administration/Management Degree.


Well I have gotten a lot out of it! Right now I am currently a Junior at Weber State University. S •Currently I am living on my own being 22 years of age and being single. Through my schooling so far my cumulative GPA being a 3.2 shows that I am a good hard working student trying to do his best while working full time and going to school fulltime so I can pay my bills and make ends meet. In addition to this I have served a 2 year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints from December 12, 2007 to December 16, 2009 where I paid my own way.


I have a good education plus experience of higher learning and living on my own. It was important because it let me discover my limits and what I am capable of.


I have received so much out of my college experience so far. This is my Freshman year so a lot of changes have happened over the course of this last year. It was difficult for me to decide where to attend college before I graduated from High School because I wanted to attend the best University I could for what my major would be. Finally I found Weber State which has a phenomenal Musical Theatre Department. When I came and auditioned for the department to be accepted, I felt so comfortable and realized very quickly this was the place for me. That comfortable feeling has stayed with me through out my college experience so far. I feel comfortable in learning, growing, and discovering. I am learning so much both in my major and outside major courses. My smaller class sizes allows me a fantastic opportunity to have a better learning experience. Moving out and attending Weber State has been such a blessing and correct decision in my life. It has been such a smooth transition in my life and I attribute that to this incredible University and Staff. My name is Chris Weaver and I bleed Purple, Go Wildcats!


In college I was able to gain confidence in what I wanted out of life and who I wanted to be. I was very young and I had different goals and a different idea of what I wanted to be. I had professors and friends who helped me gain confidence and perspective. I ended up changing my career path and gaining confidence in myself, my abilities, and my beliefs. The service projects and experiences that Weber State provided gave me valuable experience for my resume and my career. I've impressed employers and professors with the amount of experience I already have. College gave me an awareness of the world and how much I can affect it for good. I never imagined that I wanted to be a leader of anything until I saw the need for me to step up during my undergrad. I feel like I can do anything because I have already conquered hurdles that I wanted to avoid because I was sure I would fail. I wish every college student could get that much out of their time in school.


With my college experience is that going to college online is much harder than going to a campus. It is very hard and you have to work for that A's and B's that you get. The teachers are really nice and they email you back as quick as they can. We do forums and we get to know that other students in the class. I have proven that I can do it and its hard but when I am done it is going to be worth it and I will be very prode of what I have done. I am showing my kids that no matter how old you are you can do anything you want to do.


So far I have taken about have of my required classes and three classes towards my major. Most of my classes expaneded on what I was taught in high school anf it have been very value to know the details of why things are/were done the way they were done and how things work. I've also enjoyed more of my classes compared to high school. Learning from different students and different points of veiws has had the biggest impact on me though. Attending classes with people with who are differnent ages, who come from different backgrounds and places, I find their views on issues so interesting that my classes become less boring. Also I find myself being more outspoken about my veiws and participate more in class. Over all I have to say so far my college experience has been awesome. I've become a better student, not a timid "nerd" in the front of the class but I'm social student who helps other student and isn't afraid to argue my points.


My first year of college was something new to me. It was something different from all the other times i have attended school, elemenary to high school. I felt a different vibe when i was attending college because the enviroment was different. The teacher's behaviors were different because they did not baby you like they did in high school. I had a vareity of teachers as well becasue they can change throughout the semester. That took some getting use to because that meant that I would have to adjust everythime to my new teacher's ways. College also costs more than any other school i have attended and that is because college comes with a more distinct outlook. From the paying for classes, textbooks, trying to get loans, it is a difficult process. I am a sophmore in college now and i would have to say that college has been a learning and growing experience for me. It helped shape me as a person and helped me mature in a way to where i know i can be a responsible adult and accomplish new tasks and obstacles in the future.


I have gotten a lot of things out of my college experience so far: friends for life, professors I can feel comfortable talking to, a great educational experience. This school is my path to success in the future, and I'm glad to be attending Weber State. I feel that if I hadn't gone to Weber State and gone to another college instead, my experience wouldn't be nearly as positive as it is for me currently. My friends at other colleges are always unexcited when they talk about school, but I actually thoroughly enjoy going to school. Everything about this school has been valuable to me. I have been surrounded by a supportive and helpful faculty, I am given information that I can add to my job portfolio and ultimately use in my career, and I am in a comfortable learning environment with the friends I have made while attending. Weber State has been nothing but a valuable influence on my life.


Attending Colby Community College in Colby, Kansas has so far been a great experience! Being a college in a smaller community, the people around you are very helpful and nice, and made transitioning a lot easier than I had expected. The class sizes are perfect for me, most of mine ranging from 10-25, so you get one-on-one help when you need it the most. I picked this college out of the many in my area because its a lot cheaper than most, but that doesn't mean it offers less. The only thing I can say I am disappointed in is that the year before I came here after I had picked this college to go to, they dropped many classes from my majorn, which is Journlism/Communications. Many of the classes I wanted to take are now online, which is not a big deal, but I like one-on-one attention better, with the teachers. Overall though, if you are in the area of Western Kansas, I would put Colby Community as one in my list....oh wait, i guess I did :)


that college has very many different types of students and that nobody forces you to go to class you can choose when to go but your grades will suffer from that and that you learn so much by going to class and listening to all the things your teacher has to tell you


the knowledge i need to help me accomplish my goals, the experiances and memories of all my failures and my success. new friends, sadly a few enemies, and many other people that help to make my life better. more confidence in the future i wish to build, and a brighter hope for tommorrow.


I LOVE the program I am in! I have always known that I wanted to be a hygienist but I had no idea how other hygienists sacrifice their time and skills towards all different humanitairan programs. While in school, I have been able to serve my community by sharing the education that I have learned thus far to teach them proper oral hygiene. Its important to educate everyone on the importance of oral hygiene because it effects their overall health. My college experiance has taught me to serve others by using the education that I have learned!


I have received an excellent education during the past two years. The reason I think it has been valuable to attend is because I 've been able to obtain a quality education without going far from home, and was able to complete over half of it while still in high school. From my collge experience I have gained different views of the world, what it is all about now and what I can bring to the table when I graduate and start my career, whatever that may be. Through Intervarsity, a Christian extra-curricular, I have learned morals that I will keep for the rest of my life and how to keep my faith strong in a world that is constantly discounting it. I have made friends that I will have for life and memories to last me a lifetime. I have met people whom I can look up to and model as mentors, and I have learned things that will aid me in years to come. I don't know what's in store for me in the future, but I look forward to continuing my education at Weber State University and going along for the ride.


I've found out more about myself and what I want to do while I atten school here at Weber State University. I've developed a craving for knowledge that I haven't had in a long time. The things I learn like Circuit Diagrams; having to calculate the correct Volts, Amps, and Ohms, have proved to be a excercise for my brain that I enjoy and want to do more. Its expreince like that that make me want to learn more, to make the most out of my brain. I know I can do it. Attending Weber State has been the best decission I have ever made. I'd like to continue my exprience and make the most of what I can learn and achieve. Thanks for the oppurtunity, Shelby Sullivan


I have gotten a better understanding of life out of my college expereince. It was valuable for me to attend because it opened various paths in my life that I would have otherwised not ventured out to seek. Also, I am reminded what you do today may not be what you do tomorrow. If I had not gone to Weber State I would not have gone to college. I learned to depend on yourself more than others. If you are with a group take charge and lead responsibly. Hard work always pays off and if the schedule is managed properly success is promised. Due to Weber State I have learned to grow as a productive citizen and hopefully will continue to do so.


Walking across campus between classes has increased my stamina. Eating cafeteria food has increased my palate tolerance. I've lerned to sleep with my eyes open. My Frisbee playing has gotten much better. Seriously though, college has been a great experience thus far. I have learned a lot in my classes and have met some great people in the dorm. Going from a small high school to a large university has broadened my horizons and exposed me to many new people and ideas. In addition, I have learned many skills that will aid me in my future endeavors. This first year of college has taught me a lot and I hope that the next several years are just as fruitful, maybe I'll even learn to juggle more than just my class schedule.


I am enrolled in the 'CCNA' cisco networking accadamy, it is very intensive and I have learned a great deal about networking. Along with a great many classes I have taken towards my AAS in Computer Sciences, has opened a whole new world of knowledge to me. I enjoy learning and this field is new to me. I have worked construction and nearly wore my body out in a few short years, I am excited to find something that will challenge me in new ways and is really unlimited in how far you can go. It all dependes on how much you want to know and how hard you work. I strive to learn all I can from each class because I wish to be eminatly employable upon graduation, and key to this goal is to truly grasp and understand all i can from each class. The professors are really great at UM helena and work with students to make sure they grasp concepts and ideas fully. So far what I have learned is surly invaluable to me, in that the knowledge gained here will be put to good use when I join the work Force. Thank you Luke Thisselle