Weber State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at Weber State University know before they start?


You know Math and English have always been core competency requirements, so as a Collegiate entering upper division classes, I would hammer a driven nail and tell students to learn them because they are harder if they don't. I would also HIGHLY reccomend taking AP courses in highschool putting you way ahead of the game. I would have closer to a 3.85 GPA had it not been for my 2 C's in Math and 2 Low B's in English rather then just under a 3.5. I do not ever need to take an English or Math class again, but had I thrived in those subjects I would have not missed out on the 3.5 $600 academic scholarship each semester or possibly the 3.7 scholarship of $1000 a semester that is provided by my school to all who apply. I believe they are detrimental to thrive academically in college. I also support exercising a healthy vocabulary even though it is not a subject of study perhaps practicing in ones writing will help them excel.


Knowing what I know now about college life, I would tell myself to get more involved! The more involved you are in school, the greater the love you grow for your school. Also, by being involved, you get to know your professors better. Developing relationships with professors helps you in the classroom and in making connections to graduate schools and links to the community for job and service opportunities. Another bit of advice I would give myself would be to not be afraid to get to know my classmates. You spend a semester sitting next to these people, learning the same things and completing the same assignment, why not make friends and work together? You never know what opportunities will be offered to you through the relationships you make in the classroom. School is for learning but it is also for the development of relationships. Never miss an opportunity to get to know someone new or to maintain an old relationship.


Looking back on my life I have realized that everything important I have learned, whether formally or informally has been imparted to me from great teachers, from Life’s lessons to my High School history teacher. For me there is no greater calling than teaching, and to be a student I feel there is no greater privilege. Many of the world’s problems could be fixed with proper education of the masses. This profound respect and deep appreciation for self and formal education has inspired me to become a teacher myself, assisting in the education of those in my community. So with this knowledge now I would tell my self to take high school more seriously and look for those moments in life where I can learn and give back. I would tell myself to not worry about anything and just make achademics my number one priority. I wouldn't let recreation get in the way of it but would tell myself to make sure I get outside and into the world and enjoy life. I would tell my self to not party, its destructive, I would rather spend my time building up my friends, family, and community.


I'd tell myself you should consider taking honor and AP courses, this is the end will help you get accepted to your desired college. To pay for college, you should start looking for a job so you can help you and your parents out. College is fun but you got to work hard right now so when you get there, you already know you can get through it with a positive attitude.


Eden, I understand that you want to leave this school as soon as possible and are giving the least amount of effort. If you try harder, college will be less difficult. Right now, high school seems like the only thing that matters, but, in reality, it will only last another year, then it is over. Focus on what is important: your education. Concurrent enrollment is the best thing that has ever happened to high schools; embrace the opportunity to take college courses for free. This will take you further in life in less time. Be a part of your community and try to understand the real purpose of life. When you are helping others, in the end, you are helping yourself even more. Be the best you can be, and know that that is all that matters. Sincerely, Eden.


If I could go back and share my knowledge with my high school self I would say is “Don’t worry so much and have some fun.” All through high school all I did was freak about college. I was worried about having a Major picked out, professors who didn’t care, scholarships being hard to get, and how I was going to pay for everything. Between Honors and AP classes, working part time, regular volunteering, violin lessons, orchestra, HOSA and Spanish club I was spread pretty thin. I had constant stress headaches and no social life. Things have been since then. My classes are not hard. My professors all seem pretty nice. Scholarships, well I earned three plus a federal grant. And that answered the question of how I was going to pay for everything. I wish I could go back and tell myself to relax. Tell myself not to take so many hard classes that consumed all my time. I would tell myself to spend more Friday nights out with friends and to buy that cute new sweater. I would tell myself to just chill out and believe that everything would come together as perfectly as it has.


Don't ever give up. Don't be afraid to pursue your dreams. Life will test you and try to beat you down and destroy your dreams. It's okay if things don't happen according to your plan. Be flexible, but if you know what your dream is--do it. If you find you have changed and your dream had changed, that is perfectly fine. Follow the advice of those you trust and love. Try new things. Study hard, and remember that although school can be competitive, there will be some instances that are more important than your grade point average. The last statement is not a license to slack in your school work. Most importantly, if you work on who you are as a person, you will succeed in all that you do. Remember education is only one facet of yourself, and to maintain a balance in developing your characteristics as a whole. Last but not least. Have fun, enjoy life, and be happy.


Listen Megan, there's going to be some off campus dances that seem fun. Don't go. You know what your standards are, don't try to act like something you're not. Another thing, don't ever try and hook up your cousins with your roommates. I promise you, it makes for awkward situations and drama everytime! Especially if you're trying to hook up Quinton. Remember, he likes to push buttons and some just can't take his humor. But always invite him over because he has the greatest stories to tell and you will laugh until your stomach hurts everytime. It's the best. Don't be afraid to make friends with the older boys! They're much cooler! Believe me, you'll have a lot more fun if you just get yourself out into the open and meeting people. Always do the best you can in every class you take. Even if it's a blow off easy class. Those always come back to bite you in the butt at the end if you're not careful. Love your roommates and always try to serve them. Enjoy life. It really is good.


Take things more seriously, do ALL your homework even if you know how to do it all. Stay open to new ideas and have some fun along the way.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself in high school, I would encourage myself to go to community college right out of high school. Community college has allowed me to explore many different classes and explore my interests. Community college is also a cheaper alternative that allows students to explore the world of higher education. I would also tell myself that work and money is not all that important. I worked a lot and made a lot of money, but I am now 27 struggling to finish school with a full time job and a 1 year old son. If I had started school immediately, I would have had an easier time. I would also tell myself to start in the Fall semester following graduation at Loyola as planned. I had gotten accepted and was too afraid to start. Now, ten years later, I am admitted again and will start in the Fall 0f 2011. I have come full circle and wish I had not been afraid to start college. I would tell myself to embrace the new challenge of school, work less, and explore a multitude of classes in order to reach my goals.