Wesleyan University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


That they are mostly gay and lesbian hippies or hipsters driving around in fancy cars their parents bought for them. And that the rest are African-Americans who are interested in nothing but their race. Favorite class: Queer Minority Gender Studies


They call us everything from "hippies", "slackers", "rich-kids", "pretentious", "marijuana-sated", "party-mongers" to "where is Wesleyan? You mean Wellesley?"


Wesleyan kids are often portrayed as political activists, hipsters, hippies, or ultra-liberals.


A lot of people think Wesleyan students are pretentious artsy kids who listen to bad alternative music and wear skinny jeans. Another stereotype is that Wesleyan students are the Brown rejects.


hippies, hipsters


That they are "alternative" in pretty much any/every sense of the word.


There are a few stereotypical images that come to mind when one thinks of Wesleyan students: a dedicated vegan holding a handmade banner protesting animal abuse, an unkempt semi-intellectual positing insightful observations one of every three hand-raises, well-off econ major getting ready for Goldman Sachs after graduation, or a classic shirt-and-tie intellectual reading the entire list of recommended reading plus some for each and every assigned text. One might also envision a burned out, private school drug user, taking advantage of a supposedly ultra-liberal collegiate atmosphere. Not true, not untrue, it is indeed an interesting melting pot of what Wesleyan so endearingly--though possibly against their 'emphasis' on political correctness-- terms 'diversity.'


Hippies and hipsters; politically active


hipster, potheads, extreme liberal activists


Liberal, Active, Independent


Wesleyan has had a reputation for being a pretty liberal place. It always seems to be on the cutting edge of humanitarian concerns and identity politics. It's also known as a very demanding and competitive school-a little beyond its peer schools in academics.


the stereotypes are: hipsters, jocks, hippies, and those obsessed with being politically correct. the movie P.C. U was based on Wesleyan. Also, we were just voted the most annoying liberal arts school in America by the internet blog Gawker. They love us, and won't stop pestering us. it's pretty horrible


hippies and hipsters


Rich, hippie, hipster, pussies


Wesleyan students are supposed to be: stylish, independent, politically correct, politically active, god-denying, hipster/hippies, Ivy-league rejects, artsy, and, since it cannot be emphasized enough: politically correct.


Supposedly all Wesleyan students are crazy liberals, smoke pot, and do not take life seriouly. Wesleyan, while regarded as an excellent school in not often regarded as an institution which requires academic rigor.


In the Midwest, a lot of people think that Wesleyan is full of hippies, but that's not true. It's full of hipsters and hippies.


Wesleyan is often seen as earthy-crunchy; a place where hippies come to smoke weed and learn on the side. Alternately, there is a large hipster population as well, but both groups see diversity in the different kinds of people that come to Wes.


That we're all hippies


All Wes students are liberal hippies who don't shave and hate all rules and standards.


Hipsters, poor rich kids (they dress like they're poor but have wealthy parents), political, liberal.


Most people think that Wesleyan is composed of hippies and nudists.


Hippies/political Activists


That Wesleyan students are all gay, blinded liberals, and only care about art and music.


That we're all a bunch of liberal hippies.


They are liberal, elitist, vegetarian hippies, who go to class naked.


That they are the extreme far left and are overly politically correct (this is slandered by those who would categorize respectful, conscientious and non-reifying language as a negative thing)


Wesleyan students are said to be free loving, granola-y kids. We supposedly drink a lot and are smart but are very nonchalant about it. Our sexualities are said to be very flexible. WE are said to be very progressive.


Hipsters vegan amnesty international unshaven thrift store clothed indie rock elitist oh-too-serious political artists. And whiny. Very Whiny.


The stereotypes are that we are bunch of liberal hippies who spend all our time protesting and eating tofu.


Wes students are hippies and super-liberal.


1. That everyone at wesleyan smokes pot all the time and a non-smoker will feel out of place. 2. That people walk around naked. 3. That Middletown is not a good place in which to spend 4 years. 4. That professors are good, classes are small, and students like to help each other instead of compete.


the typical wessy can appear as a hippy, with a divide between athletes and the rest of the student body

Wes Lady

That Wes students are all hippies.


The main one is that it's all artsy and hipster, and that no one cares about sports.


1. College guides are about ten to fifteen years behind the times, and paint a picture of Wes and the student body as constantly engaged in (political) activism, sticking it to the man, being weird for weirdness' sake, and being artsy. People imagine that it's still like it was in "PCU" (a 1990s film based on Wes), with people constantly protesting and partying. 2. There's also the thing about Wesleyan’s being a "Little Ivy" or like a poor man's Brown. 3. Wesleyan students also have a reputation for being smart, engaged, and serious students.


That students are all: hippies, hipsters, radicals, artsy-fartsy, stoners.


Those people who know Wesleyan isn't an all-female school think Wes students are very progressive, socially active, a little smelly, and only form racially diverse groups of friends. We're also all gay.


Wesleyan is all naked, pot smoking, uber trendy hippies and hipsters. Athletes dont exists, there are no conservatives on campus. If you dont do drugs you probably shouldnt apply.


We're all weirdos who smoke pot all day.


Weird kids lots of hipsters


All athletes are jerks. No one judges people here.


that everyone loves each other and is one big happy hippie family- definitely not true. also that drug use is prevalent and unavoidable in the wesleyan social scene.


Progressive nutcase students


- Wesleyan students are granola-loving, tree-hugging hippies; they don't shave or bathe; they are politically active and overly politically correct.


We're drugged up homosexual hippies. We're very liberal and pretentious hipsters.


stoners and hipsters rule on high


wes is often made out to be this uber-liberal, hippy, hipster, pretentious, unshaven place.


crazy, lots of drugs, proud of being "whacky," way too politically correct


Hippies and hipsters.